Pegged for a Purpose Ch. 03

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In this chapter, once again, the focus is on male-male action as the boys touch the remaining bases to complete the purpose for which they were pegged. If that’s not your thing, please find another story that will turn you on.

The girls headed off to the master bedroom, which was on the first floor. I listened to their banter as I picked the used champagne flutes.

“I am so, so glad we set this up.”

“I think the videos did the trick. We are so devious, devilish, and, of course, debauched.”

“Amen to that, Sister.”

“I can’t believe how hard I came when—” but, damn, they were out of range and I didn’t find out what Megan found so hot.

There were still some pleasant sensations tingling in my well-fucked ass, but the cum that was leaking from my butt and running down my thighs was starting to dry and was a little uncomfortable.

Tim and I headed to the kitchen arm in arm, naked as the day we were born. Our cocks were spent for the moment though not quite completely flaccid.

I deposited the flutes on the island. Tim came up behind me, slapped my butt, and then slid the palm of his hand up and down my crack.

“Don’t tell Sue this,” he said, “but your cocksucking was amazing, beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Makes me a little anxious that I won’t be able to pleasure you so expertly.

“Hey, you’ll do great. You’ll find it’s not that hard. Difficult, I should say, because, you know IT will be extremely hard.” I was trying to make light of the compliment when, in fact, I was proud as hell. “Your response told me what you liked, and I made sure to return to it. If you didn’t really respond—it’s funny how a real cock tells no lies—I’d drop that. Tried some things I’d always wished someone would have done to me. Seems we have similar hot buttons to push.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want if you’re not getting it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I replied, but I found I was more curious to discover what he would create rather than giving how-to instructions.

He told me to get some plastic flutes from a cabinet just in case things got wild in the bedroom. While I did that, he filled the ice bucket from the dispenser on the frig and came back to the island. I popped the second cork.

Tim took a cube from the bucket and brought it to my right, then my left nipple. He then sucked each of them in turn. The contrast of cold ice and hot mouth was an arousing sensation.

“Works great on balls and cocks, too,” he said, “but our cocks are taking a little rest period right now.” I didn’t want to break the mood by telling him that it was not exactly new to me.

Armed with buckets, champagne, and flutes, we headed to the bedroom.

Though the girls were involved in some hot action on the bed, Megan impaling her ass on Sue’s strap-on, perhaps inspired by the performance of Tim and me, we both burst out laughing when we saw the whiteboard that Sue had set up on the dresser.

Tim poured us each a glass of champagne, and we sipped as we scanned Sue’s creation.

The chart had two columns, one for Tim and one for me. In my column I had checkmarks for “Sucked Cock,” “Cock Up the Ass,” “Fingered Asshole,” and “Huge Cum Shot.” I had one gold star for “Sucked Cock” and two for “Cock Up the Ass,” probably for the audacity to impale myself on Tim’s cock. Tim had checks and gold stars for “Fucked Ass” and “Penis Endurance,”

“Sue’s a hot vixen in bed, but a kindergarten teacher at heart,” he mused. “Still a lot of unchecked boxes.

I scanned the list. “Analingus,” and “Cock Came in Mouth” caught my eye.

“Let’s hit the shower,” Tim said. “Let’s get my cum off you.” He refilled his glass and picked up six of the cubes. I refilled my glass and headed in.

Pretty impressive bathroom with a huge walk-in shower. He had the water going and told me, “Rest your arms on the counter and bend over.” I had an idea what he was up to, so I wasn’t surprised when he slid three ice cubes into my butt. A most pleasant sensation. Fortunately, they were the rounded kind.

Tim handed me the other three cubes and bent over the counter, so I could slip them into his ass. I thought of joking that the play should have been named “The Iceman C-U-M-E-T-H,” but I wasn’t sure how literary he was.

The shower was relaxing. For a while I sat on the bench built into the wall, sipped my champagne, and watched him wash. When he got to his cock and balls, I got up and took the washcloth from him and gave his genitals a lingering massage and soaping. We took turns using the pulsating hand wand turned up to max on each other’s cocks, balls, and ass cracks. Of course, we were soon both fully erect. He dropped to his knees and briefly sucked my cock—a preview of what was to come. Or in my case, cum. Damn, it was just a tease because he stopped and stood back up. Guess he didn’t want to miss his checkmark and perhaps a gold star or two since we not on stage.

