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PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 4CHAPTER 4: WARRIOR TRAININGWe had already gone through 3 days of training and I was being patient. These days were filled with training on standard weapons of the Predators. They were also introducing me to their style of fighting with the hand-to-hand weapons including the lance. It wasn’t just me because they need to hone their skills, also, for the upcoming competition. There are five of us so they give me movements to practice with the lance and other weapons and they spend time sparring. Finally, I get frustrated. Otton comes to me asks what is wrong. The others also come, it is time for a rest, anyway.I say, “This lance is too heavy for me. I need a lighter lance to be effective.”Otton, “A lighter lance will not stop a blow from an opponent or enemy. These training lances are designed to be equal in weight and balance to the real ones.”“But that’s just the point. If I try to go head-to-head, stopping your blows, I will tire too quickly and it will be over anyway. I’’m not like you guys who can just stand there and block blows all day long waiting for an opening. I need a lighter lance to fight the way I am effective.”“How can a lighter lance that won’t standup to a strong blow help you? I, we, don’t understand what you would do.”“I’ll show you with this lance, but it would be better with a lighter one. I want Tobar to come at me like you’re taught to fight.”We squared off and he sparred twice and then came at me with a crushing blow that I just blocked. He kept coming forward now that he had me backing up from the blow. He sent another at me and this time I step slightly to the side and angled my lance and guided his blow to the side. I spun around quickly, dropping to my knee and sent a blow to his Achilles heel, spun around to his other side and sent a blow to his back sending him forward. Before he recovered his balance and limping slightly from the Achilles blow, I tapped my lance to the back of his neck.Everyone stopped and looked from me to Tobar and back to me. Tobar looked embarrassed but said simply, “How did you do that? I should have had you with a kill combination and instead you have me.”Otton, “She did more than that, Tobar. What did you others see?”Sinar, “She essentially cripple him with the first blow. If this had been real, he would have the use of one leg after the first blow to his Achilles heel. With only one good leg for support, the blow to the back would have been sufficient to put him on the ground and he would have been an easy kill. Even so, she was quick enough to still give him a kill blow to the back of the neck.”“Otton, with a heavy lance, I can do that a few times before I get tired trying to handle it. With a lighter lance, I can continue that movement fighting off many opponents or enemy.”Otton was brooding about something. Finally, he said, “Time to eat. Come. Then we go to the armory to have them design and make a new fighting lance and training lance for Human Alexa.”“Wait!” I shouted.Everyone turned around in surprise. I walked up to them and pushed my way in until the four surrounded me. “I am sorry for shouting. I apologize. But, why do you call me ‘Human Alexa’? That feels so formal and not friendly.”Otton, “But you are Human and your name is Alexa. So, you are Human Alexa.”“Are you Predator Otton? Is he Predator Sinar? No.”“Are there other humans on this ship?”“No. No others. To everyone sarıyer escort on this ship you are known as ‘the human’, ‘the human who is of a Warrior Unit’, ‘the human who defended one of ours’, ‘the human who killed the alien who killed one of ours’. That is how everyone knows you. We know you are Alexa so we combined them, Human Alexa. It was to recognize both sides of you. The ship recognition and the personal recognition.”“Thank you. That makes me feel better. Can I offer a compromise then to make it easier? When we are in public, among others, you can just call me Human since I am the only one. But when we are in private, away from others, can you just call me Alexa? I feel close to you. All four of you. What I did last night … I feel …”“Alexa, you are Alexa to us.”“Thanks, guys. Now, how about taking this girl for something to eat and then shopping for a new lance?”Several days later, there training was interrupted by a request to enter their training room. It was the armory. They held two objects. They walked to Otton and he pointed to me. They brought them to me. I took the fighting weapon first and pushed the button and it shot out to full length with the blade on one end and the firing weapon on the other. I said, “Does it fire?”“Oh, yes. It is fully functional, just smaller to fit the weight requirements. The kill shot is a little closer but not substantially.”I then took the training lance and it did match the weight of the actual. I moved back several steps and swung the lance from the end, then the middle and finally using both hands twirled it like a fan. Everyone watched me handle the weapon. I then swung it around my back, over my shoulders and came to rest in front of me. I walked back to them, “Thank you very much. This is wonderful craftsmanship. I will be honored to carry such a weapon into battle.” I then bowed to them.“Oh, thank you, Human! We are the ones who are honored. If there is anything else we can do for you, just let us know.”They turned to leave. I looked to Otton and considered and instantly acted without asking. “Please, there is possibly something. I know I am but a lowly Warrior. Lowest in the Unit, in fact. I suppose even lower because I am an alien to you, but I was wondering …”“No, it would truly be our honor for the one who fought for our brother. Anything, what can we do for you?”“Perhaps then you might consider this problem and offer your wisdom for a solution. Recently we nearly had an unfortunate accident in the training room that made us think that perhaps we might need more protection in our battle suits. One of our members in the Unit had an incident where an accidental hit right here” and I pointed with my training lance to my Achilles. “Do you know what would happen if this tendon were to be damaged? Walking on the foot would be impossible. Do you suppose you could ponder that, just privately, and maybe come up with a way to protect that? And could you also keep this confidential, I would be embarrassed if it got out.”“Oh, Human, we would be honored to work on this for you. And, please, be assured that we will keep your confidence completely. Thank you.” And they left.When they were gone and the door was once again secure, Tobar came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders and “Thank you, Alexa. I appreciate you not telling them esenyurt escort it was me who needed protection.”