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Subject: Pizza Boy Nifty is a super place ! Please consider a donation to keep Nifty open and running. Thanks! I enjoy writing these stories and it’s my hope you enjoy them equally as well. Pizza Boy I’m a traveling welder , just like my Pops . I’m from the back hills in West Virginia. We come from good stock. I’m six foot glossy black hair piercing blue eyes near about 170 pounds . I played sports in high school and well we all worked hard at home. Saying that I’m still in shape and the few beers I drink don’t seem to be causing me no issues. My names Tim I got my welding ticket after High School worked my time with my Pops Crew. Now I’m a fully Certified Welder. We travel for work and that’s ok not much at home no more since that President went after coal there’s a bunch of us doing what we have to. There’s my high school girl back home that wants to marry me and she’s bugging me to get hitched . She says I need a woman to care for me when I travel. My parents are all for us getting hitched and making babies. I just wasn’t sure about all that. The first couple trips for jobs I went with pops in his camper. See we travel and tote our RV’s behind our welding truck. We find us RV parks and are usually set up for months on end. They, the pipe liners tend to cluster up and stay near one another. I have built myself a Dodge Cummins welding body truck and bought a used Fifth Wheel camper. I got all the gizmos and such checked out and tested at home. I swear my darned Mom and Girl were conspiring to have me married off. My girl would get all mad when I used a condom when we had sex. But my pops told me he knocked up mom at 17 and they gots married up. He never said much but one night after many bud lites he said there’s a big world out here don’t get that philly pregnant and miss it all like I did. We were scheduled to head out when the boss called my dad. Dad says they want you in Jacksonville Florida on a water line project. I nodded and said when? Three days he says . Pops was on a job in Tennessee and he was gonna finish up there. So I find a RV Park in Jacksonville by the airport and make a reservation. I pack up my camper and say goodbye to Amy and she was pissed I wasn’t taking her along. So I’m checked into the RV place and the lady offered to put me with the other Pipe Liners and I says to her that I’d prefer not to be with them. I says well we work together all day I sure don’t care to be stuck with them at night. So I’m set up at this over three hundred space place in a different section and away from the highway noise. I’m as alone as you can get in a place like this. I’d work and sleep and walk and run or ride my bicycle. We got off on Sundays and worked 12 hour days. I’d been here three weeks. Rain shut us down and the foreman said if it’s raining hard in the morning don’t come in. I called the local pizza place; again and ordered a pie. I was good for calling them once or twice a week. The delivery guy was older than me and fat. Normally I’m outside when it gets to the camper. Tonight I was inside cause of the rain. I had the awning out. There was a knock and I opened the door and this slim kid says Angelos Pizza . Sure come on inside I say. The kid comes in. He tells me how much and I pull out cash and hand it to him. Now I’m standing there wearing gym shorts and nothing else. I’ve got a fair amount of chest hair and a black beard and mustache. The kids a looking but trying not to look. He’s sorta small talking a bit too. He says to me you live here alone? I say yep. I picked this up and redid it myself . I was playing X Box when he got to my place. Wanna see the place I say? Sure he squeaks . How old are you he asks ? 23 I say. You I ask and he says 18. It’s an older Montana that was top of the line when it was built. I show him the living area with the double recliners and the flat screen . Then the bedroom. I hadn’t made the bed. Honestly it was pretty messy. He commented that the shower was out in the open. I said yea my girl hates that but I don’t really care what she thinks. He says thanks for the tip and he leaves. I didn’t give him another thought . Several days later I’m at the gas station getting fuel. This voice says hey there . I turn and it’s the pizza kid. I wave and say hi . What’s up with you he says? I said rained out again gonna grab some groceries and head home . He says no pizza tonight. I smile and say pizza is a treat for me. I’m having Sushi tonight . He says I love sushi . It just came outa my mouth . Well come on over and have some with me. Really he says to me grinning from ear to ear. Sure I say and I bet you know your way around X box too. I say to him you know where I am so head on over. The doors open. I slip into the grocery and pick up some Sushi and some beers and sodas. I get to the camper and go inside and he’s sitting in a recliner. I come inside and set the bags down and asks where’s your car? By the dumpsters he says . Guest parking. I felt dumb . So we eat and drink sodas and laugh and talk. He’s