Do I sound too casual? Don’t worry. We’re about to turn up the heat. But I was feeling escort really great. You can call be gay, a faggot, a homo, or whatever you want. I wasn’t going to fall in love with Tim. Hell, I barely knew him, but he sure seemed like a great Fuck Buddy. Suspected we’d be fucking a lot in coming days and weeks. We were getting off on pleasuring each other. It was both mind-blowing, and, though it might sound trivial, just fucking fun.

The wives were taking a break, leaning back against the headboard of the huge king bed and sipping champagne.

“Erect dicks,” quipped Sue. “Must have been a great shower.”

“Not all that great,” added Megan, “or those dicks would be limp.”

“Tim didn’t want to miss any checkmarks or gold starts,” I pointed out. I lay on my back on the bed and spread my legs for easy access. I lifted my cock to the vertical. Though we’d been non-verbal to this point, I said, “Tim, suck my cock.”

I didn’t have to say it twice. He crawled across the bed and began by lightly fingering my balls and running the tips of his fingers up and down my shaft. He gently pulled my foreskin down over the ridge of my head. When a huge drop of precum emerged from my slit, he grasped my shaft with one hand and with the tip of finger on this other hand, slowly coated the head of my cock until it glistened—just like in the video image burned into my mind, only this time the cock was mine. His lips tightened around my head, and his tongue licked me clean. He lowered his mouth, taking in the first three inches. His teeth grazed the soft skin of my shaft. He pulled back until his lips slid firmly over my head. He lapped the sensitive underside of my cock with the flat of his tongue until my shaft was coated in his saliva. He lightly sucked on one of my balls, then the other, before hefting both on his tongue.

He engulfed me with his mouth, taking me as deep as he was able, bobbing his head up and down. It edged me at least three times, slowing down, tightening his fingers around the base of my cock.

It was exquisite. Sensation after sensation demanded my full attention. My cock was all of me. I was in that moment only my cock.

You may think I’m a poetic fucking bullshitter, but that’s how it felt. Two, maybe three, gold stars next to Tim’s cocksucking checkmark.

When he pulled back and my cock flopped to my stomach, I gasped, longing for more, longing to cum in his mouth.

My eyes had been closed, savoring each sensation. When I felt a cold sensation, I opened my eyes and saw that Sue was lubing my ass.

“Time for him to take your ass,” Megan whispered in my ear, “I know you’ve lost your anal cherry already, but it’s his turn to be the initiator.”Then she kissed me deeply, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

Sue led Tim off the bed and spread lube on his cock. I got the idea. Getting on my hands and knees, I positioned my butt at the side of the bed. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw Sue grab Tim’s cock and glide the head up and down my crack before guiding him to my waiting anus.

I tensed as he pressed the head of his cock inside me. He eased in and out several times as I was learning to control my muscles and then he moved his hips forward, sliding deeper into my smooth, warm rectum. As he pulled back slowly; I tightened my sphincter to caress his cock on the back stroke and I loosened it as he plunged in again.

Several minutes of this had me moaning.

“Harder, faster,” I nearly screamed. I pounded me, his balls slapping against my thighs. Megan was under me stroking and sucking my cock. He was thrusting, panting, screaming, “Ah, fuck,” as spasms surged through my cock, his hot cum exploded in my rectum.

Spent, I collapsed on the bed, and Tim rolled over on his back. Megan was deep throating me. As I thrust my hips, she pulled back and opened her mouth, taking my cum on her tongue. Some splashed on her face.

Sue moved in quickly and cleaned Megan’s face with her tongue. When they kissed Sue came away with a generous supply, which she shared with Tim.

Twenty minutes later, we were all settled on stools around the island in the kitchen. Tim had tossed me a sleeveless undershirt and a purple thong. The girls were also sporting thongs. They’d slipped on our dress shirts for warmth. Sue’s small breasts were hidden, but Megan made sure to leave the three top buttons unfastened so her beautiful cleavage was still on display.

Since the champagne was gone, a bottle of very expensive Scotch was in the middle of the table, and an empty shot glass was in front of each of us.

“Wearing wife-beaters, Boys?” Megan began. “Not going kinky, well more kinky, on us?”

“It’s to symbolize that our wives can’t be beat, Tim said. “Thanks for all your machinations that made tonight possible.

“Hear, Hear,” I added, filling each glass. “To Megan and Sue.”

We all downed our shots,

“Boys,” Sue began as she poured the next round, “as fervent cocksuckers and deflowerers of each other’s anal cherry, we hear by welcome eskort you to the bi-lifestyle. May your erections always be steely and your butts hungering for cock—or strap-ons. And may your cum be always bountiful for sharing.”

