Pregnant Woman Tells Story of Love

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are strictly fictional in nature and not representative of any known or unknown people.

* * * * *

My story starts like this:

I boarded the Metroliner train at New York’s Penn Station at 9:00 am on a Thursday morning, bound for the Nations Capitol. I was half-awake from the previous night’s festivities. I half slept until the second stop at Metropark. I did not immediately notice the pregnant young woman as she boarded the car ahead of where I was sitting. As always, I hope that an attractive woman will approach to ask about the seat next to me. And as usual, she did not. As she found a seat on the semi-crowded train, she looked back in my direction and we exchanged glances.

In that moment, a fantasy begins . . .

I am sitting on the same train and she does indeed approach me to inquire about the last seat in the car. I am at least awake enough to recognize a long overdue opportunity when it finally presents itself. I say she is welcome to the seat next to the window. She needs help stowing her luggage in the overhead rack. I stand and lift her small rollaboard to the shelf. As she slides in to the seat, I notice she is pregnant. I had thought she looked like she was either pregnant or slightly overweight when she entered the car forward. She had the widening hips that some say is a telltale sign.

She was a woman of average size with strawberry blonde hair pulled back into a French braid. Her face was delightful, pretty even, in a hometown kind of way. I could not have asked for a more enticing companion at that moment in time. I had been lost in my thoughts that morning while I waited for the train, replaying the conversation of the night before in my hotel room with one of my favorite phone sex friends. I picture her in my mind as she describes herself on the phone as just this type of girl-next-door, college sweetheart, MILF that inhabits so many of my dreams these days.

So went the first few precious minutes of what would become a rare and long lasting fantasy. The ones that can only be created as a result of unforeseen circumstances occasioned while travelling alone. I help her adjust her remaining belongings in the space by our feet and she thanks me with one of those smiles that, men of all ages dream of. Adolescent boys who get one from the very first girl they ever had a crush on, grown men whose minds are taken over by the thought of getting one from some fabulous young girl they see on the street. In our dreams, these simple smiles lead to nights of passion in some nameless hotel room.

I have been caught up in this vivid pattern for way too long now and realize that I need to come to the moment and return the smile. I offer to get her something when I go to the café car for breakfast. She asks for some milk and a snack bar if they have one. Milk. I have not ever had a strange woman ask me for milk before. Then I regain my temporarily misplaced sense and remember she is pregnant. I return with breakfast and the fantasy begins in earnest. We start to talk about the trip and our destinations. We exchange the usual information about jobs and cities we live in. She lives in Princeton, but is going to visit her sister in Washington for a few days. I eventually get up the nerve to ask about her condition, and she is gracious enough to fill in the blanks for the feeble start of this wonderful trip into erotic fantasyland. We talk about marriage status and I expect her to begin telling me about her husband and her home near the university and the search for a good private pre-school for her unborn child.

Instead, she tells me she is not married. I am almost afraid to ask the next question and that is about the circumstances that landed her in this condition. As is becoming the trend in women at this stage of our evolution and age, many are choosing to have children themselves without the accompaniment of a husband. She could be a lesbian and carrying the lovechild of a relationship with her life partner and complete as a woman and soon to be mother. She takes pity on me at this point, whether she realizes that I am at a loss for words or just because she needs to tell someone and a sympathetic stranger is the perfect person to try it out on, or just to continue the conversation because I am unable.

She tells me she is a surrogate mother for the sister she is going to visit in DC and she is 5 months along toward delivering a baby for her only sibling, who for unexplained reasons, at least for now to me, is unable to conceive with her husband. She seems truly happy and in a very good place in her life. She has taken on that glow people talk about pregnant women having. I do not know if her duty to her sister and her gender has increased the intensity of this phenomenon or if I am looking for it. In either case, I am in an enviable position to be able to witness this first hand. I have of late taken on a glow myself as well as a fascination or attraction for pregnant women and it is beginning to translate to my groin in the form of a somewhat noticeable bulge in the eryaman escort black jeans I am wearing.

