Playing Dress-Ups Ch. 03

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The Practice under investigation

This is the third of Fiona’s stories. She continues to fulfil another fantasy while addressing differences in sexual desire between her and her much older husband. Intrigued with her case notes and discovery there was more to Maddisyn than first thought, she investigates the Practice while Doctor Love’s therapy continues relieving her sexual frustration.

Thanks for the sexy stories, Maddi. You can borrow my costumes anytime! Fiona. 🙂

I’m so happy with my silver fox. Married for almost 12 months, Alistair enjoys having an attractive 32-year-old blonde wife. He’s old enough to be my father but has an attractive and fit looking body a much younger man would be proud of. I fell for his heart-melting smile and warm sensual eyes as soon as we met. Alistair’s a gentleman and certainly knows how to charm a lady. Okay, I admit I have a ‘daddy thing’ and fantasies are my other turn on.

There was one ‘bit of a problem’ as Alistair put it. Attending the Practice and seeing Doctor Love resolved that. Alistair’s too kind to say it but he thought I was over-sexed. He’s certainly not into fantasies like mine. Saturday night sex was predictable and clinical, hardly the highlight of the week. Let’s face it; sex with Alistair just wasn’t doing it for me.

Alistair found the Practice and suggested it a couple of months ago. As soon as I heard the Park Crescent address I knew it was one of the historic terrace buildings with their million-dollar park views the area is renowned for. The Practice is an exclusive medical centre providing amazing services for women who are prepared to pay for that little bit more. I soon realised it was my sort of place. I’m sure I’m not the only Guest who’s a naughty girl and leaves with a contented smile. Getting the picture?

I’m always excited about my sessions with Doctor Love. He’s a wonderful sex therapist. I love his gorgeous smile and dreamy eyes which lit up when he gazes at me. He’s similar to Alistair in many ways. Doctor Love is just as charming. They both have impeccable dress sense and meticulous about appearance and grooming. Doctor Love’s in his late 50s and handsome for his age. How could I resist? There’s that ‘daddy thing’ again I hear you say.

Counselling with Doctor Love was great. He got Alistair and me talking more openly about the sensitive issue. Alistair works long hours and being an investigative forensic accountant was often stressful. He tires more easily, going to bed early and lacking the energy for sex. He also isn’t as broad minded as me and considerably less experienced sexually. I discovered he felt inadequate and was worried about pleasing me. Don’t you love that in older men? Alistair’s just so considerate and caring. I’m so lucky.

I got even luckier when I discovered sexual therapy. Can you imagine my reaction when Doctor Love recommended it for my sexual frustration? I might be sexual therapy but all I heard was the first three letters. I’d read about doctor patient affairs in gossip magazines never imagining it could be me. Talk about fantasies, and with a sex therapist! Seriously, can you imagine me turning that down? I’ve had several therapy sessions and there’s another one this afternoon.

I entered through the wrought iron gate and rang the bell on the large stained-glass door. The brass sign near the front door that read ‘Doctor Love’s Practice’ was the only real clue to the building’s purpose. I soon recognised the distinctive sound of Maddisyn’s high-heels in the entry hall as she approached. I always looked forward to her warm welcome but something else had been on my mind since my last session.

‘Hello Fiona. Come in and make yourself comfortable. It’s nice to see you again,’ she greeted in her usual quiet and demure manner.

Maddisyn manages the Practice and looks after the Guests. She’s only in her mid-20’s and friendly but with a quiet and innocent quality, even a little reserved. Maddisyn’s gentle and spiritual nature seems so appropriate in the tranquil ambience of the Practice. Looks can be misleading. I’d discovered she types up Guest case notes when Doctor Love mentioned it last session. Maddisyn knew the intimate details of all my sexual therapy sessions including the fantasies I shared with Doctor Love! I was surprised she could be so discreet, never mentioning a thing.

We made our way into the Sitting Room. It’s not your normal waiting room. Imagine high ceilings with decorative plasterwork and an ornate rosette with a beautify chandelier suspended from it. Two large couches sit neatly in front of a magnificent white marble fireplace where Guests relaxed and had refreshments before seeing Doctor Love. The room is furnished with period furniture and furnishing. I wouldn’t be the only Guest to fall in love with the wonderful facilities. I’ve never met another Guest, now that I think about it.

‘Have a seat and I’ll bring you a glass of wine,’ Maddisyn smiled, knowing something else I enjoyed.