“Well, said,” I proclaimed and all downed the second round.

Megan took the bottle and refilled the glasses. She raised her glass. “We’ve let you boys have your playdate. As recompense, I say that though your cocks may be spent, you must display your expertise at cunnilingus, bringing your wives to at least three orgasms before dropping off to sleep. And I decree, that henceforth, our orgies be lewd, lascivious, and no holds barred. And perhaps videoed for later masturbatory delight.”

“Hear, hear,” we all replied and burst out laughing after we downed our shots.

Megan’s word was law. I spent at least a half hour using fingers and tongue to artfully eat her pussy and bring her to three orgasms. My jaw was sore, my fingers aching from the clamping force of her cunt and anus. But as I dropped off to sleep, her juices coating my face, I wondered what the morning might bring.


I jolted awake when I felt cold lube swirled round my anus and fingers probing me. A butt plug slipped into my ass, which was a little sore, but it felt welcome.

“Quiet,” Megan whispered. “Tim’s still asleep, or he will be until I plug him, too. While our hubbies have been sleeping like logs, probably dreaming of sucking cocks and taking one up their back doors, we wives have had coffee and made plans. Sue’s feeling a little self-conscious about being the only one with pubes, so we’re going to take a long hot shower and I’m going to shave her pussy. Of course, I’ll be rewarding her baldness with my lips, tongue, and fingers.”

“By the way,” she added, “you need to wash up. You smell like my pussy nectar. I know I dab it behind my ears as perfume on our Friday nights, but it’s not necessarily a cologne that I’d recommend for you, unless you’re hoping to fuck and get fucked. But I suppose you probably are.”

She moved over to Tim, and his eyes opened wide when she lubed, fingered, and plugged him. She whispered a shortened version of the story she told me into his ear. She gave him a little slap on the rear as she headed to join Sue in the shower.

I got up and headed to into the master bath to take a piss. I glanced into the shower where the prep for shaving was taking place.

“Hey,” said Sue, “no peeking perverts! But I guess there are those who would say we’re all perverts. Don’t forget to put the seat down.”

I enjoyed the sensation of having the plug in my ass as I stood there relieving my bladder. I wiped my cock carefully and washed my face in the sink.

I crawled back on the bed when I got back, and Tim went to take his turn. When he returned, he asked me if I was ready for coffee.

“Not yet,” I replied. I patted the bed for him come and lie down. We lay there, side by side, recounting some the best moments from the night before, and shared the anxieties that led up to the night.

“I was so sure you wanted me to cum in your mouth, and, boy, did I want to. It totally floored me when you lowered your ass onto my cock,” Tim opened up.

“More like totally fucked you on the floor,” I said with a chuckle. “I was so caught up in the moment, I couldn’t restrain myself. If I’d thought about it, I’d have realized that was probably a move best to try after more experience taking it up the ass. But it was totally awesome. You’ll have to try it sometime.”

“It was, and I will,” he responded, grinning as he gave me a high five.

Our cocks had been more than busy the night before, and we’d both slept through morning wood, but our talk had our dicks slightly swollen. I was struck by a desire that I didn’t know I had. I so wanted my mouth to surround Tim’s soft dick and feel him getting hard.

I pivoted around so my face was a few inches from his cock. We were still on our sides, so he pulled back his right knee so I could rest my head on his left thigh and take his whole soft length into my mouth. I assumed the same position and felt my cock slip past his lips into his mouth.

Megan and I both weren’t into 69. It was too distracting to be both being pleasured and pleasuring. I worked hard to be creative, attentive when licking and sucking her pussy. “Work” is the wrong word; I was always mesmerized. Having my cock sucked at the same time just got in the way.

Sucking Tim like this was okay though. I think we both knew the goal wasn’t orgasm. We just wanted to experience a cock swelling, lengthening in our mouths. It was definitely arousing, and, though it sounds silly, kind of cool.

When both our cocks were hard, thick, and leaking precum, we let them drop from our mouths.

“Coffee?” Tim asked.

“Most definitely,” I replied.

We on our second cups, seated on stools around the kitchen island, when Megan and Sue joined us. I wasn’t surprised that they were wearing open robes. Tim and I had slipped eskort bayan on the wife-beaters and the thongs from the night before.

