Read before you sign pt9/1

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Read before you sign pt9/1Paula was in the living room, having some toast as she watched the news on TV. She was waiting for Samantha to appear so she could launch her secret surprise on her slave.Samantha was in the kitchen, making herself a cup of tea. Samantha always enjoyed a cuppa in the morning. As she waited for the kettle to boil her mind drifted back to a few days ago where she got her first double pussy experience.It felt terrific having two cocks fuck her tight pussy at the same. The only downside was that her pussy was sore. Figures she did two solid cocks in her tiny hole.”I wonder if it would be possible to have three cocks in my pussy?” She asked herself. “Listen to me, I sound like a slut,” she giggled.The kettle was ready. Samantha made her tea with milk and two sugars. Then she headed into the living room.”Ah, there is my favourite girl!” Paula beamed.”I better be your favourite girl, I can take cock better than the girls,” Samantha joked.”Nope, you’ve yet to take Laura and me on.””Oh wow a two whole inches, I’m a big girl, I can take it,” Samantha grinned.”Slut,” Paula giggled. “Right I’ve got a surprise for you. Considering how well behaved you have been in these last six months. I think you have earned this surprise.””What is it?” Samantha said as she put the cup on a coaster.”Pull down your yoga pants, and thongs please,” Paula commanded.Samantha pulled down her stuff. She noticed a key on the table.Paula grabbed the key and got on her knees. She put her hand on Samantha’s chastity device and began to unlock it.”Mistress what are you doing?” Samantha said alarmed.”This is your surprise silly, only for today. You are free and not a slave to me. Your clit is now your cock again. As Kelly said a few days ago. You are one of us, a tranny or shemale if you prefer.””But are those slurs?””Yes, but it’s fine we say it among ourselves. To spice up the sex,” Paula replied as she took the device. “There you are free for today. I bet it will feel weird.””Mistress are you sure?””Ah, it’s Paula for today,” she smiled. “Of course, I’m sure. You can wank all day if you want, I won’t care.”Samantha stood there, confused. The only time her clit was free was to wash it under Paula’s supervision. Now it was free for a full day. It felt weird.”Oh, here is an idea,” Paula smiled. “If you do wank, do it in front of your full-length mirror. A big titted tranny stroking her thick meat, trust me, you will love watching yourself.” She put the device on the table and went back to her toast. “Don’t worry about the housework. I’ll do it today.”Samantha pulled her stuff back up and sat down beside her Mistress? Friend? What was Paula to her for today? The young woman felt confused. She was stuck in a mindset that was drilled into her for the past six months and now. She was free to do as she pleased, she left lost.”You said I’m allowed to do as I pleased correct?” Samantha asked.”Yip.””Could I…umm…fuck you?” Samantha asked nervously.Paula burst out laughing. “Not even two mins free and you want to stick your cock up my ass… For you Samantha, yes you can, tonight, of course, you can fuck my ass because you have been so well behaved.”Samantha felt her clit…cock harden. “Thank you, Miss…Paula.””I hope you can pleasure me, Samantha,” Paula replied, winking at her lover.”I will try my best,” Samantha blushed. “So, what are we?””What do you mean?””Are we friends? I mean since I’m not your slave for today.””Oh, Sammy, we are lovers. You are my girlfriend.””Girlfriend?” Samantha replied, shocked.”Yes, and I’m your girlfriend as well.””I-I have never had a girlfriend before,” Samantha said embarrassed.”Well you do now, and I can tell you she is packing seven inches of meat,” Paula giggled as did Samantha.”I do love meat,” Samantha smirked.”Yes, I know I heard a rumour you love 13 inches of meat.””That is so not true,” Samantha said, sarcastically waving her hand up and down. “This rumour makes me sound like a slut for meat.”Paula began to chuckle. “Oh, what