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RAGING HORMONESI’m not sure what the typical age is for a boy to enter puberty, but I think I was well ahead of most of the guys I knew. By the age of 13 I had quite a bit of pubic hair already, my cock had grown to nearly 5 inches limp and my balls were getting bigger. Along with all the physical changes came strange emotional ones as well, experiencing morning boners and not sure what to do about them. I talked with my buddies to find out if they were also have similar changes. One friend in particular Terry, a year older than me told me he had also had the same thing, and his older brother taught him how to enjoy himself by jacking off. I had never heard about jacking off so I asked him to explain it to me. He said he would come over to my house on the weekend for a sleepover and he’d tell me all about it. I was anxious for the week to end. Finally Friday had arrived and Terry showed up about 6 pm after dinner was over. We grabbed ourselves a soda and went down to my room in the basement. We sat in the bean-bags along the wall and isveçbahis yeni giriş started talking, telling each other what we were experiencing so far. When we got to boners he began telling me what his brother taught him. I didn’t understand completely what Terry was explaining, having him go over it again. He said “Why don’t I just show you how to do it, it will be a lot easier and I’m feeling horny anyway talking about it.” “OK” I said, and he slid his pants off and spred his legs out as he began rubbing his cock which soon grew from a limp 4 inches to a nice fat hardon of 7 inches in length. I watched as he stroked his hard cock and rubbed his balls, stopping briefly to spit in his hand and telling me it feels better when it’s wet. As I watched him masturbate I felt myself getting aroused and soon my boner screamed for relief. I quickly pulled off my pants and began doing everything Terry was doing. I was having my first real jerkoff and was doing it with my friend to boot. In a few minutes we were searching isveçbahis giriş for tissues or a towel as we both started cumming, a totaly new experience for me which felt so incredible. When we were done we put our clothes back on and one at a time went upstairs to the bathroom to wash up before going to sleep. Several hours later I woke up to find I had an erection and saw Terry laying on his back next to me stroking his cock again. He told me he had been dreaming when he woke up horny, and that he reached over and was rubbing my cock as I slept. “No wonder I’ve got a boner.” I said, “You started it so why don’t you finish it for me.” I slid my pants down and he took my cock in his hand stroking me slowly. I laid there with my eyes closed enjoying the warmth of his hand when he said “There’s one more thing my brother taught me that I didn’t tell you about.” Just then I felt something different as Terry replaced his hand with his mouth. Sliding up and down with his lips tight around my thickening cock then isveçbahis güvenilirmi bobbing on just the head for a bit. He looked up at me and said “Well, what do you think of my blowjob? Do you like it?” I said “It feels fantastic, how is it for you?” He said he liked the way my cock felt as he sucked on it and it turned him on. I said “Let me try it, I want to see how it feels too.” He moved so he was 69 with me and continued to suck and lick me as I began licking the tip of his shaft to see how it tasted. Wasn’t bad at all so I slowly slid my lips over it going deeper a little at a time, remember he’s 7 inches hard and it’s my first time sucking cock. Soon I could taste the first drizzle of precum oozing out, warm and salty-sweet like butter. I licked on the tip as another little bit appeared, then without warning he exploded shooting streams of thick hot cum in my mouth and on my face. This made me cum as well and Terry took every bit in his mouth then swallowed it all. What a night this had been, being shown how to masturbate properly and learning all about blowjobs too. We continued to be best buds for several more years as we grew up, my cock grew almost 3 more inches by the time I was 16 becoming longer than Terry’s and I was so proud of it. I wish I knew where he is now, I’d love a reunion with him.