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Subject: Quality Time 5 (Revised) Romeo Miller was walking through his dad’s palatial estate when he come upon his office. The door was wide open and, as per usual, his dad, Master P, was doing tons of paperwork. Romeo looked lustfully at his dad. As usual, his dad was wearing a three-piece suit, which turned always turned Romeo on. “Damn, dad looks fine as fuck!” He thought to himself, stroking the bulge that was forming in his pants. “Lord Jesus, he just don’t know what he’s doing to me right now!” Romeo walked into the office. “Hey, dad.” He said. “What you working on?” “Just trying to finish this paperwork I’ve been putting off.” Master P said. He absent-mindedly rubbed the back of his neck. “You okay, dad?” Romeo asked. “My neck is a little sore, but, I’ll be alright.” Master P said. Romeo walked over behind his dad. “Let me get that for you.” Romeo said. He started massaging his dad’s neck and shoulders. “That’s okay, son…” Master P started to protest a bit. “It’s alright. I got you.” Romeo said as he continued to massage his dad’s neck and shoulders. “Why don’t I loosen that tie.” Romeo undid the tie and tossed it onto the floor. Then he unbuttoned his dad’s dress shirt. “Rome, what are you doing to me?” Master P asked. “Just trying to make you comfortable.” Romeo said. Once the dress shirt was unbuttoned, Romeo helped his dad take it off. Then he slid his hands down his dad’s chest, resting them on his dad’s nipples. He gave his dad’s nipples a gentle squeeze. “Mmmmm, that feels real good, Rome.” Master P said, feeling really good. “I’m glad you like it, dad.” Romeo said. “Now, give me a kiss.” Master P lifted his head up and his lips met Romeo’s in a passionate kiss. As they continued to kiss, Romeo’s hands went further south, stopping at his dad’s pants. His hands slid down and cupped a bulge that was forming in Master P’s pants. “That looks like a pretty big bulge you got there, dad.” “It ain’t my fault.” Master P said, smiling slyly. “I’ll bet.” Romeo said. He unbuttoned and unzipped his dad’s pants and reached into his boxers and pulled out his dad’s nine-inch dick. “You got a real nice piece, dad.” “I’m glad you like it, son.” Master P said. “However, I know you got something bigger in YOUR pants. Let me see it!” “You wanna see it?” Romeo said, being coy. “Yes, son, I do.” Master P said smiling. “Then, get on your knees and I’ll show it to you.” Romeo said. Master P quickly got on his knees in front of his son. “You must really want this dick, dad.” “Yes, I do.” Master P said, licking his lips. “Now, give me that dick.” Romeo pulled down his shorts and reached into his boxers and pulled out the biggest, wickedest dick Master P had ever seen. It was nearly a foot long and thick as all hell! “Now, that’s what I call a third leg!” Romeo slid his dick into his dad’s hungry mouth. Romeo’s body shuddered a bit when he felt his dad’s warm mouth and lips on his dick. “Mmmm, dad, that mouth feels so good.” Romeo said. Master P began sucking on Romeo’s piece as if it were an all-day sucker. “Oh fuck!” Romeo began fucking his dad’s face nice and slow. “God damn, dad! That mouth of yours is on point! ankara rus escort Shit!” Master P really enjoyed sucking his son’s big dick. It stretched his jaws to the limit! “Damn, this dick is big as shit!” He thought, not for the first time. He happily sucked and slurped on Romeo’s dick, slowly getting it nice and hard. “Yea, dad. Suck this dick!” Romeo said, grabbing his cell phone. He started videotaping his dad sucking his dick. “Suck this NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) black snake!” Master P ignored what his son was doing and continued to suck his son’s dick down to his pubes. He used his tongue up and down Romeo’s dick. “Aww, shit, dad!” Romeo leaned back against his dad’s desk for support. “Fuck!” He thrust his hips in and out of his dad’s mouth. “GOD DAMN!” Romeo was in heaven! While Master P was sucking his dick, Romeo bent over his dad and reached into his dad’s dress pants. Master P quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, allowing Romeo to easily slide his hands down into his pants. Romeo grabbed a big handful of Master P’s booty meat and gave it a rough squeeze. “MMMMMFFFF!” Master P