Paying off the House Blacken

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Paying off the House BlackenIt had been a long day at my new job as a receptionist for Angelino Cosmetics. A long day in a week of long days after my husband had been laid off from his high paying job at General Motors. Word had it that the lay-off was only temporary, and would last no longer than it took to retool the plant for the new models. But with us living from paycheck to paycheck of late after building our new home, we both agreed –he grudgingly– that I should go to work while he did the finishing work on our new house. I think he learned to love the idea of me working once he found out that I had to dress up for my new job as around home I mostly wear jeans, and a loose fitting blouse, or a flannel night shirt that comes down around my ankles.”Holy shit, Jill! You look hot!” Were the first words out of his mouth when I joined him for breakfast that first day I went to work. “Are those panty hose, or are you wearing a garter belt?””Wouldn’t you like to know,” I responded accepting an offered cup of coffee from his shaking hands.”How am I supposed to work around the house now thinking of you dressed up like that all day?””David, it’s just a power suit with a frilly blouse.””And high heels, and God, you look HOT! Never heard of a skirt being a part of a power suit, and isn’t it kinda short?””It’s appropriate, and for women a skirt is optional, but the boss insists on it.””Hmmm, maybe she’s a lezzy.””Oh brother,” I groaned, and headed out the door without even commenting on that outrageous thought. After all, the real Angelino was a man, though I worked for his wife, the real power behind the name. And she was hardly a lesbian, even if she was something of a testy, and demanding bitch at times as I quickly learned that first day.Putting down my gear, and suit jacket in the foyer, I headed for the kitchen through the living room. I’d heard the TV blaring the baseball game from the moment I’d entered the front door, but I was brought up short when I saw that David had company. A long time friend of David’s, Monty also worked at GM, and was laid off as well. Monty had been on David’s football team back in high school, but unlike David, he still worked out regularly. David knew that I’d had a real fantasy life about his friend, and former teammate back when we were in Jefferson Davis High School, but as Monty was black, and we were now married there was hardly any chance of anything developing between us. Or at least so I had thought.I grabbed some orange juice from the fridge, and then came through the dinning room to join them still dressed in my power suit sans the jacket. It was only then that I remembered that I had put on the demi bra that morning at David’s request, and that it basically was a quarter cup bra that didn’t cover my nipples though it did support my heavy breasts. I’d also noted then that my power suit skirt felt much shorter than the others.I was immediately aware of Monty’s eyes on my chest, and David’s smirk as he pretended to be interested in the 11-0 game on TV at the same time. I knew then that David had set this all up, including his whining to get me into this particular bra, and the nearly see through plain satin white blouse that had kept my nipples hard all day under my jacket. Not to mention all of the stares I’d been getting all day every time that I sat down behind my desk as there was no front to it. People had been looking up my skirt all day evidently, and that explained why he had set out the matching white satin garter belt, and transparent white thong panties for me to wear to work. And oh how those dark brown predatory eyes of Monty turned their attention lower when I sat down to join them with my orange juice. I could almost feel his dark thoughts caressing my bare white thighs above the smoky black, seamed Christian Dior stocking tops as he tried to see further up under my shortest work skirt.To be truthful, I’d felt extremely sexy in this get up all day at work. After all on the outside I was modestly covered, and appropriately dressed in my business attire. Yet underneath I was dressed in my smuttiest under garments, things I truly only wore for David’s visual stimulation in preparation for some hot erotic loving. But it wasn’t until I sat down and became aware of Monty’s intense scrutiny that I began to moisten my panties with an overwhelming sexual heat that suddenly boiled between my loins. And seeing the evident bulge growing in Monty, and David’s groins only heightened my awareness of how much they both enjoyed the view.”So, what’s the score, David?” My double entendre meant more to make him get off the pot, or not. But he didn’t answer right away as if thinking over what he wanted to do now that the time had come.”Well, the game is 11-0, but you…””Who cares about the game,” Monty interrupted, “Girl you look good enough to eat in that outfit.”I’m sure that I blushed, but what I wasn’t sure of was what David had in mind. He was avoiding eye contact for the most part, almost as if he had a sense of guilt, or some secret plan mapped out. His only comment so far had been neutral up to where it had been stepped over by Monty. It was almost as if Monty had some kind of control that I wasn’t aware of. So I decided to make a move of my own.”You guys want another beer?” I asked, getting up out of the comfortable chair across from the couch they were seated in.”I know I would, how about you David?””Yeah, sure, and why not do a