Photo Fantasy

9 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


Photo FantasyThe other day on a crowed express train, i was approached by a random guy who looked like he was up to no good as i was heading to another day of interviews. He came up behind me and started telling me how sexy i was, he came drom behind me and i felt his breath on my neck. i mean i know i look okay, but sexy was another thing. He then got to his almanbahis yeni giriş point, he thinks that i would make an excellent model. Then i was looking at him like this guy is kinda creepy but what the hell… I took his card and placed it into my pocket. After i did that he asked if he could take my picture so he could have it almanbahis giriş for reference purposes. i was taken back for a moment, but something told me to try it. So i told him sure. However, he took a picture of my lap, what a perv! But still i let it go, i didn’t want to have some creep reuin my day of interviews. However, my day did not almanbahis güvenilirmi get any better. My wallet was stolen, i had no reception, and to make it worst my cell phone battery died. So i was given a shit sandwich, and it was really not getting better with my left high heel breaking as i had scrounged together enough pocket change to buy a hot dog at a hot dog stand. As i rode the train back home, i dug into my pocket and pulled out the drunken photographer. I got intrigued, and figured why not? I decided i would call the number once i got home….. *i kno its kinda dull but its just the start… so be cool & wait for part 2.