Picnic in Paradise

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It’s a warm day as we drive down the quiet road, music floating out of the car speakers. I look over to you, concentrating on driving the curving dirt road. The bumps jostling both of us, making my breasts bounce under my light top, barely supported in the bikini top under it.

You turn off the main road and after about 10 minutes, pull up near a crystal clear flowing creek. I get out of the car, looking around at the oasis that you brought me to. “It’s beautiful,” I tell you. You smile as you walk over to me, wrap your arms around me and kiss my neck near my ear. I shiver at your warm lips, growing wet instantly.

You let go of me and walk to the back of the car, grabbing the picnic basket and blanket out of the boot. I walk towards the creek, kicking off my shoes and throwing them back towards the car. I hear you moving around behind me, setting everything up. I reach the edge of the creek bed and hear the noise of rushing water, so I walk along the creek briefly and spy a waterfall.

I head back to wear you have finished setting up our lunch. You hand me a glass of champagne and beckon me to sit down. I fold my legs under me and sip on the sweet wine, the bubbles tickling my tongue and throat. I ask you how you came to know of this place, and you just wink at me and say it’s a secret.

I chuckle and ask you for a strawberry. You pluck a ripe strawberry from the bowl and bring it to my lips. I open my lips and sink my teeth into the pink flesh of the berry, juice spills over my tongue and lips. A little bit escapes and trickles out of the corner of my mouth. Your tongue gets there before mine and licks back up to my lips and along them, tasting the strawberry juice.

I moan a little as your tongue tickles my lips. You press your lips against mine, your tongue seeks the depth of my mouth and dances with my tongue. I slide my hands up your arms to your shoulders to grip them. I shift myself closer to you, but you pull back.

“Not yet, sexy,” you tell me. I pout and you laugh.

You reach behind you and grab a few grapes, slowly feeding them to me. I say that it’s quite warm and peel off my top, revealing my breasts, barely contained in my bikini top. I watch as you swallow, your eyes watching as my breasts bounce a little as I lower my arms. You’re drinking in the sight of my creamy mounds almost completely naked. Now it’s my turn to grin.

I spot the chocolate that is melted in the fondue pot and grab it. I dip my index finger into it and paint some on the swell of my breasts.

“Want to try some?” I ask.

I don’t have to ask you twice, you move toward me and lower you mouth. I suck the chocolate off my finger as I feel your lips press against my warm flesh and then feel the dart of your tongue as it comes out and starts lapping up the chocolate. You raise your head and look at me.

“Mmm, very nice.”

I can’t resist giggling at you when I see the tip of your nose has chocolate on it. I lean forward and lick it off your nose. You grab me, slipping your arms behind me. I feel your fingers sliding across my skin, then I feel a pull on the string of my bikini top. My breasts swell as the bikini top moves. Then you find the other bow and undo it, pulling the top from me completely.

Your hand cups my breast, my nipple pebbling against your slightly rough palm. I close my eyes, loving the feel of you touching me. You move your mouth to my shoulder and start kissing your way toward my neck and up to my ear. I tremble and gasp, loving how goose bumps run along my skin. Your other hand, which is still behind eryaman escort my back, moves down toward the waist band of my skirt.

Your fingers slide past the waist band, touching my arse. You pinch my nipple and nibble on my earlobe. I moan low in my throat, my hand going to the hem of your shirt, seeking warm skin to touch. My fingers tickle across the spans of your belly then move upwards. I turn my head, my lips press against yours. I want to feel and see more of you.

I start pulling your shirt up and you get the hint, releasing me. I pull your shirt over your head and throw it out of the way. I raise myself onto my knees, pressing my bare breasts against your chest and wriggle a bit. I run my hand to the nape of your neck, fingers sliding into your hair. I pull your head down to mine but stop before kissing you. I slide my tongue against your lips, pressing the tip in a little before sliding it in further.

You close your lips on my tongue and suck it into your mouth. I purr into your mouth. Your hands start to explore my breasts, pinching and plucking at my hard nipples. I press myself into your hands, wanting more. I slip my hands toward your pants, one hand pressing against the bulge on the outside on your shorts.

