Professor Ryan

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“Professor Ryan?”


“Hi. My name’s Beth; I sat in on your Erotic Literature 101 class today. I really want to join the class but it looks full. I was hoping you still had space available?” She added a smile to the end of her sentence, hoping for a positive response.

Beth gazed at the man pondering her fate, acutely aware that she didn’t look like a serious student, much less an English Major. To compensate for her petite stature, Beth favored three inch heels on all of her footwear; today’s black strappy sandals were no exception. A few people had ventured that the brunette with vivid blue eyes was curvy but most thought the petite woman to average size; truthfully, her 32 Cs on her 4’11 frame made her appear top heavy and required her to purchase larger shirts.

Today, her v necked white shirt clung to her breasts and showed the barest hit of the lacy bra beneath and was tucked into a pair of fitted black denim shorts, rolled halfway up her shapely thighs. Beth hoped Professor Ryan would look past her appearance and accept her; the class wasn’t specifically listed as required for her degree but it would give her something to think about at night as she lay in bed working her purple dildo in her cunt. Maybe they’d get a writing assignment and give her a reason to stretch her creative muscles. She smiled to herself with this thought, unaware of the sparkle it brought to her eyes.

Ryan studied the girl, listening to her very gracious plea and watched the secret smile pass over her lips; he doubted she noticed its appearance. The class really was full but he was never one to turn away a student that wanted to take a class, especially one as interesting as this one. He drew an add slip from his desk and told her how to complete the process, wished her a good day and departed company thinking that it would be an interesting semester.

He was right; the semester was interesting. The students grasped the meanings behind the cedar tree growing from the ashes in the 18th Century Chinese poems and had naught but good things to say about the lesbian imagery in the fictional period pieces. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, no writing was assigned, much to the dismay of the students; yet, during the exams, the students were given creative freedom to compare and contrast any two works of their choosing. Beth turned out to be a fantastic student, always diligent in her work and bringing thought provoking arguments about the symbolism in the stories to class. Most of them, Ryan took home and mulled over as he played with his cock.

Although he was loath to let the class go early, Ryan was working against his own deadline. The final draft of the erotic compellation novel was due in a week and he hadn’t had time to make the class a final exam or found the last story to round out the collection. Most of the class was diligent in their work and their final grades had been decided; there was no point in making them suffer escort çankaya through another exam. On the last day of regularly schedule classes, he posted on the board: Erotic short story wanted for an anthology; aspiring writers inquire on the day of the final.

At the end of class, Mr. Ryan gave his final speech: “All right class. Final grades are posted outside my office; you all did remarkably well. We’ve had a great semester and I look forward to seeing you in a few of my other classes. For those of you that are interested, I’m keeping the last class period, the one scheduled for the final exam, open to anyone that has questions; attendance is strictly optional and will not affect your grade. You’re free to go! Have a wonderful Christmas break.” With that, the class filed out, smiling, none but one intending to see him on that final day.

Ryan was stuck. The final class had come and he was still without the final story. He’d finished the editing portion but found himself devoid of ideas. Sitting behind his laptop in an empty classroom did nothing to help his creativity as he pondered asking the publisher for an extension on the deadline. Tomorrow was fast approaching and none of his students had been inclined to submit their own work, which was disappointing in its own rite since most had stated they wanted to be writers. Feeling the pinch, he switched to an open internet browser window and pulled up his favorite free porn site; his creative juices flowed more freely after he’d drained a bit of his other juices.

Happily lost in snippets of teen girls sucking cock, he didn’t notice Beth’s entrance into the classroom. He was safely behind his desk, facing the door, so she couldn’t have seen his screen but he knew he looked guilty. Deftly switching screens, he hid his musings for later and tried to will away his hard on. As he turned his attention to the petite brunette, she sat on the desk adjacent to his, crossing her legs under her short hunter skirt and gave him a view of her pail thigh above the hem of her black nylons. His gaze lingered a bit longer than appropriate and found himself dragging it from her thigh up to her breasts, nicely framed in a low cut black top, and finally to her face.

Beth feigned not to notice the lingering gaze or the swelling hard on beneath Mr. Ryan’s jeans; her normally feminist conscious was quiet for once, not mentioning that this was a teacher and a man probably ten years her senior. Smiling, she turned to the teacher and explained the reason for her visit; she brought a story for consideration for the anthology. She handed over the story and returned to the side of the desk, swinging her legs over the edge as the teacher read her work. Her doubts were banished as she watched Mr. Ryan’s eyes light up and the bulge in his pants grew bigger.

