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Subject: Prisoner Dad and big Son Part 1 This story is pure fiction. It contains sex acts between men and boys, which should remain pure fiction. Do not read it if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET… DONATE PLEASE EVERYONE, DONATE. If you return to this site regularly, leave a little donation in the tin cup. Any amount would be appreciated. The hungry would love to eat – cock stories needs $$.! Go to the top of fty Page to DONATE some $$$$$. $$ are a girl’s best friend… Prisoner Dad and big Son Part 1 I thought I was so hot when I was ten, but I didn’t know anything except how to get my cock sucked until Dad came home from the war. He was gone when I really started growing. I grew so fast and so much that it hurt, especially between the legs so Mom took me to the base doctor. He examined my balls and cock and stroked me with admiration, I could see he liked it. “Just growing pains, Tim. You’re going to be the biggest white boy I’ve ever seen. Be happy.” I had no idea how happy until Ensign Grant discovered my thick ten inches and couldn’t keep his mouth off it. He said I was even bigger than my dad, which made me wonder how he knew. But he couldn’t keep his mouth shut either so I had guy, and a few girls, following me all over the base. I got blow jobs everywhere, in the last row of the movie theatre, in toilets all over the base with hot marines watching, the steam room after swimming, even in the snack bar by the pool where a group gathered to hide the spectacle, but mostly to watch Janet, the chaplain’s daughter, give me the best blow job in the world. So good that she thought she deserved a fuck, my first, and four months later she had to go to relatives to have a baby, but she was over eighteen so that was her problem. Then Dad came home and everything changed. He had been a prisoner of war the last year he was gone, so I didn’t expect a big muscle man to walk across the hanger full of other soldiers coming out of the giant cargo plane. But there he was, looking like Thor or Superman, and in his pilot’s uniform everyone stared at the hunk. His blond hair, buzz cut on the sides, stuck up in all direction on top. He looked 18 instead of 28. Mom introduced him to her new boyfriend who had money and then pointed at me. “I had him the last five years, you can have him the rest. We’ll be in touch.” She turned and left us. I don’t know if she wanted to make me feel bad or what, but it turned out to be the happiest day of my life. Dad held me by the shoulders. “You’ve grown, Timmy.” “It’s been over four years, Daddy. I’m ten now.” He embraced me. I rested my cheek on the crisp white shirt over his pectoral muscle and held him tight, feeling his heart beat, his breath heave. As we breathed together he whispered, “You’ve grown, so beautiful. I thought about you a lot.” he bent his head down and kissed my cheek. `I thought about you too. And I have grown.” I risked adding, “Ensign Grant says I’m bigger than you.” “What?” Dad held me art arms length. I could see he was nervous, worried. “I didn’t mean to scare you. What’s wrong?” “Nothing. It’s OK. How we going to get home?” “We came in two cars. Yours is out in the lot.” I watched him as he drove, like a pilot, always moving the wheel for tiny corrections. At a light he looked over worried again. “What?” “Nothing. I just like looking at you.” My grin relaxed him, so I added, “A lot.” He put his hand on my thigh. “I missed you so much, Timmy.” His wet palm went past my shorts to the bare part of my thigh and slid smoothly over my skin, but his eyes were on my basket. I really bulge now and not just the cock. My nuts are almost too big. I sat on them once on a hot day. They hang six inches down like lemons behind my fat hanging cock. I watched dad’s imagination going. A car honked. “Lights green, Dad. We can go.” “Right.” He clenched the wheel and looked ahead. “Anywhere we want.” I rested my hand on his thigh now, up close at the groin. He slowly spread his legs wider like a trained lover, but then sort of panicked so I pulled my hand away, until Friday when he took me to the pool. As we drove I put my hand on his thigh again. “Is everything OK, Dad?” “Yeah.” He seemed distant but spread his legs again without thinking. “Good.” I moved my hand into his groin. “Timmy, what –?” “Shush.” I whispered. He sat spread legged for me so I softly pushed the back of my hand against his full basket. He drove half frozen, watching traffic, so I turned my hand around and cupped his genitals. For a few seconds he rubbed himself against me, then gasped and whispered, “Timmy. We shouldn’t. I have to stop that stuff now.” “What stuff?” I rubbed my hand slowly over his straining pants. “I know guys who like it. I like it a lot.” I massaged a meaty cock and nice big balls all bundled up together, almost as big as me. “You feel good, Daddy. Don’t make me stop.” “Tim, they