am I going to do with you, Sammy.””I can think of a few ideas,” Samantha giggled as she grabbed her tea.”I’m sure you can,” Paula giggled. “Anyway, I will be heading out today. I’ve booked an appointment at Laura’s salon to get my hair done. Would you like to come?””Yes, please,” Samantha replied. “It would nice to catch up with Rebecca again.””Very well, I’m heading over in an hour, so get yourself ready.”An hour laterSamantha and Paula walked into an empty salon where they saw Laura sitting on one of the chairs on her phone.”Morning,” Paula said.”Morning,” Laura said as she put her phone away and laid her eyes on Samantha. “Oh, I never knew you were bringing your slave with you today.””Samantha is not my slave for today. I’ve given her a day of freedom her cock is free from its chastity darıca escort device.””Oh, is that so?” Laura said, raising an eyebrow. “Hmm,” she grinned. “Slave! Get out here now!” She shouted.Rebecca appeared from the back room. During the six months, Samantha found out that Rebecca was packing heat was left stunned. But was still in the dark over the crush that Rebecca on her.”Yes, Mistress, how can I serve you,” Rebecca bowed.”Slave, take Samantha around the back and give her a blowjob,” Laura grinned. “She has been released from her chastity device for today.””What?!” Samantha said, confused.”Your will is my command,” Rebecca replied. She walked over and softly took Samantha’s hand in hers and led the pair into the back room.Paula folded her arms and looked at Laura.”What?” Laura said, annoyed. “I think Samantha should receive a blowjob from Rebecca’s perfect lips. Those lips are perfection after collagen was added.””Stating the obvious here, but you can be too forceful sometimes,” Paula replied.”Oh be quiet and get on that chair so we can begin! Then we can talk about your threesome with Samantha and Kelly.””Oh, Kelly told you did she?” Paula said, not surprised.”Of course she did, we talk about sex a lot or have you forgotten?” Laura chuckled.In the backroom, Samantha had her jacket off while Rebbeca was on her knees, undoing Samantha jeans. This felt weird for the latter as she was so used to being on her knees, undoing someone else’s jeans.”Samantha, there is something I need to tell you,” Rebecca blushed. “I had a massive crush on you.””You did?” Samantha replied, shocked.”Yes, I… It was when you were Sam.””Why didn’t you say something?””Because I didn’t know how you would react with me having a dick,” Rebecca replied as she took down Samantha’s jeans.”I would have respected you,” Samantha replied. “But my heart is now with Paula.””Yes, I know, my heart is with my Mistress,” Rebecca said softly as she pulled down Samantha’s thongs. “But still, I have always wanted to do this. So, I’m still living out a fantasy of mine.”Rebecca took Samantha’s tiny dick into her mouth, and right away, the latter let out a soft moan. This was the first time her dick was receiving any attention for six months.”Rebecca,” Samantha moaned softly.Rebecca bobbled her head back and forth slowly as she felt Samantha’s dick grow in her mouth. For the redhead, it was a dream come true. She was sucking her former crush off. Rebecca wanted to ensure Samantha had a blowjob to remember.Rebecca pulled her head away, allowing the cock to go free. She put her hand on it and began stroking it gently.”Are you enjoying this, Samantha?” Rebecca asked seductively.”Yes, …it feel…amazing,” Samantha replied, struggling to speak. “I’ve forgotten how it feels.””Well, then,” Rebecca smirked. “I better make sure you will never forget.”Samantha was now hard and was left wanting to get her cock back into Rebbeca’s soft and warm mouth.Rebecca licks the head of the cock, which sent tingles down Samantha’s spine. “Fuck!”Rebecca giggled, and she travelled her mouth down to Samantha’s ball and began to play with them. While she continued to stroke the dick.”Fuck it’s too much!” Samantha groaned.”Are you cumming already?” Rebecca asked.”No…not yet,” Samantha replied.”Good because I want that creamy load in my belly!” Rebecca giggled. She