Rainy Day Sex Marathon

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I was gasping for air as the cum launched out from my cock and landed across my abs. It was a very powerful orgasm, not huge in volume, but very strong intensity because it was my 3rd one of the morning.

Earlier, I’d woken up to the sound of pounding rain outside, and, of course, to my daily “morning riser” hardon. The rain…has become a kind of trigger for me, because the best sex I ever had was four years ago with a girlfriend who loved to do it outside. When it rains like this, it makes me remember one of our first and best experiences that really started our love of doing it in nature. On a warm summer day, Kellie and I had gone on a 3-mile hike through the forest in to a spot I knew of by a river, where we had planned to lay out and sun ourselves on some large, flat rocks…and where I had hoped to at least get a blow job or possibly more. However, about half-way there, the warm but “partly cloudy” day quickly turned into thick gray skies and rain…a simple sprinkling at first, but then some really, really heavy rain.

I hate walking in wet clothing, so I took off my shorts and tank top and stood there almost naked in the rain, and soon Kellie did the same. We kissed deeply, and we took off towards the trailhead, laughing and being invigorated be the fact that we were getting drenched in our underwear, and starting to feel pretty horny. When we got to the beach by the river, we dropped our backpacks and climbed onto a large flat-surfaced rock…and fulfilled a fantasy-worthy fuck: nearly a full hour of uninterrupted, hard-pounding, no-holds-barred sex outside in the rain, by the side of a beautiful river with a warm rain soaking our lean, young, firm bodies. There is nothing better than cumming in your beautiful girlfriend’s pussy and then having her suck your cock clean while you’re sitting bare-ass naked on a large rock in a torrential summer downpour.

We both agreed it was the most erotic thing we’d ever done…and over the next year that we were together, we sought out several other outdoor locations to have sex. And whenever it rained, we always tried to find somewhere to do it outside, even if it was just in her backyard or in the back of my truck parked somewhere secluded. Kellie and I parted ways after high school graduation, but still, whenever it rained, it often made me horny.

That was what happened this morning. I was naked and alone in bed, and smelled the wonderful, refreshing rainy day breeze coming through my partially open window. I dreamed of Kellie while I stroked my dick. Replaying that first experience in my mind had brought me many hours of pleasure and dozens of orgasms in the years since. Of course, I’d developed a bit of my own obsession with having outdoor sex, but not all my girlfriends were into that, so I also had a frequent habit of going outside naked to jerk off whenever it rained. Today though, it was a cozy morning in March, so I stayed in bed. I slicked up my cock with precum and really had a nice, leisurely, thorough jerk off, and came all over my chest and face. This first load was huge, since I edged for a long time as I daydreamed about it relived other past pleasures.

A little while later, I got into a hot shower and cleaned up…but as often happens, I started soaping my cock and it became hard again. I ended up jerking off once more in the shower, cumming on the wall as I gasped in pleasure. There, I figured. That ought to hold me for awhile. I usually start every day with one and sometimes two cums like this.

I pulled on some boxers, ate some cereal and watched some TV, and then it was time to get going on a big project for my computer class. I was part of a college project group in the I.T. department, and I had a lot of research to run on the computer. Since it was rainy and gray, it was the perfect day to catch up on it, so I turned up my music and got to work.

But today for some reason, as I worked at my desk by the window, my mind kept drifting back to the rain, and remembering how hard I fucked Kellie that time. We were young and horny, and a little worried someone would catch us, but we were alone and ready for adventure, and it was perfect. We must have had sex dozens of times that whole summer, but that time in the rain was always the best…

Anyway, my cock started rising again. Geez. I never can seem to keep it down…especially if I haven’t actually gotten laid for a week or two, as was the case. Well, damn it. I figured there was little chance of getting any action today either, so what the heck, I slipped my boxers off and nursed the hardening to full strength, leaned back in my chair, and massaged my large balls while stroking my cock. Ten minutes later, I blasted a 3rd orgasm out of my cock. Ahhhhhhh…yes, that was awesome! So satisfying, intense and fun. Sometimes you get to do things like that on a Saturday. But now it was noon and I really needed to get to work. I checked the weather on the internet, and it was supposed to be stormy and rainy all day, ankara escort and I knew I at least needed to get some of this done now just in case we lost power later.

