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Double Penetration

Subject: Raising Boys 74 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticisms are always welcome at hoo A special thanks to the generous readers who have made donations in our name to Nifty. I hope we can all find it in our hearts to do what we can to support the wonderful gift of stories found on this site. Again, fty/donate.html 74 We were all dying for a cup of coffee so we went to the nearest Starbucks and filled Isaiah in on the happenings of the morning that he had missed. As we finished, Clifford came in with Cliff and his twins. We had invited them to join us but Clifford had declined, saying he felt he needed to spend some time with the twins, explaining what had happened in Fee’s office but, hopefully, avoiding some of the more raunchy information. I understood where he was on this, but I had encouraged him to be as honest as possible. His beautiful twins were the same age as Ren. I felt they were probably able to handle information and that they would likely hear any details Clifford didn’t share. Clifford said he had forgotten to get the name of the locksmith we had called to change the locks on Kurt’s house after he threw his ex-wife out. He felt it important to get the locks changed immediately, fearing Fee and Fee junior might be back there to destroy things. I agreed absolutely and offered to call the locksmith. I phoned Mr. Chrisley and he said he would be happy to come over to Clifford’s and change the locks. He said he appreciated the referral and agreed to waive the extra charge he usually levied on a weekend call. “We’re just hanging out here like we usually do on a Sunday morning while the boy’s mother is at church. She usually doesn’t get home till mid-afternoon” Mr. Chrisley said.”I could bring the Rob with me if you’d like. He enjoyed the time he spent with you on that other call and has mentioned it several times. He wanted me to call you and see if we could get together but I told him you were a busy man so I discouraged it.” “I’d love to see Rob again” I said. “I really would. I’m not sure but I think I may be able to arrange for another friend to join us.” “I know Rob would love that and I’d like it a lot too” Mr. Chrisley said. “You’ll recall my boy’s a little on the shy side.” “I do remember that and I also remember what a handsome and polite boy he is” I said. “I gave him the address and he said he and Rob could be there in about thirty minutes. I went back to our table. Clifford was wanting to move back into his house with his boys as soon as possible. He said he had a rented apartment which was completely furnished. The only actual furniture to be moved was the giant bed he had bought after the afternoon they had spent at our house. He had bought it so he could sleep with all three of his sons anytime they all wanted to do that. It had been gratifying to see this man bond with his sons in a way neither he nor they could ever have imagined only a short time ago. “Jack has offered to go home and get his truck and bring it over so we can take our bed apart and move it into our house” he said. “Donald, Robert, and Rick have offered to help with the bed while the twins pack their things. It shouldn’t take us more than a couple of hours and we can all be together in our home tonight. “Mr. Chrisley can be at the house to change the locks for you in about thirty minutes” I said. “Would it work if Cliff went to the house to meet the locksmith and the twins and I can go home and start packing?” Clifford asked. “I’m not sure Cliff should go there alone” I said. “You never know but what little Fee and some of his friends might want to exact some revenge for the morning. What if I went with Cliff to meet the locksmith?” “That would be great” Cliff said. “Sounds like a plan to me” Clifford said. “I’ll be indebted to all of you for what you’ve done for my boys and me. I just hope I’ll be able to pay you all back. We never dreamed when we woke up this morning that we might be back in our home at bedtime tonight.” John and Charles, Clifford’s twin sons looked as happy as two boys could look. It was agreed that Cliff and I would take the new sky-blue Jaguar convertible Clifford had just repossessed from his now ex-wife. I offered to drive but Cliff said he thought he could handle it. Cliff and Rick took off, headed for the apartment to help in taking the bed apart and packing up all of the guys’ personal items and clothing while Jack, Bradley, and Donald headed for our house to switch the Navigator for Jack’s big white truck. This had worked out perfectly, assuming our Cliff was in the mood for some play. We had put the top down on the car and it was a beautiful day. Cliff and I headed for their family’s home. “You know, don’t you, that if it weren’t for you this could never have happened for me, my dad, and my brothers” Cliff said as we drove. “I think you were the major player in making this happen” I said. “You were a really brave kid to do what you did. Are you sure you’re okay with everything that went down?” “I will be” he said. “The outcome couldn’t have been better. This is what I’ve really wanted and dreamed of since my mother revealed herself to us. I swear it was almost like she’s been possessed since the day she caught my brothers. Charles and John were only doing what came naturally to them.” “Of course they were, Cliff” I said. “And you’re a very mature boy. Your brothers are very lucky to have you. Just like our little ones are lucky to have Ren.” “Ren loves his little brother” he said. “Actually he loves all those little boys and thinks of them as brothers. He’s told me that.” “You guys have talked?” I asked. “A little bit” he said. “I like Ren a lot and he’s very sexy. We’re hoping we can get some time together when we all go camping together.” “I know Ren would like that” I said. “He likes you a lot. Are your brothers looking forward to the trip?” “Oh yeah” he said. “Like you wouldn’t believe. They’ve tried to get me to fuck