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Below is my second attempt at writing something creative. Hope you enjoy! Also it involves sexual things between two boys, so if you are not into this or it is illegal for you to have access to such content, please leave.

Being a treasure trove of all kinds of pervert and taboo stories that fuel our nightly fantasies on almost a regular basis, I am sure donating to such a wonderful source is only FAIR!. You can do so here it doesn”t take that long

Also note that these are all going to be short stories. Meaning they would portray a slice of life for different people in different stories. The central theme is incest in this one, but may change in other stories depending on my mood. Also I may decide to continue some of them if I find them interesting (and more relatable 🙂 )

Pleasure tool : Chapter 2

I didn”t know when I fell asleep but I woke with a jerk to someone shaking me. I got up at once startled. It was my uncle Ron. That was strange considering he never usually came to our house. I greeted him and he just kept smiling. I searched for mom and dad as I couldn”t hear anything else.

“Don”t worry Kyle, they have gone to see a movie”

Again it was strange considering how mom and dad never saw eye to eye. All kinds of red flags were going haywire in my brain. Coming to uncle Ron, I hadn”t seen him since his wife passed away two years ago. Before that, they would always come on family birthdays or some random occasions. My aunt was a thing of beauty, not that my uncle was any less handsome, but she was more so. Obviously, we were all wrecked when we heard that she had passed away in an accident, but my uncle was devastated. He had practically secluded himself from everyone after the incident. Dad usually kept him company on certain weekends and told us he had been getting better lately. And he certainly did feel better than when I last saw him.

“Are you worried about something?”

I said nope I wasn”t.

“I know I haven”t been here since.. you know..”

“I know that, and please don”t drag yourself back”

“Thanks Kyle. You might be wondering why I am suddenly here don”t you?”

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In all honesty, that was the question I wanted an answer to. I readily nodded.

“You see, James had been telling that not everything is going right with your mom and him. And since he had been helping me cope so much, I thought about returning him a favor.”

“So it was you who arranged the movie?”

“I hope to make some amends for leaving you all out for so long”

I instinctively hugged him.

“It is alright uncle, the fact that you even thought about us is more than enough”

We broke the hug.

“I have a second home here now, don”t I?. So Kyle, please don”t be so formal, just call me Ron from now, okay?”

It felt a bit weird, but I did as was asked.

“And Kyle.. I have to tell you something!”

I nodded so that he would go on.

“It is something about this afternoon” “Well, I.. saw you with another..”

Fuck!, I thought. I was really sure that no one watched us, and when did he? And besides, what was he doing there? No, that is the last of my concern now, the fact that he knows and God knows who he might tell, I have to take immediate actions.

“Don”t worry Kyle, I am not telling it to anyone unless you want me to. And besides, I am really supportive of the LGBT community, don”t get me wrong”

There was no way I was okay with all this. Plus, how fucked up can it even get? Being discovered by someone, and that too by your uncle no less? What was I to do now? Man up and say “Yes, I am gay?”, or “I am sure you misunderstood me for someone else, I was at home all the time”. Nothing came to my mind, as if words had left their company from me leaving me speechless and dumbfounded.

“Hey!, you alright buddy?”

“I think I am” There was no way I was though. And I was feeling uneasy in my stomach. The type you feel a day before exams when you had studied nothing for it.

“Kyle, I am here for you okay?”

I nodded, what else was I supposed to say anyway?

Ron then came closer to me and sat beside me and held my hands. “Look, if there is anything you might want my help with, I will be there kocaeli sınırsız escort to help you. And don”t worry about James, I am sure he would come around the fact, believe me” he said and kissed me. He took me completely off guard. But somewhere I felt relieved that there was someone in the family who knew about it and accepted it and in a way accepting me. But the fact was still that, that I wasn”t completely gay. “But whatever”, I thought. Ron kissed me twice then thrice and then he dived straight in my mouth. I was startled, but damn, I never had a kiss half as good as this one. It was in a league of its own. His tongue work was enviable. He had me completely submitted while his tongue explored my mouth like a wild rabbit searching for fresh grass. It was extremely sensual and I could feel my dick working its way up. He bought his hands to my dick and squeezed it through my shorts. I moaned in his mouth. We were both lost in lust. However unexpected, and WRONG, it was, I couldn”t really help but give us both the pleasure we needed. Our tongues played for a while more when I became a bit bold and reached for the cock in Ron”s pants. And damn, it was rock hard! It had to be a nine incher for sure. I played with it a bit until I was stopped by Ron”s hands as he broke the kiss and looked at me.

“Fuck Kyle, I have always wanted to do this since I saw you two” he said as he started to undress. I offered to undo his pants to which he obliged and did the same with me.

I was sure where this was all going, but I didn”t want it to stop.

“Boy, you have sure grown” he said as he took down my final remaining piece of clothing, my briefs. I was eager to see what hid beneath his black briefs as I steadily forwarded and pulled it down in one go. Damn, that was a monster cock. It was even bigger than 9 inches that I had initially surmised. Both its length and girth were large, if there was somewhere a proper definition of a monster cock, his” would be the epitome for it. His purple cock head was oozing precum like no tomorrow, making it glisten as it bounced up and down. We went to my bedroom. Fortunately, I had a double bed in my room. He closed izmit anal yapan escort the door and pounced on me like a hungry beast as if I was a food item thrown in the cage of a ravenous animal.

“You are so sexy Kyle, I am going to pound you good, I will make your ass mine” he said as he turned me over and began eating and fingering my asshole.

“You are so beautiful, you want me in you? You want me to fill you up? Fill this empty space?” he asked prodding my hole with two fingers. I moaned and nodded.

“Good, because I will make sure I take what is mine”. After that, without any forewarning, he smeared lube onto my hole and inside it and pushed his cock head inside me. I let out a cry, he was just too big. He came near my ears and nibbled and kissed them as he shoved in more and more of his cock. I could feel my ass muscles expanding beyond and his cock filling me up. “You like that baby?” he asked. I nodded and with another push, he shoved it all in. I let out a cry, no one had ever reached this deep. He congratulated me on taking him fully and began pumping in and out of my ass. There was no urgency, and we both took the time to give each other the pleasure that we wanted. Whenever I would feel him hitting my prostate, I would shudder and felt nearer to cumming. He was pushing in and out rhythmically as I felt his balls slap against my ass cheeks. Fuck, even his balls felt huge. How much load did he have?

“Don”t worry baby, after taking me you won”t need anyone other” Ron said as he took my cock in his hand and began jerking me off.

I felt like a girl getting fucked by her boyfriend, only that I was not a girl, and Ron was not my boyfriend. I could feel his sweaty abs running against my back as he kissed me on my neck. His blonde pubes and six pack stomach htitting my ass with every in thrust. My prostate was constantly getting tortured by his head, hitting the same spot over and over again. 10 minutes later, I could feel the inevitable as I let out a groan and my cum flew all over my sheets and my chest and torso. Ron suddenly increased his pace. “Oh… Oh shit!.. Fuck…” he said and let out a huge load in me. It was non-stop as he still continued to thrust again and again. I could feel some of the cum coming out and dripping down. Honestly, that was the best fuck I had ever been given. But I wasn”t going to say it out loud.

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