In my lonely morning reverie, I had been lost in the previous evenings’ conversation, which included some reversions to the child within all men. How wonderful it would be to be attached to the breast of a beautiful young women and have her nurse you to sleep or, in the present, into a rousing state of excitement. I was in the beginning of the latter. Finally, my streaming consciousness is arrested when I look up from her breasts and she has a questioning look on her face. I do not know if it is a result of my too long stare, or is she asking me if I would like her to continue. I definitely want her to continue. Her face begins to flush and I hope it is a reaction to my attention, but I sense it may be embarrassment on her part.

She, her name I have found out is Cynthia. Not Cindy, but Cynthia. She reminds me of a college fascination I had with a strawberry blonde with freckles named Cynthia. This Cynthia has no freckles and is much too innocent to make me think too long about the other. Cyn (for many reasons) is very polite in such a friendly way, that I am not put off at all by her manner but drawn to her story by the way she tells it let alone the content. She continues to hedge in halting sentences. This gives me some time to think about my comfort. These damn jeans are not getting any looser. I am trying to keep from reaching down to adjust myself and embarrass both of us to the point she would stop and move to another seat as soon as it opens. The pale blue sweater set she is wearing is not making it any easier to focus on the story and not my cock.

I bear down and ask a question hoping to put her at ease. I ask about IVF. She goes on to say that she should not be telling me this, but no, they did not conceive that way. It started out with her sister asking the ultimate question, “Would I have her baby”? They did go through all of the testing for compatibility and overall health status to carry the baby to term. Cyn passed easily. She and her sister are very much alike she tells me and they think a lot alike and have since they were kids. I inquire about the procedure from a clinical perspective and she fills in all of the non-sexy details.

Then we proceed to the real story.

Cynthia and her sister, Madeline, have been very close all of their lives. They have shared friends, an adolescent crush or two and secrets for most of the 32 years they have been together. She says she never dreamed that even her only sibling would ask her to share this. After several tries at IVF, they all decided to give it a rest for awhile. One Friday evening after a fabulous dinner and some of the best wine in the house, Madeline suggested they try again. Cyn of course agreed. Madeline asked Cyn to join her in the kitchen to select another bottle of wine. While there she sprang the surprise of her life on her sister. She did not want to go the turkey baster route again. She wanted to try the old fashioned method. “You mean you and Gay (Gaylord Anthony) are going to try naturally”?

No, you and Gay! Maddy said. Cyn said she was speechless for several minutes. She realized her sister wanted a baby so much, she was asking her sister to sleep with her husband.

“I did not know what to say. I started to think of all the conversations we had had about sex, boys and our experiences and remembered Maddy had not told me much about her sex life with Gay. She had always been happy and there seemed to be no problems at all.” One night after several drinks on girls’ night out Maddy had let some details slip to Cyn. She told me GA was a wonderful husband and lover and that any woman would consider herself lucky to share a bed with him. He is must be well-endowed Cyn deduced and that was the end of that revelation.

So Cyn started to query her sister about what she meant by her request. Maddy began to explain. She told Cyn that she had always trusted her more than any other human being. She could only trust her to be a part of the lifelong dream of helping her have a child of her own. She could not conceive or carry one on her own due to some uterine scarring that resulted from a seemingly routine procedure while in college to diagnose a STD. She has so wanted a baby for both of them, that she is willing to try this one last time to make it work. If we are not successful with the two of you, we will adopt or focus our energy on other things in our life. “Please do this for me” she pleaded. Cyn thought some more and asked the last questions she needed the answers to. How do we do this and I will do it only if you are there the whole time. Maddy hugged her, and answered her in one short sentence. We, all three of us make a baby together in our bed in this house. They started to hatch a plan to convince Gay to go along.



Looking at Cyn, I told her I was sure he would not need a lot of talking to convince him to make love with a beautiful woman like her. To add to the strictly male perspective, the opportunity to make sincan escort love with his wife and her only sister at the same time would be irresistible. Cyn looked at me and made that mock disgusted smile women make when we come out with something purely male and sort of crude. I had only to ask her to continue to hear the “rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey would say. She went on to tell me how they poured more wine for Gay and slowly coaxed him into position on the couch. The plan they hatched was to give him a strip show. Under some pretense only contrived in the alcohol-lubricated mind, they started to dance with each other. Madeline loved to dance and Gay was obviously too drunk to, so Cyn and her sister started without him. She told me how it felt good to be in the arms of someone who loved her. Cyn had not had someone like that in a very long time. Maddy had been complaining that she never got to dance anymore.

