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Subject: Physical Therapy – Chapter 3 Physical Therapy Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Physical Therapy — Chapter 3 “Hi Mom. I’m going to take a shower” I called out dropping my bookbag on the chair by the front door as I came into the house. “Ok sweety. Dinner will be ready in an hour” She said from the kitchen. “Yeah sweety” My brother added in his annoying mocking voice. I ignored him and headed to my room and stripped off my clothes. As I waited for the water to get warm, I realized that my chest and abs were coated in patches of dry cum, some of it matting down my pubes. I stepped inside the warm water and began to run the soap over my skin. The dry cum slowly loosened before sliding down my body and into the drain. I moved the soap over my ass, feeling the remnants of the massage oil that Dr. Kennedy used on my back. Then I pushed the bar of soap into the crack of my ass. The bar slid over my ass, but something felt very different. With my wet, soapy finger I began to probe my hole and as I did my dick began to react. I closed my eyes allowing myself to feel the sensation as I grew harder. I thought about how it felt when Dr. Kennedy was massaging me. How it felt when his finger entered my ass and how hard I got and how without touching my dick, I was able to shoot an incredible load under me. As my finger continued to probe my ass, I leaned against the wall, enjoying the feeling. With my free hand I reached for my cock and began to stroke it as my finger played inside my ass. “Fuck” I moaned softly as my dick swelled in my hand. I opened my eyes in time to see a jet of cum shoot across the shower and hit the wall. My body convulsed as the orgasm moved through me. I released my spent cock escort izmit and slowly drew my finger out of my ass. “Fuck that’s incredible!” I thought to myself as I got out of the shower and began to dry off. I arrived at Dr. Kennedy’s office for my Monday appointment on time. “Head into room 2 Brian” Dr. Kennedy called out as I entered the waiting room. Room 2 was similar to room 1 but lacked the large massage table. Instead, there was a chair type thing that looked more like a workout bench. “Please strip down, we are going to try something different today.” Dr. Kennedy stated coming back into the room. Again Dr. Kennedy was in the same tan khakis and dark blue polo shirt. “Now you will sit here facing the back of the chair” Dr. Kennedy said, waiting for me to straddle the seat. The back of the chair rested against my chest and my head was just above the top of it. “Today we will focus on your upper back and shoulders.” Dr. Kennedy stated, before reaching for the massage oil and spreading it over my shoulders. “I am going to adjust your position slightly” He said, reaching for a lever and lowering the back of the chair so that I was more parallel to the ground. Dr. Kennedy stood in front of me and began to massage my upper back and shoulders. He began to push and press into the muscles and moved lower on my back. As he continued, I could see once again the hard outline of his cock running down the leg of his khakis. Dr. Kennedy began to bring his body closer. I could feel the heat coming off of him, then his crotch briefly brushed against my face. Dr. Kennedy didn’t say anything about it and continued massaging my shoulders. Then it happened again, this time he seemed to drag his crotch left to right across my face. This happened several more times, each izmit rus escort time it seemed to be a bit slower and a bit more intentional. “I am going to get something” Dr. Kennedy said and moved away. “I am going to try some electric stimulation today. This will not hurt” he said, then I felt him placing cold stickers on my upper back. “Ok, I am going to turn the machine on. Let me know when you feel some tingling.” Dr. Kennedy told me. Slowly I felt a sensation that initially felt like a tickle, then progressed into a stronger feeling. “I feel it” I said as the area surrounded by the stickers began to pulse. “Let’s let this sit for a few minutes” I heard Dr. Kennedy say behind me. The electric stimulation felt good, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. Then I heard Dr. Kennedy move back in front of me and started massaging my shoulders once again. Then I felt Dr. Kennedy brush my face, but this time it felt different, it felt warm. I opened my eyes, but it took me a minute to realize that Dr. Kennedy had pulled his hard cock out through the fly of his khakis. Slowly he began to move it closer to my face. The thick hard cock slid across my lips, and I could feel his balls drag across my chin. Dr. Kennedy stopped massaging my shoulders and placed one hand on my head and the other on the base of his cock. Then he began to move the tip of his cock over my lips. “Open” he said softly as the tip of his dick was positioned at my mouth. I am not sure why I did it, but I opened my mouth and Dr. Kennedy slowly slid is cock past my lips and teeth. His dick was hard, and the skin was velvety on my tongue and lips. Then it seemed to hit something and I felt like I was going to choke. “Take a breath” Dr. Kennedy said softly and pulled his kocaelide escort dick back slightly but didn’t remove it. I forced myself to take a breath through my nose then closed my eyes. Dr. Kennedy slowly began moving his dick forward and I feared I would choke again. This time I seemed to be prepared for it and I was able to control my response. “That’s good” Dr. Kennedy said, again beginning to slide his cock slowly in then out of my mouth. I noticed a musky smell, that wasn’t unpleasant as his body got closer. It reminded me of the smell of the locker room after practice. There was a salty taste on the back of my throat. Dr. Kennedy ran his hands over my shoulders and head as he slid his dick in and out of my mouth moving faster and harder. He began to pant and moan softly but otherwise said nothing. Then his body tensed, and he abruptly pulled his cock out of my mouth. He reached over onto a table and picked up a small plastic cup, holding it under his dick, then stroked his wet cock as I watched. Dr. Kennedy’s hand moved quickly pulling his cock up and down. His piss slit yawned open and white cum shot into the plastic cup, hitting the bottom, and splashing up the opposite side. Dr. Kennedy continued pumping his hard meat as more cum shot into the cup. Dr. Kennedy panted softly and squeezed the last drops of cum into the cup before putting it back on the table. He grabbed a towel and wiped his hand then stuffed his cock back into his khakis. With the same towel he cleaned his cock with, he wiped the massage oil from my back, then peeled off the little stickers he had placed for the electric stimulation. “Let’s see you back here in 2 days” Dr. Kennedy said, handing me another appointment card as if nothing had happened. I got up from the chair and began pulling on my pants and realized that I was rock hard. I finished getting dressed and left the office a bit unsure what had happened. Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/