them several times but I told them they should wait. They know it’s going to happen and they’re very excited. It’s been hard not to go ahead and do it, but I really want dad to be their first. I know how special it was for me.” “They’re both such cute boys” I said. “Are they ever!” he said. “And both of them have bubble butts from hell” he chuckled. “We may have a little surprise waiting t your house” I said as he reached over and put his hand on my thigh. We locked eyes and I knew this was a horny boy. I told him that the locksmith had a son who would likely be with him today. It turned out he knew the boy from school, although he didn’t know him well. “He’s a beautiful guy” Cliff said. “You think he might want to play?” “I think there’s a very good chance of that if you’re interested” I told him. “Am I ever!” he said. “My mind has been going a hundred miles an hour since all this started. I didn’t want to do anything to blow my cover so I felt I had to be so careful with every word and gesture. It wasn’t until we walked out of that church I realized how horny I was.” “The boy took my hand and rubbed it over his crotch. His dick was as hard as any I had ever felt. “I just need to know if you’re really ready for this” I said. “I’m super ready for some boy time and if Rob Chrisley is available, you can bet on it. His ass is as good as the ones on my own twin brothers! Believe me, it hasn’t been easy living in that tiny apartment with those two.” “You deserve a medal for that alone, son” I said. We had arrived at their home. The home was a large brick two-story home in the historic section of downtown. It had a marker in the front yard indicating it was one of the city’s older homes and bearing the names of the original residents. It was on a beautiful street, lined with very old oak trees. I could see why Clifford had wanted to bring his family here and why Fee would have liked getting his hands on the property. There was a large double garage in the rear of the house with an apartment above. “Mom made the twins move into the apartment after she caught them” the boy told me. “It broke dad’s heart, but he was convinced for a while he could talk some sense into her. After a few days, dad and I moved into the apartment with them. He tried very hard to make things work for all of us but eventually she wanted him and the twins to leave and find another place to live. She tried to make me stay with her but I never wanted that. I always knew my place was with my dad and my brothers.” “I have no doubt he did everything in his power” I said. “Cliff, he told me something a couple of days ago that I think you should hear. He told me he wanted the home back for you guys. He said he would live in an old broke-down school bus if it meant getting to be with you and his brothers. I know he meant it too. Your dad adores his boys.” “I know that, Rob,” he said. “We’re very lucky.” We entered through the back door. There was a very large sun porch with some beautiful plants. A number of the plants looked pretty bad, as if they had not been cared for. The sun room led to a large, modern kitchen with very new appliances. There was a large island right in the center of the room with stools on one side. “My dad has always done most of the cooking for us. He loves cooking and he’s actually pretty good at it. My mom hated cooking and anything else involving a kitchen. We went into a very large dining room which was beautiful furnished and lighted by a large chandelier. That led into a large parlor with a Yamaha grand which looked to be about a six footer. The boy said all three of them had taken piano lessons until the split and he anticipated his father would start them again once settled. We went through a generous foyer with yet another beautiful chandelier up the stairs. The house had six bedrooms with a monster master bedroom. The boy excused himself for a moment and returned with a large box of plastic garbage bags. He began to empty drawers which contained his mother’s clothes. He planned to get them out of there and put them all in the garage until they could be donated to some charity. He didn’t want his dad to have to deal with any of that. I began to help the boy and we had the dresser drawers and a large chest of drawers emptied when the doorbell rang. It was Robert and Rob Chrisley. The boy looked as hot as he had the first time I met him. I introduced him to Cliff and both acknowledged they had actually met at school but had no classes together and didn’t know each other at all well. They seemed to hit it off as the elder Chrisley began his work. Clifford had said he would like the house converted to keyless entry so the man began at the front door. The father and I locked eyes which I took as consent to play with his boy. “You boys want to head upstairs?” I asked. Rob, if you’d like you can help Cliff finish emptying some drawers and putting things into plastic bags. They headed upstairs. I wanted to give them a few minutes to become more comfortable with one another. The father had made it very clear to me that his son was still a virgin but he had no problem with the boy doing anything else. “How have you been?” I asked the boy’s dad. “Very well” Robert answered. “A lot has been going on at the school. It all seems to be good. Rob tells me the football coach is opening a fitness type of class for any students who might want to play sports at the school. He says parents are welcome too.” “Yes” I said. “Brett is doing that as a recruitment tool and to improve the fitness of the community. My son and I plan to be there for the first class on Monday. It’s actually being run by a great kid who was my physical therapist after my recent injury. He’s a great boy and an excellent trainer.” “Rob wants me to join him and I may do it since you’re planning to be there” he said. “Rob really wanted to play football this year but we just couldn’t do it given the situation with the old coach. He still plans to try for the wrestling team.” I think that’s great” I