continued to work the shaft, and balls as Samantha’s knees began to grow weak.”Samantha!” Laura shouted from the front. “How is my slave doing?””15 out of 10!” Samantha shouted back in pleasure.”That’s my bitch!” Laura laughed. “Make Samantha cum hard slave!””Yes, Mistress!” Rebecca shouted back. The redhead moved her head back to the front of the cock and took it in her mouth. She wanted Samantha to flood her mouth so badly!She upped her pace, but she felt Samantha grabbing her head and forcing her onto her cock. “Take it, slut!” Samantha said.Out in the front, Paula was sitting in the chair with Laura fixing her hair, and the two could hear the gaggling noises from the back room, and the pair were rock solid.”I’m CUMMING!” Samantha roared as she began to flood Rebecca’s mouth with cum.The redhead began to swallow every drop and then began to milk the cock with her tongue to get the last remaining cum.Samantha pulled out and leaned against the wall. “I’m so sorry, Rebecca, I don’t know what came over me.””It’s cool, after being with Mistress for six months. I’m used to the rough play. But that cum was delightful. Thank you, Samantha,” Rebecca replied, licking her lips. She stood up and left the room to wash her hands, leaving Samantha to her thong and jeans.Rebecca soon came back. “Hey Samantha, I like your tits, when did you get them?””Oh, they’re not real, Paula got me them for training purposes a few days ago,” Samantha replied.”To help escort darıca with your back?””Yeah,” Samantha nodded. “I might be getting the real thing soon. Then I can be Paula’s perfect slave sex.””Cool,” Rebecca smiled. Then she walked into the front of the shop with Samantha following her.”So, Samantha,” Laura said. “How was my slave’s mouth?””Miss Laura, it was amazing… I lost control and grabbed Rebecca’s head and began to fuck her mouth,” Samantha replied nervously in fear of Paula’s reaction.”Oh, will you look at that Paula,” Laura laughed. “It seems your lover has picked up a few traits from you.””It seems so,” Paula replied. “I hope you’re not rough with me tonight, Sammy.””I won’t. I promise,” Samantha replied. “But if I am, please punish me as you see fit.”Laura froze. “Wait tonight? Paula, are you going to get fucked?””Yes, I am,” Paula replied, making eye contact with Laura thanks to the mirror. “Samantha asked if she could fuck me, and I will allow it since she has been such a good girl, and this will be the only time she is out of the cage. Unless Kelly wants to get fucked by Samantha.””Hmm,” Laura said as she back to Paula’s hair. “I have an idea if your interested.””Go on.””Would you be up for a foursome? You, Rebecca, Samantha and I tonight?””Hmm, I am interested, but there is something I want to be done.””And that is?””I want Rebecca to be free from her chastity device. I think it’s only fair since Samantha is not wearing hers.””Fine,” Laura grinned. Then she looked at her slave. “Slut, lady luck is with you right now. There might be a chance you could get to fuck or be fucked by Samantha.”Rebecca and Samantha looked at each other.”We will take turns,” Samantha giggled.Hours laterThe group were at Paula’s bedroom. They were naked as Samantha and Rebecca were on their knees, sucking their respective owners off. Rebecca still had her collar on.”Right I think that is enough,” Paula said. “Sammy, grab lube it’s time.”Samantha let the cock slide out of her mouth and stood up and went to grab the lube. Paula got onto the bed and laid on her back and legs widened.Rebecca continued to suck her Mistress away as Laura watched the events unfold before her.Samantha came back with the lube, and she poured it over her cock and then over Paula’s hole.”Bitch stop sucking and watch this amazing shot,” Laura ordered.Rebecca stopped sucking Laura’s cock and watched as Samantha lined her cock up to Paula’s hole.”I’m ready, Paula,” Samantha said, trying to hide her joy. “If I hurt you, please let me know.”Laura started to laugh. “Samantha, your Mistress, has taken my thick cock plenty of times, you will not hurt her.””She is right,” Paula