strip tease while you’re at it?””David!?””Hey, you’re the one always saying that you’d love a little taste of dark meat. Well here’s your chance, slut.”It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that David was drunk out of his gourd, or damn near to it. Something had taken place here before I came home, and maybe even before I’d gone to work this morning that had caused David to drink so much. And I had a good idea that Monty was the cause.”Listen Jill,” Monty said, as David passed out, “forget the beers, I think you need to sit down between us so that we can discuss things.””What things?” I held my ground. I liked Monty, but there was a part of me that also feared the muscular brut.”Well, David’s been crying in his beer all day to me about how it’s a shame such a sexy woman as yourself has to work so damn hard to make half of what he made to support your family.””And what business is it of yours?””Well,” he hesitated, almost blushing, “I have this little proposition that might help you two out.””Oh?””Do you know what an Escort Service is?””Isn’t that when women dress up all smutty, and get paid to go out on a date with guys? I seem to remember that we called them a high priced sure thing back in college.””You could look at it that way I suppose,” he stood up then and came over to stand like the SEARS Tower in front of me. How I managed not to gasp seeing that long snake bulging in his trousers ataşehir escort right in front of my eyes is beyond me.”Is there any other way to look at it?” I asked, almost panting like some bitch in heat as my submissive nature kicked in big time, and yet still trying desperately not to show it.”Cut the crap, slut,” he said, “we both know David set this up because your hot for some of this,” and he actually grabbed his middle leg for emphasis, “and he’s a bubble off of plumb to offer you up to me so that he could watch.”His arrogance would normally have had me dialing 911 by this time, but he was absolutely correct. And Monty must have known already from David how much I like being degraded by that Slut comment. Obviously David, and Monty hadn’t just been drinking all day. David must have told him everything about me for Monty to be this self-assured. Even to the point of giving him the green light to make a move on me. The only problem was, David was passed out cold, and couldn’t disagree at the last moment. So enrobed in my own thoughts was I that I hadn’t realized that Monty was fondling my breasts through my blouse this whole time, nor that my nipples were now rubber eraser hard with excitement. Our fascination with each other was suddenly interrupted by David’s little snorting snores on the couch.”And it looks like he’s gonna miss our little get acquainted party,” Monty said, and pulled me tight into him with his hands on my rump bringing his mouth down to mine.I can’t say that he was a better kisser than my David, but he damn near made me choke when his tongue tickled my tonsils. I didn’t resist him, nor did I have any inclination to do so. It’s not everyday that a husband sets you up to have sex with his friend, and a black friend at that. My panties were already soaking wet in anticipation. So there was no way that I was going to turn this down. Even if it did mean that David would brand me as a slut afterwards. What the hell, most men are born sluts, so to my way of thinking I was just acting like a guy would in the same situation. To show Monty that I was fair game I reached down between his legs, and almost fainted when I felt how thick his love muscle really was through his pants.Monty hadn’t been idle through that kiss either as I found my blouse unbuttoned, my skirt bunched up around my waist, and his hands on my butt, and vagina when we broke away for a breath. His fingers slipped under my panties to delve within my cleft had me panting like some bitch in heat as his lips suckled at my breasts. I felt as if there was a bare copper wire linked between my pussy, and my nipples, and that an electrical current of prickly sexual heat was running wildly back and forth to melt in between. I could actually feel goose pimples running up the backs of my legs, and the short hairs on my forearms were acting like tuning forks. It was almost as if I were a radio, or boom box, and Monty was adjusting me to the right channel, his.The scent of my heat soon permeated the very air that we breathed as his fingers did their dance, and his thick lips smothered me in his kisses. I could barely even stand without his help so afloat was I in a euphoria of temporal sensuality. His every touch all centered on my various erotic zones was like a ship working on radar, saturating my perception of time and space to the point of overload. Working my flesh with a precision that had me gasping for breath Monty soon had me flat on my back on the floor; my legs spread wide open, and his head between my thighs. The chilled air-conditioned air caressing my bare slit made me wonder where my panties had gone for a brief moment. But that devilishly long elegant tongue of his had me writhing, and wriggling out of my control in less time than it takes to tell this.It was almost as if I were an automaton, and Monty had only to push the right buttons to make my body do his every biding. My mind shrieking in a soundless void as the first of many orgasms exploded within my body from that magical tongue. My hips rising to smash at his face trying to capture that illusive tongue as it drilled a hole in my soul, and did the fire dance in the