Pat Down The Dogging Lane Again And After

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Pat and I were enjoying the last of the day’s rays and discussing the events of our second visit to the dogging lane earlier. Pat had blown two decent-sized cocks, and assured me what they pumped into her mouth was an above-average amount too. Pat said the second load was the sweetest and slid beautifully slowly down her throat. She did make a point of saying she had nothing against the other guy’s cum, and would happily let him give it to her again. Inside or out.I joked and told her I had never known her to say no to any cock offered to her.Pat smiled and said, “And nor do I intend to, and you don’t want me to. Do you?”I thought back to when we decided to try out this lifestyle and the first time I saw Pat with another man. It was an experimental encounter with a friend, Leo, that didn’t quite go according to plan. beylikdüzü escort We began with the three of us having a couple of drinks. Then Pat nervously removed her blouse, and I undid her bra and helped her out of it. It was supposed to be full sex, but Pat wasn’t as ready as we thought.Nerves took over. Pat found it overwhelming standing there half naked with Leo ogling at her tits. Letting him see her naked and, worse, allowing him to fuck her was just too much at that time. However, Pat did feel bad for Leo. We were the ones that asked him to do us a favor, and Pat was letting him down.Pat apologized but could see Leo was naturally disappointed. Then he told Pat how much he had been looking forward to having sex with her. His cock was stiff, and couldn’t she see her way clear bahcesehir escort bayan to doing something to rid him of his erection? Pat looked at me, and I could see she felt guilty.I suggested Pat might like to give him a handjob. Pat thought for a moment, then she nodded and said, “Okay.”Pat knelt before Leo and told him he would have to get his cock out. When his fully erect cock was in front of her, Pat tentatively stroked it with her fingertips and then held it in her fist. Neither Leo nor I expected what Pat did next but was happy she did. She leaned in and ran her tongue over and around the head of Leo’s dick.Pat’s head moved forward, slowly taking Leo’s cock into her mouth. He gasped and moaned as Pat fucked him with her mouth, and when he was ready, Pat let Leo shoot escort bayan beylikdüzü his load down her throat.Two days later, and with much encouragement from me, Pat phoned Leo and invited him back. A determined and confident Pat met Leo at the door and showed him into the living room. Pat undid the robe she was wearing, slipped it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked.Leo’s eyes checked Pat out from her tits to her hairless pussy, and his face beamed when Pat turned her back and bent over.Pat carried on being the aggressor, and I watched an awesome sex romp. Pat even made sure she fucked Leo in positions like reverse cowgirl to give me the best view of his cock penetrating her freshly shaved cunt.I still think Pat put more energy into that particular fuck than any other. Including with me. Several more men followed in quick succession. Most I watched, but two or three were opportunistic. Although Pat didn’t hide her exploits, and we had great sex while Pat described how she was fucked, I had reservations. I didn’t want Pat spreading her legs for just any guy she met, which did happen.