Part 4: Matric holiday: Two blondes

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Part 4: Matric holiday: Two blondesAfter a wonderful Wednesday afternoon fucking Sandra and Mark and Kyla having fun of their own, Mark and I decided that we would stay home for Wednesday evening as the next day their were going to be a few parties in and around Plet starting the thursday through to the Saturday. So Mark and I chilled Wednesday evening playing x box and messaging the Sandra and kyla as well as I messaged my girlfriend Jessica who I had been cheating on plenty although it didn’t concern me much as I was having a wonderful time and having some great sex with sexy girls.Mark and I headed to bed just after midnight and had a good long sleep till 11am the next day. Once awake and feeling fresh after a lekker shower and breakfast we finalised our plans for the day. At 5 we had a big supper and the went to get dressed for the night out on the town. Arriving at the first bar at 8pm after stopping to buy condoms, we got ourselves a drink and then looked around scouting for potential girls to try organise and take them home to bed. The night went on and Mark and I chatted to a few girls and had some fun but no one that we really liked with fun easy going personalities, until Mark saw two blonde girls standing in a corner of the one bar.We walked up to them and introduce ourselves to the two blonde girls. They were pretty, but not as hot as the previous girls we’ve hooked up with so far as their bodies weren’t as toned or flat but definitely worth chatting to and to try get some action. The ones name was Tyla she was the taller of the two and had bigger boobs. The other was Hanna the shorter blonde girl who Mark seemed to take a liking too. We bought the girls bingöl escort a drink and slowly got to know them a bit better. Tyla was very flirty and it wasn’t long at all till I had her in my arms holding her butt as we spoke. Mark also seemed to be having fun as we got to know them more they told is they were from George and on matric holiday together. I soon landed on the dance floor with Tyla and as we danced with each other we slowly touched and explored each others bodies. Grabbing her ass I pulled her nearer to me. Her ass had more meat on than I was use to but I quite enjoyed the feel to it for a change. She looked me in the eyes as our heads moved nearer to each other and our lips met and mouths opened to allow our tounges to meet for the first time. After a minute of kissing our lips aparted and looking over to Mark and Hanna they were too kissing. After their lips aparted we discussed what we wanted to do stay at the bar or go somewhere else and after a few minutes we decided to go to the girls hotel room as we all became rather horny from kissing and flirting. Hanna and Mark walked together to the girls car as Tyla and I made our way to my car and we then drove and met by their hotel. Sneaking in just after midnight as the hotel rules were strict this time of the year the girls took us up to their room. It was spacious single room with a queen sized bed and bathroom with a nice view of the ocean. The girls poured us a drink as we sat down and chat a bit. Tyla soon landed on my lap and we started kissing again and once our lips aparted I asked the girls, ” what do you ladies do in a situation like this where you have two guys bitlis escort in your room wanting to sleep with both of you? “Hanna replied’ ” to be honest this is the first time that we brought guys back to our room, last weekend we went to some other guys place that had more than one room.”So they were obviously naughty horny girls out for sex and pleasure, the same as Mark and myself and I then asked them, “sharing the room you ladies obviously have seen each other naked. They answered yes and then asked us if we have seen each other naked. I replied no we haven’t but guess it will be a first time soon.Hanna said oh my god as she looked at Tyla and ask are we really going to have sex in front of each other. I quickly replied ” it’s matric holiday and we all here to have fun.”Tyla agreed and then Mark and I took our ladies hands and pulled them up to stand in front of us.We kissed and stripped down to our underwear, Tyla’s body was decent a little bit of fat rolls but not much. I looked over at Hanna who was simular build maybe a little fatter and I then removed Tyla’s bra exposing her biggish boobs to Mark and myself. I turned Tyla around so I was behind her. I massaged her tits as we watched Mark remove Hanna’s bra exposing her biggish tits to us. Both Mark and I then pushed the ladies onto the bed. Laying on their backs we lifted their legs into the air and removed their g string exposing their cunts to us. They were both clean shaven, Hanna had longer pussy lips and Tyla’s clit was bigger and enlarged. After looking at Hanna’s cunt I made my way between Tyla’s legs. My tounge licked her wet puss lapping up her juices and stimulating escort bayan her enlarged clit. Both girl moan as Mark and I muffed them. Tyla’s body soon tensed up and she started moaning louder as she orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I sat up and Hanna grabbed Tyla’s hand as Mark brought her to orgasm. After she finished orgasmning both girls sat up and asked if we could remove our jocks.On the count of 3 Mark and I dropped our jocks releasing our cocks for the girls to see. They both said nice cocks and we then got a condom each and put it on our cocks. We then moved the girls to the edge of the bed, lifting their legs into the air we shoved our cocks into their wet cunts and started fucking them. I pounded hard and deep into Tyla’s pussy and she was soon moaning rather loud from the pleasure while I watched Hanna moan from Mark fucking her. After a few mins of pounding the girls cunts. We stopped and all change positions for the girls to be on top in cowgirl position. They mounted us lowering their wet cunts down onto our hard cocks and started to fuck us. Watching their tits bouncing up and down as they road us, they moaned more. Tyla soon reached climax again and as her puss clinch tighter around my cock as she orgasmed, Hanna moaned louder as she reached climax again while fucking Mark and as she finished orgasmning Mark groaned and shot his cum into the condom inside her. Tyla then fucked me harder, bouncing up and down on my cock and then I exploded as my cum shot out my cock into the condom. After I finished cumming both girls got off us and we removed the condoms. We then chatted for a while, before getting dressed and a little after 3am we left sneaking out the hotel again and making our way home after a good group sex fuck which we both thoroughly enjoyed as it was thrilling to watch and be watch while getting down to business. Even though the girls weren’t the sexiest it was definitely worth it.End of part 4