Passionate Sex With A Married Woman

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Passionate Sex With A Married WomandeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedToday I would like to share an awesome experience which happened a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Stark (name changed) from Surat. I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I’m 21 years old with 6.5 inches.Now without wasting any time let’s come to the story. After reading my previous story, I got a mail from a bhabhi who lives in the same city (Surat, Gujarat). It was 10 in the morning when my phone vibrates and it was Mona’s (name change) message. I was genuinely so happy as someone loved my story.We spoke to each other for a couple of hours on hangout and I came to know that she also lives in Surat. She is a 29- year-old married woman. We quickly became friends online and shared our fantasies with each other. She was searching for good sex as she needs to full fill her desire.Her husband owns a local shop in Surat. He usually goes to the store at 10 am in the morning and comes back by 6 pm. Later I came to know that her husband can’t satisfy her. He is least interested in pleasing her and ends sex within a couple of minutes without foreplay.I know in sex, foreplay is the most important thing, especially for women. She got frustrated by this. After a lot of thinking, she decided to have sex with another guy without looking for a relationship. Basically, she only wants sex and nothing else. So, in the end, she texted me because I live in the same city.She wants to try out a young dick. I was feeling amazing as she chose me to please her in bed. I know I will not let her down. We shared our fantasies and pics of each other (no nudes). I was amazed to look at her. She was very hot and sexy and she doesn’t even look like 29 years old.She said she wants to try out new things like anal. I said I will be glad to fuck her ass wildly. She also requested me to lick her pussy as no one ever licked her love hole. I was shocked to hear that not even her husband licks her pussy or boobs. I said I will fulfill all her fantasies and do everything according to her.We decided to meet after so much talking as she doesn’t want to have sex directly. I happily accepted that and we met in a nearby coffee shop. It was 12 pm. I reached there early as I don’t like to be late, especially in this situation. After 5 minutes, a lady came in a car and she got into the coffee shop.Honestly, I was hoping this lady is Mona and to my luck, she was Mona. She came near me and asked me, “Are you Stark?” (name change). And I happily said yes. Describing Mona she was cute, full of beauty and hotness. She had an hourglass figure with bold ass and soft juicy big boobs a perfect figure 34 28 34.She was in red hot saree with open long hairs. I clearly saw her waist. Her saree was tight around her waist and her buttocks looked firm yet juicy and soft. I kinda had a semi-erection and she noticed that. I apologized to her for my lack of control. She said, “It’s sivas escort okay,” with a naughty smile.We spent an hour in a coffee shop and got to know each other. She asked me some personal questions and vice-versa. She said, “I like you and you have a good personality even though you look like a little bit skinny type. You can be trusted with personal things.”I was happy to hear that and I said, “I will keep this secret and no one will know about this ever.” I know women are so concerned about privacy and I respect that. She quickly became very open. Later she said, “Let’s go for a drive.” She owns a car and she had a few hours before her husband comes back home.How can I say no to this hot women? We were on the way to Dumas beach. During traveling, I was checking her out from top to bottom. She noticed it and said, “Have patience little tiger, you will have your time later,” with a naughty smile. I said, “How can I be patient when a hot lady is beside me.”She started to me tease me by adjusting her blouse so I have a clear view of her boobs. I tried to keep my hands on her thighs. She had a puzzled look on her face but she said nothing. I took this as a green signal and started to brush my hands on her thigh.I was trying to go up to her boobs and started to feel her boobs. I squeezed her boobs and did it multiple times. As we were in open public space I was being in my limit. But I can clearly see the lust in her eyes. Then she put her hands on my pants and was brushing my dick over pants.I was feeling so good with her soft hands. We had taken a u-turn from Dumas beach. We reach the same coffee shop. Before I open my door she pulled me and started kissing me. I was not holding back and started to kiss her back. We almost kissed for 2 minutes and felt each other’s body.We broke our kiss and she said, “You are an amazing kisser.” I replied back, “You are also amazing kisser too.” Later she gave me her number and said to be ready when she calls me. I came back home and took a shower. But I can’t get her out of my head. I started to masturbate thinking of what we did in the car.She sends “Hi” on WhatsApp and started the conversation. She said she really had a good time with me and looking forward to sex. We started to do sex chat and talk hours on-call. We exchanged a few nudes and I said, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”She replied, “Me too. But I have to arrange everything first that how many hours her husband will be out of the home.” We continued to have sex chat and I was waiting for the day to fuck her brain out. Finally, after a few days, she called me in the morning.She said that her husband will be out for the full day and will come back home late. She told to be at her home around 12 pm and will send location on WhatsApp. I was feeling so amazing that finally, I will get to fuck a milf. I got a location on WhatsApp and reached her home 5 minutes before 12 pm.She opened the door and look at me and said, “Sharp on time huh, I guess little escort sivas tiger can’t