Quickie In The Ladies Room

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“Oh Lord will this day EVER end?” she thought to her self as she walked to the bathroom. She was helping her manager close down the restaurant that she worked at. The other guy that usually worked this shift had called in sick so Ryan had asked her to stay and help out. She thought she had locked the bathroom door behind her, although why, when the store was closed and Ryan was the only other one here. She was just getting ready to walk out and get the mop when the bathroom door opened and Ryan walked in. Before she could say a word, his mouth was on hers, and he was kissing her tenderly. She was still for a minute, shocked that he was kissing her. Then she kissed him back. She had dreamed of this since she started working here and now it was happening. Her body was tingling all over as his hands rubbed down her back to her ass, gently squeezing before moving back up and then repeating the movements. He broke the kiss and she opened her eyes to find him staring down at her. He had an almost shocked look on his face, like he couldn’t believe what he had just güvenilir bahis done. Then he just turned around and walked out of the bathroom. They didn’t speak to each other at all for the rest of the night, and she went home still tasting him on her lips.

The next day she tried not to stare at Ryan and could tell he was doing the same. Carla, the owner asked if they had gotten in a fight the night before because they were usually the loudest out of all the workers. She just shrugged her shoulders and continued working. Towards the end of her shift she had to go to the bathroom again. She was dreading going back in there because she didn’t want to remember the glorious feel of Ryan’s hands on her backside. But she also couldn’t ignore her bladder and eventually gave in. She thought she had herself under control as she went to open the door, but as soon as it was open she saw Ryan standing there waiting.

He pushed his way inside and locked the door behind him. This time there was no hesitation. Their lips met roughly and his arms wrapped around her like güvenilir bahis siteleri a vise. Her supple body was crushed against his hard chest and she could feel his growing erection inside his jeans. Again he broke the kiss, but when she looked in his eyes it was lust she saw, not confusion. Her hands reached for his fly at the same time his went for hers. They both fumbled with the zippers until she freed his cock. Her eyes took in the sight before her. That had to be the biggest cock she had ever seen! It was about 10″ long and at least an inch and a half wide. She knew it would hurt but she also knew she had to have it in her, now. She turned around and he pulled her jeans down around her ankles and then she braced herself against the sink. He was in her in one thrust and she bit her tongue to stop herself from screaming. It hurt but she could also feel the pleasure of being filled so full. Briefly she thought of the fact that she was at work, and if caught, she would be fired on the spot, but at the moment she didn’t care. This felt way too good iddaa siteleri to stop.

Ryan started pumping slowly in and out of her, making sure she wasn’t in any pain. When he heard her moan he began moving faster and harder, slamming into her with each thrust. She wanted to scream out every time he pushed into her, but she knew that if she did they would be caught. She was so close to cumming and feeling Ryan’s cock swell just before he came sent her over the edge. She gushed pussy juice all over his cock as her spasming cunt milked his cock. As her muscles contracted around him she felt him shoot his load deep inside her sending her into another gushing orgasm. He stayed inside her until he began to soften inside her and finally pulled out. A mixture of his cum and her juices coated his rod. They cleaned up as quickly as they could neither one saying a word. Then they got dressed and snuck out of the ladies room as if nothing had happened. No one had even noticed that they were gone, and she finished her work shift without a word exchanged between either of them. But when she went to leave at the end of her shift Ryan grabbed her arm. She turned and saw the gleam in his eyes as he asked her….

“Josh called in sick again. Would you stay and help me close up?”

To Be Continued…