I sat on one of the couches as Maddisyn went to the eryaman escort kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room. Madison’s always elegantly dressed and I admired the swing of her hips in a mid-thigh skirt. Her long toned and silky-smooth legs looked amazing, heels really working for her as she walked. She was wearing a lovely button-down blouse and I noticed a jacket, matching her skirt on the back of her chair. It’s hard to imagine such an angelic natured person in such a beautiful and sexually attractive body.

Maddisyn soon returned placing a silver tray with the glass of wine and a selection of fruit and savoury dips on the coffee table. ‘There you are Fiona, enjoy.’

What really caught my eye was a bright red button on the tray. ‘Thank you. It looks lovely and I see you found my button,’ returning her infectious smile.

‘It must have rolled under the drapes at the window,’ she calmly explained with an impressive innocent look worthy of an acting award.

I’d worn a naughty nurse’s outfit to last week’s session. Fantasies are my thing, remember? I smiled to myself how I’d changed and sneaked into Doctor Love’s suite without Maddisyn knowing not realising she knew what fun and games we were having. My button came off while I was bent over Doctor Love’s desk, his sexual therapy driving my breasts into the desktop. We couldn’t find it and I cheekily asked her to look for it after discovering she would be typing up the case notes for the session. Aren’t I wicked?

‘Doctor Love said you type the case notes,’ a mischievous grin spreading across my face.

‘He mentioned it,’ she simply answered, unsure where the conversation was taking us.

‘They’re beautifully written, almost as arousing as the therapy. I was surprised you haven’t mentioned anything,’ I continued.

‘Many Guests would rather I didn’t know about their treatment,’ she answered, sitting a little nervously on the couch opposite.

I gave a reassuring smile. ‘I don’t mind. Did you like the French maid’s outfit and the accent you taught me?’

I wore the maid’s outfit a couple of weeks ago and jumped at the opportunity to learn how to speak with a French twang. Little did I know at the time that Maddisyn would soon discover my motive. It added so much to the fantasy, parading around Doctor Love’s suite in the skimpy costume and teasing him with a French accent I had Maddisyn to thank for.

‘I thought you were amazing. It made me laugh. Sometimes it’s hard not saying anything. I almost lost it when you visited the next time. A few Guests know,’ Maddisyn smiled, becoming more relaxed and even a little animated.

I was surprised, even stunned for a moment or two when I found out Maddisyn knew about the sexual therapy. It didn’t take long to become excited, even aroused at the thought of Maddisyn knowing. I was so naïve. She wasn’t little Miss Innocent after all.

The Practice is full of naughty surprises. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much. I’d decided to investigate what was really happening, a new fantasy soon coming to my fertile imagination. I had a little surprise of my own for Maddisyn as well as Doctor Love.

‘Your secret is safe with me,’ I reassured her again.

I sensed the Practice had more secrets. My case notes intrigued me. Why were they so intimately detailed? Maddisyn seemed to have a gift for erotic story writing. Was there more to the Practice than Doctor Love’s sexual therapy? Was Doctor Love Maddisyn’s silver fox? So many questions were entertaining my mind. I was getting more aroused by the minute about today’s session with Doctor Love.

‘Would you like help with your hair and makeup again?’ She offered, resuming her normal role with an angelic smile.

I returned her smile and accepted the offer. I got on very well with Maddisyn but I really didn’t know much about her, or Doctor Love for that matter. She did a lovely job with my makeup and hair last visit. It was a chance to get to unravel the conundrum she was turning out to be. I smiled to myself how Maddisyn unknowingly chose a glossy red lipstick and nail polish that matched the buttons on my nurse’s uniform and how she’d be very much aware of that now.

Maddisyn returned to her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room and I continued to enjoy my drink. I’d been in a dull state of arousal since leaving home and getting hornier just thinking about what I had planned. It was exciting dating a wealthy, successful and attractive older man but I am in love with Alistair and I know he loves me. It’s just that I’ve have more exciting lovers. Doctor Love’s therapy helps me cope with my sexual frustration.

Finishing my drink, I grabbed my shoulder bag and stood to catch Maddisyn’s attention. ‘I’m going to the Guest Lounge to change.’

‘You go through to the lounge while I take care of this,’ she replied, joining me to take the tray back to the kitchenette.

My arousal was becoming a warm moist sensation between my legs as I went to the lounge off the Sitting Room. There’s everything a sincan escort woman needs for freshening up, dressing and attending to their makeup before their session. A white dressing table with a large mirror has a selection of perfumes and cosmetics. Although I haven’t used it, there’s a spa with a private court yard garden view and another room for a massage. Guests can even use the double shower with luxurious cotton towels provided.