said. “My son is interested escort kocaeli in wrestling team. I think your boy will look great in a singlet.” We locked eyes and he winked and smiled. “I better get upstairs and help those boys” I said. “Just give a yell if you need anything.” “Count on it” he said. I got back upstairs just as the guys were finishing, having emptied all the drawers. There were about a dozen garbage bags stuffed with women’s clothing. “Why such a humongous house with just three kids in the family?” Rob asked Cliff. “Well, my dad told me he always wanted a really large family” Cliff said. “He said he had always dreamed of having a house full of kids. For some reason my mom changed her mind after the twins were born. They tried to hide it but I think my dad slept in a separate bedroom about as long as I can remember. It never seemed strange to us but we were all young and didn’t know stuff.” “Yeah, it’s the same with my mom and dad” Rob said. “He told my older brother that my mom just didn’t want sex after I was born. Dad said that giving birth to me was pretty tough and she refused to let him anywhere near her after going through that. I haven’t even seen them kiss that I can remember.” “It makes sense that having twins would be a tough experience” Cliff said. “Maybe that’s what happened between my parents too.” Neither boy seemed embarrassed when I walked in on their conversation with sexual overtones. Cliff was suggesting we take the stuffed bags down to the garage to make room for the bed his dad would be bringing. We began to take the bags down the stairs to the garage. It wasn’t hard work, but it was hot work. I removed my shirt, hoping the other guys might do the same. It worked. On my next trip back up the stairs, I found both boys losing their shirts. Both boys were wearing jeans and I still had on the khakis I had worn to church. “I think we might be a lot cooler if we got rid of these pants too” I said, beginning to take off my slacks. “Good idea,” Cliff said. Rob said nothing but began to remove his tight jeans, revealing his beautiful ass in a pair of boxer briefs. I saw that Cliff was wearing a jock strap under his jeans. “You wear a jock all the time?” Rob asked him?’ “Not all the time, but a lot of times” Cliff said. “My dad thinks it looks good on me.” “It does look good” Rob said. “My dad says I look good in one too.” “Both you boys look hot, regardless of what you’re wearing” I said. “Or not wearing.” They laughed at that. It was apparent both teens were getting boned as we watched each other undress. “Looks like I’m alone with two really boned-up boys” I said. “I think you could both use some attention. “Why don’t we lose the underwear too?” Both boys had a momentary attack of shyness as they just stood there at the foot of the bed. Neither said anything. “You may need a daddy’s help getting those off, boys” I said. “It’s a good thing I’m here. I went over and began to pull Cliff’s jock strap off him. When I lowered the waistband, his very hard cock sprang up. It was just as beautiful a cut boycock as I remembered it being. Rob sat down on the end of the bed and helped me as I removed his jockstrap. He then stood back up and the boys began to kiss as I started to remove Rob’s briefs. His beautiful uncut cock was ready for action too, the foreskin still covering the cockhead. His dick was actually doing a little dance and I wondered if I had interrupted some play with his own dad when I had called their home earlier. I couldn’t resist tasting that beautiful uncut meat again so I took it to its root in my mouth. It was as tasty as I had remembered. I held it in my mouth. I could feel it twitching even as I heard both boys moaning as they swapped tongues. I removed my mouth from Rob’s uncut beauty and swallowed Cliff’s cut one. The head of his angry meat was larger than I remembered. I realized both boys were on a hair trigger and I wouldn’t have much time to enjoy my feast. I looked up to see them kissing wetly and passionately. Their hands were all over each other with nipples being twisted and tweaked and hands grabbing buttcheeks. These were two horny, passionate boys. All of their shyness was gone now and they were just enjoying each other and enjoying the moment. I brought the boys cock-to cock and began to lick one, then the other. I would lick from the tip all the way back to the pubes, then drop and lick the balls. Cliff was hairier of the two but I also realized he was a year older than Rob. Rob was definitely more muscular with his beautiful thick thighs. I found it impossible to keep my hands off the boy’s bubble butt and gently guided the boys to a sixty-nine position on the center of the bed. They were devouring each other’s cocks as they lay on their sides, each boy thrusting his cock into the other’s mouth. I had fantasies about young Rob’s butt since the day Kurt, Stewart and I played with the lad after Kurt’s confrontation with his wife. The sight of the boy’s bubble butt had engraved itself indelibly on my brain. I hadn’t even gotten a clear look at the boy’s hole on that day as he had cum as I was about to get there. I was determined not to let this opportunity pass. I knew the boy was a virgin and I wouldn’t have considered trying to grab his cherry. I knew that was a privilege reserved for his dad but I also knew dad would be okay with my touching or tasting the boy. I looked over at the door and Rob’s dad was standing there, his very hard dick in his hand as he smiled, watched the boys, and stroked himself. I got closer and began to rub Rob’s creamy buttcheeks. I looked at his dad and he was still smiling. Cliff sensed what I wanted and began to spread the boy’s buttcheeks so I could see his tiny, pink boy h ole. It was as beautiful as I had imagined it. It seemed to wink at me each time the boy thrust his uncut cock into Cliff’s mouth. Each boy was taking the other boy’s cock with ease. There was no gagging. It was apparent both these boys were used to orally pleasing their daddies. I stuck my index finger into my mouth