hallowed folds of my pussy. My legs lifting to snake around his neck behind his back as I tried desperately to hold onto every surge of sexual heat exploding deep inside of me. And all through this I felt Monty’s hands squeezing my breasts roughly, keeping my nipples hard, and holding my mind on the edge of sanity.A quick glance in David’s direction found him still snoring peacefully. Having my husband in the same room as another man ravished me added so much more to the experience than I would have expected. Even passed out as he was it was almost like he was there as a witness to judge my shameless conduct. As though he were condemning me for acting like a slut with his black friend without even knowing it. And I loved him all the more for arranging this for me to experience. Even if I was somewhat doubtful about allowing Monty to turn me into some kind of personal escort service of his own.It was then, as I was catching my breath, still gasping from my last group of multiple orgasms, that Monty’s dark silhouette rose up naked, and crawled around until he was inverted over top of me on his hands and knees. That thick love muscle, throbbing with a life all its own over my face as a tear of enthusiasm leaked from the little slit in the head to drop on the tip of my nose, and permanently stained my flesh forever. My own tongue coming out to lick at the precum made me tingle from head to toe at my whorish behavior. The taste not dissimilar to David’s was all the more wonderfully wicked just for being another man’s scum and not my husband’s. My hands reaching up to pull that black cock to my mouth so that I could suck it gave me such a thrill that my whole body trembled in anticipation.With both of my hands guiding that cock to my lips there was still enough uncovered so that I could suck on the head while jerking the rest up and down in my hands. Almost a third bigger than David’s it was the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life. I could barely take a little more than the head into my mouth, and knew that I would never be able to deep throat it without choking to death. In fact it was so intimidating there before my eyes that I wondered how on Earth it was ever going to fit into my pussy. But Monty’s tongue, hands, and lips were doing everything they could to persuade me into trying nonetheless, and had my hips wriggling in wanton abandonment already.A skillful lover, Monty didn’t try to force more cock into my mouth than I wanted to accept. And truthfully, his every touch, even his motivation was centered mostly on my enjoyment of this intimacy. It was almost as if he were my own personal gigolo, a man whore paid to please my every sexual escort ataşehir whim, and want. His hands caressing, and squeezing my butt cheeks, insinuating a finger into my tight nether ring as his tongue continued to taunt my pussy at the same time. My clit was on fire, sparking with an electrical charge of its own as my slit wept with excitement, and an uncontrollable itch deep inside of me. And I pulled his cock out of my mouth to plead to him.”Oh God! Please Monty! I need your cock in me now!”Like a trained seal Monty swiveled around until we were face to face with him overtop of me between my widely spread legs. It was only now, with my cunt boiling over like a lava flow that I looked into those dark brown eyes to see an intelligence with impish proclivities, and a near bestial hunger. And oh fuck, how that hunger was aimed straight at me!”You ever been with a black man before?” Monty whispered, and when I shook my head in the negative; “Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy this first time until your body gets use to me. Just relax as much as you can.””Please…” I whimpered just before his fingers on my lips hushed me.It was then that I felt his cock rub up the full length of my slit then slide along my clit causing me to moan uncontrollably. And then it slipped back down until I could feel the head pressing against my lower lips. Monty lowered his head to my chest, and took my right nipple into his mouth while at the same time carefully pushing the head of his dick into my slit. I gasped as he nipped at my nipple drawing my attention away from the instant pain of having my pussy pried open, and suddenly stretched to the max. Almost like somebody had shoved a fist up my cunt. But then he stopped to allow my body to get accustomed with just the head of his prick inside of my fuck funnel.The pain subsided as I forced myself to relax, and think mainly about having a black man’s cock in my married white pussy for the first time. That got the juices flowing once again, and so I lifted my arms and legs up, and crossed them behind his back to help pull more of him into me. Slowly, but steadily Monty pushed more, and more of his cock into my well-lubricated passage. His dick eventually entering virgin territory, and going almost two full inches past where David had ever gone until his black balls settled up gently against my tight white ass.”Oh God!” I groaned. “No more! Please! I can’t take any more!””No sweat, baby,” he crooned in my left ear; “That’s all there is.”I could hardly believe it. I was still in most of my work clothes there on my living room floor, my husband snoring peacefully on the couch nearby while a big black cock slowly began to fuck in, and out of my wet white slit. My body was already undulating in response to Monty’s cock, and both my clit, and my nipples were on fire with an almost unscratchable itch. As I said; Almost, because