I feel your cock harden more in my hand, so I give it a gentle squeeze. I hear you moan deep in your chest. I slip my hand inside your shorts but you get impatient for me to hold it properly, so you stand up and pull them off. I instantly reach for your cock, feeling the blood pulsate through the shaft. I move toward you as you stay standing. I nuzzle your balls with my nose, my tongue flicking out to lick them.

I hear you gasp and I grin. I slip a hand under to cup your balls, my mouth sliding up the shaft of your cock to the wet tip. I trace my tongue around it, tasting the salty pre-cum. I open my lips and lower my mouth over the head, closing them slightly and sucking. With my other hand I grasped the shaft and squeeze as I start sliding my mouth up and down the length of you.

With each downward slide, I can feel the blood pounding through your throbbing member. My pace has been slow but I start to pick it up but suddenly I stop sucking you and pull my mouth off you completely. You moan in protest. I grab some melted chocolate and pour it onto the tip of your cock. I run my tongue up and down the length of your chocolate coated cock, licking it all up. You start to pant a little so I take you deep into my mouth, right to the back of my throat.

You let out a loud moan and start to buck your hips. I move my mouth up and down your cock, taking it deep each time. You beg me to keep going. I feel your cock swelling in my mouth and start to massage your balls. I reach a hand around to your arse and slap it hard as you let out a guttural moan and shoot your load into my mouth.

I drink your cum down and continue to suck on the tip of your cock for a minute. I move back slightly and grin up at you. You drop to your knees on the blanket. You push me down onto my back and pull my skirt down my legs. You see the g-string I’m wearing and lean down to kiss my belly, just above it.

I shift from under you and stand up, pulling down my damp g-string. I bend over in front of you, running my fingers over my wet pussy. Moving my fingers down to my entrance, I slide two fingers in and move them in and out for a few moments. Then I pull them out, covered in my pussy juice, I start to stroke my clit. You grab me and pull me back down onto the blanket.

You move your body over mine and kiss my lips, one of your sincan escort hands running up and down my side before resting on my breast to massage it. You kiss your way down to my breasts, licking and sucking on them, making my move under you, before sliding down all the way down to between my legs.

You run a finger over the lips of my pussy. I lift my hips slightly off the blanket, seeking a bit more of your touch. You open my pussy to the cool breeze. I tremble as you slide the tip of your finger along the seam of my pussy lips. You press it past my lips and find my hard clit and make me jump. You slip another in to touch my clit and then spread them, opening my lips to your view. You slip them down to my entrance and slowly push them inside, making me moan.

Your fingers start up a slow rhythm, in and out the move, my hips lifting to meet them. You grab the bottle of champagne and pour some over my pussy.

“Oh, my god,” I moan.

You start lapping at the wine as it continues to trickle over my wet pussy. I spread my legs as far open as possible and push up to your mouth. Your tongue darts out and flick up and down the length of my soaking pussy. Then you focus on my clit, flicking your tongue in time with your thrusting fingers. I’m trembling so much as you pleasure my body. I start to clench my muscles on your fingers, my moaning getting deeper and louder. Suddenly I scream as I cum, your tongue lapping up fresh pussy juice, mingled with the champagne, which gushes out of me.

I lay on the blanket, panting. You move yourself off my legs and I sit up. I jump up after catching my breath and run to the creek. You watch as I step into the cool water and wade out. You follow not long afterwards. I hear a splash and see you swimming toward me. I reach the waterfall and climb up onto a smooth rock and wait for you. You stand up beside the rock and pull me back into the water. I shriek until I hit the water and come up spluttering. I watch as you laugh and splash water at you.

“I want to show you how to do breast stroke,” you say.

I look at you bemused and start to laugh, until your mouth closes over my nipple. I moan and hold your head, trying to press you closer as your tongue strokes my head peak. I feel your hard cock pressed against my thigh and rub my thigh back and forth. I reach between us and rub the tip with my thumb. You back me up against the rock, pushing yourself between my thighs. You probe my pussy lips with your fingers and open them. I lift one leg and wrap it around your hip, and then you push me up against the rock, high enough to wrap my other leg around.