There was a gentle knock at the door and Maddisyn entered, joining me as I gazed at the lovely range of makeup. Maddisyn started with my hair as I sat in front of the mirror.

I wanted to find out more about the Practice. ‘Have you worked here long?’ I asked her reflected image.

‘I started just after Doctor Love refurbished and we’ve developed the Practice together,’ she answered, comfortable with my interest.

Maddisyn continued with my hair as I guided the conversation. She explained it was a private residence and restored by the previous owner. Doctor Love retained many of the original features and furnishing it with period furniture and furnishings. He wanted the Practice to offer boutique women’s health facilities, providing a range of specialist services. Maddisyn mentioned she meet Doctor Love while studying massage and started working at the Practice shortly after, having worked in the spa and beauty industry.

Maddisyn sat opposite me and started doing my makeup. ‘I thought it a bit strange getting made up to see your doctor,’ I commented as she applied some moisturiser.

‘I help many Guests. They like looking their best,’ she replied with an uncharacteristic knowing smile.

‘I always look forward to seeing you. You really do look after us,’ turning my attention to her role as she brushed some blush on the centre of my cheeks.

Maddisyn continued to explain she enjoyed making Guests feel at home. She mentioned she often helps them get changed before seeing Doctor Love, helping with their makeup and grooming. Some Guests liked being pampered with a spa bath or having a relaxing massage.

‘I really should use the facilities more. A massage next time sounds an idea,’ I continued, subtly probing.

‘Guests love them. I’m sure you’ll find them a little wicked,’ she joked a little saucily, becoming even more un-Maddisyn like.

Maddisyn applied eye shadow and mascara before applying a lipstick I liked. ‘What do you think?’ She asked my reflection, looking pleased.

‘Lovely. Thank you so much,’ I smiled back.

‘Would you like help getting changed?’ Maddisyn offered and I sensed a little eagerness.

‘Thank you but I’ll be fine,’ I answered, having something else planned.

Maddisyn returned to the Sitting Room and I felt the thrill of building anticipation as I started taking my change of clothing out of my shoulder bag. My pussy throbbed at the sight of the dark blue stretch mini skirt and white short-sleeved top. I added a pair of black stockings and a black belt. The cap with distinctive blue and white checked band and some handcuffs completed the police uniform.

I slipped off my high-heels and removed my dress and bra and left my white lace panties on, already moistened with my arousal, and got dressed. Gazing at the mirror, the reflection had ‘sex bait’ everywhere.

I love the slutty feeling of a high-thigh stretch mini, easily resisting the temptation to tug it down. The midriff top displayed my slender waist and toned stomach and the zipper up the front was only just managing to prevent my breasts spilling out. My legs looked incredibly sexy in the knee-high black sheer stockings and high-heels. I finally fitted my belt and attaching the cuffs before putting the cap on over my long flowing blonde hair.

I smiled to myself recalling how last session I’d thought Maddisyn would be embarrassed seeing me dressed in one of my outfits. No wonder she wanted to help me dress. She couldn’t wait to see what I was going to wear!

My excitement was building, my heart thumping wildly in my chest and adrenaline surged through my veins at the thought of surprising Maddisyn. My nipples were embossed in the silky top and my pussy felt wet as I entered the Sitting Room.

Lifting her gaze from her computer screen, ‘Uh . . . Fiona’, she gasped.

‘It’s Officer Fiona and I have some questions about what’s going on here,’ my lips curling into a naughty smile.

Maddisyn’s gaze brazenly roamed over my body, taking in more than the naughty police uniform. I felt suddenly warm, even blushing at her blatant assessing gaze of my cleavage and long toned legs in the figure hugging outfit. I knew that look but it was so unexpected. I’m use to appraising glances from men and enjoying Doctor Love’s warm eyes drifting over my body, taking in every feminine curve. But I’d never experience that look from a woman.

‘I’m happy to cooperated with whatever you would like officer,’ Maddisyn surprised me, her tone a little flirtatious and instinctively assuming a role in my fantasy.

‘We’ve had a report of batıkent escort inappropriate activities of a sexual nature taking place,’ I recommenced investigating, now dressed the part.

‘I’ll lock the front door so we won’t be disturbed and we can go to the Guest Lounge,’ she smiled suggestively, playing along and going to the entry hall.

I followed Maddisyn into the lounge and she turned to meet my gaze. ‘Are you going to frisk me?’