that massive black sausage was giving me the ride, and the stretching of my life. I could almost feel the veins of his prick as my pussy rippled like a pebble disturbed quiet pond all around that wonderful cock. My mind rocketing as if stoned as my body sizzled towards an explosion of epic proportions.”Harder!” I groaned as he lifted my legs up over his shoulders. “Faster! Oh fuck! Fuck me Monty! Fuck me with your big dick, you black bastard! Oh yeah! I love it! Yeah!”It felt like his cock was knocking at the entrance to my womb as Monty banged me harder than most three men could. And the strange pleasure/pain that ran through me as that black cock of his mangled, and warped out my pussy was like being a star going super nova. A star in the African constellation called the Southern Cross being bred like a rare young Pegasus filly for the very first time. I had so damn much cock in me that I was half certain that I was sucking on that cock as it fucked me blind in my pussy at the same time. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but that cock didn’t feel like any normal exaggeration, and that’s a fact. Imagine, if you will, being tied up in your own limbs bent like a pretzel, and watching a huge black trip-hammer pounding into your groin less than a foot away, and you’ll get some idea of what I was going through at that moment. Add to that that I was fast approaching a galaxy busting orgasm, and you’ll understand why my mouth is overloading on an adrenalin high just from remembering it all.And speaking of memories, what is hard to forget is that, during this whole time that Monty was fucking me like some runaway locomotive, his mouth was making love to my breasts. Sucking, biting, licking, nipping, waffling back and forth between them leaving a trail of sucker bites, and electric thrills that had me clawing at his back the whole time. And I still had on the demi-bra, and blouse, not to mention the skirt rolled up around my waist, and the garter belt, and the smoky black nylon stockings that were starting to run. I felt like such a dirty tramp that to be called a slut at that moment would have been a step up in the world.It was at this point that I was overwhelmed as I crashed headlong into the most fantastic multiple orgasm of the century. Made all the more powerful by the fact that I caught David wide-awake slouching on the couch with his cock in hand jerking off furiously as his friend fucked me into serious 7th heaven. But I think it was the smile I turned his way that caused him to cum all over the front of himself right along with me just before I passed out.I have no idea how long I was away, but when reality once again returned I felt a great cramping in my bowels. I knew even before I opened my eyes that I was still on my back, though more comfortably so, and that I had a cock fucking slowly in and out between my widely spread thighs. However what I didn’t realize until I was staring up at David was that I was lying atop of Monty, and that cramped feeling was due to having his black cock stuck up my poor little asshole. It was probably better that I had been u*********s when they’d maneuvered me into this position as the pain of taking that big of a cock up my ass would have given me a heart attack. And too, after the way Monty had stretched my cunt out already I probably wouldn’t have been able to feel David’s cock fucking me at all without that cock in my ass now.”It’s like fucking a soft leather baseball glove,” David said, “I can feel it, but her pussy is so stretched out that it’s more like a cat rubbing against my shins kind of thing, Monty.””Yeah, well her tight ass feels like it wants to snap my dick in two it’s so tight back here.””Hey, I told you she don’t like it up the ass, didn’t I?””True,” I butted into their conversation, “but I’m fast learning to like it.”And to prove my point I wriggled my hips a little, and swallowed the pain back from doing it at the same time as my butt hole ataşehir escort bayan took note that it was over stuffed, and not from a great big turd either.”Easy baby,” Monty moaned into my right ear, “the first time is always the hardest. Trust me, after this you should have no trouble taking a cock up the ass. I just thought that since you were passed out that it would be a whole hell of a lot easier on you to put it in before you woke up.””I’m glad you did, Monty.” And I’m sure the sincerity in my voice wasn’t lost on either man then. “Because if I’d have been awake when you tried this I’d have cut your dick off, and stuffed it up your own ass. Now start fucking it. I can’t help feeling that having your black dick up my white ass is about the nastiest thing on the face of the Earth, that any married white woman could do.””Well, it comes a close second if nothing else,” David agreed jamming his cock as hard as he could into my cunt as he ploughed into me with renewed energy.It was then that I realized that my blouse, and skirt were missing in action, and that Monty was the one fondling my breasts as he fucked his cock into my ass from behind me. David hadn’t so much as even kissed me once so far, and his only contact was from his cock pounding in, and out of my used cunt as his arms supported his upper body on each side of me.”You’d probably have to fuck a stray dog to get any lower,” David griped knowing full well that this had all been his idea in the first place. But that’s how we played our little sex games, and I was use to his verbal abuse, even liked it when I was in my submissive mode.”Oh