did stuff to me, in prison, sex things. I see a therapist every day after they debrief me. Some of the enemy soldiers were young like you. I had to tell the psychologist. He said that it was OK, that I held up pretty well, but that I should just forget all that now.” I didn’t know what to say. I wanted him, but maybe he didn’t want me. “Oh.” I looked away. He took my hand and kissed it, then put it back on his thigh with his over it. “But I didn’t tell him that I got to like it, that I even needed it. He told me to just find a new girl and I’d be fine.” “If that’s what you want.” I let my disappointment trail off. I knew he was struggling, but still I wanted him to know I wanted him. And he understood because we started touching more, he’d put his hand on my thigh when we talked at the table, or his arm around me to cuddle up close when we watched TV together. One evening I popped a few button on his Hawaiian shirt and rubbed my hand over his bare chest. His closed eyed smile made me bone for him. When he kissed the top of my head I reached around his bare chest and hugged him tight. “I love you, Daddy. You feel good.” I kissed his chest. “Oh, Pony.” He’s called me that since I was a baby after my favourite stuffed animal. He didn’t know yet I’d grown into a real one. “You have no idea how happy I am to be here.” That night he knelt next to my bed and kissed me goodnight on the lips, something he’d never done before. I held his head in both hands like I saw people in movies do, and he kissed me longer. When I felt his tongue on my lips I opened my mouth. He panted into it, “Timmy. I love you.” I reached between his legs and fondled the pulpy cock under his pyjamas. “I love you too, Daddy. And I want to love you more.” I gently squeezed his manhood. Such a glorious man. I still adore him. “Timmy, please.” He buried his face in my chest but didn’t move so i stroked his growing shaft. “Tim –, Timmy, Angel. I shouldn’t. Go to sleep now.” “I can’t sleep when I’m thinking about you.” He trembled as I stroked his meat tube but didn’t move away. “Pony, I don’t know if it’s right.” He squeezed his eyes shut as my hand moved up and down his shaft. “I do know how good it is, but –.” “It’s OK, Daddy. I just want to love you all I can. Goodnight.” I gave him a lover’s kiss on the lips. Saturday morning as I cooked breakfast he came in and sat in just drawstring cut off sweat pants letting me admire his beautiful tanned body as I made an omelet. “You can cook.” He watched me carefully. “I had to learn. She only waited on him.” “I don’t know what to do now, with your mother gone. I have to see the shrink a few more times to prove I can raise you alone now.” He sipped his coffee and watched my cock and balls swing around as I moved. My pyjama bottoms tented out by the mass of meat underneath. When he caught me watching him he whispered to his cup, “Sorry. I just haven’t seen you naked since you were little.” He tried to smile. “You’ve… grown.” I set the omelet in front of him and kissed him on the cheek. Then like the little cock slut I was becoming, I pulled my tee over my head and let my pants drop. I could tell he loved what he saw. “I grew some while you were gone, Daddy.” I pulled on my cock like I’ve seen men at the gym do. “And I missed you too.” “Look at you, Tim. You’re a man now.” “I don’t have any hair down there yet.” “No.” He whispered and sucked his lip. “Just how I like them.” I sat next to him, my hand slid from his thigh to his crotch. `We’ll be fine alone, Dad. I’ll do anything to make you happy.” I found his cock shaft and held it. “Anything you want.” “Oh, Pony. You’ll make me crazy.” “Then eat your omelet while it’s hot.” I kissed his cheek again. “Unless you want something else.” He pulled my head to his and kissed me again. “Timmy. I love you so much.” He let me stroke his shaft as he ate. “So big.” He rested his hand on my naked thigh. “Maybe I love you too much.” His hand crept slowly to my crotch, but somehow he couldn’t. “Too much?” I put the hand on my limp cock saying, “Not yet you haven’t.” I got up. I was making him nervous. “I need a shower.” He gulped down his eggs and coffee and left the kitchen. When the water stopped I heard him call out, “Tim, there’re no towels in here.” “Coming.” I got him the nicest, thickest one from the hall cupboard. He stood naked in the bathtub like a god. I studied every inch of him from head to toe several times, especially the inches hanging between his legs. He rubbed his hand over his rippling belly then turned to show me his backside too. “Wow.” I whispered when he pulled his ass cheeks apart. He turned, happy that I liked what I saw. “That’s all you get with me. I’ve put on some weight.” “You’ve put on some muscle. You look great.” I unfolded the towel and reached my head up for a kiss as I began drying his genitals. He stood frozen letting me do what I wanted, then he began niğde escort to shake. “Here, Daddy. Don’t be mad at me. I guess I’m doing everything wrong.” “No, Angel.” He tried to grin. Then held me in his arms. “I’m not mad. I want you. How should I –, what should I –, what are we doing?” He released me when his cock started stiffening, dried his hair and leaned over the sink. “Don’t.” I said. “Don’t what?” “Shave. You look so –.” I was going to say sexy. “So good that way.” As he studied his face I dried his back, then started to dry his buttocks. He grabbed my hand so fast it startled me. “Sorry.” I said. He immediately turned and embraced me again. “Oh, Timmy. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He trembled. I thought he might cry. We were both naked and slowly melted together again, skin to skin. “You’re soft, wonderful.” His hands roamed over me. “You scare me.” “And you are hard and muscular and even more wonderful, and there’s nobody in the world I need more.” I put my arms around his wet body, and we rocked each other. “Nobody I want more. Maybe that scares you. Daddy.” I whispered as I licked his chest. “It’s different now. You’re home. It’s just me. No more being a prisoner. I’ll do whatever you want. Just tell me.” “Just you.” He whispered and nuzzled his face in my hair with a sigh. I slid my hands down his thin waist and over his wet buttocks. “Just us, Daddy.” I caressed his muscled buttocks. “Together.” “Timmy, I lneed you so much.” He hands slid over my buttocks. “Your body…”. HIs fingers hesitated at my ass crack. “Everything about you, your cock, makes me want you inside me.” I wasn’t sure what he meant. I’d never thought of the obvious, that was to come. So I just whispered, “Anything, Daddy.” “But I’m supposed to stop this stuff.” He held my ass cheeks, his fingers pushed gently, secretly toward my anus, both of us thrilled. His breath in my ear. “I’m supposed to not want that now.” “Why, Daddy?” I could feel his cock begin to push against my belly, so I caressed his ass too, running my hands over the hard wet cheeks. My fingers slid along the crack without digging in. “I’ve been thinking about you for a couple years now. You’re who I think about when I’m coming.” When I ran my fingers along his ass crack I felt him push back so I slid them in toward his anus like he was doing me. “Is this right?” “You’re perfect.” He licked my neck. I felt a finger probe my ass hole. “Daddy. You’re wonderful.” “Am I?” Soon our fingers began exploring the other’s anal ring. I’d never experienced anything so thrilling. My ass electrified me as he pulled open the tender tissue and massaged the soft inner walls of my fuck channel. When I did that to him he spat into his hand and deposited the slime in his anus, then guided my middle finger into his hole. `Timmy. Pony. I won’t be able to stop.” His hands went to my ass, massaging my cheeks, pulling them apart, rubbing my ass hole. “Pump your finger in and out, Angel.” “Stop what? Fuck, Daddy, that feels good.” I slid my finger in and out of his ass crack and rubbed him like he was doing me not knowing quite why. As a dumb ten year old I’d never thought of ass fucking. “That’s it, Pony. Play with my ass like I’m doing yours.” He spat into his hand again and started fingering my hole. The sensation was so new I just held his ass cheeks and gave myself over to my first finger fucking. “Daddy, that’s wonderful.” I rolled my hole over his finger. “I know. Do me some more. I need it too.” He spat into his hand and smeared more spit into his ass crack. And for the first time I fingered an anus. The softness and warmth excited me, the contractions fascinated me. I pumped him gently like he did me. “Daddy –.” I didn’t know what to say, I was so thrilled by us together. “Shush, Angel. Just feel it. Do you like it?” He easily slipped another finger into me now. “Yes.” I pumped his hole with two fingers too. “Why does it feel so good?” “Put another finger in me, Timmy. Deeper. Yeah, oh yeah.” He rocked his pelvis on my fucking fingers. “Some of the fighters were young, like you, so I had to make them happy too. I thought about you every time though. I wanted you so much.” He pulled my mouth to his and kissed me as he finger fucked my virgin anus and jacked my cock. “That’s how I got to like it so much.” “I like it too, Daddy.” I still hadn’t figured out that I was going to fuck him in the ass. When our tongues slid in our mouthes he whispered, “Harder, Timmy.” I pumped his ass stronger. That electrified him. My cock was hard now, and I could tell at first touch he wanted it. “Timmy. Look at you.” He sank to his knees and sucked in my huge prick head, slobbering over it like they all do and telling me how big and beautiful I was. “Let”s get on the bed, Daddy.” “No, right here. That’s how it worked, whenever, wherever they wanted me.” He oiled his anus and my shaft and leaned over the sink. I’d never fucked anyone before so just stood behind him waiting. “What’s wrong?” He turned and looked at me. “I’ve never