Private Lessons In Love

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Mrs. Kimble was enjoying her first year of teaching at Sacred Mary High School. It had been 12 months since she had graduated from University and she paused to reflect on everything that had happened to her. She had graduated from University on the Dean’s list for academic achievement, she toured Europe with her then fiancée for half of the summer, she married her fiancée Kevin Kimble whom she had dated for 18 months and she was accepted to teach full time at the High School, the first one she applied to and the closest to her lakefront home.

Mrs. Kimble was teaching English and History at the school. She replaced Mr. Toth who taught at the school for the past 25 years. The students just loved her. She was young enough to understand the pressures that the students went through on a daily basis. She was admired by both the male and female population of the senior class. She was after all only two years older than most of them because she skipped a grade in elementary school and did a four year university term in two years by attending summer classed both years.

Mrs. Kimble, or Stephanie or Steph (as she allowed some of the students to call her) was not only very intelligent but she was the epitome of a high school senior boy’s wet dreams. Her hair was long and curly/wavy. She wore it tied in a bun behind her head very often allowing some strands to dangle and hang to the side of her rounded and high cheek bones. The sandy blonde hair was natural and a gift from her mother whom she was a spitting image of. Stephanie had a slightly short and petite frame. Her breasts were a very perky set of 34 b’s. Her waist tapered down to 23 inches and her naturally proportioned hips completed her slender hourglass figure. She kept her pubic hair trimmed as she was always in her bikini at home since she lived on the lake. Kevin always admired the trimmed bush and occasionally helped her trim it.

Stephanie was always a very smart dresser. Unlike her colleagues at the school, she enjoyed dressing professionally. She always maintained the philosophy of dress successful and be successful. She someday wanted to be a senior administrator. Stephanie’s styles included black see through blouses over top of lacey camisoles and brassieres, push up under wire bras that only helped to push together her two firms breasts that always pointed high and out, her stockings were sometimes patterned and almost always had the sultry seam running behind her calves and up along the back of her legs to the top of the frilled hem. For looks only, she sometimes wore glasses the completed her professional and scholarly look that had absolutely no difference on how well she could see things.

Mrs. Kimble was the coach of the gymnastic team. She was a gymnast herself until she was 17 and went off to university. She loved the tumbling and floor mat routines. She was very flexible and had strong muscularly toned legs.

She had just finished a gymnastic practice and the students had hit the showers before they left school for the weekend. Mrs. Kimble used the faculty shower to clean up before ensuring all the team was out of the locker rooms before locking up and heading home. She was in no hurry as Dave was away ankara escort on a fishing trip with is buddies from work. She had the weekend to herself. She broke out of her pleasant day dream and her admiration of how proud she was of herself and all of her accomplishments in the past year. After drying herself and slipping on her clothes she had worn to work that day, she closed the lights in the faculty room and then entered the girls change room. All the girls had left and she closed the lights and locked the door from the gym side. She then proceeded to the boys change room and knocked on the door first, ensuring that no one (four boys were on the team) was in there before she entered to check that the outside door was secure and that the boys didn’t leave it in a mess.

“Hello?” she called out after knocking and not getting a response.

“Is anyone in here?” she said as she slowly entered, just making sure everyone was gone.

No one answered as she passed the partition which screened out any views someone might have of the locker room if they had looked in from the gym. She immediately proceeded to the door leading outside and confirmed it was locked and shut tight. She then completed her check by opening all of the bathroom stall doors and confirming no one was in the toilet area. She then poked her head around the corner by the showers. She heard one shower still running.

“Those goof off’s!” she thought to herself.

This was the fourth week in a row that the guys on the team, had left a shower running. They were always in such a hurry to get out of there on the weekends, so that they could go party.

She proceeded to the shower room and quickly turned the corner.

“Oh my God!”, she exclaimed in utter surprise. “I didn’t think anyone was left in here. I called out but no one answered. Excuse me Chad, I am so sorry. I was…”

She stopped mid way through her sentence and just stared at Chad. Chad was rinsing off at the time when she turned around the corner.

Chad had nothing to say, he was a bit embarrassed by the awkward situation. He just stood there, returning the stare.

Mrs. Kimble looked like she had just seen a ghost. Her eyes fixated on Chad. Her mouth slowly opened, the bottom jaw sagging as she stood in bewilderment.

Chad was 18, just 2 years younger than Mrs. Kimble. He was an excellent athlete. His body looked to be chiseled by a sculptor. His chest was wide and his pecs were large and round. They looked like they were cut from stone. His waist was narrow and framed his “6 pack” stomach with artistry. It was below his stomach where Stephanie was focused. Before her stood a young man with the penis the size of a horse, she thought. Stephanie had only been with a few men, all of whom were average to below average endowment. Chad was helped by the fact that Mrs. Kimble was tuning him on and his cock stood half erect out from his groin.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Kimble. I didn’t realize I had been in here for so long.”, he blurted out.

That’s O.K. Chad I’m sorry I didn’t call louder. It’s just that every other Frid…..”, she muttered and then realized the predicament she was in. She apologized once more and then turned elvankent escort to leave. She told Chad she would wait outside until he was done and then she would lock up. She quickly about faced and headed out of the locker room, red faced and to her surprised aroused.

