Rachel’s Renaissance ch. 01

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“You fucking bitch!” was all I could manage, after she dropped the bombshell.

“I’m so sorry,” she replied, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

It was mid morning, one Saturday, and Rachel, my then-girlfriend, was hunched on the sofa in my flat, face still pink from the winter chill, dark curls escaping from the woolly hat she hadn’t yet removed. She’d just told me that she’d slept with “some guy” she’d taken back to her place last night after being out with her student friends. No beating around the bush – as she came through the door she said “I’ve got something to tell you”, and I didn’t even have a chance to offer her coffee or go through the usual kiss and hug routine.

I was livid. All I could think was fuck fuck fuck – what had been the point of our three year relationship?

“What were you thinking? Were you completely wasted? You don’t look too rough to me,” I growled.

“I was quite drunk, but that’s not an excuse – I don’t really have an excuse,” she replied

“So what was it then? I’m too boring for you?” I said, knowing that to be partly true – things had got a bit predictable over the last year or so, “Or is it this ‘some guy’?” I added, making the quotation marks with my fingers, “how long have you had the hots for him? Who is he, anyway? You fucking…” I trailed off as she flinched at my vitriolic outburst.

“I haven’t had the hots for him at all. He’s in the third year on my course and I’ve only seen him around a few times – yes I’ve noticed him, but I promise I’ve never spoken to him before last night – I’ve never even made eye contact.”

“Do I know him?” I demanded.

“No”, she replied, “and you’ll probably never cross paths in the future either. Can we keep him out of it? This is all my fault, not his, or yours.”

“Who else knows about this?” I asked.

“Just my flatmate and the taxi driver. Julie’s not going to say a word, trust me,” she replied looking up at me, with a hopeful look on her face. I was pacing around the room, intermittently staring out of the window at the normal, for everyone else at least, Saturday morning street life.

“And why have you come round so quickly to tell me?” I asked.

“I realised that I’ve made a stupid mistake and I didn’t want this hanging over me for ever – I do love you, massively, you know – if anything, more than before,” she answered.

“Funny way to show it,” I said without really thinking. “How am I supposed to trust you now? I trusted you completely. I bet this wasn’t even the first time. Was it?”.

“Yes it was – I haven’t even been tempted before, you have to trust me, I’m sorry I know you probably can’t at the moment,” she said. As I gazed blankly out of the window, I thought about the few times I had been tempted but had not followed through – instead vowing to liven up our relationship – without much success, I have to admit. I calmed down a little, but tried not to let it show.

“How did you end up in the sack with some random guy then? It’s not like I won’t give you what you need,” I added.

“No, but that’s the point – there’s no spark between us any more – it’s all so routine, and even though what happened last night wasn’t exactly serenading and rose petals I did feel wanted, desired, I don’t know…” she trailed off.

“Well I know what he wanted, it’s pretty obvious,” I said.

“Yes, I know, I’m not that naive. I don’t know what happened, but I guess I just needed to break out of the routine. I’m so sorry to hurt you like this. We should have done the rose petals instead,” she pleaded, quite convincingly.

I continued to pace and gaze, until finally she broke the silence, “So what happens now?”

I desperately fought the turmoil in my head for an answer. Then a minute or maybe five later I found myself saying, “You tell me exactly what happened.”

“As you know, I was out with the girls, at the Union bar, chatting and drinking as usual. The DJ was better than usual so we ended up dancing – this guy was making eye contact with me now and again. Later back at the bar he bought me and Julie a drink. He was definitely on the pull, but I couldn’t figure out who he was after – he seemed to be chatting both of us up. Being ‘taken’ I tried to let Julie have most of the attention but later when we were dancing again, Julie told me she was going home with Steve, her fuck buddy, and I ended up dancing near the guy for a while, until the music stopped. We made lots of eye contact but there was nothing physical. Then he asked if I wanted to share a taxi, and I asked ‘where to?’, and he said ‘wherever the party is’, and found myself saying ‘Well, we’ve got booze at our place’. It was mayhem outside so nobody saw us walk off to the station to get a taxi.”

“Did he know you were in a relationship?” I asked.

“I didn’t seem like it,” she replied, “it never came up in conversation – well not at the Union anyway.”

“OK, what happened then?” I prompted.