in community college and delivers ankara escort pizza . He lives with his Mom and sister dads been gone a long time. Lives up north and is an ass . We play video games and he’s way better than me. Gino yea that’s his name and I sorta started hanging out when he was not working. I helped him fix his crappy car and he brightened my evenings. It was like having a nerdy kid brother . We would sit side by side in the recliners playing games and such. He started to be a fixture at my camper . Went to dinner and met his mom and she was so relieved I wasn’t some old man then she flirted with me. Gino was giving her heck ! It was funny! One of the guys on the crew asked me about the kid . These were Georgia guys mostly and we got along well. I told him about the missing Dad and that his momma was hoe biscuit . Is she hot he asked ? I said yea sorta trailer park trashy hot . We joked about that . He was like my wife seen him a few times after we went to work . I said yea he crashes on the sofa some . I think his momma has company often. He’s like my kid brother. Several hours later in the day I realized what he was asking me. He thought we were messing around I guess. Honestly up to that moment I hadn’t ever given a guy sexually a thought. Sure we all checked out each other’s junk in the locker room. But I’d been with Amy all through high school . She has been my first and so far only sex partner. I mean yea I whack it all the time well since Gino’s been around that’s slowed some. Some nights Gino would come by after delivering pizza and he always crashed on the sofa. I went home that evening and whilst showering for the very first time I can recall I thought not about Amy but about Gino. I came really fast and hard . Afterwards I was all tormented. When I woke up to my alarm I rubbed one out sorta quick and I may have moaned and grunted Ginos name. Gino was curled up on the sofa covered up with one foot out. I was struggling at work distracted and the foreman told me to get my shit together. He said go get laid! Everyone including me laughed. So I flew Amy down for a few days and well I bout killed her banging it . She got us into a huge argument about me wearing condoms. She and I went to dinner at the Mexican place with Gino and his Mom. Amy showed her ass at dinner . On the way home she accused me of fucking Ginos Mom. That night she said either we get married or I’m done. It cost me a extra hundred bucks to fly her home early. I called Pops and told him some of the drama . He said Timmy follow your heart . Well I was the scuttle talk at work that next day! Specially when I told the fellas I put her ass on a plane home! I get a text message from Gino when I’m driving home. He’s worried he caused problems. I text him and say all is well and we need to play some video games. He texts back and says I’m delivering pizzas tonight. I reply with come by like always whenever you want. I get a message from Pops that said Yer Momma ain’t pleased! Be careful I called the house and got an earful from Momma. She told me to bring myself home and get right with Amy and do the right thing. I turned off my phone and showered jerked off thinking about Gino and went to sleep. When I woke up Gino was asleep on the sofa that one foot out from the covers . I patted his head and left out for work. The foreman was like glad you solved that problem it’s good to have you back. Me and Gino had fish sticks in the air fryer and laughed and such. He said can I stay here for a few days ? Sure I said . Moms got a new man and well I’m in the way. Sure you can stay here . That sofa makes into a bed you know. He says you got a king bed that’s plenty big for two. It sure is was my reply. What the hell was going on with me! The last time I slept with a boy was a sleepover and we were kids . I sleep like a dead man and don’t stay up late. I went off to bed as usual and never felt him slide into the bed . But when my alarm woke me I knew he was there because we were spooned together and my boner was up against his ass . I got up and showered made my lunch and Gino never really moved. I had to do laundry so I said you got any thing needs washed ? He says sure but I’ve got late classes tomorrow why don’t I do the laundry in the morning. I had clothes for work so I agreed and set out the jar of quarters. We hung out ran and then played video games. I got home and the laundry was folded the bed was made and the camper was clean . I mean clean ! I texted Gino a thanks that the place looks super . I put away my clothes and made some room for his stuff and put his away too. We lived easily and got along super like brothers. I went to work early six days and he worked late but he stayed up late. Being naked for showers was seldom an issue for us. I’d wake up with him snuggled up to me both of us sporting wood wrapped in boxers. We went to Disney on a day off . We had a blast! We were walking along close to each other and he was trying to take a selfie. This guy says here let me take it. And çankaya escort we mugged for the camera . He handed