Megan had her phone out and shared something to the computer Sue used for recipes when she was cooking. The computer was attached to a large screen TV. After working some magic on the keyboard, Megan switched on the TV, and we were greeted by massive close-up shots of Sue’s shaved pussy and totally hairless ass crack. In some shots her lips were pulled back to show her glistening clit, and in another her puckered asshole on screen was the size of a baseball on. Megan set the slideshow to loop.

Sue made Eggs Benedict. Her favorite, she said, because breaking the yolks of poached eggs reminded her of cum. She had a talent for making everything sexual, I’ll give her that.

As we ate, I did notice that Tim’s eyes kept straying to Megan’s mostly exposed breasts, and I couldn’t restrain myself from darting glances—more like extended looks—at the slideshow of Sue’s pussy and asshole. You might say there were two elephants in the room. But as always, Megan and Sue were one step ahead.

“Both you guys know that Sue and I have had woman lovers,” she began, “but we’ve been semi-monogamous.”

“Yeah,” Sue piped in. “You are the only guys we fuck. So were semi-monogamous and, of course, multi-orgasmic. I do like hyphenated words.”

“Raise your hands if you think today is a perfect day for sex, sex, and more sex.” Well, Megan knew her audience, Four hands shot up without hesitation.

“Who likes sucking cock?” Sue chirped. Four hands up.

“Who likes taking a cock up the ass?” Tim blurted out. Four hands shot up.

“Who likes eating pussy?” I took a turn. Four hands in the air.

“Who loves the taste of cum and a woman’s juices? Four hands again.

Megan held up her hand to stop the litany. “Sue and I have had a long talk. If we all start going at it on the bed, there are going to be two hard cocks, two hungry cunts, four assholes longing to be fingers and filled with cocks, and eight stiff nipples. I could go on, but you get the idea. And in all that rolling around and fucking, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim’s cock ended up in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. And, yeah, I’ve been imagining that, just like Sue has been imagining sucking Doug, taking his cock in her pussy and ass. From the way Tim’s been staring at my boobs, and Doug’s been drooling over the photos of Sue’s newly shaved pussy, you boys have your own lascivious thoughts. And, of course, Sue and I both have lascivious thoughts about watching you fucking each other. Watching you two last night had our cunts dripping and our clits quivering to orgasm after orgasm.”

“So,” Sue, indulging her love for hyphenated words added,” we’d be sort of multi-semi-monogamous—and multi-orgasmic, of course, if your cocks ended up in different pussies and assholes.

I looked to Tim, and he looked at me. We both shrugged. And smiled.

“Orgy, then?” I asked. Processing last night, fucking Tim and being fucked by him, had been mind-blowing. Of course, a fuck fest was a fantasy, but if it went beyond fantasy? Still I was comfortable with the three of them. I guess there could be awkward moments, but we would work through them.

Four hands went up. And if Tim was as turned on as me, two cocks.

It began simply enough. Sue and I sucked Tim’s cock while Megan lowered her pussy to his mouth. I was able to reach over and slip first one, then two fingers in her backside. Sue got up and lowered herself onto Tim’s cock and Megan moved back to play with Sue’s small breasts and finger her clit. Tim took the cock I offered into his mouth. Somehow the girls ended up on all fours with Tim and me on knees ramming our cocks into their pussies.

The girls’ heads were on the mattress, close together so they could kiss fiercely while each had a finger stroking her clit. They came first and then Megan yelled out, “Coat me with your cum.”

Tim and I pulled out. Megan flipped over on her back. From my knees, I aimed my cock at Meg’s full breasts. Sue came up behind me, rammed two fingers in my butt, slapped my hand away, and jerked me off, hosing my load between Meg’s breasts.

Tim straddled Meg and frantically tit-fucked his cock, roughly thumbing her long, hard nipples until he spasmed cum on her neck, chin, in her long hair, and into her open mouth. He spread the cum over her breasts and nipples and moved forward to have Meg lick my cum from his shaft. He licked cum from her face and pushed some into her mouth with his tongue. He seemed in a frenzy, taking her long hair in his hands and sucking off his cum.

Sue and I were just as rapacious, descending on her breasts like vultures. It was almost as if we were competing to see who to slurp up the most of that hot sticky mess.

We all collapsed back on the bed. A time out was definitely required. We were finding an orgy to be fucking hard work.

And if I make it sound like it all went smoothly, it didn’t. Heads were bonked by elbows and knees, sensitive body parts got pinched, limbs got twisted, and positions were awkward and painful. We were often coated in sweat. During breaks we downed bottles of water.