and looked again at the boy’s father. He knew where this was heading and he smiled and nodded at me. “Take your dick out” the man said very quietly to me. I wasn’t sure the boys even heard him as they were so busy trying to feed each other a hot load of boy cream. I stood up and removed my boxer briefs, my own hard cock springing free. It felt good and I began to slowly stroke my hard dick, moving the foreskin back and forth over the swollen cockhead. I put the tip of my wet finger to his pink hole. I saw his father walk over until he was right beside me. He too was mesmerized by his son’s beautiful pink hole. I began to trace around his near-hairless hole with my wet finger. I could tell seeing this turned his dad on as the man stroked his dick even faster. “Open your buddy’s ass, Cliff,” I whispered. The boy heard me and did exactly that. He spread the boy’s buttcheeks. I put my finger to the tight hole and began to enter him. It was hot. It was beyond hot. It was steamy. I heard his dad moaning as my finger entered the boy. He was gasping audibly even with his mouth stuffed with Cliffy’s hard cock. “Keep sucking boy, and just relax” his father told him as he continued to stroke his thick meat. I felt the boy’s fucknut as soon as my finger was inside him. It was already hardening and hardening fast. “Cliffy, your buddy here’s about to feed you his load. Suck him dry and he wants to be fed too. Both boys started thrusting their cocks into each other’s mouth harder and faster. I felt Rob’s fucknut harden even more. Both boys were moaning around the cocks in their mouths now and I knew Rob was beginning to shoot his load. “Go for it, boy, feed your cocksucker” I said quietly as Rob’s father began to shoot his thick man cream onto the rutting boys. “You’re daddy’s shooting on you and I’m about to.” I had started beating my meat frantically, hoping to time my climax with Cliff. I felt mine boiling in my hot nuts. “Come on, Cliffy, feed your new friend” I said. And he did. I shot my nut right up against Rob’s beautiful pink hole and watched as Cliff massaged my load into the boy. Both boys were spent. They separated and rolled onto their backs. Their crotches were sticky with their own juices missed with those from the other boy. I had gotten most of my load on Rob’s pink little hole and Rob’s dad had shot his on both boys. Our breathing slowly returned to normal. “You boys are a mess” Robert said. “Somebody needs to clean both of you boys up.” “I’ll be happy to volunteer for that job” I said. I guided both boys to where they were lying on their backs beside each other. I started at Cliff’s thighs. They were a bit hairier than I remembered them being. I realized this was a boy heading full-speed into manhood. I licked the cream from his ball sac, then from his beautiful cut softening cock. He moaned softly as I cleaned with my tongue around his circumcision scar. Then I moved up and cleaned his hairy pubic area, getting every left-over drop of his boy cream. Then I moved over to Rob and did the same, cleaning first his thick white thighs, then moving to his uncut soft cock. I finished by licking any sperm remaining in his pubes. “You boys might want to grab a quick shower before the other guys get here” I said. It shouldn’t be long now. “The boys headed for the shower as I got dressed and Robert headed back downstairs to continue his work changing all the locks in the house. “That beautiful boy of yours is still cherry, isn’t he? I asked the boy’s father. “Yet, he sure is” his father said. I think I told you his brother wasn’t ripe to be fucked till he was a senior. I didn’t want to rush things with Rob, but he seems to be wanting it pretty badly.” “I don’t know how you can control yourself” I said. “He has one of the finest asses in this city.” “I’m thinking it won’t be too much loner” he said. “I know he wants it but I don’t want to rush the boy into manhood.” “You’re a good dad” I said. “You’ll do the right thing.” I carried a couple more bags from the upstairs to the garage and the two boys were again helping me in no times. We had all left our shirts off and I enjoyed watching the boys as they helped out. It wasn’t long before Clifford, the twins and Jack, Rick, Donald and Bradley arrived. They unloaded the bed, box springs and mattress and in no time it was set up in the master bedroom. They had taken the old bed out and it was now burning in a fire pit in the backyard, having been hacked to splinters by the guys. Clifford had planned that and had even brought marshmallows for us to roast as the old bed burned. Clifford and Cliff moved their clothes into the master bedroom and Charles and John moved theirs into a bedroom next door to the master. Clifford said he planned to have a door placed between the bedrooms as soon as he could possibly get it done. I suggested Jacko for the job and Clifford asked that I have the man contact him as early as possible to do the job. Clifford and all of his boys seemed in a good place as we left them. We all confirmed our camping trip plans for the following weekend and shared warm hugs as we headed back to our house. There was no one at our house when we arrived. I knew that Stewart, Ren and Kurt had a meeting of the organ committee following the service, so I laid out cold cuts, breads and cheeses so we all could fix sandwiches. Rick and I had a beer and the boys all had sodas or water as we sat down and rehashed the morning. I looked over several times as we shared our meal, to see Bradley with his head on Donald’s shoulder or to see the boys kissing. “I need to warn you guys,” I said. “I won’t be long for this world when Sam and Bea Vandenburgh hear about the shit that went down at Point of the Cross this morning and I didn’t give them a head’s up. They may string me up for not giving them a heads-up.” “Yeah, they’ll be livid” Donald said. “I’d love to see them again, especially Sam. There was just something about her that I felt kocaeli anal yapan escort drawn to.” “I know she would love to see