Party at the Mansion

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Where were we? I knew we had left the party to explore the house but I was getting lost. The champagne had gone to my head and I was feeling like I was floating…I was pulling him behind me trying to find a place we could be alone.

I opened door after door until I found an unlocked office. We slipped in unnoticed by anyone and closed the door behind. He pressed me to the wall and slid my hand over my head and held me there as he kissed me with bruising lips. Down my neck he traveled to the edge of my dress where my bust was spilling over. He let go of my hands and I was free to touch him.

I let my hands feel his neck and large shoulders and slowly worked my way to the waistband of his pants. Slowly I slid to my knees kissing his body as I unbuttoned his shirt. I unbuttoned his fly and unzipped the rest. The pressing bulge was hard against my hand. I slid my hand inside and pulled out his hard member.

Slowly I rubbed pendik escort it between my hands feeling the warmth flow through me. I lowered my head and flicked the tip with my tongue. I circled around it teasing it, feeling it getting harder in my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around the whole head and slowly slid it into my mouth. He rocked his hips at a friction he enjoyed and my teeth every so lightly touched him.

He grabbed my head and bounced me forward and back, up and down on his cock. slowly he withdrew and I slid my tongue down to his balls. I licked the soft flesh and took them into my mouth. I flicked them with my tongue and sucked them both. I wrapped my arms around to his ass and squeezed it as I put his cock back into my mouth. I pumped it in and out increasing my speed as I knew he was going to shoot.

Because of my dress, I had no choice to swallow the load…I felt the çekmeköy escort cream quirt into my mouth as I continued to move my mouth. Slowly I moved back and swallowed the cum. I stood up dragging my hands up his body as I did so. He kissed my neck and reached down and pulled up my ball skirt. His fingers lingered on my thighs as he felt the garment I was wearing.

The garter belt was attached the crotch less panties which he found moments later as his hands slid higher. The light touch that he gave made me shiver and his hand began to rub the mound. He slid his middle finger into the hole and he pulsed it in and out…He stopped and turned me around to face the wall. Hiking my skirt up higher, he placed my hands on the wall and spread my legs, bending me over.

He rubbed his hands over my ass and slapped it playfully. Pulling out his cock he slid into me with ease. The wetness was maltepe escort so great it dripped down my thigh. He held my waist as moved himself in and out, throwing his head back in pleasure. He grabbed my shoulder and with every thrust made me want to scream. I was trying to keep quite but I moaned loud enough for him to hear. Nearby was a leather sofa that I had seen when I walked in. Slowing him I pulled him over to it and had him sit.

His dick was erect poking from his trousers, and I climbed on top, straddling his lap. I was the one who was controlling the pleasure. I moved my body up and down, sliding the shaft almost out of me then plunging it back into the depth. He reached under my skirt and rubbed his thumb against my clit as I rode his manhood.

The pleasure was so great that I wish it would never end but I need the release. The edge of orgasm is a fine line between pleasure and pain. He arched his body into mine as if he couldn’t get enough. Gritting his teeth he bounced me harder, faster with more intensity.

At the moment of my climax, he shot again, filling me with the seed. I squeezed the shaft with my muscles and slowly slid off. It was getting late. We need to get back to the party. And then home…for more