Pleasures of Masturbation Ch. 02

6 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


It was a day for me. I had nothing better to do than pamper myself. I started the day off with a nice relaxing bubble bath. I grabbed a book of erotica and laid in the tub. There were many short stories and the more I read the more turned on I was getting.

I started letting my fingers rub the tips of my nipples. They were already hard. The feel of the soapy water on them made them so slippery. I pinched them between my finger and thumb, pulling on them to make them bigger and harder. I could feel my pussy tingling. It was starting to ache, wanting to be touched.

I reached up and grabbed the shower brush, getting it wet. I slid it between my legs, letting it rub against my pussy. The first touch on my pussy with the brush sent shivers through my body. I rubbed back and forth, slowly at first…. As my pussy ached more, I rubbed faster and faster on my hot pussy. I could feel myself wanting to cum so I stopped.

I opened the drain and let the water out. I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri turned on the shower, making the water a little on the cool side. What I had in mind I couldn’t have the water too hot. I stood up and propped one leg on the edge of the tub. I grabbed the shower head down and let the jets hit my nipples. Once again they were hard. I turned the shower head to pulsate, letting the water hit my nipple. It hurt but also felt so good. My pussy was aching for attention.

I slowly let the shower head travel down my body, hitting my belly, then reaching my hot pussy. I reached down and spread my pussy lips with one hand while the other held the shower head. The minute the water hit my clit, it made my whole body shake. I let it hit on my clit, feeling an orgasm waiting to burst from me. I thought about my friend Dawn being there with me. Having her tongue licking and sucking my clit. I let out a soft moan… “Dawn, eat me baby, eat my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hot pussy, make me cum girlfriend.” I moved the shower head faster and faster thinking of her hot tongue sucking my clit. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!!!!! suck my clit baby, suck it,” I moaned. I stopped the jets of water on my clit only as my orgasm overtook my body. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” “I’m cumming” I moaned, my body shaking in orgasm. The water was still hitting on my clit. I had to pull it away.

I stood there for a few minutes trying to keep my balance. My whole body was still shaking. I wasn’t satisfied yet, I wanted more. I took the shower head and let it pulsate on my tight butt hole. The feeling that went through me when the water hit almost made me cum instantly. I put the shower head down and grabbed the bar of soap. I started rubbing my ass with the soap, lubing it up. I was eyeing up the handle of the shower brush. It was round and had ridges on it.

When güvenilir bahis şirketleri I was sure that the handle would slide easily into my ass, I grabbed the brush and slowly inserted the handle of the brush. It was so hard and it hurt. I let it rest in the opening of my ass, trying to relax. When I felt myself relax, I pushed it in a little farther. “Oh it hurts” I moaned. A little at a time I slid it further in my tight ass….. The pain was less and less as it turned to pleasure. I started fucking my ass faster and faster. I grabbed the shower head and aimed it at my hot pussy. The jets of water penetrating my pussy hole. The feeling of having something in both my holes was unbelievable. Faster and faster I fucked my pussy and ass….. My body was on fire, I needed to cum. I aimed the jet of water at my clit….. within seconds the second orgasm hit me….. “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I’m CUMMING.” My orgasm seemed to last forever, the juices flowed from my hot pussy.

When I stopped shaking, I pulled the brush handle from my ass. I had to sit on the edge of the tub, my legs weak from my adventure. I sat for a few minutes, thinking about what I had just done. A smile came across my face…. “Another awesome orgasm I gave to myself.”

Until the next orgasm……. 😉