you. She felt the same way. Maybe you could give a call and drop in for a few before you have to leave” I suggested. “I’d love that” the boy said. “Especially if Bradley would join me.” “I think Bradley would go to the moon with you” Jack teased. “You’re a fine one to talk” Bradley said. “You haven’t had your hands off Jack’s ass since we got home.” Boys, boys,” I laughed. “I may need to send you all to the guest house for a time out.” “Talk about the briar patch!” Rick said. We all had a good laugh The phone rang and I went to get it. It was Rhett. “Rob,” I’m glad I caught you,” he said. “I don’t want you to get too excited, but there appears to be some change in Elliott. He’s been making sounds this morning. When Jeff was here with Matt very early, they were giving him a bed bath. Jeff swears he heard him say his son’s name. I thought it might just be wishful thinking but I’ve been here with Russ, working on his range of motion and I heard it myself. It was very soft, but I’m certain I heard him say his son’s name.” “Is Eli there?” I asked. “Yes, he’s here with Poppy” Rhett said. “We’re all trying very hard not to raise expectations too high or too quickly. We haven’t let on to the boy that there’s really any change.” “That’s a good thing” I said. “Our boys should be there pretty soon. Kurt is dropping Landry and Flynn after church. I think I’d like to come on down.” “Don’t rush, big guy” he said. “This may be nothing but I feel more hopeful now than I did before I got here. Be safe.” I shared the news with our guys and they were excited. “Who could leave a little beauty like Eli if they had any choice in the matter?” Rick asked. No sooner had I hung up the phone than it rang again. “You’re holding out on me, my ginger god! How could you do that?” I knew immediately it was Sam She was laughing loudly. I knew she’d not be happy about missing the episode with Fee shoving Liza Gurley’s face into the birthday cake, but there was no way she could have already found out about that. “What do you mean, darling” I asked. “I just saw our gorgeous preacher and he told us Donald is home” she said. “Yes, he is and we were just discussing how he and Bradley were planning to visit you this afternoon” I said. “He wouldn’t consider leaving without a face-to-face with you. How about I put him on the phone?” I put him on the phone with Sam, and then turned to Rick to tell him the news about Elliott. He too was excited and offered to join me to visit him. Jack asked if he could go along. “You bet you can, you gorgeous boy” Rick said. “You do know if I had my way, you’d never be out of my sight!” Jack rewarded him with a kiss. The attraction between those two was easily visible. I had known Rick for a lot of years and I had never seen him show this level of affection or attraction to anyone. Donald was off the phone and saying that Sam had invited him and Bradley to join them for lunch at the Ledges. He had accepted and they were taking off as soon as they took a minute to freshen up and brush their teeth. I wasn’t sure they could be left alone for a minute without one of them taking the clothes off the other, but they headed to the guest house. “I wouldn’t mind taking a minute or two to freshen up myself” I said. “Being around Fee and his flock has left an awful taste in my mouth.” I headed upstairs to freshen and Jack and Rick took off for the guest house. When I went into the bedroom, I saw Stewart’s suitcase open on the valet. He had begun to pack his underwear for his return to Denver. This weekend had gone by entirely too quickly. I picked up a pair of his clean undies and held them to my face. I could smell his beautiful fragrance in the freshly laundered cotton. I knew I didn’t want him to leave but I knew he had to do this. I wondered if it was wrong of me to wish the old man would just go ahead and die, especially since that was what Stewart said the man would really like. I also wondered what would become of Stewart’s mother once her husband checked out of this world. It sounded like she had no other family anywhere and really no deep roots. I just hoped she wouldn’t be planning to come to the Rocket City. I knew I would find her attitude toward her own grandson intolerable. I had never met the woman and I had no desire to do so. I went into the bathroom, took a nice, long leak and brushed my teeth. After washing my face and changing into a fresh green Polo shirt, I was feeling like a different man by the time I got back to the kitchen and I had a fresh beer in my hand. I said a little silent prayer for Eli and Elliott as I waited for Jack and Rick. Bradley and Donald came back through all freshened up. Both boys were smiling and Donald just said he wanted to tell me goodbye since I might still be at the hospital when he had to leave. He thanked me for the weekend and gave me a hug and a nice kiss on the lips. He was such a sweet, cut kid. I told him I loved him and asked him please to be safe. I told Bradley if he was feeling sad later tonight after Donald left, he was welcome to join me upstairs where I’d be alone too after Stewart left for Denver. He gave me a kiss and he and Donald took off for the Ledges in Donald’s Z4. It was only a couple of minutes till Jack and Rick were back. Jack offered to drive so that Rick and I could enjoy our beers on the way to the hospital. I thanked him and gave him a kiss. He took my head in both his hands and gave me a deep, wet kiss. Rick was watching and I saw him smile and wink at me. “I think our boy could use some time alone with both of us,” Rick said. “And I can’t think of anything I’d like better myself.” He joined us for a three way and then Rick gave me a deep, wet kiss. I could easily have been persuaded to head upstairs with these two, but duty called and we all knew it. We broke our hug reluctantly. “Later?” Jack asked. “Later” we both replied. When we got to the hospital, we found Jeff, Barry, and Matt playing with Landry and Flynn in the waiting room. They said Rhett, Poppy, Russell and Eli were in