Public Display of Affection

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Public Sex

Julia weaved her fingers through Will’s as they made their way through the park. The warm noon sun was filtered out by the soft swaying leaves of the tall oak trees that lined the path they were strolling through. Squirrels scampered up the trees to play on the branches as the couple walked by. Birds of all kinds sang and called to one another. It was the perfect spring day.

The pair had spent the morning together at the park, taking a day off from work and other responsibilities to just enjoy each others company. They had went to breakfast together and then decided to walk through the park, spending most of their time sitting on a bench facing a small pond necking like two teenagers. No one but the lazily swimming ducks was there to watch them though so it didn’t matter. Will had stopped the whole ordeal when Julia had slyly slipped her hand into his pants while they kissed, he loved to be affectionate with her in public but that kind of thing was something he just wouldn’t participate in. Julia, on the other hand, had enjoyed it and was a little peeved Will would push her away like that, besides his dick had made it pretty clear he liked it too.

The incident was still fresh in Julia’s mind as the reached the edge of the park, stepping onto the sidewalk and watching the traffic crawl by. Will searched the lines of vehicles, looking for a taxi. He spotted one and started to lift his arm to hail it over when Julia stopped him. She had an idea.

“Will, let’s take the bus home, please?”

“The bus? What for? It’ll take forever to get home.”

“It won’t take that long. Besides we might see more sights on the bus than we would in a taxi.” Her voice got a little more assertive as she tried to persuade him.

“Alright but it’s going to take way too long, you’ll see.”

“Oh I think you’ll never want this bus bahis siteleri ride to end, babe.”

Julia picked a seat near the back of the empty bus. A small, frail older woman and her grandson were the only other passengers the driver was transporting. He barely noticed Julia and Will, his chubby hands readied on the steering wheel as his squinted eyes scanned traffic. After only a few blocks the young boy led his grandmother off the bus, leaving Julia and Will to themselves.

Julia had pushed Will into the seat first so she could sit by the aisle, giving her more room to move around. Will had his arm around her shoulders as they watched buildings and people pass by as the bus crawled down the street.

“I see some places I’d like to shop.”

“Using your money or mine?”

“Yours of course!” Julia smirked at him before kissing him softly.

Will kissed her back as his arm pulled her in close to him while her tongue traced his lips. Nips of the tongue led to Will slowly exploring her mouth with his tongue, darting it against the roof of her mouth, rubbing softly against her tongue. Julia rested her hand on his leg before briefly dropping it down to stroke his inner thigh, slyly brushing her fingers against his hardening cock. Will moved down to her earlobe, teasing it with his lips and tongue as Julia walked her fingers up to the zipper of his pants. As his teeth gently grazed her neck she unbuttoned the top of his jean and tugged down his zipper. He brought his mouth close to her ear and whispered.

“Julia, not here.” He planted little kisses close to her ear, obviously enjoying what was happening.

“Why not?” She grazed her fingers over his cock, causing him to shiver.

“Someone might see us.”

“Who? The old, fat bus driver? So what? It might be good to bring some excitement into his life. canlı bahis siteleri Let’s give him a show!” As she finished her statement she squeezed his dick, forcing a low moan to come from the back of his throat.

His eyes burned with lust and excitement as Julia pushed his pants and boxers down allowing his dick to spring forward, bobbing a bit as the bus hit a pothole. Julia spread his legs wide and wiggled in between them.

She nipped at his inner thighs, teasingly close to his balls. His balls were swollen more than usual she noticed, as she watched them swaying from the vibrations of the buses engine. She hungrily lapped at them, cradling them with her tongue, hearing him unsuccessfully hide a moan. She caressed them with her lips, her tongue covering them in saliva as she licked them. Will’s hands massaged her shoulders, wanting to grip her hair and force her mouth up to his throbbing cock. Julia teased him awhile longer though, continuing to suckle on his balls before her tongue went lower to quickly dart over that patch of sensitive skin between his ass and balls. His hands moved up to her neck, desperately wanting more.

Julia pushed his dick flat against his stomach, exploring the large vein that ran underneath it slowly with her tongue, working from the base up to the tip of his head. Julia pulled her tongue away, and let his dick move back down before bringing her mouth even with it. She reached her tongue out, fluttering it over the tip of his dick, smearing precum around the head. Julia drew his swollen head in between her lips, her tongue dancing out to caress more of his dick. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, pumping it slowly, gently squeezing it. She was circling her tongue around the head of his dick in rhythm with her squeezing. Julia moved her other hand that was resting on his canlı bahis inner thighs to cup and palm his balls while she sucked him off. As she took them gently into her hands she was surprised to feel how tight they were already.

“Must be all the excitement.” Julia thought. “For a guy that was so shy about all of this he’s already about to explode.”

Julia parted her lips and popped the head of Will’s dick into her mouth before she pushed the rest of his dick into her mouth, trapping it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth as his head brushed the back of her throat. She could feel him start to move against her, rocking in her mouth, reveling in the feeling of her sucking his dick.

Julia gently pushed some of his dick out then slowly sucking it back in as she started to move with his trusts. She could taste more and more of his precum coating her tongue and sliding down her throat. As his orgasm came closer his thrusts became harder and faster, Julia complying. She tightened her lips around his dick, hearing nothing but his shallow breathing and occasional grunts as he plunged into her mouth. Will’s hands moved from the back of Julia’s neck into her hair, gripping it tightly and forcing her down onto his cock. Julia moaned around his dick as it pushed roughly against the back of her throat, Will’s pubic hair tickling her nose. She could feel his dick swelling inside her mouth, her tongue pressing against the throbbing veins as he moved in and out of her mouth. Without much warning Will’s cock exploded inside her mouth. Cum gushing down her throat as it filled her mouth, some sliding down the corners of her mouth.

Julia swallowed all his cum, still sliding his softening dick in and out of her mouth while she caressed his balls. When she was sure he was all done she let his cock slide out with a dull pop, wiping the cum off her face and sucking it off her fingers before smiling up at him. His face was flushed as he tried to catch his breath. Julia sat back in her seat next to him and glanced at the driver before giving him a wink.