An hour later, the phone rang, and it was Jen from my project group, wanting to drop off some data for our project and get my review on a couple things she’d written. She was checking to see if I was home because she was on her way over. I said sure, come on by. Less than ten minutes later, the doorbell rang, and I realized I was still stark naked, sitting at my computer. I saw my gym shorts laying nearby and just slipped them on, figuring she was just going to hand me a couple things at the door and then be on her way.

Okay, I’d have to admit I’ve had a crush on Jen since we first met several weeks ago, and I was at least subconsciously hoping she’d notice my body, which is lean and hard and pretty damn fit if I say so myself. My favorite way to relieve the stress of college is working out, trying to add some meat to my naturally thin frame, and lately I’ve finally been thinking I look pretty good. Jen, on the other hand, is unquestionably gorgeous, and a little taller than me, which is the main thing that made me feel insecure about my chances with her. Every guy in college would want her for her hot body, but I also think she has a cute, fun, sassy personality. However, we’d only known each other as study partners and teammates in this one class. We’d done some light flirting a time or two, but had never been alone together much, and she’d certainly never seen my body.

I opened the door, and Jen said hi and quickly brushed past me into my living room…almost a little too quickly, I noted, especially considering I wasn’t really dressed. I felt a slight bit of shyness, but mustered up a confident and casual demeanor, as she sat on the couch and showed me the pages she’d brought for me, filling me in on a few details. The only problem was, despite its earlier activities, my cock was NOT able to remain ignorant of her beauty and proximity, and started swelling and rising in my thin running shorts, much to my embarrassment.

Jen, however, was not shy at all. She noticed it and made no attempt to hide it. “Uh…Dave,” she giggled, and nodded to the front of my shorts. “Having a little trouble today?”

I turned beet red. “Yeah…well, what can I say? I wasn’t expecting a hot girl to stop by and see me in my underwear! Sorry. I’ll, uh…go put some pants on and….lets just get this finished.”

As I started to turn around, Jen grabbed my hand and paused…there was an awkward 5 seconds of silence as she looked at me thoughtfully.

“Actually…we could get back to the project later…if you want to do…something ELSE first…if you want,” she said coyly, and leaned in towards me.

A huge grin spread across my face. A huge length began expanding in my shorts.

“No way…. you’re serious?”

“Well yeah, what else can we do on a day like today? I thought you were pretty damn hot the first time I met you, which is why I wanted to be in your group. Let’s…just have some fun. No strings attached, just two horny college kids relieving some tension…unless you don’t want to…”

“Gee, let me think,” I said sarcastically, and smiled. “So many gorgeous women stop by my apartment and offer me hot sex all the time, so I have to turn a lot of them away, but maybe I could make an exception…” I winked. (I’m a real smart-ass, by the way). She laughed, told me to shut up, and yanked my thin gym shorts right down to my knees

My cock sprung up and almost hit her in the face, and I got the standard surprised reaction: “Holy shit! You’re…huge! I had no idea…I could suck on this all afternoon!” Now..I’m not ginormous, but I do love it when girls see my 7 1/2-inch cock for the first time because they’re not expecting that a little 5’8″, 140 lb guy would have such a good sized tool.

Driblets of pre-cum were already oozing down my cock…or perhaps it was a bit of residue from my previous jerk offs, but Jen didn’t care or notice which. She immediately grabbed my shaft and used the wetness to start stroking me up and down while her other hand pulled my shorts all the way off, leaving me totally naked. She was still fully clothed and enjoying controlling my body. I felt like her toy, and I loved it.

Jen knelt down in front of me while I sat on the couch, and rather suddenly thrust almost my entire cock into her mouth, which is no easy feat. She sucked like a vacuum, like her life depended on it, and I threw my head back and gasped in pleasure. I was still in shock that she made the moves on me so suddenly, and now here she was giving me head just a couple minutes later… and she was good at it…make that REALLY good at it. She didn’t just bob up and down with her lips around me…she vacuum-sucked me, while tonguing my cock with every pressure combination possible to stimulate my senses up and down. After a few minutes of that, she rolled my balls elvankent escort around in her mouth while stroking my shaft with her hands. I tried to lean forward to kiss her and reach for her tits, but she pushed me back and gave me a look that told me I was supposed to lay back and take this without interrupting her. She licked and pulled and teased and nibbled, and I lasted a surprisingly long time for me, probably due to my 3 previous orgasms. But finally, I tensed up, gasped in anticipation, clutched the couch pillows, and felt my cum rise and shoot out of my cock and down her throat. I screamed. The streams must have actually been pretty big, as the individual sensations of each one lasted several moments and were very strong. I gasped and moaned…I could barely breathe. I shot at least 6, 7 maybe 8 times in her mouth, and she swallowed it all like a champ. Finally, I subsided, and she rolled my cock around in her mouth, sucking off any remnants of cum and giving my cock a nice, rewarding, finishing bath.