with Elliott. Jeff said they tried not to ever let too many people in the room at once. He looked fresh and I knew he had been at the hospital all night. I asked him how he managed that. “The staff here has been pretty incredible” he said. “They have welcomed us to participate in every aspect of his care and they’ve made sure we had fresh towels and washcloths so that we could shower when we needed to. They’ve been excellent about making sure we had privacy. Basically, they’ve placed no restrictions on us. I think Rhett has influenced them but they’ve been terrific.” “One thing I know for sure” I said. “If Elliott pulls through this, you guys have been a major factor in his recovery. I can’t say enough for you guys.” “We just want him to get better, Rob” he said. “The thought of that little boy not having his daddy is about more than I could take.” “I understand that, Jeff,” I said. “I know you miss your own dad.” “He’s coming to town later today” the boy said. “If you guys need a private place to spend some time, I hope you know you are welcome at our house. Anytime at all.” “Thanks” he said. “Dad said he has a room at the Hilton but I’d love to take you up on the offer some time. I’d love for you guys to meet. I think you’d like each other.” “I have no doubt about that if your dad is anything like you” I told him. After a hug, I left Rick and Jack playing with Landry and Flynn and went into the room. I saw no change in the patient since my last visit. I got hugs from all the guys. Poppy asked that he and Eli be excused and they left the room. “Nothing’s going on right now” Rhett said. “He’s definitely been trying to speak from time to time. It’s been mostly gibberish. The only word I’ve been able to understand is his son’s name. He has opened his eyes several times but I got nothing but a blank stare. I’ve ordered another EEG so that should be completed shortly.” Russell was doing range of motion exercises with his left arm. I went over and sat down on his left side. I took his hand in mine. “Time to wake up, buddy” I said. “Your son is lonesome for you and he wants to introduce you to his new friends. We’ve got this, Elliott. We’ve had your boy and we’ve taken good care of him. We’ll continue to do so as long as you need us to, buddy. But Eli needs you. He needs his handsome daddy. And you need to know that everything is all right. Your dad is gone. No way he can ever hurt you again. I don’t know everything, Elliott, but I know you were a damaged little boy. We’re all damaged in our own way and we need each other to heal. Come on back and you’ll have all the help you need.” I realized I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I looked up and so did Russell and Rhett. Then I felt Elliott squeeze my hand. It was light and barely perceptible. “Rhett, I think he’s hearing me. He just squeezed my hand. It was very, very light but I know it wasn’t my imagination. He hears us. I think he hears every word. Elliott’s entire body suddenly went rigid. His eyes opened but rolled back. “Fuck!” Russell said. “He’s having a seizure.” Russell grabbed a thick tongue depressor and inserted it into his mouth, after angling his head. Elliott’s entire body began to jerk. He was strangely rigid. “Hold him, guys” Rhett said. Russell and I held him tightly until the seizure passed. It had only lasted for about forty or fifty seconds but it seemed like an hour. Russell took the wooden stick out of his mouth. Rhett took out his cell phone. “Dr. Kirschman, this is Rhett Curry” he said. “I ordered a goddamn EEG on Elliott Goldman before six o’clock this morning. I made it clear I wanted it ASAP. It has yet to be done. He just had a seizure. I want to make something clear. I want the goddamn test done and I want it done stat! If you can’t get it done within thirty minutes, I will file a complaint and I’ll get a neurologist up from Birmingham in a motherfucking ambulance to do it if I need to!” He was silent for a moment. “Yes, of course I know it’s Sunday. But unless we’re in the fucking Vatican and you’re the motherfucking pope there is no excuse for this kind of shitty care. I want to know if you can get this done. If not you better fucking tell me right now.” He ended the call. “I’m sorry you guys had to see that” Rhett said. “I don’t enjoy being an asshole, but I also will not tolerate shitty care. There is just no excuse for it. I had heard there wasn’t much of a choice when it came to neurologists in this town and I’m believing it’s the damned truth. Again, guys, I apologize.” Russell had walked over to him and had his arm around Rhett’s neck. “It’s okay, buddy” Russ said quietly. “I love your passion. Elliott’s okay now and no harm’s been done. Look, the seizure is done and he’s breathing normally. We protected his airway and he’s okay.” Rhett put his arms around the younger boy. “You’re right” the neurosurgeon said. “I just can’t tolerate incompetence when it comes to care for my patients.” “I understand that perfectly” he said. “One of the things I love about you is that you actually do care about the care your patients get.” Rhett kissed the boy tenderly. “I love you” Rhett told the boy. “Why don’t you take Rob and you guys get a cup of coffee?” Russ suggested. “I won’t move from this bedside and I’ll call you if the neurology crew comes in. Please. I know you’re upset but it really is okay.” “Of course” Rhett said. “The beast has been calmed by beauty. Rob, would you like to join me for a cuppa? ” “Of course I would” I said. Rhett gave the boy another kiss before we left. The doctor was completely calm now. We got the three little ones as we went through the waiting room and Rick and Jack were going in to visit Elliott. “I know Elliott’s in good hands when Russell is with him” Rhett said. “Sorry about going off like that.” “Please don’t izmit yabancı escort apologize” I said. “I love your passion too. You were absolutely right to go off like that. The care around here has been very problematic at times. Someone needs to effect change and