done this before.” He turned so quickly he startled me. His cock slapped against mine, then he hugged me. After kissing me he said, “I’m glad I’m your first fuck.” He oiled my shaft again, admitting all ten inches of the thick fuck pole. “Timmy, you’re the biggest cock I’ve ever had, so let me start. OK?” He turned again and eased my drooling glans between his ass cheeks. “This is going to be wonderful after my ass loosens a little.” He held my thick shaft in one hand he pulled on his ass cheek. As I watched his pink fuck pucker pulsate for me I held the other ass cheek away. “You’re so sexy, Daddy. I love looking at you.” “Then watch, Angel. Everyone liked watching me.” He smeared my glans over his oily hole, putting on a show for me, and rocked on it. His anus pursed like a mouth wanting a kiss. Then it swelled open and sucked on the tip of my prick head. Like lips with pink and beige lipstick his anal lips kissed my cock head. “Your ass is so beautiful, Daddy.” I wanted to push in, but he was holding me tight. “That feels good.” “You make me feel good too.” He slipped just a half inch of my meat head in and out, then more, and more still, so eager for it all. “You feel that? I know you like that, Pony. Oh, yeah, you like that. You do –, do. Oh, fuck, Timmy. I’m gonna give you my ass.” “Wow, Daddy. You like it more than I do.” I reached under and stroked his dripping erection. “You are so fucking hot.” He turned worried. “But you like it too? I want you to like it too.” I watched him spellbound. His ass lips were sucking on me. I loved it, him. “Tim? Is it OK? What we’re doing?” I came out of my dazed delight. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, Daddy. I love you, your cock, your ass. I love you wanting me. I was worried you wouldn’t.” “I need you, Timmy. My ass is fuck ready.” He was popping my whole cock head in and out of his loosening anal ring now. “I need you. They made me ass hungry. If I don’t get it I get jumpy. You’re just so big it burns some.” He panted as he slid his anal ring over the thick shaft. “Oh, fuck, fuck, Pony. “Take it out if it burns.” I pulled back. He held my shaft tight. “No. It burns good. One day you’ll understand.” His pink ass lips continued kissing my cock head, sucking on it until the whole prick ridge stayed in his pink puffy hole. He moaned in a sort of dazed bliss. “Oh, yeah. It’s going in. Feel that?” “Fuck, Daddy. You feel good. You are so hot looking.” “Am I? That’s what they wanted. A hot looking man they could watch getting fucked. Why they wanted me to work out.” He reached behind with both hands and pulled his anus open, exposing the bright pink inner lining for me. “I’m glad you like watching. I like being watched.” He stretched his ass open and rolled the hole over my cock shaft, showing off his beautiful ass. “See that? My ass is learning to take you. It wants you.” “Are you kidding? I love it.” I oiled my cock some more, leaned over him to hold his beautiful body and slid half my shaft up his ass. His whole body jerked in pain. “Sorry.” I started pulling back, but his hands slapped my ass cheeks, holding me tight inside his warm ass. “No.” He panted. “Oh, fuck, goddam. You’re the biggest I’ve ever had.” He rocked his hips from side to side, stretching his tight anus more. “And I like them big. Just let me do it this first time, until I’m loose enough for you, loose enough for you to shove it in whenever you want. That’s what they did, what they liked.” “I bet you liked it too.” I leaned over his muscled back and slow jacked his nice thick almost nine inch shaft. “Oh fuck Daddy. You feel good.” “Oh, Pony. I want to be your fuck daddy, your hard assed fuck daddy. Yeah, I did like it. I still do. You’ll see. I’ll be a good fuck hole for you.” My cock is pretty straight, so once half was in it wasn’t going to get any thicker than the baseball bat that was stretching his ass ring. Dad reached behind, felt his anus and my shaft, grabbed me by the ass cheeks and slowly pulled me into his warm bowel until my soft belly pressed against his rock hard ass cheeks. “Oh god, Timmy Pony. You’re my big stallion now. I did like them fucking me, and I love your cock in me now.” He hung his head in the sink and pulled his ass cheeks apart. “Push it all the way in, Angel.” I did as he wanted, ramming hard up his hole. “Oh god. I’m gonna be good. You like that, Pony?” I more than like it. I was in cock heaven. My father, my big hunky marine corps helicopter pilot father, blond and beautiful, not dark like me, was bent over offering his ass to me. And I loved being up it, feeling my giant cock throb deep in his warm body. “Oh fuck, Daddy.” I pumped gently, not quite sure how much power to give him. He responded by gyrating his ass around the shaft that stretched open his ass hole. “You like that?” “Yeah.” He sighed, nişantaşı escort happy now. “I’ll be your fuck daddy. I need you up my ass hole. You can start fucking me