Pizza guy really delivered

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Pizza guy really deliveredMy wife and I order from the same pizza place every few weeks. The same good looking delivery guy deliver our pizza every time. His name is Spencer. We always tip him well. He is always very nice, stops and talks to us a bit and I can tell he has a huge crush on my wife. The past few times she has answered the door in either a very low cut top, or a tank top without a bra. She makes sure to bend over nonchalantly so he can get a good view of her spectacular dd’s.We have talked about having a male join us in the bedroom since we have had a female join us on numerous occasions. My wife is fully bi-sexual, and loves sleeping with women. Sometimes I join, sometimes I watch – depends on the female joining us. Lately she has expressed an interest in having a male join us. Fair is fair I say. At first she just wanted to be fucked as she sucked a cock. Then she told me she’d like to try double penetration – either one cock in her ass and the other in her pussy, or both in her pussy. karataş escort On this particular Friday night my wife, Liz was feeling really horny. She was about 4 glasses of wine in and really open to having Spencer join us. I called the pizza joint and ordered a za. Like clockwork, Spencer was at our door in under 45 minutes. Spencer was in his late 30’s, tall, kinda lanky, with sandy blond hair. For a pizza guy he always looked good, dressed good and smelled good. And tonight was no exception. Liz answered the door in nothing but a housecoat and a pair of black stilettos. Under the house coat she was completely naked. I sat on the stairs leading to the bedroom and watched Liz do her thing. The look on Spencer’s face when Liz opened the door was priceless. His eyes were huge. He saw me out of the corner of his eye and looked away embarrassed that I saw him checking out my wife. Liz gave Spencer a $50 bill and told him to keep the change. She also told him kozan escort she had another tip for him tonight, and dropped her robe. Liz stood there totally naked. She asked Spencer if he liked what he saw. All he could do is stare and nod yes.Liz asked him if he wanted to swing buy after work for some fun. Obviously he said yes. Spenser informed us that he got off at midnight. Liz gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear, ” I’m sure you will get off a few times after midnight”. Spencer smiled and turned to walk out the door. Liz gave him a playful smack on the ass as he left.Liz, still naked, poured us another glass of wine and led me to the bed room. She tidied up the room as we talked about later tonight. Liz pulled out some clean towels, some massage oil, lube, condoms, and a few dildos and vibrators. She stripped the bed and put on out black silk sheets She turned on the gas fireplace, and set out some candle for ambiance. Then she laid back pozantı escort on the bed and instructed me to eat her pussy because she was so worked up about Spencer coming back in 2 hours. As I munched her perfectly smooth pussy Liz told me what she wanted to happen tonight. i have to admit I was a little shocked. She told me that aside from having Spencer fuck her, she really wanted to watch me suck his cock. I was stunned. We had never talked about anything like that before. We had a very kinky sex life and Liz sometimes fucked my ass with a strap on and we often kissed after I came in her mouth, but we had never talked about anything like this.I have to admit…as much as I was shocked, I was also very turned on. I had often wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. I enjoyed the taste of my own cum, so I figured another guys cock probably wouldn’t be so bad. I looked up from her pussy, smiled and told Liz that I would be open to anything she wanted. “Really!!!??” Liz said ” Are you sure?” I told her if it turned her on then I would do it. She told me that if I played along with her fantasy she would do anything I wanted in bed next time. I smiled and went back to licking her twat. Liz came twice by my mouth. We jumped in the shower and awaited our visitor…continued tomorrow….