“I think we all do. I also don’t think this is a big problem for them to solve. But they will enjoy being able to bring us a solution.”“Alexa, do you know how many of the people revere you, already? These two will feel like they have solved a great problem the way you are guiding them. I heard of a female who recently had a young who wandered away. According to reports the young was terribly distraught, but you saw her and went to her and sat with her. The young obviously knew who you were and was instantly quiet. You asked her about her mother and assured her that she would find her momentarily. You then then suggested that she look at your mouth. Your mouth. Knowing this was very distinct difference and she spent time poking at your teeth and looking for fangs that weren’t there. That story has spread throughout the ship. You make friends wherever you go.”“Thank you, Tobar.” I walked to Otton. “I am sorry for not discussing that with you first, but I saw an opportunity.”“Don’t worry about it, Alexa. That is why you were a leader on Earth of your own Unit.”Training continued and included more weapons firing at the range. Many of the weapons were not natural to me and took much practice. I also practiced with the battle lance, firing it, also. Otton announced after midday meal that hand-to-hand training without weapons would follow the meal. I had not been looking forward to this part of the training because hand-to-hand was to a certain extent a function of strength. I did take some comfort in my marine training and some of the martial arts I had learned. The day was rough on me. Their size was just too much. I got in some good licks of my own but if I got within arm’s length and they got me, they just threw me for yards. I was able to knock them down and gain the upper hand several times but couldn’t maintain it. We all agreed that my limitation was definitely getting in too close. I had been grabbed, handled, and covered by them all afternoon. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling until at the end of dinner I asked what they were doing. They indicated they didn’t have plans but that it had been a long training day. I took the lead and stood up and suggested that maybe they could accompany me to the barracks and help me with something. The four of them looked at each other (damn, I wish I could read their faces!). They all stood up and followed me out and down the corridor toward the barracks. This time the dynamics of the formation would probably tell some psych doctor that something was up. I was in front, alone, with the four of them following in pairs.Entering the barracks, Sinar, being the last in, locked the entry. I walked to my storage area, got the jar of cream and walked to the end of my bed. I removed my gown, placed it onto my bed, walked to the center of the room and held out the jar. Almost instantly there were four naked Predator warriors in front of me. I close my eyes as someone took the jar from my hand. I spread my legs and arms. Soon there were four pairs of hands on my body, again, rubbing in the cream onto every inch of my body. Amazing how much my breasts needed.When there was a pause, I opened my eyes and looked at each of them. One of them had placed the jar back into my storage area. avrupa yakası escort I then looked at each of their cocks. They were all, again, at about 45 degrees which was pretty firm given the size of these. I lowered myself to my knees and they moved in to me. I kiss the head of each cock. Licked the head of each. Licked the length of each and then sucked and tried to deep throat each. By then they were as hard as I was going to get them. I stood up and looked at each of them. Then walked up to each and hugged them and kissed their chest while stroking their cock between our bodies.I then stepped back so I could see all of them and said, “I want to mate with you, all of you. But I am scared. You are all so big. I don’t know if I can take one of you, much less all four of you. But if you will be gentle, I want to try.”“What do you want us to do?”“The first one lay down on a bed, I will have better control if I am on top.”“We have never heard of mating this way.”“If you want me, do it.”Otton went to his bed and lay down on his back. I went to him and sucked his cock a little more. Then took a very deep breath and straddled his waist. I reached behind me and took hold of his cock and moved my pussy over the tip, then raised myself and sat down on it. It pushed at my lips and spread them until finally I had his cock inside my pussy. I stayed quiet for a moment to let my body adjust. Then I started to move, trying to get more of him into me. When I finally felt him hit me at the top inside, I looked between us and there was still more inches outside me! I sat there on top of him, closed my eyes tight and shuddered physically. When my first orgasm of the night subsided, I called over one of the others and took his cock in my hand and started licking and sucking it as I rode the cock in my pussy. With each stroke I bottomed out and sent a new chill through my body as he bumped into my cervix each time. When he finally came, his cum leaked out of my pussy. Now that I was loosened, I raised my leg to allow Otton to get out from under me. With me on my hands and knees, the next came up and rubbed his cock against my pussy. He pressed against me and I pushed against him until he was in me. He pushed until he bottomed out, also. The next came to my mouth without my asking or directing. I pumped back on him, each time hitting my cervix. I came again before he did. Two fucks, four orgasms. Two guys to go. By the time the last had fucked me, I was running on automatic pilot. My hips were moving and my body was convulsing uncontrollably. I had cum running down my thighs in streams. Theirs and mine. Someone picked me up and held me tightly and was walking me. Someone else was turning on the shower. We got under the shower and the water was perfect. I looked up and saw it was Otton. He held tight and supported me completely. I felt so secure and safe. I looked up again and smiled. “Thank you! I’m not going to stay conscious long, please thank them for me.” With that I kissed his skin and nestled into his chest and went under while he held me under the water.The next morning, I woke with the schedule alarm. I stretched like a cat. Without know who asked, “How are you today, Alexa?”“That cream that Danna provided is a miracle. None of my muscles hurt from the training yesterday.” I sat up, stood up and stretch again. I was nude but it felt right with them. They were turning into my lovers, also. “The only thing that hurts is …” and pointed to my pussy. “You guys were amazing last night!”Otton, “No, Alexa. You were the amazing one. You took all four of us. I have never heard of our females doing that. And they are sized for us.” * * * Parts 5 & 6 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.