now. I’m loose enough.” He didn’t have to ask. I had begun slow pumps into him, feeling his insides slide over my prick head, my shaft slide through his still tight anus muscle. I laid over him, rubbed his chest, kissed his back. And all the while slow fucking the warm insides of my hot and hunky father. He moved my hand to his nipple. “”Play with that a little, Pony.” With one hand I tweaked his nipple, the other stroked his sticky cock. “Oh fuck, Daddy.” I breathed hard on his back, pumped his ass deep. “You’re wonderful.” “I’m your first fuck.” He hung his head in the sink and started to tremble. He was crying. “I need you. I do.” I slipped my cock out of the tight hole. “Daddy. Stop. It’s OK.” When he turned I looked up at him, not knowing what to say. When I smiled he hugged me tight. My cock slid between his thighs, and I pumped it some. “Daddy? I love you. Everything will be all right. We’ll be fine together.” “I’m sorry, Timmy.” He nuzzled my hair. “I’m different now.” “Sorry for what. You’re wonderful. We’re good together.” I stroked his cock, still stiff as steel knowing I loved him more than ever. “I only ever fantasised about you, and now I have you in my arms. I’ll do anything for you, Daddy. Anything.” “They did things to me.” He knelt on the bathmat and sucked my ass slicked cock. “Look at you. The most beautiful of them all. I love your cock. I need it now.” He wiped the tears off his cheek, held my hanging balls, kissed them, then ran his lips up my shaft to the prick head and sucked again. As he drooled and slobbered over my meat he whispered, “I need you now. Can you understand?” I said, “Yes,” thinking of Ensign Grant. I held his head and pushed to the back of his throat, gagging him good. He hardly jerked from it. “Yeah, you do need it.” “I do.” He held my hips and pulled me deeper. “Then take it, Daddy. Suck it good.” I held his head and face fucked him. He held my balls and let himself be used. Slobber dripped from his mouth and nose, and he still knelt there, wanting to serve, eager for every pump. When I held my shaft and swirled the glans over his lips he looked up at me. I smiled. He grinned like a happy soldier and stuck out his tongue. I know that sign now. He wanted more and knelt waiting, eager for cock. “More? Want more?” With a mouthful of prick head he nodded. “Yeah. Daddy wants it all. Think you can take it?” I pushed to the back of his throat. “Ensign Grant can.” He stood and bent over to lengthen his neck, then sucked me back into his warm mouth. “I hope so, Pony.” He held me by the hips. I held his throat and back of his head and started slow pumping, feeling the back of his throat open. “That’s it. Get nice and relaxed. You want it. You need it. Push me back if you can’t take it.” He nodded and breathed deep. With his ass braced against the sink and holding my hips I realised he’d done this before, and we both knew he was going nowhere when I fucked down his throat. We worked together in a gentle wave pattern, his jaw as wide open as he could force it, his throat relaxing, accepting the meat that he wanted. Slow pumps in and out, both loving it. “Oh, fuck, yeah.” I sighed when we both knew it was time. I held his throat when he pulled me gently, and in one smooth slide my belly pushed against his nose. He jerked, but held me close. I pumped a few inches in and out, getting his throat used to me. “Yeah, Daddy. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I ground deep then slid out. “Let’s get on the bed now.” “No. Let’s do it here.” He gobbled on my prick head, pulling me back down his throat. I pulled him to standing. I’d never met anyone who wanted it rough before and wasn’t sure how to start. “Daddy?” I kissed him. “It’s OK, Pony. You can do whatever you want with me.” “Good. Turn around and pull your ass apart again.” He bent over and did as he was told, and I greased my shaft again and shoved it deep up his hole. “Fuck, Daddy. I love you ass.” I rammed him a few times really good. He jerked in pain but held his stance. “Oh, fuck, Pony. You’ve got to be a little gentle the first week or so, or you’ll tear me. That’ll take a while to heal if we do that.” I pulled my cock out and turned his head around. He sucked me like a hungry beggar eating a piece of nice meat. “Fuck, you really do need that thing.” He looked up with a mouth full of cock meat almost ashamed. I pulled out, squatted and kissed him. “And that’s great, Daddy. We both love it.” Then I pushed him to standing and sucked his dripping cock. I hadn’t sucked a lot of cocks, but I knew I wanted dad’s the most. It’s not only the perfect cock for me, it was attached to the man I loved most, and I wanted to make him happy. “Timmy, you don’t have to.” He seemed scared. “Yes I do.” I looked up licking his sweet glans’ drool. “And I want to. You’re home now, Dad. It’s going to be different.” I stood. We held each other`s cock and kissed. “Let’s get on the bed, Daddy. I