The music on the stereo was accommodating and the dance evolved into a slow grind between the sisters. Gay was certainly not going to complain. This was a dream come true. He had always told Maddy that her sister was attractive and all of his friends were hot for her. So it was not hard to peak his interest in something like this. Maddy told her sister earlier in the evening that any woman would be happy to get the chance to be with Gay. Cyn did not get to the point of asking about specifics, but now that the plan was in action, she needed to know. Maddy smiled a wicked smile and whispered in her sisters ear… He is really hung. He has a 2×8 in his pants! Maybe bigger if he is really excited. Cyn tried to control her response and just gasped inaudibly. Cyn had never had a big man in her young life and this was almost too much to hope for, a baby for her sister and a big hard cock for her in the process. Maddy told her it was very big and got very hard and she had a difficult time adjusting to it when they were first married, but would not give it up to anyone except her only sister in extreme circumstances because she was addicted to it now.

Cyn could not wait to see this magnificent tool. She hoped she would get the chance to become addicted to it too. She coaxed Maddy to flirt with Gay and get him to participate in the strip. Cyn is now singularly focused on getting a look at the magnificent cock Maddy has teased her is hidden in Gay’s pants. She imagines it is beautiful and powerful, veined, muscled and hard as a steel rod even in light of the alcohol consumed. She needs it now; she craves it, not only to impregnate her but in the core of her being. In that secret place only a few men have had the honor of visiting and none so far would be as equipped to do it justice.

Cyn is trying to keep from jumping on top of Gay and just ripping his clothes off to get at what she wants. The tease continues until Maddy is almost nude and Gay is panting to bed his wife. Then Maddy lets it slip out, that she has bragged some about Gay’s manhood and he should start shedding some clothes to prove her right or wrong. This is not a hard sell now. He is loose with a couple of bourbons and enticed by two very lovely women, one his wife and the other her sister. How could a red blooded American male resist, or want to? He starts to take off his shirt. Then the women can stand no more delay. They both converge on him and finish the job with no wasted motion. Down to his boxers, his endowment is finally visible as a large tent in the front of his underwear. Maddy presents Cyn with the honors of taking the last article of clothing from her husband.

Maddy kissed her husband and took Cyn’s hand to help her get the courage to pull the boxers down and expose the already turgid member, she had hoped would produce a child for them. It was a magical moment. Gay’s cock came into view and Cyn gasped at the sight. Maddy smiled and took it in her hand. She caressed it with the experience of the years of their marriage and an easy familiarity. She grasped Cyn’s hand in her other one and connected them for the first time. Both women smiled. The amazing beauty and love before him transfix Gay. He eases back to the couch and they are drawn with him. Immediately, Maddy is down on her knees and has his massive muscle in her mouth. Cyn joins her on the floor and they share the duties of giving him so much pleasure he will not be able to deny any request. After some time, everyone is ready for the next step.

Up the stairs is the master bedroom and a large king-size bed. They all pile into the waiting bed with the satin sheets and down comforter prepared in advance by Maddy and Cyn for this very moment. It goes on for hours. They all share every imaginable delight and in the end the real purpose is at hand. The time when Cyn will finally get to experience the thing she has waited for since she first met Gay. She will have his massive cock imbedded in her womb.

Maddy interrupts the loving they share and suggests they prepare Cyn to mate with him. It goes in slow motion. She could not be more ready, wet and willing in lust beyond anything batıkent escort she has ever known. Maddy tells her to lay back and let her help Gay enter her for the first time. She will be careful and gentle as only a lover and friend can understand. Cyn waits to feel him enter her. First, Maddy holds Gay’ cock in her hand. She rubs the huge head against Cyns outer lips, which are very swollen and distended from the excruciating foreplay. At the moment when she cannot stand it any longer and is about to shout for Maddy to let her have it, she does. Gay is in her. She has her first long rolling orgasm as he pushes past the head and slides the thick shaft into her smooth canal.