Gino his phone and said you two make a cute couple. We both seemed self aware then as we walked along we both sorta relaxed and rolled with it. On the way home riding in his car he rested his hand on my forearm. He said i don’t wanna fuck up our thing but Tim , being around you is the happiest I can remember ever being. He was getting all emotional. I said Gino I’m as happy being with you as I’ve ever been. We rode in silence for a bit his hand squeezed my arm and he snuffled a few times. It was dark and late when we got back to the RV Park. It was a quiet ride back and when we got home he was distant . I showered and came out and sat next to him. Are you ok? He looked at me and said sure I’m just afraid I’ve screwed this thing up. I’m doing good my grades my self esteem and I’m happy. Well sport don’t you fret about nothing . I gots not a single idea of anything changing. Now I’m a gonna go to bed cause my day starts early. I laid down and drifted off. I was barely aware of him slipping his arm across my chest. He would swirl my chest hair. At first I thought I was just dreaming it . But I knew it was happening. I struggled to wake up and was running late . No lunch for me today. At the end of the day I was tired and grumpy . When my phone rang and I saw Mom on the screen I was ready to ditch the call. She lights into me about being responsible and being a man. That I had led Amy on and wouldn’t talk to her and now I’d gotten her pregnant and I was disgracing the family’s name and standing. I listened and when she took a breathe I said I want a paternity test. I’ve never ever never not worn a condom when we had sex. She said accidents happen! I said I didn’t have an accident ! I hung up called Amy and she was super mad and crying. I said let’s get a paternity test . She screamed and yelled and then hung up the phone. I get to the trailer and shower up and heat up some food. I was sitting in a recliner asleep when Gino came in. He was surprised I wasn’t in bed . I fell asleep I said groggily . He sat down at my feet and rubbed my legs specifically the black hairs he was obviously fascinated by my tufts of black hair. I laid back and closed my eyes. When I realized I was getting hard I tried to set up. I could have easily but his hand gently pressed me back . He traced his fingers along my hardening cock. I groaned ! He fished in the slit of my boxers and I struggled and he said shhhh. I felt the warm wetness and the mouth sliding up and down my six inches. I grasped the arms of the recliner and moaned and groaned then exploded into his mouth. I cum a lot and this was a huge load . I pumped and pumped and pumped till I was spent. We didn’t say a word . This was a first for me and I was exhausted and troubled. I’m going to bed was all I said . He slipped into the bed as soon as I turned off the light. He slipped his arm over my chest and I wrapped my arm around him. As I drifted off to sleep I swear he said he loves me. When I woke up we were snuggled up. I unwound myself and slipped into the shower . I didn’t feel no different and well hell lots of boys messed around up in the hollers back home. I never did but I knew it happened. Till last night I hadn’t even jerked off with another guy. I mean it felt great and all that and I was the same as I always was . I left for work with a smile . I come in and the campers spotless as always. I send a text to Gino that I hope he’s having a super day . He replies that he is now that he’s heard from me. He texts that he’s gonna drop off chicken parmigiana and a salad in a few minutes. He comes in absolutely beaming and sets up my dinner. He’s touching my shoulder my hair and he’s super happy. I grab his waist and pull him towards me and I kiss him . I’m not sure what came over me right then. But I kissed him. It took my breath away. When we finally broke that kiss I was rock hard and from his slacks he was too. Finally the constant buzzing of his phone broke up the kisses. He answers and says he had to make a pit stop to poop and he would be at the shop in a few minutes. We are panting but we are responsible . He says I gotta go make deliveries . I know I say I know. He leaves and I eat my dinner. Not a thing more happened and after several days I can tell Gino is apprehensive. I say to him ya know I’m not really gay I don’t think. I mean if you are that’s ok by me . I mean what all happened felt great and I liked kissing you. I don’t know maybe that’s what’s been wrong with me all along. Maybe I am gay and just now a figuring it out. Are you gay Gino? He says I guess so I mean I’ve kissed girls and boys and well I’ve only had sex with boys . Some of the jocks will get me to blow them in gym . Well that’s just wrong! I say. Back home some of the boys would do boy stuff dick sucking and corn holing and such. I never did nor had a hankering too. I do like sleeping next to you a lot. Gino says I feel kızılay escort so safe when I’m near you. Well I’m not sure but this I know I’m right darn happy being amongst you and having you here with me. Gino says as