You thrust up into me, making me moan out your name. Your thrusts are slow and deep, my hips move to meet yours. I run my hands up and down your back, my lips kiss your neck. My mouth travels to your ear and I bite the lobe, feeling the shivers course through you. I tell you the position against the rock is uncomfortable so I unhook my legs from around your hips and you allow me to drop down. I tell you to head toward the shallows.

I lean forward, against the bank of the creek, and you thrust into me from behind.

“Fuck, yes, like that,” I moan.

You grab my hips and thrust into me deep and hard, I gasp at the painful pleasure of it. You shift one of your hands to my arse cheek and move it to my arse and gently press against it with your thumb. I feel your thumb slip inside my bum and work it slowly. I moan and move back against you, meeting you thrust for thrust. You pull your cock out of my pussy and place it at the entrance batıkent escort of my arse and press forward, watching as your cock slowly disappears into my tight rear. You get so turned on by watching your cock disappear inside of me that you slap me hard on the arse, making me jump and take you the rest of the way.

I’m panting as you start to move out of me, then back in. I grab a hold of some grass on the bank, moaning and panting. I turn to look back at you, sweat on your forehead.

“Please, fuck me harder,” I beg you.

You sink your fingers into my hips and pull almost out and slide hard back into me.

You do it again and again but it seems agonizingly slow. I tell you to go faster and you do. I feel myself tensing, my arse squeezing your cock. I reach under me, my hand seeking my clit and finding it. I rub myself hard and fast as you pound me. A low scream starts in my throat as I start to jerk and buck under you. I thrust back hard against you and my arse tries to milk your cock. You pull out of my arse, thrusting into my pussy, my muscles still rippling with orgasm. You raise your hand and slap my arse hard. You pull me back against you as your hot cum flows into my quivering pussy.

We climb out of the water and lay in the warm air, just lazily running our hands over each other’s bodies. I nudge you onto your back and straddle your hips, your cock pressed against one of my arse cheeks. You rest your hands on my hips and knead them. I lean forward, my damp hair falling over my face, my breasts dangling mere inches above your mouth. You lift your head and suckle at my nipples, switching back and forth between them. I squirm, grinding my pussy against your pelvis.

You push on my hips until I move slightly up and back, and then I lower myself, slowly, onto your cock. I take you fully into me and sit there, looking down into your eyes. I rock my hips forward and then back, loving the feel of your in me. You tell me that I’m saturated, that you can feel my wetness all over your belly and hips. I laugh the sound echoing through the trees. “Insolent wench”, you mutter, bucking your hips under me. I lift my hips and slide up you, before lowering myself back down. I start an impossibly slow ride, teasing you. You groan in frustration and pull my head down to kiss me. We kiss passionately, your arms wrapped around my back.

Suddenly you roll us. I look up in surprise at you and see the devilish gleam in your eye. You grab my wrists in one of your hands and hold them above my head. You pull out and thrust deep and hard into me. Our hips meet with the continuing hard thrusts, our heavy breathing and moaning floating on the air. You let go of my wrists and grab my ankles. You raise them and place them on your shoulders. You start pinching my nipples, your other hand move to my clit, rubbing it.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum!” I scream.

You can feel me squeezing you so tight. “Yes, baby, cum for me. There’s a good girl, cum,” you pant.

Your thrusts are stronger still, you move your finger on my clit faster. I arch under you, crying out your name as I squirt all over your cock and belly.

“Mmmm there’s my girl,” you say, your thrusts slowing.

My legs start to slip off your shoulders, but you move them back. You shift your cock from my pussy to my arse, telling me you were going to finish yourself off.

You enter my arse slowly, moaning at how incredibly tight I am again. I reach for my clit, rubbing it. You lift my hips off the ground and moving in and out of me.

“Baby, this isn’t going to take much longer,” you murmur as your start to pound me harder and faster.

Now it’s my turn to tell you to cum. I tell you to fill my arse with your hot seed. I feel you tense and groan as you do exactly what I tell you, pouring your semen into me.