Cyn is out of the bed floating above watching herself be impaled by the largest cock she has ever seen or felt. She sees her only sister touching her hair and stroking her arm as Gay moves slowly inside her. She cannot help but let out a low guttural moan. The orgasms sweep over her. She loses control over her body and mind. She is in a total state of carnal bliss. When she regains herself and comes back to the moment, she sees him above her plunging in and out. His cock is glistening with her abundant juices. She has never had so much.

Maddy is with her, by her side smiling. She coos more than talks to her to encourage the constant union of bodies. Cyn holds Maddy’s hand in hers and feels the greatest love of her life. Maddy tells her to help Gay get as deep as possible in her womb. She cannot imagine him deeper that he is right now. He has touched parts of her she did not know could be reached by a man. Gay starts to increase the pace of his thrusts and his urgency takes over both of them. Cyn starts to thrust her hips up at him. Pushing back to take all of him in her soaked pussy. She honestly wants it, all of it. She needs it so bad now; nothing could stop her from having his cum fill her up.

The time is nearing when even Gay cannot continue to pump inside her tight sleeve and not cum. His balls are tightening and Maddy is fondling them and holding them as if they were precious jewels. Right now they hold the gift she needs as much as Cyn needs him to give it to her. Maddy is coaching him to go deep in her sister and deposit the biggest load of cum he has ever given up. The constant talk about him cumming and the sight of his wife caressing her sisters breasts and stroking her hair leaves him no alternative. He has to let go.

Maddy senses this approaching and takes his filled balls in her hand and strokes them. He starts to tense and let out a low groan. Maddy tells Cyn to hold on that Gay is close to cumming. Cyn pulls her body as close to his as possible and tells him to cum inside her, fill her with his juice and give them a baby. The coupling becomes feverish. Their bodies are thrusting at each other with fierce abandon. Cyn starts to cum again. Gay feels her clenching cunt squeeze him and he makes one final thrust into her and knows the end is near. He feels the cum flowing through his cock. He knows it is being forced out of his balls by desire and his wife’s hand. He lets out the emotion and forces Cyn’s body into the mattress. His cock swells and starts to pulse. His cum shoots out the end of his cock with such force that Cyn screams with pleasure as she feels it fill her and hit her cervix with the pressure of a small hose pointed into her soul.

After everyone comes down from the highest high they have all ever witnessed, the bed soaked with sweat and the sheets in tangles, they lay together in each other’s arms. Maddy takes a pillow and elevates Cyn’s hips to insure the baby making sperm does not leak out. She tells her to lie still and retreats into the master bath to get a warm cloth to sooth her lovers tired muscles and sweat drenched skin. She bathes Cyn with the cloth and comforts her with gentle strokes and words of love. Gay is drained. He cannot do much to help with the post coital soothing. He needs to lay and just breathe. He never knew that this would happen in his life. He as do most males, had the two-girl fantasy. He never thought it would include his wife and her sister. He never even thought it would happen since he and Maddy were married. He did not need anyone else to fulfill his lust. Maddy has always been his greatest love and showed him all the ways he could make her happy in and out of bed. He is suddenly overtaken with emotion and starts to weep.

This triggers Maddy and Cyn to join and console him. He weeps from happiness and joy for the child they will have. How will it turn out? Will it be a boy or a girl? Will he be a good father? What will the roles be for him, Maddy and Cyn now? How will they interact? Will this ever happen again? Maddy interrupts his most private thoughts and starts to talk in a low voice and slowly. She tells him of her joy that this could happen of all of them. It may not happen again, but this is truly the greatest expression of love she has seen. She needs to know this is not going to be weird in the real world of life after sex. Cyn gently touches her sister’s face and tells her she will not try to interfere with their relationship. She is carrying the baby, but it is not hers. She will love it and cherish it as the aunt she wants to be. She will not compromise the bond they have created here and will honor Maddy’s wishes always.