want to suck you too.” He seemed disappointed until I added, “Before I fuck your ass some more.” Then he did something amazing. He picked me up like a bride and carried me to his bed, the one he had shared with my mother, now our bed, and laid me in the center. I had never done a sixty-nine with anyone before so was confused when he got on all fours over me facing my feet until I realised his cock and balls hung over my face as he throated me again. Total cock submersion, and so easy. I licked at his cock as mine slid in and out of his throat. “Oh, fuck, Daddy. I’m so lucky.” I sucked the huge beautiful prowl head, then giggled. “We both are.” He slid my giant shaft out of his mouth, licking the shining head. “That’s the position to be in for a good throat fuck, Pony.” He panted and slobbered over my huge shaft. “And it’s your fuck daddy who’s lucky. Aaaa-ghhhh.” I felt my prick head push against the back of his throat, and then my whole shaft slide smoothly down his tight throat again. Once buried deep I folded my legs and hands around his head and pumped his face slow and deep. I didn’t know anyone could hold his breath so long, but then I had no idea how long I face fucked. I just held his whole head and fucked down into his guts, until he shook his head and I eased him off my meat post. “Fuck, Pony.” He panted. “That was a good one, but I’ll get better. I just need practice.” “I want to learn to do that, Daddy.” And I gulped his cock until I gagged. “Not tonight, Pony. I’m so hot, I won’t last. Suck my balls some. I like that too.” I slurped a huge dangling treasure into my mouth, then forced the other in. My cheeks bulged full of meaty balls as he throated my cock again. I held his head and shoved it up and down to the root as I bit down and stretched the scrotum backwards. I wanted to see if his ass hole was still pink and puffy. When I got my face close to his anus he slid his throat off my cock out and panted, “OK. I like that a lot, if you want to.” Then he eased back pulling his ass cheeks apart and planting his pink anal rose right over my mouth. I was so startled I just lay there breathing in the scent of man hole until he said, “Get your tongue in there real deep, Pony.” He slimed his fuck crack over my face. “That’s it. Eat up Daddy’s fuck hole.” A day of firsts, I thought, and wiggled my tongue into my first ass. I loved how the soft flesh pulsated over my tongue. I could feel his anal lips slurp at me as he gently rubbed his crack over my mouth. My Daddy, who I wanted to love in every way, needed this, so I tried to get my whole face into his crack. This part of his body was important to him, and I wanted to make him happy. He rolled his ass pucker over my nose moaning and groaning until he finally said, “Timmy, I want your cock again, Please.” I kissed his tightening anus again. “Sure, Dad. Whatever you want.” I was learning more about sex than I ever imagined, and loved it. “Just once more. Let me get my tongue in there once more, big Daddy.” “Oh, Timmy. You make my ass hungry.” He spread his cheeks and lowered his ass rose over my mouth again. “Wow, Daddy. Your ass is beautiful.” I pulled his ass crack onto my face and pushed my tongue deep into his warm cock channel. “Eat me, Timmy.” He pushed his anus until the pucker swelled, and I could feel it with my lips. With my tongue in him I tried to pull his soft anal swelling into my mouth. He loosened so much I slipped my thumbs into his hole and pulled his muscle wide. I wanted to get my whole face into there. He knew and slid his open hole over my mouth to my nose and back, then further back so his nuts hung over my open mouth. I sucked in the hairy juice balls as my thumbs worked his anus. I wanted to get my whole head up his ass. “I want to get in here, Daddy.” He took that as the fuck queue and jumped around, his calves spread on either side of me. He liked me watching him grease my shaft again before he sank his warm ass over it, right down to the root. We stared at each other, both in a world of pleasure we’d never known before. “That’s my Timmy. Right where I want him. Up my ass.” When I grinned he grinned. When I held his cock he rode me. I let his shaft slide through my hand. “Do you like being home, Daddy?” He looked a little worried, like I thought he was perverted or weird or something. “Because I like you being here. A lot.” I jacked his cock. “Especially your ass.” “Push up into me, Pony.” When I did he leaned forward and gave me a tongue slurping kiss. “I guess that means, Yes.” I held his cheeks and pumped his hole. He immediately started rolling his ass pucker over my thick meat piston, pleasuring himself as much as me. I giggled, “Now I know that means yes.” He rocked ankara olgun escort his anal pucker over my shaft like a real experienced lover. “I didn’t know what I was coming home to, Timmy. I thought it would be hard, you know? With your mother going and all.” I stroked his