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On your back on a big hotel bed. Beautifully naked.

We had got back to our hotel after an evening of perfect togetherness. As the afternoon light had faded we had left our room, bed still rumpled by lovemaking, and ventured out into the warm sunset, hand in hand. Smiling. Together. We had strolled and talked, stroked and touched as we wandered. Sitting in a restaurant, lingering over supper, we had quietly described what we were each going to do to the other once we got back to the hotel.

I’d told you how I was going to lick you. Slowly. Sensuously. How I was going to feel every soft fold of you. How I was going to open you with my tongue and lips. Explore every inch of you. Taste you. Lick your clit. Fill you with my fingers. You closed your eyes as you sat, and in your wistful lustful smile I could see you turning over the intimate images, the erotic sensations, in your mind. Sensual thoughts turning to warm imagination turning to explicit images turning to raw lust.

Walking back, hands exploring under clothes in dark places. I felt your soft skin under my caressing escort çankaya fingertips. Your responding shiver. I lifted your skirt and slipped my hand down into your knickers, feeling the muscles moving in your warm bum as you walked. Sheltering from prying eyes in an alleyway I felt your wetness, heard your soft moan, slid fingers along your wet lips.

In the bedroom, we slowly silently stripped each other. No words. Smiles almost shy but every movement charged with lust. Clothes a growing ragged pile on the floor at the foot of the bed until it is just us. Standing. Holding. Uncovered. Stroking.

And so here you were.

On your back on a big hotel bed. Beautifully naked.

I am naked too. Quietly naked on the bed between your bent legs which are spread wide. Open. Exposed. Waiting.

Not touching you. Yet. But I am close. My face inches from you. Breathing in the erotic smell of your excitement. Feeling your radiating warmth. I am watching you. Taking in the sight of you. Enraptured anew, as if I have never seen you before. Looking at you. Your short hair exposing every detail. Your lips slightly otele gelen escort open. Ready for me. Waiting. For me.

I extend my tongue and gently feel your soft outer lips. Lick slowly up one side of you. Then the other. Feeling. Feeling you feel me. Tasting. Smelling. I kiss you on the soft skin just outside your lips, my cheek grazing your thigh. I kiss just above your clit, the touch of your short hair on my lips. I know what you want. You know you will get it. Soon. You stretch your legs wider to unfetter my view and open yourself to me.

I slide my tongue into you. A long slow lick, opening you, tasting you, sliding slowly upwards, parting your lips, skimming over your clit for a brief moment before leaving you, the chill of my wetness tingling in the warm air. I place my hands on your thighs, holding you open, and start again, even lower, the tip of my tongue teasing your bum before gliding ever upwards, pushing deeper into you this time, opening you wider, again flicking your clit. And again, lingering inside you, playing with you, fucking you with my tongue.

I etlik bayan escort bring my hands up my legs and my fingers up to join my lips and tongue in exploring, caressing, teasing, exciting you. I hold you open allowing me access to every part of you, exposing you to my eyes and tongue and lips.

You push yourself against my face, hips rhythmic and strong. I push back with my lips and tongue. Two fingers inside you and another teasing your bum, I focus my lips and tongue around your clit. Licking, circling, teasing.

As your excitement builds your movements get erratic and you are grinding up and down against my face, using my tongue and lips for your pleasure. One of your hands finds my head, holding me in place, but I need no encouragement. I add another finger, slick with your wetness and mine.

The crescendo builds. Hands, fingers, lips, tongue. Rhythm, passion, energy. Unbidden, primeval, self sustaining.

Moans. Almost grunts. Deep deep breaths. And suddenly …

… stillness. Body straining, frozen in orgasm. I hold you with fingers and lips, relishing this moment, your moment.

I smile as you relax, legs flopping back and apart. I watch your eyes open. See your smile. Your silent thanks.

Happy. Happy to see you happy.

Happy to have given you this.

My present to you.

On your back on a big hotel bed. Beautifully naked.