you’re in a great position to do it. He had picked up Eli and I had the other two in my arms. He leaned in and kissed Eli on the cheek. “God, I’d love to have one of these” he said. “Boys are great and I know I’m very lucky” I said. “Are you feeling the nesting instinct?” “You can tell?” he asked. “My god, that Russell is something else. I’ve always thought I’d love to settle down with someone. I’d love to have a boy or two or three. I know this has happened really fast, but I couldn’t be crazier about that boy. The nicest part is that I don’t feel I have to own him. I just want to love him. I love living with him. I can tell you that I’ve never been happier in spite of the hissy fit you saw me pitch.” We got small ice cream cones for the three little ones and coffee for ourselves. We took a table in a quiet corner of the cafeteria. “Rob, moving up here was the best move I ever made” he said. “Breaking up with that greedy little narcissist was another one. I don’t remember a time I’ve been even close to as happy as I am right now.” “Russell is a beauty and a treasure, my friend” I said. “Enjoy every minute you have together. His cell phone rang. He answered it, smiled, and said `thanks’. “That was Russ” he smiled. “The neurologist has started the EEG. Russ was timing and he said it took twelve minutes after my fit. God I love that boy. I’d be happy staying in bed with him forever. He’s not very experienced in bed, as you know, but he’s very eager to learn and he learns very quickly.” “I couldn’t be happier” I said. “There aren’t two nicer guys in this town that I know of. Enjoy every minute.” “I intend to do just that.” “What do you think caused Elliott’s seizure?” I asked. “Impossible to say” he said. “I don’t really anticipate any changes in the EEG. They’ve all been normal. Seizures are just not uncommon when a person’s having changes in their levels of consciousness. It’s totally unpredictable. We may never know. I think his attempts to speak, his opening his eyes, and his squeezing your hand are all good signs.” “I hope so” I said. “Any idea what might have caused the changes?” “Honestly, no” he said. “But I think all the interactions with the frat buys couldn’t have hurt. This young nursing assistant, Ron has been terrific in teaching the guys how to assist with his care. I think having his son with him as much as possible has been helpful. If I had to say, I’d say it’s been a combination of things. Just know we’re not out of the woods yet and we may never have answers to some or all of our questions.” “I just want him to come back” I said. “His boy needs his daddy. Did anyone tell you about his son saying that God told him his daddy would be coming home to him?” “No,” he said. “But I sure hope God was telling Eli the truth.” When we got back to the room, Stewart, Kurt and Ren were there. I hadn’t expected they would make it this soon as I figured the organ committee meeting could take some time. When I saw Stewart’s smile, I knew things had gone well. I gave them hugs. Stewart had brought some oil with him which he planned to use to anoint Elliott. Everyone had left the room except our three little ones, Ren, Rhett, Russell, Stewart, Poppy, and me. All three of our little angels were sitting on the bed where Elliott was. They seemed to grasp that the moment was a serious one. Stewart explained that he planned to offer a prayer and then draw the sign of the cross on Elliott’s forehead using his finger and the oil. We all became quiet and joined our hands around the bed. “Mother-Father God, we are here to ask for a blessing on Elliott. This man is a doctor, a friend and a father. We ask that your will be done and we pray that, if it is your will, Elliott will come back to us all. If it is not your will, all of us present pledge here and now to take care and provide for little Eli. We pray now for a healing of this man’s body, mind, and spirit. Amen.” Stewart then took the vial of oil he had brought and placed some on the tip of his index finger. He made the sign of the cross on Elliott’s forehead, after brushing back his beautiful, dark black hair. Our little ones were watching intently. As soon as Stewart finished making the sign of the cross, our Eli reached out his tiny index finger to Stewart. Stewart looked unsure for a moment, then he poured some of the oil onto the little boy’s finger. Eli did exactly as Stewart had done, drawing a cross on Elliott’s forehead. “Come home, daddy,” the boy said in his tiny voice. Stewart smiled at the boy and wiped both their fingers using his handkerchief. He then took Eli in his arms and kissed his cheek. I could barely see through my tears. It was a touching moment for all of us. We decided it was time to take the boys home but Eli wanted to stay longer with his father so Poppy agreed to stay with him for a bit longer. As we were leaving through the waiting room near his room, Jeff, the tall, ginger fratboy I had become so fond of, walked up with an even taller man. It was obvious who the man was. “You have to be Jeff’s dad” I said, extending my hand. The man took my hand and shook it warmly. “It’s fairly easy to link us up” said the man. “I’m Marv and this handsome guy is my son.” He had his arm around the handsome ginger I had come to love. “Your son is an extraordinary young man, Marv,” I said. “I can’t begin to tell you what he’s come to mean to me.” “You don’t have to” the boy’s father said. “He’s always been special. I’m a very lucky man.” “I couldn’t agree more” I said. I introduced him to Stewart, Ren, Flynn and Landry, Ren and Kurt. “Jeff has told me about your beautiful home and your family” Marv said. “I’ll admit I’m a little jealous.” “We would love to have you and Jeff visit us and I really mean that” I said. “I don’t give out phony invitations. I would really love for you and your son to visit us. Use the pool or the hot tub or just use the time to relax together. We’re very informal and pretty laid back.” “So I’ve heard” he chuckled. “I will take you up on that invitation.” We had