Pleasing Three Men

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Pleasing Three MenI am just an average housewife. Black hair, blue eyes, 34 “b” boobies, 5 foot 2 inches tall and about 135 lbs, 42 years old. I have a great husband and three k**s, 6, 8 and 10. I have only had sex with two other men before I met my husband. I also have a great part time job. I have sometimes thought about having sex with a complete stranger, a one night stand. I see this on movies and have had a girlfriend tell me about her one night stand. I do not waste alot of time with this but I do think about it from time to time. After all it would be a real ego boost to meet a man and just fuck like a****ls and then never see him again. Sometimes I might meet a man at the grocery store and wonder it what it would be like to go to his place and just fuck and then get up and leave while he is sleeping. Go home and fix dinner for my family and then later get in bed and have my husband make love to me. I act like nothing ever happened.My boss wanted me to go to a training conference deal, in another state. I thought getting away for a week would be good and my husband was all for it. So I went, the first couple of days were interesting. Then on Wednesday we were all at a dinner when I met this young guy who claimed to be attending kayseri escort the conference also. He was in good shape, handsome, well built and very flirty with me. Every body agreed to meet up later at a bar across the street from our hotel. When I arrived it was only the handsome guy and two other men, his buddies. No one else showed. We played pool and drank. I found out that these guys had all gone to college together and just finished. They were about 24 or 25 and very funny. We had a really good time and I got a pretty good buzz on. They flirted and I was really horny but was not thinking of having sex with anyone. One of the guys said that we should go to their room, they had a two room suite and we could drink some more there. And they had some pot we could smoke should I want too. We arrived at the room which was several floors above mine. We drank some more and then did a little coke which I had never done before. I had just a little “hit” but it did get me going. Soon I was making out with one of the boys on the bed. He had my shirt open and was massaging my breast when the other two boys came in. One removed all his clothes and they both joined right in. I had three sets of hands feeling my body all over. escort kayseri They were pulling my clothes off and then their hands were cupping my bare boobs and several fingers were fighting for space in my cunt. I was dripping wet and trying to jack each boys cock. I was pushed on my back on the bed and some one burried their face in my cunt and a cock got pushed into my mouth. I loved getting ate out, my husband has never done that, and I have never given a blow job, I had to wing that one.I was right on the edge of orgasim so I pulled my face away from the cock in my mouth and pulled the boy up who was eating me out to my mouth so I could kiss him and get his cock in my hungrey pussy. As soon as he was up his cock slid easily into my wet snatch. He started to pump in and out. I held him tight as I started my orgasim, I felt my cunt clutch his hard cock and then felt his cock swell and then twitch and pulse and then felt his hot cum fill my womb. I wanted to lay with him inside me all night but as soon as he finished pumping his load in me he got up, then I remembered the other two boys that were there with hard cocks waiting for their turn. One mounted me, his hard cock sliding into my well lubed cunt. He pounded me hard kayseri escort bayan for several minutes and then flooded my cunt with more hot sticky cum. He jumped up and then the third boy climbed on board, his cock slooshing around in my very sloppy cunt. He soon enough added his jizz to the pool deep in my snatch and then got up also. I had just fucked three strangers and I felt really good. The boys were making some drinks and I joined them in the kitchen. As I stood there talking with them I felt a large glob of cum run down my leg. This made me so horny. One of the boys had another hard on and pushed me against the counter and pushed his cock into my pussy from behind and fucked me while the other two kept talking. I fucked all three boys several more times during the night and then the next day. When I finally got back to my room I laid on the bed and played with all the cum leaking from my cunt. I felt so alive, and young, slutty and bad but also good. Not only did I fuck a stranger, I fucked three, and fucked them very well.I was on a cloud for several days after the conference, then I realized that I was not on any kind of birth control and I had taken so many loads of young sperm that I feared that I might have gotten pregnant. but several days later my period started just like it should have. I think about stranger cock all the time and am trying to figure out a way to satisfy this hunger without hurting my family. I may just have to wait till the next training session.