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Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 162 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 162 George came the next day, and explained to Kevin what he had planned. The house agent in Canterbury thought that even in the depth of winter the house would sell quickly. “That means I’ll have to get my skates on to find something near here.” I asked if he had anywhere in mind. “No, but I want to go on teaching, so it should be in a town, not out in the wilds. Not Aylesbury, and not Luton – we don’t want to be on anyone’s doorstep – but not too far from either.” “What about this new Milton Keynes place?” said Charlie, “it’s a new town and there’s bound to be new people there. There will be schools too.” George agreed it might well be exactly right. “No-one will know anybody, and that will suit us. I’ll go and sniff around tomorrow.” As expected, they took themselves off to bed early. “Up by 0800, Kevin,” said Charlie, “It’s a full day.” Kevin grinned, “yes, master. I’ll drag George out with me too, because he has to go into the forest to build a log cabin for us.” (George phoned us two nights later. Finding the log cabin had been simple and he could buy one as soon as he liked. He calmed the selling agent down long enough for it to be understood that a sale in Canterbury was needed first. “There’s more,” he said. Apparently there was a school about half a mile away and two more were expected to be built within three miles in the next two years. “If they’re completely new schools I might well get a department head’s job in two or three years.” I congratulated him. “We have Ade and his mum in two days, and you the day after. How long are you staying?” To my relief he didn’t plan to stay until New Year – we’re always really busy in that week and Kevin would not have any time off from breakfast until around 2200. “Just two days – I have to be around for the agent at home.”) ***** The re-opening went well. It was the first time we’d had to gear up from scratch, having been closed for so long. We decided not to do lunches that day so that Charlie and Kevin could spend the whole day preparing for dinner. We had a full set of bookings, including Bill and Ben who had insisted that they had their usual table on opening day. “Can’t wait any longer, Patrick,” Bill had said. And if you could discern a leer down the telephone then he said it with a leer. “Don’t expect that treatment every time, Jeremy, will you?” “No, no, my dear, but we can dream surely?” I laughed, “see you on the big night then.” “Shall we see Kevin in all his glory?” I had to disappoint him. ***** I had a quick check that there was nothing which might cause a mother’s heart to flutter when Mrs Gold and Ade – Adrian, sorry – came for The Inspection. Our room’s door was firmly closed, as was the door to the upstairs cupboard – no harm in letting her think that Charlie and I slept chastely and separately behind the two doors. Kevin and I spent five minutes carrying his stuff out of our room into the spare room, and making it appear lived-in. Kevin grinned as we did this. “Will she want to inspect everything, ataköy escort do you think?” “I hope not, Kevin, but it’s only fair to let her see where Ade will sleep.” “Except he won’t.” “No, not any more than you do.” Kevin said nothing. I knew those nothing-filled silences: something was on his mind. “Spit it out,” I said, “you’re among friends, remember.” “When we all had lunch with Mr Corrigan in Los Angeles Ade and I talked while you lot were making your farewells. You didn’t notice.” I had to agree: the farewell-taking had been an emotional few minutes. “And?” “We both want to get it on with each other and I felt certain that you and Charlie would want to join in.” “You feel correctly,” I said, “you’re no fool, Kevin.” He grinned, “no, you and Charlie have taught me well. So if you’re happy can Ade and I have a few minutes while you show his mum where he will sleep. Officially?” “Of course, Kevin. Why don’t you suggest that he comes for say two nights early in January before school starts? We’re always quiet immediately after New Year. If he’s happy with the idea – and I think he probably will be, from what you say, I’ll mention it when Mrs Gold and Charlie and I are sitting being very correct over a nice cup of tea. I don’t suppose you and Ade will wish to take tea with us … ? No, I thought not. Don’t do anything too romantic though, will you?” Kevin smiled. “No, Patrick, we’ll be very careful.” I went to the station to meet them – we’re only a ten minute walk away, but it’s through little lanes and not easy to describe. I