Beth’s story was about a beautiful student seducing her teacher. It started with a quite classroom, the other students had left after class but a otele gelen escort petite brunette had stayed behind to talk to the teacher. This wasn’t the usual script of a girl asking for a better grade but one where the student lusted after the teacher in spite of her very well deserved A. The girl moved herself to the side of the teacher’s desk as he sat in the chair, amiably talking. After a few minutes, the teacher seemed to relax and the brunette slid backwards onto the desk, crossing her legs in front him and leaning back onto her hands and arching her back. The move had the desired effect as the teacher stopped talking, his eyes riveted to her breasts. The girl uncrossed her legs, causing her skirt to ride up her thighs, showing the tops of her thigh high stockings. She lightly traced the toe of her shoe over the ridge in the teacher’s pants, smiling as the bulge pressed against the seam. She placed her hand on her knee and slowly slid it backwards, pulling her skirt up to her waist, exposing her bare pussy. “I want you to lick my pussy,” she said. Professor Ryan sighed and Beth smiled, so far, he was enjoying her story. Beth had liked writing that part and felt bold in choosing to turn in the story while wearing the skirt that inspired that part of the scene.

The little brunette ran her fingers through the teacher’s hair, gently pulling his face into her cunt. She bit her lip to stifle a moan as his tongue flicked across her clit. Her breath turned ragged as his finger pushed into her pussy. The teacher started slowly, pushing one finger deep into her cunt. He sucked her clit into his mouth as he added a second finger. Releasing her clit, he removed his fingers, dipping his tongue into her cunt. The girl sighed at the loss, frustratingly close to cumming. The teacher tongued her pussy, allowing her to cool down, before returning his tongue to her clit. He drew it into his mouth once more as he inserted three fingers into her wet pussy. He searched for the little rough patch of skin and found her G Spot and flicked his fingers across it. The girl moaned and circled his head with her legs as she came. Once recovered, she slid off the desk and on to her knees in front of the teacher, deftly popping the buttons of his khakis to free his cock before she commenced licking the head of his penis like an ice cream cone. Mr. Ryan smiled and leaned back in his chair, subconsciously mimicking the actions of the teacher in the story.

The girl on her knees drew the teacher’s cock all the way into her mouth, slipping her tongue past her lips to lick the sensitive skin of his balls; slowly inching her way up his shaft, she swirled her tongue over every inch of him. Up and down she went, paying special attention to the underside of his head when she came up. She released his cock with an audible pop and smiled mischievously at the teacher. Mr. Ryan’s smile turned into a small O of delight as he read about the student’s etlik bayan escort head bobbing into that lucky teacher’s lap. Just when he was sure the teacher was going to explode, most men would have by then, the brunette released his cock and climbed into the teacher’s lap, sliding her cum soaked cunt over his prick. Mr. Ryan’s imagination had gone into overdrive and his prick tingled in appreciation of the little brunette’s actions, nearly bursting when the girl removed her shirt and pulled the teacher’s head to her breasts. His moans mingled with the lucky teacher’s as he drew her hard nipples into her mouth, teasing them with his teeth. The story girl ground herself the teacher’s cock and her breath stopped as she arched her back, flooding his lap with her cum. Leaning close the teacher’s ear, she whispered “I want to see you cum.”

Mr. Ryan gasped, envious of the teacher, and was transfixed as the teacher picked up the little brunette and laid her across the desk. The teacher pulled her ankles up to his shoulders and thrust into her cunt hard and fast, using her hips for leverage to push deep. Her hands cupped her breasts and savagely pinched her nipples as she cried out again. Feeling her cunt tighten around his cock was enough to send the teacher into bliss of his own. Before she was done cumming, he pulled of her wet pussy and sprayed his cum across her breasts. Breathing hard, the teacher relaxed the hold on the brunette’s hips and slid her thighs down around his hips; he liked the way her heels dug into this ass. The girl’s eyes were still glazed as she drew her hands through the hot cum coating her breasts, rubbing it around her nipples with a sigh. She brought her hand towards her mouth and her tongue reached out to lick cum from between her fingers. She drew her index finger into her mouth and closed her eyes in delight as she sucked it clean. The little brunette looked at the teacher with a smile, pulling her finger from her mouth, “Tasty.”

A small click drew Mr. Ryan’s attention from the page; the story left him hot and he hoped to find a quiet room all to himself in the very near future. Instead, Beth was leaning against the locked classroom door, smiling at him. She pulled her black top over her head, exposing her soft breasts as she walked towards him. “I want to see you cum,” she said. Beth picked up his laptop and deposited it on the floor, filling the now vacant space on the desk in front of Professor Ryan. She pulled her hunter skirt up to her waist and spread her legs, watching her teacher watch her bare cunt. She slid a finger into her wet pussy, pulled it out and pressed it to his lips. “But first, Professor Ryan, I want you to lick my cunt.”

Beth sat on the edge of the teacher’s desk holding a copy of Carnal Fantasy. Professor Ryan had inscribed the book’s cover with a little note: Beth, Thank you for your story. You’re an amazing writer and an inspiration to us all. Professor R. is the featured story; may this be just the first of many literary successes. Sincerely, Professor Ryan. ” Beneath his name, he’d included his phone number. Beth laughed at the memory of the affair as she turned towards the class assembled behind her. “Welcome to Erotic Literature 101…”