‘Oh . . . yeah,’ I mumbled, amazed at how easily the fantasy was unfolding.

Maddisyn turned toward the dressing table while undoing the buttons of her blouse. Her reflected image bent over with her hands on the table top displayed a gorgeous pair of ballooning breasts nestled in a brief white lacy bra. Maddisyn’s mid-thigh skirt clung to her backside like a second skin and left nothing to imagination. Her athletic looking silky-smooth legs spread wide, tight backside and slender waist were quite a sexy combination. I felt the stirrings of a little flirty arousal within me as I gazed at the primitive position of Maddisyn bent over the dresser.

My hands glided nervously over her backside and felt how toned she was. ‘Why do you type up the case notes like an erotic story?’

‘That’s how Doctor Love likes them,’ she softy replied, almost purring with my caressing touch.

Our aroused gaze locked in the mirror as my hands drifted down her hips. ‘They’re beautifully written and very . . . arousing. You must find them . . . interesting to write?’

‘Yes, thank you,’ Maddisyn simply breathed, twitching involuntarily as my hands caressed the smooth bare skin beneath the hem of her skirt.

I was starting to wonder whose fantasy it really was! Maddisyn was obviously entertaining my investigation and enjoying the caress of her body. My heart was pounding in my chest and I trembled in anticipation of a more intimate touch she was clearly expecting. I’d fooled around with a couple of girlfriends a few years ago but I knew this was going to be different.

‘Do they get you horny?’ I ventured, encourage by the reflection of her rolling her lower lip in and biting down.

‘Yes,’ she softly gasped, moistening her lips with her tongue as I dropped to my knees.

I felt a trickle of bisexual curiosity as my hands caressed over her silky-smooth calf. ‘I’ve heard about your massages. What makes them so wicked?’ I quizzed.

Maddisyn’s soft sighs and moans added to the sensation. ‘Some Guest’s like getting in the mood for therapy,’ she replied, my hands gliding up her lower thigh.

‘Don’t you mean getting horny?’ I grinned, my searching fingers disappearing up under her skirt.

‘Yes,’ she panted among soft sounds of pleasure escaping her lips as my caress continued slowly up.

My fingertips now explored the top of her inner-thigh. ‘You must know a lot about the sexual therapy. Don’t Guests just come for the sex?’

‘No. It’s prescribed by Doctor Love for their physical and mental well-being,’ Maddisyn managed to gasp as I paused, my touch tantalisingly beneath her pussy.

I commenced another sensual sweep up her other leg. ‘Have you had sexual therapy with Doctor Love?’

‘No. Not really,’ she breathed as my hands continued their journey.

I pondered on her replay as my fingertips approached the top of her thigh. ‘What do you mean, not really? You have or you haven’t?’

Maddisyn paused, drawing a deep quivering breath. ‘Sometimes I’m asked to join in during therapy,’ she managed.

Clearing a knot of arousal from my throat at what I’d discovered and moistening my lips, ‘Nothing unusual. Very nice actually,’ I teased as I stood up.

‘You never know what you may find in my panties. I know how thorough you officers can be,’ little Miss Innocent almost begged, lifting her skirt up to her waist.

What do you think flashed through my mind? I didn’t hesitate in accepting her invitation. I wrapped an arm around Maddisyn’s waist while holding her aroused gaze in the mirror. Lowering a hand to between her legs, I cupped the mound of her pussy through the fabric of her panties with my caress discovering how aroused she was.

‘Nothing but a little wetness,’ I grinned, holding her gaze in the mirror.

‘I’ll tell you anything if you keep doing that,’ she gasped at my reflection, her eyes awash with desire.

‘Are you and Doctor Love lovers?’ I inquired, enjoying the sensation of my fingertips exploring Maddisyn’s intimate opening through the sodden panties.

‘No,’ she simply answered.

‘I find that difficult to believe. Guests must be throwing themselves at him, he’s so gorgeous,’ I laughed.

‘I’m gay,’ she gasped, providing another surprise!

I didn’t see that coming. Did you? Maddisyn sighed with disappointment as my hand instinctively lifted from her pussy.

‘Finished so soon?’ She teased at my reaction.

I placed my hands on her hips and nervously traced her petite figure over the fabric of her blouse. Her encouraging moans of pleasure returned and my hands more confidently cupped her breasts over her bra, feeling her nipples budded against the silky-smooth fabric. My mind and body now comfortable, even more aroused at what I’d discovered. I unclipped the catch at the front and her breasts spilled free to our excited gaze.