kept forgetting that Aylesbury was an unfamiliar to Ade as it was to his mother. I pointed out some of the shops he would be buying from once Charlie had introduced him. “And here we are,” I said at last. Kevin had been keeping an eye out and Charlie was at the door to greet us. Coffee, conversation, inspection, more conversation while Charlie took Ade into the kitchen to involve him in lunch. Kevin made himself scarce. Mrs Gold and I were left to make the arrangements. “I must say it’s very cosy,” she said. I took this to mean nothing more than voicing her opinion that the place was homely. “Charlie and I hate formality. If Adrian comes to work here he’ll be living with us and although we’ll pay him a wage and train him and expect him to work, he’s still going to spend most of his day with Charlie, and some of it with me. We don’t think that being Mr MacKenzie and Mr Mulloy helps our kitchen boys to feel that this is their home while they’re with us. We’ll work him hard and if he’s as keen as he seems to be he’ll learn a great deal. Charlie’s a wonderful teacher, and he knows how to discover a boy’s strengths and develop them.” She asked me what I did. I explained that I looked after the cellar and the business side of everything. “And as I’m in charge of the cellar, may I offer you a glass of sherry before lunch?” Mrs Gold said that she thought that an excellent idea, and if I had a nice dry sherry she would gladly accept. I poured us each a goodly glass of La Ina, evidently much to her liking. “What do you feel about Adrian’s coming to work here? Are you happy with what you’ve seen?” She was. There had been no sign of excess familiarity between her boy and his prospective employers; no sign that the small second bedroom, occupied now by another teenager to judge from the slight untidiness (Kevin and I had spent several minutes in achieving just the right degree of authenticity), was anything other than the staff quarters; and every sign that Adrian was as excited about his career prospects as ever. merter escort “He’ll be like a dog with two tails all through his last term at school,” she said, “but it’s only three months. Will Kevin be staying until then?” I said that Kevin’s plans were still a bit fluid, but he would certainly still be with us at Easter. “Maybe he can show Adrian the ropes.” I’m glad she interpreted my nearly choking as a mouthful of La Ina going down the wrong way. Charlie came in as I was recovering to say that lunch was ready. The five of us sat down to eat a lunch which Kevin said that he had been “80% responsible for”. He turned to Ade, sitting next to him, naturally, and said that he, Adrian, would be doing something similar in a year’s time. Ade’s smile was a joy to see. Charlie wondered whether Adrian would be willing to come for a few days immediately after New Year to see what was involved. “Would that be possible, Mrs Gold? Adrian’s face tells me he thinks it would be a good idea.” Ade’s grin was in danger of splitting his face in half. Mrs Gold had no need to think about it. “Of course … Charlie, look at him, he can’t wait.” It was agreed that I would collect him in the car on 3 January and return him after two nights. “School starts on 6 January, so he’ll have to be back the day before.” I was glad that the planned confab had produced the required answer. Now all we had to do was pack the two of them off back to Luton and enjoy the Christmas and New Year rushed-off-our-feet time. ***** Bill and Ben were booked in for dinner on 31 December, and booked in, what’s more, at 2030 – our latest time. Charlie and I were in no doubt that they had deliberately asked for that time so that they would be the last to leave, and thus possibly treated to another display of Kevin’s delights. Kevin, on being made aware of this, showed enthusiasm for the opportunity to polish his front-of-house skills by presenting their bill again. I wasn’t too keen – the more it became known, even within a tight circle of queer customers, that Kevin was anything more than an apprentice, the riskier our cosy arrangement became. Charlie, for once, was more adventurous that I. “If everyone else has long gone and Kevin’s happy I don’t see any problem. It’s not as though they were going to fuck him or anything.” It was the ‘or anything’ which worried me, but since anything which might happen would be spur-of-the-moment I couldn’t put my finger on my worries. “It’ll be OK, Patrick,” said Kevin, “I’m a big boy.” This was true in so many ways, I’m happy to confirm. Bill and Ben lingered over dinner that night. By 2300 they were the only people still there. I went to join them, bearing three brandy