“Oh fuck,” I said. “Jen. I didn’t expect you’d…think of me…and….”

“I know,” she said. “But I was hoping to make this happen sooner or later. I figured you might be home alone today, and I’ve been wanting to do this ever since last week when we were flirting in the library.”

“I’m glad you did!” I said. “And now, I get to fulfill MY fantasy, right?”

“You damn well better!”

With that, I was upon her, kissing her and pulling the clothes off of her magnificent, lean, perfectly proportioned body. I later learned that Jen had broken up with her boyfriend about 2 weeks before, and was just over it enough that she wanted to play the field. She was feeling starved for sex, and was as horny and aggressive as any girl I’ve ever fucked.

As soon as her clothes were off, I dove into her mouth with my tongue passionately, while grabbing her tight little ass with both hands and mashing her into me. She grabbed my head and held me tight and we just ground against each other, my cum-slicked cock sliding up and down between us…I thought I would cum again right then and there. But I really wanted to fuck her, so I knelt down, pushed her down on the sofa, and dove into her pussy with my mouth.

I lapped my long tongue up into her folds and tickled her pussy up and down, and rubbed her clit with my thumb and forefinger. Jen started the ascent towards sexual ecstasy, and writhed and moaned and tried to move back away from my attacking mouth, but I kept moving up with her. I allow no escape! Jen’s pussy was luscious, and she became very wet very fast…. I love a tasty pussy dripping all over my face, and it made me redouble my efforts. Within minutes she was screaming in orgasm, begging me to slow down.

However, the only pausing I did was to move up and sheath my cock in her hot snatch in about 3 seconds flat. This was unreal! An hour ago I was having a lonely day at home and thought I had already beat off all of my day’s cum, and here I was fucking the daylights out of this lusty fratboy-fantasy girl I’d dreamed of. I laid into her hardcore and began rutting in and out with drive and passion, loving her screaming, and relishing the feeling of her pussy juices oozing out around my pounding prick. I grabbed both of her gorgeous breasts and groped them, and leaned down to kiss her mouth and nibble her neck and ears as I fucked away. She moaned and gasped as she neared an orgasm…and then I got into a frantic pace, a desperate and dizzying jackhammering of my cock, and kept it going for several minutes until she was hoarse with screaming and dazed from the assault on her nerves.

After about 10 minutes of this craziness, I was starting to run out of breath, so I finally slowed down and pulled out and collapsed on my back.

Jen slapped my chest. “You fucking horny animal! I can’t believe you go like that! You are a crazy fuck. No one has EVER fucked me so hard!” I laughed, and she punched my shoulder.

It was getting very hot, so I opened with window and let the cool air and sounds of the still-pounding rainfall freshen the room. I laid back on the floor and started stroking my hard cock enticingly. Jen caught her breath and gave me an evil look.

“Damn it, Dave, that was intense. But you don’t know who you’re messing with, buster…”

With that, Jen straddled me and sat herself down on my cock, pinned my arms to the ground and started pistoning up and down on me. I wanted to grab her and pull her to me, but she insisted on being in control, so I resigned myself to her dominance and just did my best to thrust up into her. We went at it for a few minutes that way, and suddenly Jen stopped moving, impaled herself all the way on my cock, and closed her eyes and got this intense look on her face. At the same time, I felt the strangest, most maddening sensation on my cock. She was…oh my god…she was milking me with her pussy!! I gasped! I thought I’d maybe had this happen once before, otele gelen escort but not like this! Damn I love fucking, and this was spectacular!! The insides of her pussy were literally grabbing and squeezing my cock — hard! — and seemed to be vacuuming it up further inside her! I growled with intensity!!