yeah, baby! Fuck your slutty wife’s used pussy while a strange black cock fucks me up my dirty white ass. I know you love this, you fucking pervert! What’s next? Gang bangs? Orgies by the swimming pool? Or perhaps a trip to the kennel for your filthy little bitch?”My raunchy words of endearment must have been way too much for David because he started fuck my pussy at a blistering speed for a few moments then slammed his pubic bone against mine as his balls emptied their second load, this time into my cunt.”Oh Fuck!” David gurgled as he collapsed on top of me. “You’re one hell of fucking nasty whore!””Coming from my pimp,” I replied, and rolled him off of me to the side, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”It was then that Monty rolled us both over so that I was now on the carpeting on my stomach with him over top, and behind me. And without disconnecting us he managed to pull me up onto all fours, and started slowly fucking me in the ass doggy fashion. The feeling of having that black cock sawing in and out of my ass was incredible, and nerve wracking both at the same time. The pain waned away, but that cramped over stuffed feeling returned every time his cock was pushed back into my rump. The feeling of taking a more than healthy shit over, and over again became an all consuming one. And then when I felt Monty diddling my pussy at the same time I went ballistic. Even fucking back at that invading monolith stroke for stroke like some rutting she b**st out in the wild howling at the moon’s cycle of birth, and renewal.On, and on, that dark African cock pumped steadily in, and out of my asshole like some soulless machine drilling for oil. The pace never once wavering, always steady, not too fast, not too slow, but ever pumping at a hole never meant to be used for intercourse. I was like so much flotsam, and jetsam on a storm tossed sea as the waves of one orgasm after another piled up to crashed down upon me relentlessly. And I wouldn’t have changed places with anybody in the lifeboat at that moment for all of the money in the world. My long reddish blond hair whipping about my head when the tight bun I’d had it in came undone only added to my whorish dishevelment until the strength in my arms gave out. So that my upper body now lay trembling on the floor as the rest of my body undulated venting to the cascading demand perpetrated upon my poor little asshole by Monty’s constant in, and out fucking of that black cock of his. There were flashing lights, and dots before my eyes, but in this never ending state of orgasmic bliss I could hardly have expected anything less. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for something like this, and I could only imagine that death could compete with it.I can’t really remember feeling Monty cum deep inside of my anal canal, nor when he pulled completely out of me when he was finished. But I do remember feeling so damned empty. It was as if I had become the eternal void of outer space itself, with nothing but the seeds of spoil after the big bang eruption, to remind me of what life was all about, spilling out of my quim, and butthole to puddle onto the carpet under me. And then I heard voices in the heavens above me talking over my fate.”So? What did you think, Monty?””She’ll do. Just send her over to Wilma’s with the other wives after you clean her up. I’ll spread the word that she’s available to all of the union brothers. With any luck she’ll have your mortgage paid off before they call us back to work.””What if she doesn’t want to, er, um, you know?””Hey, it’s no sweat off of my balls. Just seems a waste of good pussy though if you ask me. But that’s up to you two. She can eat crackers in my bed anytime, and make sure you tell her that, too.””I will, and thanks.””Hey, the honor was all mine, buddy, believe me on that.”I opened my eyes then, and just in time to see both men shake hands before Monty departed out the front door of our new house. It was then that I propped my head up to rest on my elbow, and looking straight at David asked him one question.”Who the fuck is Wilma?””Er, um, well, she’s the shift supervisor’s daughter who thought this all up. She lives three houses down to our right, and runs the best damn whor…er escort hous…um place on the east coast. Only takes on high rollers, and charges five grand a night, or ten for the weekend, and special events. Everything is first class, even the limousines that pick up the girls for their dates. The best part is that she only takes 23% for setting up the dates for her girls so that they are real happy working for her. And since all of the women are married to men who work at our GM plant it’s almost a family environment. If you remember it was her father that arranged our loan to build this house. If you go to work for her he’ll have us sign a different loan where there is no interest, and the house is devalued to lower the taxes as well.”I stood up then, and while my bottom leaked sperm down along my inner thighs as I headed up to the bathroom I only had one thing to say: “Well, you better call her father and have him rewrite that loan then.” As a second thought I added; “I guess I’ve been upgraded from cheap slut to high priced whore now.”David’s chuckling under his breath the last thing I heard before closing the bathroom door, and locking it. From now on he was going to help pay for this house that we’d both built, even if Wilma got 25% off the top first. Monty on the other hand would get all of the freebies that he could handle.