tears run down his face that his Mom sent his sister to live with our aunt. That they got kicked outa the apartment . Well did you get your things? All I have is here already he says and I grasp him and hug him and some tears leaked down my face too. He wrapped his slender arms around my waist and sobbed . I carried him to the sofa and held him as he cried. He fell asleep in my lap and I carried him to the bed and covered him. I ate some food and stripped to my boxers and got in bed . When I woke up he had stripped to his boxers and was snuggled up. I left a note that we were eating out this afternoon. I texted him mid morning a hope you have a super day! He sent me smily faces . The RV Park asked me to list my guest with the paperwork at the office . I stopped by the office and registered him . The lady was young and didn’t bat an eye at it. I got a sticker for his car so he could park at the camper. I showered up and we went to Outback. Then we went to the mall and I bought him some new shoes and clothes. We get back home and he’s beside himself. He looks at me and says when you go to bed no clothes . Well I was all boned up and I went to bed and he came in and got naked and slipped in the bed. I said to him I don’t really know what to do or not do. Gino said hush and pay attention. He slid his lithe frame over mine and was I love your hairy chest and beard. You are so manly and handsome and such a stud. He licked and sucked my nipples and lawd have mercy they were rock hard. He licked my ears and kissed me and kept my arms pinned down. Let me make you happy he’d say. He rubbed his super smooth body and hard dick which was longer than mine up and along my hairy crotch and along my chest hairs . The wet tip was super close to my mouth and I licked it . Then I licked it again and he moved it closer and I let it inside my mouth. It was hard yet soft and silky and the drool was sweet like my own drool. He slowly pumped it in and out of my mouth. The he pulled out and was trembling. He got himself together and said I almost came. Isn’t that the idea I asked . Silly man you just lay back and enjoy this. He slid down and slowly sucked my dick . I was twice as thick as him but he was longer. He pulled off of my dick and licked and sucked my balls. What he was doing with his mouth made Amy seem like a rookie . As I began to get close he’d stop and look at me. Roll over he said . I did as instructed and he said out loud there’s a Forrest of black hair in that crack. He pushed my legs apart and spread my butt cheeks and then he blowed his hot breath on my butt hole then he licked it and I almost jumped right slam outa the bed. Oh my lord never ever did I imagine that this could feel so grand. I pushed back and pushed back hard as I could. Then outa the blue I was like oh gawd oh gawd. He pulled my cock back wrapped his lips around it and I unloaded so hard. I don’t know if I’d ever felt a cum run thru me like that. I fell onto the bed and drug him up to me and we made out. Then I pulled him up onto me and I put his pecker in my mouth and did my best. He says watch them teeth please and I felt a failure. He kept purring and touching me and I kept at it till he was all trembly and he squealed he was gonna cum. I braced for it and then he spurted into my mouth. Honestly it wasn’t gross or anything and man he was so trembly and twisty. He slipped down onto me and we cuddled and kissed and fell asleep twisted together. The alarm went off and I was unwinding myself away from Gino and he woke up and went to tongue wrestling me and such. I didn’t have time for that foolishness. He got clearly miffed at me and when I was sitting at the job site I texted him . I says that I need to explain some of my job things and please don’t be mad at me . That he means the world to me ! He texted me back but I didn’t see it till later. I usually leave my phone in the truck. He seemed ok . I get back to the camper and he’s at work . I text him that I’m home and hope he’s having a good night. He says they are busy that there’s a plate in the fridge for me to heat up. I had finished up my dinner and the phone rang. I was sitting wrapped in a towel it was my Pops. I answer and he and I small talk about work and such. Then he says your Mom wanted me to call and talk to you. Seems that Amy was creeping on ya for some time. After she got home she and the Davis Boy went off and got married and her folks are peeved . Now don’t be getting all upset and such. I laughed and told him that I was relieved . Y’all wanted me with her . There’s a big ole world out here and I’m a gonna see it ! Pops asks if I had a new Philly ? Something like that pops something like that. Just tell Mom I’m all broke up . I switched off the phone and the door flew open and I’m rushes Gino and he practically tackled me. We lock up in an embrace . We got up to getting steamy and he says to me gotta go pizzas to pick up and deliver. He smirks and says don’t you touch it as he squeezes my dick that’s mine! Here’s a good spot to stop . Hope it draws ya in ! Cheers