beautiful cock. “Oh, it’s hard all right.” “And with your big cock up my ass it’s paradise on Earth. I want you always here, in my bed, our bed. I”m going to fall in love with you. I already have with your cock.” I pumped his soft warm hole, dragging the ass flesh like a tight sleeve up and down my thick shaft. “I love you too, Daddy. Is this the position you want to come in?” He smiled coyly even though there was no need to seduce me. I was hooked on his ass, and his throat. “I suppose I ought to show you a few different positions since this is your first time and all.” In ass fuck heaven he ground his anus over my cock root. “OK. I can come any time you want.” I pulled his ass cheeks apart and dug two fingers up him next to my hard shaft. He closed his eyes, and his ass loosened so I could get my fingers deep past his ass ring. He shuddered with ass lust when I hooked my fingers inside the ring and ran them front to back. He loved that and bent down to lick my neck. “Are you one of those who can come on command?” He rocked on me. “You’re making me feel real good, Pony “I don’t know. I guess I like watching people going crazy over my cock.” I rapid fucked him until I felt his ass get hot, making him pant. “So I’m just another one of your stable boys, huh?” He looked out the window worried again, but rocking on me the whole time. “You’re Number One, Daddy.” I stroked his great cock. “That’s good because I’m crazy about your huge fucking cock.” His anal lips slurped around the prick ridge. “And I like being watched.” When he ass danced over my prick head his stomach muscles and chest were so beautiful to watch. I thought he should be on stage. “Fuck Timmy. I’m fuck crazy about you.” He moved his feet squatting over me and rapid rode my shaft. His anus slid from root to prick head is fast sliding strokes. “Hold your balls up, Dad. I want to see my shaft going up your ass.” He did as he was told, grinning, watching me. “You like that?” He tried to aim his ass hole forward for me to see better, all the while riding me root to prick. “Fuck, I can’t get enough of your dick.” His own flopped around spreading threads of pre cum around us like cobwebs. “I can see that. My fuck daddy is real hot and happy.” I grabbed his cock to stroke him, but he moved my hand away from the glans. “I can’t even get you close, and your cock is making me ready to pop.” He rolled and gyrated his fuck hole over my shaft. “Damn, Pony. What does it take with you?” I laughed, ramming up through his loose anal flower. He let me pump him as I said, “I can come in half a minute if you want, but I was kind of enjoying watching my fuck daddy having a good time. And you were going to show me some other positions before we pop the nut. Unless you want to come now?” I fucked around in all directions. He sank down onto my shaft and pulled me to sitting. “Get your legs behind you.” He then wrapped his legs around me, fell onto his back pulling me with him so I was on my knees, up his ass and kissing him. “This is my favourite position.” He pressed his heels into my buttocks driving my shaft deep into his body. “I can see why.” I pounded his ass deep and strong a few minutes before steeling down to grind and kiss him. “When I’m with somebody I want, like you, I like to kiss them, and… Oh fuck, Timmy. You’re going to make me want you every day.” He wrapped his legs around me and rolled his ass on the pumping piston. “I can feel your balls slapping against my ass.” “Me too.” I gave him a couple of good ball slaps. He grinned. “Now let me get one leg over you.” He then rolled onto his side. I rested my weight on his hip and watched my cock slide in and out of his luscious ass lips. “Fuck Daddy, you’re so hot.” “Let’s do it doggy now.” He heaved himself up onto his knees, spread them wide to make himself lower and aimed his anal channel to meet the ramming cock meat. “Oh, yeah, Pony. Dig in there.” I laid over him, stroked his drooling cock. “I guess this is your second favourite position.” He reached between his legs and held my big nuts to his. “I like them all.” He giggled so I knew his fear about shocking me was fading away as he rocked back to meet the lunging meat shaft. “You take care of my ass good.” “My big muscular power daddy needs to be taken care of, huh?” He rolled onto the other side, and I power fucked him there before getting him back onto his back, legs up like a rolled over beetle. He pulled my lips to his and whispered, ” I’m strong, Tim. I can take care of you. Don’t worry about that.” “I’m not because I can take care of you too.” I deep slammed his hole, warming up his fuck channel. “You sure can.” He kissed me. “It’s just that in bed I’m a pussy ass. I like being dominated, being on the bottom, like you’re doing me. You like doing me, don’t you?” He bit his lip. His fear and embarrassment were back. “My big Fuck Daddy, I love everything about you. Especially your pussy ass. I’ll fuck you