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Part 3 DADDY & HIS BOY – MAKING HIS BOY PREGNDaddy’s cock was soon softening and plopped out of the pussy he had just fucked. Marack & Farm Boy then sucked each other till they came while daddy watched and thought wow I could do a breakfast entreé every day. When they were finished, Daddy sent the boys out to collect firewood & water and suggested they do it naked so they could tan their covered-up lily white flesh, especially around their cocks & pussy’s. Both boys picked up the containers for carrying water and danced off to the river with their asses wiggling from side to side on the way. Daddy watched until they were out of site. Daddy wanted those asses and was going to enjoy them. The boys were soon back with the water that needed to be boiled before drinking. Daddy had emptied the boiled water from last night into another large container and put the new water onto boil while breakfast was cooking. Daddy was cooking a full farmers breakfast as the frozen meet would soon go off in the chiller if it wasn’t eaten. While the boys were off collecting fire wood Daddy put the coffee pot on the element to brew. When the boys got back they all sat down to a hearty breakfast. After breakfast, they cleaned up then daddy said they needed to look after their personal hygiene by bathing in the river, do their teeth etc. so they took their tooth brushes and all headed to the river. Once in the water they washed all over with daddy inspecting each boys cock & pussy to make sure they were properly clean, of course they were, but daddy made excuses about finding some cum under each boy’s cock head. As punishment, he pushed his hard cock hard up each boi pussy fucking each one until he came. He said they would be punished every time they weren’t clean properly so he grabbed a tooth brush and soap and proceeded to clean around each boy’s cockhead and stretching out any loose skin in the cock area. Then he used the tootbrush to clean each boi pussy and managed to get the brissles & head of toothbrush in their pussies and gave them a cleam, as he did this each boys cock erupted due to the stimulation in and around their prostate. He said they needed to make sure their personal hygiene needed to be thorough so they didn’t catch anything.They all air dried on their way back to camp, got their fishing rods & hiking gear ready and left to explore. They took one of the tracks to an isolated lake with no beach area set up for the day and put their lines out to catch fish for their evening meal. After an hour of sitting around daddy dug into his small chilly bag and dug out canlı bahis a light beer for each of them. With the heat of the day the boys were a bit light headed, daddy had fallen asleep and the boys were bored so they decided to play a game pull the cock. They marked out a space similar to a wrestling ring then put hands onto each other’s shoulders, head to head. The idea is to be the first to pull the others cock the winner is the first to 21. Farm boy was the first to 21 his prize was for Marack to have his head & shoulders on the ground and sling his body up over his head. Farm boy then proceeded to fuck down on Marack forcing Maracks cock into his mouth. Marack was in effect self sucking himself while farm boy fucked him. Farm boy soon came in Maracks pussy creating an instantaneous eruption from his cock down his waiting throat. Due to farm boys wait down on Marack he was able to suck himself clean, then Farm boy withdrew his cock from Maracks pussy leant down and started cleaning out Marack. Farm boy moved around so Marack could clean his cock while he finish cleaning out Maracks pussy by the time they had finished daddy had woken from his nap and decided farm boy needed a cock in his mouth. Marack shimmied under daddys legs and started eating out daddy’s pussy. Daddy was beyond caring and yelled to Marack to fuck daddy & fuck his daddy hard. Daddy came hard down farm boys throat and Marack came hard in daddy’s pussy all 3 fell on the ground so spent they were asleep in minutes. They woke several hours later quite red with sun burn, just up and dived into the lake to cool off. After a few minutes they climbed out of the lake and checked their lines, cleaned and gutted the fish ready for dinner and hiked back to their campsite.On arrival back at their site they found a note from the Park Rangers. After an early dinner, they trekked back to the truck & drove down to the Rangers station arriving on dusk. The boys jumped out of the truck & ran up the stairs to find the door locked, they knocked several times and no reply. There were lights showing from the back of the building so they went to see. They stopped in their tracks when they looked in the lighted window and there were the 2 Rangers taking turns fucking a young couple. Marack & Farm Boy were so hot & hard watching through the window they pumpt each other’s cocks till they shot their loads around the same time the Rangers shot their loads into the young couple, got the couple to clean their cocks all got dressed. The young couple left out the front door. Daddy saw this jumped out of the truck bahis siteleri and went in to find out about the