walked away a bit from the rest of the group. “Jeff told me that you guys are spending some time in a motel this weekend” I said. “I hope you will feel free to avoid doing that any time you would like. We have plenty of room in our home and we would welcome you. You can have your private time or you can socialize with our gang. I hope you will accept my invitation and that we will see you very soon.” “That is a promise and I very much appreciate that, Rob” he said. We bade them goodbye. Jeff said he would be back later in the evening as he and Barry were planning to spend the night tonight. Jeff came in for a hug and I gave him a kiss on his cheek. His dad gave us a smile and they took off to have some private time. As we were passing through the main waiting room, I looked up to see Alejandro and Javi running full speed toward the Emergency Department. Stewart saw it too. “Kurt, can you take the little ones into the waiting room and wait for us just a second?” I asked. Kurt headed for the waiting room with our little boys. I looked back to see Yugo holding little Yarro’s hand and joining our boys. I had an instant flash of relief that Alejandro and all of his boys were all right and I couldn’t imagine what their emergency was. We caught up to Alejandro and Javi at the ER desk. Javi was crying and Alejandro looked more upset than I had ever seen this usually calm, gentle man. Javi went into Stewart’s arms immediately. The handsome boy was sobbing. I began to piece the story together, based on what Alejandro was saying. He said he and his boys had gotten home from church after going out for lunch. He said he and the boys had gone out to their pool for a swim when they discovered the body of a young man with blood everywhere lying on their pool deck. It turned out the boy was a friend of Javi’s from school whose name was Nile. Javi had told his father the boy had been having trouble with his parents. He said Javi liked the boy very much and he had even spent the night at their home a couple of times. Then his father had grounded the kid and wouldn’t allow him to leave his house except for school. Javi had said Nile hadn’t been at school Thursday or Friday and he had worried about the kid but he had written it off just knowing the kid’s parents were weird. Alejandro said the kid had looked awful and had blood all over him. He said there were bruises all over the boy’s body and both eyes were swollen closed. He said the boy was having trouble breathing and had been unable to speak. At that point Rick and Jack walked up, having said goodbye to Rhett and Russell in Elliott’s room. I had Jack run back up to get Rhett as I knew he would be able to get us some information on Javi’s young friend. Rhett was back within a minute and we filled him in. He said he would find out what was going on. I realized our little ones didn’t need to be in that waiting room too long so Stewart and I went and asked Kurt if he might take them home. He was delighted to get the boys to himself for a while. He then offered to take Ren, Yugo, and Yarro with him. Alejandro expressed his gratitude and we said goodbye to their group, telling them we would be home as soon as possible. Stewart had managed to calm Javi somewhat and we all went out into the waiting room to try to get more information. Stewart related that the kid’s family had once been members of his church. He said they had left after Nile had gone to his father to admit he was feeling a sexual attraction to a friend of his. Nile’s father had promised the boy he would keep the information secret but then betrayed him by telling his mother. They had both freaked. Stewart said he never had any idea what closet homophobes the couple was. He said Nile had an older brother and an older sister, both of whom were living away. Apparently Nile’s mother had sought help from old Reverend Fee and he had arranged for them to have the lad graduate from high school early and they planned to enroll him at Liberty University. The parents had taken the boy on what was supposedly a tour of William and Mary College, a school the boy was interested in attending, but had instead driven him up to Liberty where Falwell cronies convinced them that if they sent their son there, they could `straighten him out.’ The school had a reputation for being homophobic, misogynistic and racist. Nile refused to even consider it and was furious at his parents. He had told Stewart that he had refused to even get into their car for about three hours until they finally talked him into leaving with them to come back home. Stewart was feeling very guilty for not following up on the kid. Javi was feeling a lot of guilt too because the boy had confided in him about his attraction for another boy at their school. As it turned out, Nile’s attraction had been for Der, Derrick’s son, and he had spent the night at the boy’s home a couple of times before his dad laid down the new strict rules for the boy. Javi said the boy had been an outstanding theatre student with leads in several school productions. Apparently, the boy’s father had put an end to that and to any extracurricular activities. Javi said Nile had become very quiet and introverted over the past month. Nile had eventually confessed to Javi that his parents were forcing him to spend hours at a time on his knees praying with them. Nile said their new pastor had told his parents they could pray the gay away if they believed strongly enough. Nile had been horrified and embarrassed even to admit the ordeal. He said he had tried to call the boy several times but his cell phone was not being answered. Javi was beating himself up for not being more pro-active when it had looked like his friend was in trouble. Alejandro had the boy n his lap now, letting him cry out his anger and frustration. We were all sitting there, hoping Rhett would come out soon with some information when a `code blue’ was called in the Emergency Room. We knew it was a large and busy ER but we all somehow knew in our guts it was Nile.