Quickie Spanking

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You’ve been a bad girl and are in need of a spanking and I’m more than willing to help out.

We head over to the park and park in a back corner. You jump into the van where I’m waiting in the backseat. I pull your pants off and you lay across my lap. I smack one white butt check and then the next. You yelp. I go at it again and again. Now I stop and massage them, pulling them apart. Your thong doesn’t hide anything and I see your little pucker hole. I run the tip of my finger over it and then slide it down your slit. You are starting to get wet. I reach all the way forward and find your clit. I give it a few quick flicks. As I draw by hand back, my fingers slip into your pussy. I pull it out and suck the nectar off my fingers. I then spank you some more. With each slap you are getting wetter and wetter.

“Lets get rid of these, they are in the way!” and I rip your thong off.

There are people walking past about 50 feet away and you ankara escort see them but I don’t stop.

The next time after playing with your clit, I push a finger deep into your wet pussy. I pull it out and push it back in again this time it is joined by a second. You moan and stick your ass up in the air wanting my fingers to reach in as far as possible. I pull my fingers out. Smack! Smack! Your ass cheeks are turning crimson. Again my fingers make the journey. They are covered in cum. I pull them out again. You groan “Please don’t stop!”. I spread your ass cheeks and put a finger tip to the little pucker hole and push. It slides in. You are squirming. Smack! I use my other hand to spank you again. I’m finger fucking your ass my other hand makes the trip down your wet slit and finds your clit again. You are bucking wanting the finger in your ass as deep as it can be and wanting the fingers on your clit to not stop. I then slide my thumb elvankent escort in your warm wet pussy. It’s too much “Oh god I’m cumming!” both holes clamp down on whatever they can find and you spasm. Wave after wave crashes over you. You finally collapse with my fingers still in your holes. I pull them out, and lick off your cum.

“OK you’ve taken your punishment like a good girl. You get a present. What would you like?”

“Your cock in my snatch!”

“Alright then. Help yourself.”

You start unzipping my jeans. I lift my ass up and you tug my pants and underwear off. My prick is rock hard. You start licking the pee hole. The precum leaking out.


I reach down and pull your shirt up and off. Then the bra comes off. You continue licking and sucking my cock. You take my whole cock in your mouth, up and down again and again. I groan and grab your head and pull it off.

“If you want this otele gelen escort elsewhere you better stop.”

You stand up, turn around and spread your legs. Reaching behind you grab my prick and rub the head of it against your wet and swollen pussy lips. You sit on it and bury it to the hilt. We both groan. We start rocking back and forth. I reach around and grab your tits. Your nipples are rock hard. I pinch and pull at them. You pick up the pace. “Oh god fuck me fuck me!” I start meeting your downward strokes with my own upward ones. Your cum is running down my legs. “YES!” Your pussy grabs my cock as you cum again. “Now fuck my ass!” You pull off and spread you ass. I put head of my cock at your little pucker hole. “DO IT!” I shove it deep in your waiting ass. We start humping again but it doesn’t take long and I feel the tell tale signs. “I’m gonna cum!” “Yes! Cum in my ass!” My cock swells and my balls tighten. I unload deep in your ass. My cock slides out and my cum leaks out of your red ass.

“All better now? Are you going to be naughty again?” I ask.

“Maybe…” you purr as you pull your clothes back on.

“So you gonna be at the office next week again?” you ask with a wink.