moaned, still sucking his son’s dick. “You like that, dad?” Romeo asked. “MMMM HMMM!” Master P moaned. So, Romeo grabbed both his dad’s ass cheeks and squeezed them violently. “You want me to fuck this ass, don’t you, dad?” Romeo asked. “Mmm hmmm.” Master P replied. Then Romeo licked his middle finger, getting it nice and slick. Then he slid it up his dad’s hole. Master P’s hole was so tight; it closed tightly around Romeo’s finger! “Damn, dad!” Romeo exclaimed. “When was the last time you were fucked? This ass is tight as hell!” “A year ago. By your uncle Silkk.” Master P said. “Damn, I think I’m gonna have to do something about that.” Romeo said. He pulled his dick out of his dad’s mouth. “Stand up, dad.” Master P stood up and Romeo, quickly, yanked down his pants and underwear to his ankles. “Now, assume the position.” Master P obediently bent over his desk, letting Romeo have perfect access to his plump, booty. Then Romeo sat down in the chair, behind Master P, and stuck his long tongue up Master P’s booty hole. “OOOOH!” Master P exclaimed, surprised by Romeo’s cold, wet tongue. In out in out in out. Romeo flicked his tongue in and out like a serpent. “FFUUCCKK! DDAAMMNN!” Master P was experiencing ecstasy the likes of which he had never known. His son’s tongue was driving him wild! “MMMMMM, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” He moaned. He backed his ass up on Romeo’s tongue, making Romeo’s tongue go deeper and deeper. “SSHHIITT! DDAAMMNN!” Then, Romeo nibbled and sucked on his dad’s asshole. “Mmm, this ass tastes real good, dad.” He said. He continued to slurp and suck on Master P’s ass, which, in turn, drove Master P even wilder. After a while, Master P couldn’t take anymore. He banged his fists on the desk and screamed, “FUCK ME…NOW!” “Alright, then. Take off the rest of these clothes.” Romeo said. “You know I like fucking you butt naked.” Master P quickly took off his underwear, slacks, dress shoes, and socks. “Now, get on the desk, on your back with your legs in the air. “Oh shit!” çankaya escort Master P said. This was Romeo’s favorite position to fuck him in. “This is the position that does the most damage to my ass.” Master P thought to himself. “I’m in big trouble now!” Once in position, with Master P’s legs on his shoulders, Romeo slowly slid his long dick up his dad’s hole. “OWW, FUCK!” Master P moaned. “Damn, Rome. Your dick is big as shit!” “The bigger to fuck you with, dad.” Romeo said, chuckling devilishly. It wasn’t like Master P hadn’t been fucked by Romeo before. On the contrary, Master P loved getting dicked down by his eldest son. It’s just that the size of Romeo’s meat shocked him every time it entered him. Romeo long stroked his dad’s hole, causing Master P to moan. “Mmm, fuckkk!” Master P moaned. “Ewwweee!” In out in out in out. Romeo’s dick slid in and out of Master P’s hole, making Master P moan louder and louder. “GOD DAMN IT, ROMEO!” Master P felt like his ass was ripped apart! In out in out in out. Romeo’s dick plowed deeper and deeper up Master P’s tight ass, wreaking havoc on his insides. “Damn, Rome! You’re tearing up my ass good, boy!” Master P said. All of a sudden, Romeo quickened his pace. In out in out in out in out in out. “OH SHIT!” Romeo began to piston fuck his dad mercilessly. “DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!” “You like that, dad?” Romeo asked. “Can you feel my dick deep in your guts, pop?” Master P sure could feel Romeo’s dick deep in his guts…And, it was driving him wild! Master P tried to scoot away from the dick, but, Romeo wasn’t having it. “Don’t run, pop.” He said. He scooted Master P back into position. As he fucked his dad, Romeo watched his dad lose his mind. He started beating on Romeo’s muscular chest. Romeo just grabbed his dad’s arms and tied them together with his own belt. “Now, you can’t hit me.” He continued fucking his dad’s hole, opening it up, little by little. “OH GOD!” Master P screamed. His body twitched with every thrust of Romeo’s dick. Then Master P’s toes curled, looking like they were throwing up gang signs! “I think it’s time I take you from the back.” Romeo said, pulling his dick out of his dad’s ass. Master P got up off the desk. Then Romeo quickly rummaged through his dad’s desk drawer. “There they are.” He pulled