“Once we were on our way, he put his hand on my knee and said ‘I’ve never snogged a hot babe in the back of a erotik film izle taxi before’ and before I knew it we were kissing drunkenly in the back of a taxi.”

“Was it just kissing?” I demanded.

“Well, by the time we got near my place, he’d felt my boobs through my clothes, but it was mostly just snogging,” came the reply.

“And I suppose you’d conveniently forgotten about me?” I asked.

She replied, “It was all very overwhelming but I was thinking about us. As we reached my flat I knew I had to decide if I was going to invite him in or do the right thing and send him away in the taxi. But then I thought of Julie having hot no-baggage sex with her fuck buddy – I couldn’t remember the last time I’d experienced this much passion, so I invited him in. Didn’t you say it was better to regret something you have done rather than something you haven’t?”

I was still a mess – angry, rejected, but also strangely sympathetic to the decision she made. More importantly, my cock was stirring beneath my boxer shorts and dressing gown.

“So what happened inside?” I asked.

“Well, Julie wasn’t there and we snogged and groped in the hallway until he took my hand and asked where we could go somewhere more comfortable,” she replied.

“What kind of groping?” I interrupted.

“Umm, he groped my boobs again while he kissed my face and neck. I had my hands on his bum and squeezed myself against his bulging crotch.”

“How tall was he?” I asked.

“About your height, maybe a bit taller, I’m not quite sure,” she replied.

“Then what happened?”

“We went in the living room. We snogged on the sofa, he groped my breasts some more. Do I have to tell you all of this?” she pleaded.

“Yes. Or you can leave. I don’t mind,” I said, coldly.

“He undid my bra and lifted up my top and started kissing, sucking and squeezing my breasts.”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’d like to see your breasts too. Can you lift up your top the same way?”

She hesitated – taking off her hat to buy time – I could see that she had washed her hair prior to coming over. Eventually she timidly reached behind her back to undo the clasp. As she revealed her breasts. I complimented them, “They are beautiful. He’s a lucky guy I hope you realise.” She looked at me, not sure how to respond.

“How did he squeeze them? Rough or gentle? Show me,” I ordered.

She caressed them lightly with her free hand (the other was holding up her top), and then held one breast slightly aloft, squeezing it slowly and deliberately.

“Did he suck on your nipples?”

“Yes, and flicked them with his tongue just like you do so expertly.”

“Leave me out of this,” I corrected her. “Keep touching yourself. I’m going to have a wank while I watch.”

I undid my dressing gown belt and sat down on the sofa next to her and fed my rigid cock through the fly of my boxers. She continued with the breast massage. I stroked myself slowly while I enjoyed the sight.

“What happened next?”

“He pulled my trousers, knickers and socks off in one movement and started to eat my pussy while I lay back on the sofa.”

“Did you shave for the occasion?” I asked.

“Look, I didn’t plan this, but yes, I did actually. We all had a bit of a pamper before we went out. Do you want to see?”

“Yes,” I said, standing up to allow her to recline by herself on the sofa after she had undressed. Her pussy lips were bare and the rest was neatly trimmed. “You’ve had a shower this morning, I assume?”

“Yes,” she replied, “You can go down on me if you want”.

“No, that’s not what I mean,” I said, now sitting on the armrest of the sofa, cock in hand, wanting to plunge it into her hot pussy, but resisting those thoughts. I wasn’t going anywhere near her without a condom until I had heard the full story. “Show me with your fingers what he did with his tongue.”

She delicately ran her fingers up and down her labia and then gently parted them and prodded her clitoris in a rhythmic fashion with the tips of two fingers.

“How did it feel?”

“Great, I was getting very wet and turned on. Now and then he lifted my legs up like this and started poking his tongue into my pussy.” She duly demonstrated – and I caught a glimpse of wetness at her vaginal entrance.

“Did he make you come?”

“Yes. He worked my clit for a long time and it was a big one.”

“Then what?”

“I undressed him completely apart from his pants and took off my top and bra. He was standing up and I knelt in front of him and nuzzled my face against his bulge. I kissed and groped it for a while before I finally got it out.”

“Did he have a big cock?” I asked

“Yes, a good size, but not huge,” she replied.

“What did you do with it?”

“I held it in my hands, wanked it, cupped his balls, and then gave him a blow job.”