message. The boys soon joined daddy inside.There had been a call from mother for daddy to phone her. So he called from the Ranger Station as there was NO cell phone coverage in the park.Daddy phoned the number and got through to grandma who said mother had been admitted to the local hospital with pneumonia and was recovering ok and to phone back in a couple of days. Farm Boy asked the Ranger which campsite the younger couple were in he thought he recognized the girl. The Ranger gave them the details and discovered the couple where were staying in another area of the park. Looking on the map they could see there was a track along the river and decided it would be good to go trekking that way while they were there. They thanked the Ranger and headed back to their parking lot and the walk back to their campsite. All three were stuffed and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.The next morning the boys were up and out collecting water & firewood, had their hygiene bath in the river by the time daddy got up. Daddy’s cock was rock hard from morning wood & he needed a piss urgently. On his way out of the tent he saw the boys coming back into camp and decided to wait till they got closer and let go his piss all over them they shrieked and dived onto daddy making him fall backwards onto the ground, the boys played with daddy then started nibbling on his nipples working their way down to his cock shaft. Marack pushed Farm boy aside and dropped his pussy right down in one movement to daddy’s balls and started to slowly girate around and up & down on daddy’s shaft. Farm boy decided to nibble & chew on daddy’s hardening nipples while daddy stroked both cocks. Soon enough Marack’s cock was ready to erupt tightening his pussy muscles clamping around daddy’s cock starting daddy’s eruption deep into Marack’s bowels both boys erupted all over daddy’s chest. They decided to run down to the river and clean up.They had breakfast packed to go exploring and off they went talking daddy into going in the direction the young couple were camping. 2hrs after leaving their camp they arrived at the young couples campsite and were pleasantly surprised to see them fucking in the grass beside their camp. All 3 guys were rock hard they started talking and the young couple signaled for them to come over. The young man carried on pounding the girl, daddy dropped his pants and aimed his cock at the young mans pussy and fucked the sh*t out of him which also made bahis şirketleri the young man’s cock go deeper and deeper into the young women. The young women’s orgasm hit hard starting a chain reaction the young came with force then daddy pumped a heap of cum into the young man. The boys weren’t happy to be left out pulled the young lady away from daddy & the young man one laid on the ground and entered her anal cavity and the other climbed on top and entered her pussy this started her orgasms, as they fucked her, the orgasm’s continued hitting her wave after wave till she collapsed both boys came with force. Daddy & the young man had cleaned each other up and started cleaning the boys & young women. When they had finished, the young women had come too. They introduced each other they soon found out the women can’t get enough sex and the young man couldn’t help himself either. The guys made their leave to return back to their campsite and invited the couple over maybe to spent the night sometime. On the way back to camp they caught several fish to tide them over for dinner & breakfast.They had dinner cleaned up and went to bed the boys were horny as and started sucking each other daddy didn’t want to be left out and joined in too each swallowed the load from the cock they were sucking.They made plans for the following day before falling asleep.In the morning, they did their usual routine of fucking and sucking, had breakfast, emptied their packs and hiked to the truck drove down to the Ranger Station to see if any more news had arrived. There was none so daddy phoned the hospital to see how his wife was and was told there was no improvement. It would be good if he could fly out for a few days.The boys didn’t want to go so daddy made plans for him to fly out the following day. The Rangers would keep an eye on the boys.They drove into town to collect the tickets, by the time they got back to camp it was dark and daddy had popped several blue pills on their way back from town and wanted to fuck all night. He suggested the boys take 1 blue pill as well. They had an early dinner and went to bed.Daddy fucked both boys alternating between their yummy pussy’s cumming in both, he then got both boys to double fuck him till they came in his butt, by early morning all three had been double fucked, their cocks were still rock hard from the blue pill. Daddy asked the boys to cum all over his body so the three did then he had the boys lick him clean then they rimmed each other cleaning the cum from each other’s pussy they fell asleep and woke to the birds chirping outside. Daddy ran down to the lake with the boys following behind for their daily hygiene clean. They closed up the tent and hiked to the truck, called into the Ranger Station then drove into town for daddy to catch his flight.