pretending to be passed out

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pretending to be passed outWell my 1st story here… It’s 100% true but the names aren’t real .. so many years ago when i was 16 I went to a wedding with a friend of mine ..he was in his late 20s … The wedding was 2 hours from where I lived in a small town . We arrived in the early afternoon I diddnt know anybody due to it was the where my friend grew up . So we met up with a few of his friends and started to have a cpl drinks .. a cpl hrs later we went to the wedding. And then the after party where we the drinking really started .. my friend we him mark was gay but never told me but I always knew cause I had found gay mags and porno hidden .. and he never knew I was bi .. and I never let on.. so any way as the nigh progressed i found myself getting kinda drunk. so when mark would buy me another drink I would slowly spill it.out .. this went on for a a out 2 hours .. I was dancing with plenty of.woman and I think mark got mad . So he went to the tent where him.and i were gonna be sleeping. About 45 min after he left I decieded to go na k to the tent illegal bahis .. when I got there mark was sleeping .. atleast I thought he was.. so I climbed into my sleeping.g bag and layed there .. about 10 min passed and I was.starting to fall asleep .. then I herd mark whisper .. Rick are you sleeping .. I diddnt answer ..about another 10 min passed and he whispered it again .. I started to breath heavy like I was passed.out .. then I felt mark put a hand.on my ass on top of my sleeping bag.. he then whispered again .. still I diddnt respond.. then I herd mark start to undo the zipper to my sleeping bag .. then he put his hand on my ass again .. he.kept whispering . If you to stop say so .. I just kept pretending.g i was passed right out.. then mark started to shake me like he wanted. Me to wake up …and when i diddnt he pulled my pants off and.said.I just want to make u comfortable . He waited a min or 2 then he started rubbing my ass more .. and started to squeese it .. then slipped his hand.under my undies… He.rubbed my nice firm bare illegal bahis siteleri ass for a 5 or 10 min then I felt his body slowly shaking.. and mark was lightly moanin .. i knew he was jerking off.. then he.stopped rubbing my ass pulled his hand.away then I herd him spit .. not 2seconds later I feel a slippery finger rubbing up and down my tight little asshole .. and mark started to finger me .. it.felt so good but I diddnt want him to knoow i was pretending to be passed out.. mark fingered me for a while .. then I felt mark pull my undies off me exposing my bare ass.. he then again whispered if you want me to stop tell me.and I will…with no responce mark then started to lick my tight ass fucken hot i wanted to start moving my hips .. but still i wanted to see how far he would he would take it .. he had made my ass so wet and.slippery… All of.a.sudden he stopped and I felt mark spread my legs appart.. I then though to myself .. he isn’t gonna try hope ..then I felt the head of.his cock sliding up and down the canlı bahis siteleri crack of my ass.. then again he whispered thoes words .. and I diddnt answer ..I’ve never seen marks cock so I had no idea how big or .. .. then mark put a little pressure now very wet hole and slowly pushed the.head.of his cock in me.. and just held it there .. it felt thick just for the head… Then mark pushed it i. A little more . He did this for about 15 min till he had his what i now know is a very thick cock .. I still diddnt know the length but it had to be 7 or 8 Inches cause it was deep inside .. mark then fucked me slowly .. using long deep pumps … He.was.nervous. cause.he.was.shaking a lot .. mark fucked me for.about 25 min.. then.I herd.him.start to breath heavy.. he was.quietly moaning and.all.of a.sudden I felt.marks cock get very thick as he fill my ass.with a huge.load.of.cum…mark wasent.pulling his ass .. he.left .. and I felt his cock start to get soft and then it slipped out .. undies.back on me.and and. Climbed back his sleeping.g bag … morning when we woke up…I told.mark I must have drank way to.much .. i must have fallen on somethin.g cause my so sore .. he.said.he diddnt know.cause he was.already sleeping when.i got back ..