glasses. “Well, that’s it for another year,” I said, “I wonder what 1968 will bring.” “At our age more of the same would do,” said Jeremy, “I can’t see things getting any better.” Jeremy was in a maudlin mood – I hoped the complimentary Hine would improve it. “One thing will change,” I said, “Kevin will be leaving us at Easter. He wants to go to college. It’s not fixed yet, but that’s the plan. We’ll be getting a new boy of course, so Charlie will still have someone in the kitchen doing the donkey work.” “I envy you,” said David, “having such a cast-iron excuse for keeping a pretty boy on the premises. Is the new one chosen yet?” I assured him that everything was in hand. At that point Charlie and Kevin came in. Charlie had a brandy glass in his hand. So did Kevin. They pulled up two more chairs, Charlie very deliberately arranging it so that Kevin was between the two of us. bahçeşehir escort I had no idea what the two of them were up to, but there was clearly something afoot. “You’re leaving then, Kevin,” said Jeremy. Kevin nodded. “Yes, but not till Easter. You’ll still have the benefit of vegetables I’ve prepared and pastry I’ve made. Charlie’s promised to let me loose on more advanced stuff in the next three months.” Was this pretty little speech prepared too, I wondered. I knew perfectly well that Kevin had been ‘let loose’ on ‘advanced stuff’ for months now: indeed he had been responsible (under close supervision) for two of the entrees that evening – so what did the boy mean? Jeremy was in no doubt what it meant though – his eyes lit up. “My, Kevin, that sounds exciting. I wonder what the advanced stuff will turn out to be.” Neither Charlie nor Kevin – who may have been presumed to know – volunteered any information; I, who did not, was equally silent. They asked us about our voyage, and we filled in enough of the publicly-acceptable details to see time pass. (Ade was not mentioned.) There was no way we could get them to leave before midnight now – they would have to see in the New Year with us. Had Charlie and wicked Kevin planned this? At 2350 Kevin got up. “I must get your bill,” he said, “Patrick’s insistent that all the 1967 accounts are finished by the end of December.” This was utter tosh, and was therefore part of whatever plan the two of them had concocted. I awaited developments. Less than a minute later he returned, garbed only in the same apron which had served to cover his modesty (though not his arse) on that earlier occasion. He stood between Bill and Ben and bent slightly – not too much – to lay the bill squarely in front of Jeremy. Would a hand stray? To their credit neither Bill nor Ben made a move, apart from Jeremy’s reaching for his wallet. Several �10 notes were placed on Kevin’s plate. Kevin smiled, turned round to walk – wiggle might be a more accurate description – back into the kitchen to get change. He delayed his return long enough for Jeremy to sigh deeply at the sight of such a promising arse ‘bouncing so enticingly out of reach’. “I’m sure Kevin’s duties after work has finished in the kitchen are no less onerous,” he murmured. Naturally neither Charlie nor I did anything more incriminating than smile enigmatically. Of the four of us at the table only Charlie knew what was about to happen. He and Kevin remembered only too clearly what the result of the sight of Kevin’s enticing arse had been on the last occasion it had been displayed to our guests. Kevin gave it a good three minutes before making his reappearance. Naked, hairless, he stood between them again with the change on the plate. “Pinch me, David,” said Jeremy, “an angel has come between us.” I hoped not. “On the stroke of midnight,” said Kevin, “and for exactly one minute you may touch whatever you wish. It’s our New Year present to our most loyal customers.” “And your most understanding,” murmured Jeremy, “how long must we hold ourselves in suspense?” Kevin had timed it well. It was 2358. 1967 was almost over and for Kevin (and even more so, for Bill and Ben) 1968 would start with … not a bang, surely? =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 163 as Ade joins us. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real, as are the details of the final voyage. I first saw the boys while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and had the pleasure of seeing them again in April 2019, smiling at the knowledge of all the things that had befallen them since I first saw them, and thought again how cute “I” was. I’m sure he had adventures in real life … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. =============================================================================