control himself,” with a naughty smile. She invited me in. I was sitting on the sofa and she was in the kitchen to bring snacks for us with drinks. I was checking her out from behind.I can’t control myself as she was looking sexy in a red gown with open hairs till her back and no inner. I can really see ass crack from behind. I can’t control it so I stood behind her and held her from behind. I started to kiss her neck. I can see she started to breathe heavy.Her eyes were getting close and giving light moans. I started to move my hands around her waist. I started to press her boobs over gown she was getting out of control. I was pressing her boobs hard and giving a little push from behind to her ass so she can feel my dick.I move my hands down to her pussy lips and started to rub a little. Now she was giving heavy moans. She stopped my hands down there and turn aroundShe: Can’t you wait? You will have the whole day to enjoy me.Me: I was waiting for the day to have you. Now I can’t wait anymore.I pulled her closer to me and give a light kiss on her lips. She was standing still but later she started to respond to my lips. We were kissing like crazy lovers and started to have a tongue fight. She later started to feel my dick over my pants. I was feeling her boobs and kissing her lips hard without any break.After 10 minutes of hard kissing, she broke the kissShe: No one ever kissed me like that. You are truly amazing.Me: Abhi toh bohot kuch dekhna baki hai.She gave me a naughty smile and touched my dick over pants. She held my pant and took me to her bedroom. It was a king-size bed so we a lot of space to move and enjoy. We started to kiss again on the bed. I rolled her around and I was on top of her.I slowly started to kiss her cheeks and neck and lick it. After licking her neck I moved to her ears and kissed on her ears and lightly bit it. She was giving light moans and clearly, she was enjoying every bit of it. I started to remove her gown and slowly kissed her one breast.I started to press another breast. I was sucking her nipples hard now and making circles around her nipples. Now I started to suck her both nipples one by one. She held my head and was feeling my body over her. Things were going crazy between us.I started to take the next step. But I planned not to rush things and finish it in a few minutes. I want her to enjoy the sex that she never had before. I started to kiss her stomach and moving my hands on her navel. I lightly rubbed on her pussy which was making her hornier.She was moaning. Now I started to lick her pussy hard. She was getting more hornier by this act and said, “Khale puri meri chut ko, come on honey lick hard.” She was moving her hands around my head while licking her hard. I spread out her pussy lips.I started going deep with my tongue and making a circle in her pussy. I was fingering her pussy while licking. Now she was moaning sivas escort bayan loudly.She: Kya maza de raha hai. I never had this feeling before. I’m about to cum babyNow she was about cum so I started to finger her hard with 2 fingers inside her pussy. After 2 minutes she had a big orgasm. I can see she was trying to catch a breath and saw a naughty smile on her face!She: Now let’s see how good are you with your tool.She started to kiss me and was removing my pants at the same time. She went down and was licking my chest and making it all wet with her tongue. I was feeling good as no one ever did that to me. Now I was in underwear and she held my dick over underwear and started to press a little.Now she removed my underwear and started to lick it. She was licking like an ice cream cone and started to suck my dick hard and deep in her mouth. I can feel her warm tongue over my dick in her mouth. I was amazed to see her skills in blowjob.She was giving a perfect blowjob just like a porn star while looking in my eye. After 20-25 of hard sucking, I was about to cum. But I don’t wanna end this now even though my tool was up in a few minutes after cumming.She: Bas ab mere se raha nahi jaa raha hai. Tu chod mujhe abhi.Me: Itni bhi jaldi kya hai darling?I started to finger her pussy again to make her hornier. After 2 minutes I put my dick over her pussy lips and started to tease her. She was getting mad as I can see in her eyes.She: Chod na mujhe. Bana le teri randi aaj. Mere chut ko shant kar chal abhi.I love it when she talks extremely dirty. She was getting out of control and begging me to fuck her. So now decided to give her pleasure. I started to put my dick head in her pussy. She immediately moaned out loud.Within one second I inserted my whole tool inside her pussy. She moaned ever louder, “Bhenchod pura daal diya tu.”Me: Tujhe bohot chahiye tha na, bhen ki lodi, le puri teri chut meinI started to give her hard shots by hold her legs over my shoulder. She was enjoying every shot of it. Now after fucking her for 15 minutes, we decided to change the position into doggy style. So she turned around and gave her ass to me. I wanna fuck her ass too but I thought let’s save it for next time.I inserted my dick in her pussy by holding her ass. I started to drill her pussy very fast and hard. She was moaning in pain and in pleasure too. After 1 hour of fucking her hard, I was about to cum.Me: I’m about to cum baby.She: Mere andar mat dalna honey, mujhe taste karna hai tere maal.I removed my dick from her pussy and put in her mouth and cum hard. She swallowed every drop of cum and cleaned my dick with her tongue. After that session, we were fucking exhausted and decided to take a rest for a few minutes.She: You look skinny and k** but you really have the skills to give pleasure to any women. Ab jab bhi meri chut pyasi hogi main tere lund ko bula lungi.And she winked at me with a smile. I was feeling good with her words and started to give her a light kiss. We had another session before I left her house.Please feel free to contact me and give me your views to improve my any skills in writing or in bed. Any women or girl who likes to have “Friends with benefits” with me can contact me