every day if you want.” I slipped half my shaft out of his gooey anus, curled down and sucked his prick head into my mouth. “And I love the way your cock tastes.” “Slow down, Pony. You’ll make me come.” But he held my head and fucked up into my mouth. “Oh, yeah. My boy is the best lover I’ve ever had. Come here and kiss me while you’re plowing my furrow.” I let his cock out of my mouth and went back to kissing him. We fucked like that for maybe half an hour, me slow pumping in all directions, him wiggling his ass to counter my stabbing shaft. The slower I pumped his hole the more I felt his anus clench and release, sucking on my big fat meat post like a loving mouth. He moved with me, anticipating every thrusts. Every muscle that flexed moved his beautiful body to focus on my cock up his anus. I think we both worked to please the other. I was at least, and I thought he was loving it more than I was, if that was possible. He was real experienced in making me feel good, but I was getting good at what I was doing. I took the risk of whispering into his ear, “Is Daddy’s pussy happy?” I hoped he wouldn’t get mad that I talked that way. And was surprised at his response. “Yes, Sir.” He whispered back like the lover he was becoming, and he vibrated his anus over my shaft. “It’ll always be ready to please its master.” “Good, because you’re making me think I’ll want your ass a lot, Daddy.” I bent down and sucked in the fat meaty head of his cock. “I love sucking you. You taste so good.” He pulled me gently off his cock. “Pony, I’m so fucking close. You’ll pop me if you don’t stop.” He kissed me and whispered, “You want to come soon?” “Whenever you want, Pussy Daddy. I can come whenever.” I rammed his ass hard and fast. His anus heated up and got real loose, and he moaned and howled like he needed relief. “Fuck me, Pony. Fuck your pussy daddy until you come. It’s been too long since I had some cum up in my ass.” He rocked on me stabbing fuck post. “Fuck me and make me come.” I rested my hands on his spread thighs and watched my giant fuck organ slide in and out of his pink puff hole. When I pulled out all the way his hole stayed open like he was calling me back. I swiped my wet glans over his open anus, popping it in and out. He moaned, “Ahhh, Tim — mmm, ahhh. You’re good for my ass. Fuck, Pony. You’re gong to make me come doing that. Oh, fuck yes. My Timmy’s going to make me come. Fucking me like that. I’m gonna come, Timmy.” He began grinding his anus over my pumping shaft. “You want me to come? You’re going to make me come working my ass like that. Fuck, that’s it. Give it to me good.” Now I started panting as I rammed his ass hard and fast. “All right, then. Let’s go.” I fucked so hard I felt his anal ring heat up again. I rammed his ass so full of cock and air it burped and panted for me, and all he did the whole time was rock and wiggle his hole for me, moaning and groaning with need for cock. With his feet nearly wrapped around his shoulders his anus was holding me, begging me to rip into it. And I did. I grabbed his neck and slammed his ass, slapping my swinging nuts against him faster and faster, until I felt them tighten up. “Oh, fuck.” I moaned. “I know, Pony. Give it to me.” He panted rocking his ass for me. “I’m gonna come, Daddy. I’m gonna fucking come.” My hand had never worked so fast over my cock. I fucked hard, slamming his ass in all directions. “Oh, fuck, Daddy, Fuuuuuuck.” My stomach muscles jerked, and my cock slammed his hole in exploding vibrations. As soon as he felt my cum streaming into him he gasped, “Timmy.” And he shot off. I didn’t realise he was coming, but then the first shot hit my chin. I raised myself off his chest a bit and saw another stream shoot past his head, leaving a thick trail over his face and chest. I bent down and sucked in his shooting cock head as my exploding cum cannon filled his ass. We pumped and jerked, dumping our loads. And then just panting. It was over. I looked at him. His eyes were closed so I licked the cum off his face and chest, and then I kissed him. We slurped the cum back and forth between us until I swallowed it. Then he held me. I lay panting, my giant, thick shaft slow pumping his warm gooey hole. His arms and legs wrapped around my body. I never felt anything more wonderful in my life, enveloped in his strong muscles, his anal flower pulsating warmly over my cock root, both of us panting, slowly coming back to earth. “Timmy.” He whispered hot in my ear. “Yeah.” I rocked my hips feeling my shaft slide around inside him. “You’re amazing. I’ve never felt anything so good.” His tongues swirled around my ear. “Me neither. I think we’ll be fine together, just the two of us.” REMEMBER TO DONATE TO NIFTY, PEOPLE.!! Click on the pink `Miscellaneous’ button at the top right of the fty page and you will find the DONATE button. See? It’s even Tax Deductible !!! Now THAT is amazing. Do it. DONATE DONATE DONATE EVERYONE