Prison Sex

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Prison SexWhen I was young I made a huge mistake that I regret to this day, however I have made the best of my situation then and now. I was faced with ten years, it was the best deal I can take when I went to court and I didn’t hesitate. When I was handed my sentence I couldn’t imagine the day I would be finally free because it was so far away. Nonetheless I had to face life as it came and man it was certainly hard specially no pussy for that long. When I first started my time I had a few fuck buddies that wrote me and promised to come visit and all of those things meant so much but eventually they all forgot about me just like for most of us doing time, I managed to get some good pen pals here and there but life for people on the outside goes on and you can’t blame people. When you are in there the only other interaction you get with a female is when you are at school or with a female guard. Most of them were not good looking but eventually you would find some sort of characteristic/feature/assets in all of them that would make them attractive at some point, Beauty is not only physical. Well I got into a lot of trouble my beginning years, kind of came with the territory of who I was, I had a lot of people that didn’t like me but I held mine. Eventually I managed to get in good status after several years of clearing up all the beef I had with others and I landed myself in a good institution that had females and males in the same jail. we were segregated but we got to see each other from a distance and write each other. I would always encourage them to bend over to tie their shoes for me or flash some titties and even got one to pull her pants down, spread them cheeks and show all her goods to me and the fellas on our side, them dudes loved that shit who wouldn’t, I was a legend to them for doing this. I got myself a job in there doing construction work such as carpentry and electrical work. Many of us inmates that were in good standing had good jobs and worked with contractors they were regular free people that came into the institution to do work for the state. They were basically the inmates bosses and we were the laborers. Our bosses were cool dudes and taught us a lot. One day our main boss Dale pulled me and my friend kaçak iddaa Fidel(Bolo as we called him) to the side and told us he wasn’t going to pick us up tomorrow, I was bummed! What did we do? Getting out of your room to work is the best! Keeps you occupied and your getting paid. Dale said “no worries it’s not a bad thing you guys will be doing electrical work and you will have a new Boss Lady” We were surprised and we get to work with a female Hell Yeah! All the other workers were jealous of me and Bolo but hey it’s all good. I went to bed later that night ready for the next day, man the thought to be able to work every day with a female was a dream come true! The next day I woke up got ready put on my best clothes and waited for the guards to open my door but no one came. The following day I got up and got ready to go to work and the guard came and opened my door told me “they are here for you to go to work” This time it was the Boss Lady only problem is I didn’t see my buddy Bolo, it was one of the other inmates that was cool. The Boss Lady apologized that she didn’t pick me up yesterday because she didn’t know I was supposed to be on her crew and my boy Bolo didn’t tell her to pick me up(Bastard did that on purpose) today she didn’t pick up Bolo for some reason but she had the other inmate that was going to be on our crew. Man she was a little pawg, short and thick ummm I liked what I saw. As we worked she told me a little about herself, she was divorced had k**s and you know the typical story her ex was an asshole didn’t treat her right made her feel ugly ect…. I was a gentleman and complimented her as respectfully keeping in mind I was an inmate and didn’t want to jeopardize my job by crossing a boundary. She just looked deep into my eyes and said “thank you for the compliment”. Things were going in the right direction! The next day we picked up my buddy Bolo and the crew was complete. We did our job several days and getting to know her more. One day we started working on the lights in the auditorium, I was up on my ladder changing out fixtures and came down to go use the rest room. When I walked around the corner I caught the boss lady and my buddy Bolo kissing and grouping each other. My jaw dropped and the Boss Lady kaçak bahis jumped back surprised. I just kept walking acted like I didn’t see anything. We kept working and finished the day off. Before we went back to our own units my buddy Bolo came over to me and told me “Man that chick is in love with me!” I was happy that he got some action at least one of us is getting something after all these years, Bolo was serving the same amount of time I was. Then I cursed him out and told him ” Fool you didn’t come pick me up the first day because you didn’t want me to get that!” We both laughed but then he told me “She is going to let me fuck tomorrow, I need you to keep watch, maybe I can talk her into letting you fuck later in the week”. Well the next day came and business as usual, we went to the same spot and yeah back to it. I was doing my work and my Boss Lady sent the other crew member to the far end of the auditorium. Then Bolo gave me the look, I already knew what time it was we had a way to communicate without words(We still Do) So i came down from my ladder and followed them. My cock got hard as fuck I was just going to watch out and not get involved we didn’t want to get to far ahead of ourselves and let my boy work on her little by little. He was going to open the door for that later! They went to a spot hidden in one corner and I set up my ladder and tools near the fixture close by. They started kissing and grouping each other just like the time I caught them, my buddy Bolo slowly lifted her shirt and her bra ummmm those nice titties and pink nipples just flopped out, my cock was damn near bulging out my pants, I was trying to keep a look out but damn I couldn’t stop looking at those beautiful tits. Bolo started sucking on them and shortly after that Boss Lady Dropped on both knees ready to get fed some cock. My buddy didn’t hesitate knowing that they were pressed for time and risking a lot, she started licking and sucking away, making slurping sounds, I was surprised my buddy didn’t buckle and nut all over her face because I was damn near about to erupt myself. She just opened her mouth wide and told Bolo “Shove you cock down my throat!” Bolo followed her orders and started face fucking her good she started gagging a illegal bahis little but she knew what she was doing. I looked around and the other guy on the crew had no clue he was busy doing his work at a distance. I turned back and my boy Bolo pushed the Boss Lady back onto the ground and began to try and remove her pants but she stopped him. What was going on? Was she trying to walk this back? So much was going through my mind while at this point I had my dick in my hand. Looking back and forth to check if any one was coming while stroking my cock I looked over at my boss lady and she spread her legs. She had cut the sipper out of her pants and sown velcro on her pants for easy and quick access. Her pussy was so wet and juicy my boy bolo jump on her like a bear(He is a big dude) and put his cock in her. She wrapped her legs around him and locked him in she wanted that cum inside and Bolo certainly was grinding away while she moaned in his ear to cum inside her. At this point I wasn’t even looking out anymore I was in full jack off mode watching them fuck. My boy was fucking her pussy good and started to gain momentum going faster and faster as she dug her nails in his back and clutching him with her legs even harder. I exploded on some rags I had for our work and shortly after I hear her moaning “Cum inside me Baby Cum inside” my buddy couldn’t hold off any more even if he wanted to given our situation and he creamed her pussy. After several minutes they gathered themselves and came back to work. We finished the day and man Bolo was my hero. He was smiling from ear to ear this is some magical type sex here, He told me “She said when the right moment comes she going to let you fuck too” I couldn’t believe it, whether it is tomorrow or next week I was ready. Tomorrow never came for me, the next day we got a job order in the lock up unit. I already knew this was going to change things for me at least. Someone was their that I didn’t see eye to eye with and well we went to do the job. While I was working I did my thing and got myself and Bolo in trouble. We both lost our work privilege and got transferred to chino, Boss Lady was a ride or die though, she came to visit him in chino and fucked him for a while when he paroled. As for me I had a female guards that wanted to fuck but the moment for us to do it somewhere no one would find out never presented itself. Ms. Brown, Ms Kilgore wish the spot would of come for us. Jail bird stories.