As she waited outside of the change room, she couldn’t get the image of Chad’s penis out of her mind. It was a thick stalk, with big, heavy looking testicles. His package was covered in a trimmed patch of black pubic hair. She looked down at her forearm. Now fixated on her forearm, she was sure that his manhood was as long as her forearm from elbow to wrist.

Chad had gotten ready in double time, before Stephanie had expected. Her cheeks were still blush with embarrassment as she looked down when he exited the room. She couldn’t look him in the face.

“All done?” she enquired.

“Yep, sorry about that, Mrs..”

“It’s OK” she interrupted. “Can I give you a ride home Chad?”

“Yeah that would be great” he responded.

Stephanie locked the door to the locker room and they headed silently out the door to the parking lot to Stephanie’s GMC Denali. They hopped in and she started the truck.

Stephanie glanced over and saw a bulge in Chad’s groin. He was still thinking of what happened and fantasizing about taking Mrs. Kimble back in the showers.

Knowing that Kevin was gone for the weekend and how wet she was between her thighs, Stephanie asked Chad if he wanted to go to her house for a hot tub since she cut his hot shower short.

Chad said that would be great.

She put the truck in gear and quickly headed to the exit of the parking lot.

On the way to her house Stephanie knew that she was not losing this opportunity. She immediately started the conversation, leading it to an area of no return, she hoped.

“So Chad, are you still seeing Chelsea?”

“No, we broke up a couple of weeks ago.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Why did you two break up?”

“She was all talk and no action. She was a tease. We would always get warmed up and then she would send me home to a cold shower. I gave her the ultimatum and she took the break up route”

“That’s too bad.”, Stephanie responded with an obvious tone of happiness. “You know Chad, I have always had a crush on you since I first saw you in September.”

“Yeah, me too, Mrs. Kim..”

“Call me Steph”, she interrupted.

“You really surprised me when you came in the showers Steph.”

“Yeah, I know. I too was surprised, pleasantly surprised. You know Chad, I have never seen a package quite like yours before in my life.”

“Awe come on Steph. Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I mean, you are built like a Mack Truck. It’s too bad that Chelsea was such a tease. Trust me she is the one who will miss out.”

“Yeah, I know”

They continued their conversation moving faster and faster and heavier and heavier. Before she knew it, Stephanie was home and parked in her garage. The two of them got out of the truck and headed in the house to the back, where the hot tub was.

“Oh shit, I don’t have a swim suit!”, Chad shrieked.

Knowing that Kevin’s would be way too small for Chad, and otele gelen escort that she wanted him naked anyway Stephanie said, “That’s OK Chad. I left mine at the school in the faculty room. We’ll go in naked.”

“Are you sure Steph? What if your husband comes home?”

“Don’t worry sweetie, he’s gone for a couple of days with his buddies.”

As she was finishing her sentence, she slipped her fore finger and middle finger inside of Chad’s jeans. With precise execution, she had his jeans unzipped and around his ankles in record time. He helped her out by lifting his T shirt over top of is muscular chest and curly hair. Chad stood in front of Stephanie with his boxer briefs around his waist. His piece was expanding by the second and beginning to create a tent situation, as it strained against the soft cotton fabric.

Stephanie began to breathe a little faster. There was definitely no turning back now. She hooked her thumbs inside the waste band of his boxer briefs and slowly slid them down and off his legs. She finished the task on her knees and stared up at her Herculean Looking god. By this time his pole was pointed high in the air. She grabbed his tensioned rod and amazed in its glory. Her fingers could not completely encircle half of this steel piston. She knelt high on her slender well tanned legs. Chad’s immense size stared her in the face. She started slowly to lick his shaft from the base, next to his testicles to the end of the circumsized tip. Pre cum soaked the end and she used it to provide some lubrication along the shaft. She knew that she would need all the lubrication she could get to have that tool slide between her cheeks and down her throat. As she licked and sucked his pole she used the help of her small hands to stimulate him. Chad had never had such an expert work him over. He felt as if his cock were going to tear at the seams. Stephanie had both hands working in unison along the sides of his thick shaft. Her spit and his pre cum were beginning to work up a lather as she piston stroked his cock back and forth into her out stretched mouth.

Chad in amazement was moaning like a dog in heat. He had a fist full of her blonde locks in each and as he fucked her face in penultimate teenage passion. What felt like an eternity to Chad but was actually only about 3 minutes, Chad’s legs became weak and his thighs began to tremble. He was experiencing the biggest orgasm of is life. Stephanie knew he was about to bust his nuts and prepared herself for a stream of hot cum. She felt Chad’s legs tense up and finished the job by pulling his cock out of her warm mouth and quickly jerking his cock like it were an air pump.

Chad let out a shriek of pleasure as a thick rope of cum shot from his mouth and landed on Stephanie’s chin and mouth. Four more streams followed the first. Cum saturated Stephanie face, hair and blouse.

Chad collapsed to the ground. He felt spent.

Stephanie laughed. She could not believe how much cum covered her face, hands and clothes.

“My God, Chad”, she chuckled. “You could put out a fire with that thing!”

They sat next to the hot tub. Chad was going to need some time to recoup before he was going to give Stephanie the fuck of her life.

Stephanie knew that the quick orgasm would only prolong is next. She was looking forward to a nice long soak and then knew that Chad’s cock was going to be impaled in her sopping wet pussy for rest of the night.

To be continued…