“Jen! Oh my god! Ohhhh yeahhhh! Oh you’re gonna make me cum! Aahhhhh!!” I had no idea how my body was producing so much more cum, but the cum literally felt like it was racing forth from my balls up into my shaft. As the first jets burst forth into her pussy, Jen squeezed a couple more times and then I comletely unloaded. I could only imagine a kinked up garden hose suddenly unkinked, and the geyser that burst forth from the released pressure. A HUGE, overwhelming wave of orgasmic euphoria literally seized my body as a torrent of cum streams pumped up into Jen’s pussy. It had to be the fastest I’d ever been encouraged to unload that much cum ever. I couldn’t even scream, as I’d lost my breath.

As my cumming subsided, Jen’s pussy began milking my cock again, slowly at first. I was laughing at the incredible stimulation, and trying to catch my breath. She kept doing it though. At first, I thought she was just nicely massaging me a bit before releasing me….but I was wrong.

“Like I said,” Jen said evilly, “you don’t know who you’re messing with! I am a cum-hungry woman and I know how to get what I want! You’re not done…now, hold still!”

And right away, Jen’s pussy started INCREASING its speed and strength of milking my cock!! Uhhh…she wanted me to keep going even right after THAT orgasm? I am waaay too sensitive right after cumming. I thought “no way, noooo fuckin’ waaaay!!” and at the same time, I was ecstatic in my predicament.

A surge of courage and curiosity overcame me, and I wanted to see if I could accept the challenge she was giving me…and at the same time I wanted to escape her pussy immediately! But, being a young guy, the choice of more sex ultimately prevailed over the desire to cool it. I screamed and hollered loudly as I steeled myself for the maddening intensity of more fucking for my immediately-spent cock, and after 30-40 seconds of agonizing, maddening, nerve-bursting friction, my cock began to accept its fate, and a new pulse of bloodflow further hardened my shaft.

I began to fuck back, up into her. She was yelling at me, calling me an animal, demanding that I give her more, still holding my arms down, and began writhing up and down on my cock. I lifted my hips slightly and started pistoning in and out of her in short, hard strokes. The rain outside was like a tropical downpour now, and so nearly were we. Sweat was pouring off of us. Cum was running down our connected organs. My mind was going crazy with the conflict between wanting to prove I could fuck more, and wanting to pull the heck out of this torturous onslaught!

I finally pushed up off the floor, and rolled forward, pinning Jen on her back, and plowed into her missionary style. Now, with me doing the attacking, my cock was at full strength and did its job as well as ever, pushing in and out of a wet, hot, tight pussy. Jen reached an orgasmic plateau from which she never fully descended for several minutes. It had been less than 15 minutes since my last orgasm, and I had had no break to recover whatsoever, and despite it all, my cock seized the moment and triggered another load to burst forth from my balls.

I fell forward on my arms and came so hard that I very nearly passed out. More cum shot out the end of my dick once again, one spurt after another, inside of Jen hot canal. There might not have been much volume in those spurts, but the intensity in which they gripped me was incomparable. I screamed and grunted and hollered, almost in pain, but overwhelmingly filled with pleasure as this hot, sexy, talented, horny woman underneath me accomplished her mission and got another load of cum deposited in her.

My whole body was in agony from its exertion. My heart was pounding, my chest was heaving, and I was dripping sweat and cum all over. I crawled to the sliding French doors and out onto my private back patio for some air. Jen joined me on the deck in a chaise under the awning, but I moved further out onto a bench in the rain and let it pour down on me.

The cool, pounding rain bathed my chest, my cock, my face, and lowered my body temperature to something more normal. I had returning visions of lying in a downpour with Kellie years ago. Jen and I were both smiling and laughing at the incredible pleasure we had just experienced together.

“Whew, Dave, that was amazing! This is going to have to become a regular thing!!” Jen said, relishing the moment.

“Oh I don’t know, I guess it was okay,” I said sarcastically, and smiled.

“Asshole,” she said haughtily. “You better act impressed or I’ll have to come fuck you nearly to death so you know who you’re dealing with!”

“Not necessary,” I panted, “…almost near death now I believe…”

Jen laughed. “Hey, you have a hot tub out here…is it at the right temperature and everything?”

“Yeah, and actually that sounds really nice right now, doesn’t it? Let me get some wine and glasses. Go ahead, get in.”