“You can do the same for me – at least the wanking, you’ll need your mouth for talking. Kneel down here,” I ordered as I stood up next to the sofa. film izle She knelt and took my cock in her still cold-ish hand. It was still protruding from the slit in my boxer shorts. She started to wank me.

“Very good. So what happened next, did you make him come at that point?”

“Yes, I didn’t mean to, but all of a sudden he was moaning and then spurting in my mouth. I started to swallow but he pulled out and came all over my face. The bastard got me in the eye too, it really stung. And my hair,” she complained.

She was still dutifully wanking me and as I looked down on her, I could see that her right eye was indeed slightly redder than the


I asked, “You wouldn’t like me to do that then?”

“You could at least ask first. It was a bit of a surprise. Then he made me clean him up like they do in pornos.”

“You could have said no. Although now I realise you’re very good at doing what you’re told. Anyway, how did it taste?”

“Not revolting – not too bad really. I’ve had worse.”

“So what happened then?”

“When I came back from cleaning myself up in the bathroom he’d put his t-shirt on and was smoking a spliff he’d made.”

“Were you still naked?”

“No, I had my dressing gown on.”

“Then what did you do?”

“I sat next to him, had a few puffs on the spliff and played with his limp cock. I wanted him hard again, like this,” she said, giving an extra little tug to my rigid member. “He said he’d get hard again if I did a little show. He wanted me to dress up in my best lingerie and perform for him.”

“Did you?”

“Yes, it seemed like an OK idea at the time.”

“It seems like a good idea now. I’ll skin up while you get ready. Unless you brought your own fancy knickers, you can do a tomboy version with some boxers and whatever you can find in my room.”

I was just lighting up the spliff when she came back into the room with a football shirt and what seemed like nothing else. I offered her the spliff but she declined. I lay back on the sofa, cock and spliff in hand and asked her to begin. I had already put some music on in the background. She wasn’t a very good dancer, but she knew how to show off her body – holding her tits up behind the thin shiny fabric, gently jiggling them up and down alternately. I could now see that she was just wearing her normal, but still very sexy knickers. I inhaled deeply.

“Is this how you did it last night?” I asked.

“Pretty much. I felt a bit stupid.”

“No, you look great. I’m still rock hard. Did he appreciate it?”

“Yes, he liked this especially.” And she peeled off the shirt and let her naked breasts sway from side to side just inches from my face. “Last night they were popped out of that pretty black see-through bra, you know the one, so they were a bit more perky.” She held them up in both hands to demonstrate.

“I love them perky or swinging free. What about your arse and pussy?” I asked.

“He asked me to get on the coffee table and show me.”

There was no coffee table in my flat, so she got down on all fours on the carpet and showed me her fantastic arse, partly concealed by white cotton, then she hitched the knickers to one side and showed me her neatly trimmed labia before sliding a finger temptingly up and down the slit between them.

“Then he got up, and started fingering my pussy while I was displayed like this. It felt really good to have his fingers inside me.”

I thought about doing this too, but decided she would have to wait.

“Was he hard again now?”

“Yes, pretty much. He fed it into my mouth to make sure then I thought he was going to finger me again, but he slipped it in, I mean his cock, before I realised what he’d done.”

“You didn’t think to use a condom?” I said.

“No, it was too late, I didn’t want him to stop. I’m sorry. It was stupid.”

The thought of another man’s unprotected cock entering her was very arousing. I realised I really needed some proper attention so I got up and knelt in front of her. “Have a break from talking for a while, and let me enjoy your mouth,” I said as I fed my cock into her mouth. She expertly pleasured me until I nearly came then I thanked her and went back to the sofa. “Now, kneel down here next to me and continue, please.” I guided her hand back to my penis, which she stroked casually.

“OK, so he fucked me hard from behind on the table, and then in missionary on the sofa, I think. At one point I was riding him, and he was grabbing my breasts, they were still half-contained by my bra. I touched my clit and I came.”

“Sounds like fun. Have you missed anything out so far? You don’t seem so sure of the details.”

“Erm, I sucked his cock for a minute or two before I rode him. Otherwise I think that’s what happened.”

“OK, but I want you to write it all down for me later, every detail. What happened next?”

He laid me down and slid his slippery penis between my breasts, which he made me squeeze together.”

“Show me.”

