Pleasantly surprised

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Pleasantly surprisedShe wasn’t used to dating or sleeping with anyone younger than her and she was in her early 30’s. But this one guy stood out. She was so confused about her mixed emotions… him being in his late teenaged years. She ,already an adult. He began showing more and more interest in her and she was slowly about to give in to him. They had spoken for a while and even c2c from time to time. She was so ready for this experience. This was all new to her but she loved it. Loved that she would be kinda taking his innocence in a way. He hadn’t been with many. And that excited her even more to know that illegal bahis she would be a more memorable memory in his mind because she was older and could teach him a thing or two. As the day’s progressed she grew and grew more anxious. Anxious as she thought of herself with a man younger than her. Devouring her, filling up her insides. Finally the time had come for them to finally meet. Deep down she could not contain herself. She wanted to take him right where he stood. They went to her house… When there the mood was right because they had been touchy feely along the way. She could not resist youwin güvenilir mi his young tender lips as she slowly began to kiss them. He began to kiss her back but more passionately more intense and she loved it. As she began to explore his body slowly inching her way down to meat. What she discovered was that not only was he young and sexy he was packing meat. She was Pleasantly surprised, it was really big , nice and thick. Just the size she’s been looking for. She lusted more and began to get wetter and wetter. She honestly could not wait to feel that big cock in her pussy. perabet But he took control laid her on her back and began to kiss her softly and his hands slowly caressed her breast. He began biting on her nipples and she was in extasy her wet pussy throbbed harder for him. He knew she wanted to mount him but he would prove that age is nothing but a number. He trailed down to her wet pussy and started to lick and tease it. Sucking her pussy real nice and slow. Getting all that clit in his mouth.. Finally some young meat that she so deserved. He got on top of her and slid his nice big juicy cock in her wet pussy. And she moaned in ecstasy. He fit her just like a glove. She could not believe that this recently turned twenty year old could make her feel so good. Stretch her out and make her pussy feel real good. The fucked in what seemed like hours… TO BE CONTINUED