out a pair of silver handcuffs. “Put your hands behind your back.” Master P did as he was told, smiling the whole time. Romeo quickly handcuffed his dad’s hands behind his back. Then he forced (sort of) his dad to his knees and made him bend over. “That’s it, dad. Your favorite position. Your face down and your big ole booty in the air!” SMACK! Romeo couldn’t resist smacking his dad’s big butt. Then he slid his dick back up his dad’s asshole. In this position, Master P felt Romeo’s dick real good! Romeo rode Master P’s ass like he was a real cowboy, shoving his dick in and out of his ass. “Aww, shit! Damn! FUCK!” Master P howled, his voice trembling. Romeo fucked him faster and harder. “OOH, FUCK!” In out in out in out in out. “God damn, this dick is good! Shit!” “You like this dick, dad?” Romeo asked. “Fuck, yea!” Master ankara escort P said. “Fuck me down, son!” With that, Romeo tore into his dad’s ass like a convict just released from prison. “OHHH! OOOWWWW, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Romeo beat his dad’s back out but good! “OWWW, DDAAMMNN!” “Your ass is so fuckin’ good, dad! Damn!” Romeo said. Sweat glistened off his body as he continued to pummel the hell out of his dad’s asshole. “You’re… fucking… the… hell… out… of… me.” Master P said, breathlessly. “I know, dad,” Romeo said with a smirk. “that’s the idea.” “Aww, shit!” Master P moaned. Now, he knew he was in trouble! Master P’s loud moans echoed throughout his home office as Romeo pounded the living shit out of his ass. “Oh shit! Jesus!” Master P cried out, his voice getting higher and higher. “Mercy…aw, fuck…dammit!” “Dad, you know you don’t want know mercy.” Romeo said. “You want all this dick.” “I… know, but… I… FUCK!” Master P said. At this point, he was so overcome with pleasure, he was delirious. Romeo continued to tear into his asshole. “Oooh, fuck! Damn! Fuck!” Romeo fucked his dad’s ass like it was going out of style. “I’M GONNA CUM!” Romeo growled. He quickly pulled out of his dad’s ass. Then he yanked his dad into a sitting position and aimed his dick towards his dad’s face! Then… SPLOOSH! His cum shot out of his dick like a volcanic eruption, spraying his dad squarely in the face. Next, he reached down and jerked his dad’s dick. “OH FUCK! NOO! STOP!” Master P screamed. Now, after sex, his body was ultra-sensitive. “FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Master P sprayed his cum all over his sweaty chest. He slumped down onto the ground; he was exhausted. Romeo turned his dad onto his stomach and unlocked the handcuffs. Then he roughly grabbed his dad by his hair and asked, “Dad, whose ass is this?” Master P looked dead in his son’s eyes and said, “This ass is yours, son. You can have it anytime, anywhere you want, son. You own this ass.” “Good.” Romeo said. “Now, get back to work.” Master P reached for his pants. “Naw, dad. I wanna watch you do your paperwork butter ball naked.” Romeo said, stopping his dad. Master P chuckled and said, “Alright, son. As you wish.” Master P got up and sat back down in his executive chair while Romeo sat in a chair where he could see his dad’s nude body as he worked. While his dad worked, Romeo jerked his own dick, getting it nice and hard. Master P looked over and saw his son’s hard dick and licked his lips. “FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Romeo howled as his dick shot several loads into the air. They landed on his sweaty chest. “Damn, that felt good!” Then he started messing with his dad. When Master P would walk past him, Romeo would smack his dad’s ass. “Love this plump, juicy booty.” Romeo said smiling. Master P smacked his son’s hand away from his ass. “Boy, if you don’t stop doing that!” Master P said, getting angry. Romeo didn’t stop, however. Pretty soon, Master P was hard again. “I’m, sorry, dad.” Romeo said, chuckling. “Come here, let me fix that dad. After all, it is my fault your hard.” “You better believe it’s your fault. Now, You’d better come over here and fix this.” Master P said. Romeo walked over to where his dad was. “Get on your knees.” Master P roughly shoved Romeo onto his knees. Romeo opened his mouth and let his dad shove his dick down his throat. Master P sat down while Romeo continued to suck his dick. “I finally got you to shut up!” The End