“While he was tit-fucking me he seks filmi izle asked me if I’d like to do anal. I said I’d never tried it and wasn’t planning to.”

“What did he say to that?”

“He said I might want to try it, a few of his girlfriends really got off on it and asked for it every time. Then he said it might be a nice treat for you, and that I should see what I was missing out on. I was a bit surprised by the boyfriend remark.”

“He must have seen us together enough times, I suppose. Anyway, what did you say?”.

“I said ‘what if I don’t like it?’ and he said he’d stop, but it wouldn’t come to that and he knew what he was doing. He didn’t really let me answer, he just asked if I had any lube or oil. I went to fetch some olive oil, and he was skinning up again when I got back. I went down on him again while he was finishing making the spliff and then he said we should tit fuck again with the oil while we smoked it. So we toked away while I wrapped my cleavage around his gently thrusting cock. When the spliff was finished he got me to lie back on my dressing gown, to stop the sofa being ruined, and masturbate. Then he explained that he was going to massage my anus and then slowly insert a finger, then his thumb, then two fingers and so on, using lots of oil. It felt OK, well a bit weird, but OK, up to three fingers and then I asked him to try his cock. He said he’d just ease the head in and leave it there for a minute or two.”

“What position were you in?”

“Still on my back on the sofa, one leg on the floor – he was kneeling on the floor.”

“So how did it go?”

“He put it in so slowly that it didn’t hurt, it just felt a bit strange. While he kept it there, he played with my tits and told me how much I was going to love being fucked in the arse. Then he got me to pour some more oil on his hand and he lubed his cock up, while it was still plugged into my bum hole. He asked if I was ready and I said yes. I was still masturbating and getting close to coming again. I felt some more pressure on my hole as it slid in – about a centimeter and then he’d stop, and then carry on.”

“So no pain then?” I inquired.

“Not really, a little bit maybe. But soon things got easier and I felt myself wanting all of it so I pushed against him and in a few seconds he was all the way up me. He held it there and told me that that bit gets easier with practice. Then he made some slow short thrusts and then some longer ones. He asked how it felt and I said ‘kind of good, how about you?’. He said it was awesome and he was honoured to take my back door virginity. Then he said to just tell him if it hurt and he began to thrust in and out.”

In her excitement at recalling this, her hand was moving faster up and down my cock, and I had to stop her again.

“I was still rubbing my clit and starting to enjoy the new sensations in my back passage. Then he withdrew slowly and turned me over onto my knees. With more oil on his cock he let me push back onto it my own speed, then he started ramming it in and out quite fast. It did start to feel really good but he stopped suddenly saying he would come otherwise. I rubbed my clit and told him not to stop. He started pumping again and I was beginning to feel orgasmic in a different way to normal when he started groaning and banging away like crazy, then he pushed his cock in really deep and came noisily.”

“What did that feel like?” I asked.

“I could feel him twitching and a sort of wet warmth pulsing inside me. I told him to stay where he was while I quickly gave myself an orgasm – he slipped out while I came.”

“How was your orgasm?”

“Not bad, but I think it would have been mind blowing if he had still been fucking me.”

“I guess you want to try that again.”

“Yes,” she said. “Are you less cross with me now?”

“Yes, but you’ve been an idiot letting a stranger fuck you without a condom. I thought that was something special for us. Not that we do it much any more…”

“I know – I’ll get tested and it won’t happen again.”

I interrupted, “At least not without a condom.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, this is all pretty hot, unlike our sex life for the past year and it doesn’t seem like you fell in love last night. Am I right?” I said.

“No, he’s not my type at all, but he was a great fuck.” she replied. “You don’t mind if this happens again?”

“Maybe not, I’ll think about it. What happened next?”

“Oh, he collapsed on top of me for a few minutes and then went to the bathroom. I got a spare duvet and snuggled under it and put the TV on. After a while he came back with two beers from the fridge, and we sat and watched some strange old movie for a while. He played with my tits telling me how awesome they were and I got him hard again.”


“With my hand and then my mouth. But then I went to the bathroom. When I came back he was asleep, so I switched off the TV and went to bed.”

“Did you get a quickie in the morning?” I asked.

“No, Julie did – I didn’t hear her come in, but they woke me up with the amount of noise they made. I didn’t see what they were doing, I just got in the shower and came over here.”

“So you came here because you were jealous and felt betrayed?”