replied. “I want YOU to enjoy the experience. So take your time and fuck me at your pace while you can. Because I get the feeling, you will be in the middle of a tranny sandwich.””Oh yeah she will,” Laura chuckled. “Slave lube up your cock and be ready to shove it up Samantha’s ass in a few minutes.”Rebecca’s eyes lit up with delight she was going to fuck her former crush. Words couldn’t describe how happy she was.Samantha pushed her cock in slowly. Both women let out a gasp. Samantha pushed in further and was soon balls deep.”Ah, your so warm Paula!” Samantha said.”Fuck me, you slut!” Paula demanded. Samantha obeyed her orders and began to move her hips back and forth. “Faster, Samantha, I can take it!”Samantha upped her pace and began to pound Paula’s ass. Samantha could hear her balls slap against Paula’s ass.”Lean over and suck on my tits!” Paula ordered.Samantha leaned over and began to suck on Paula’s tits. The latter wrapped her hands around her lover’s body. She had forgotten what it felt like to be fucked.Rebecca had just finish lubing her cock and thanks to Samantha leaning over. It makes Rebecca’s job easier. She spanked Samantha’s ass a few times.”I hope your ready Samantha,” Rebecca giggled.Samantha paused. “Fuck me!”Paula and Laura burst out laughing.Rebecca lined her cock up with Samantha’s hole and pushed in slowly.”Give me your cock now! I want it!” Samantha said.Rebecca pushed in and was balls deep. She began to move her hips while Samantha moved her hips. Laura watched on as she saw Samantha fucking Paula while being fucked by her slave.”Fuck!” Samantha moaned. “This feels amazing!”Paula was in heaven she could feel Samantha reaching further inside her thanks to Rebecca fucking Samantha.Laura climbed onto the bed and was near Paula’s head. “Suck my cock, you bitch!” She said as she shoved her dick inside Paula’s mouth.”That’s so hot!” Rebecca said as she began to slap Samantha’s ass.”Fucking spank me harder!” Samantha said. “I’m a dirty tranny slut!”Rebecca continued to spank her former neighbour’s ass.As the fucking continued. It was starting to get too much for Samantha. “I’m darıca escort bayan close to cumming. I don’t think I can hold on much longer.””Slave pull out and let Samantha cum in peace,” Laura said as she pulled her cock out of Paula’s mouth.Rebecca pulled out, and this allowed Samantha to control her pace again.”Samantha cum inside me!” Paula ordered.Samantha began to slam Paula hard. “I’M CUMMING!” The young woman roared as she began to shoot load after load into Paula’s ass.”I can feel it, Sammy, you breeding me,” Paula said warmly. She leaned forward and kissed her lover on the lips. “That felt amazing thank you.””No thank you for guessing me the chance to do this. Just for this day only,” Samantha replied, smiling.Paula laid back on the bed as she felt Samantha pull out.”Slut you know what to do,” Laura ordered.Rebecca got on her knees and crawled over to Paula’s hole and stuck her tongue out.”Push out Samantha’s cum Paula, my slave is hungry,” Laura chuckled.”I have a better idea,” Paula said. “Rebecca lay on the ground and keep your mouth open please.”Rebecca got on her back, and she saw Paula standing up and lean over her face. Paula leaned down and sat on Rebecca’s face.”You may eat my ass now and get your creamy reward,” Paula said.Rebecca began to tongue Paula’s ass, and she felt Samantha’s cum sliding into her mouth.”Fuck, your slave knows how to use her tongue,” Paula moaned.”Of course she does,” Laura chuckled. “I’ve turned Rebecca into the perfect sex slave.”Samantha took some offence to that. “I think I’m the perfect sex slave.””You both are perfect,” Paula moaned. She stood up after there was no cum left in her ass. “Right what is next?””I was hoping you and I could double anal my slave,” Laura grinned.”I’m game,” Paula giggled. She grabbed the lube and poured it over her dick. She got back onto the bed and laid on her back.Rebecca knew this day was going to come at some point. Laura wanted to stuff her ass with two dick at the same time.”Come on slut, lube up your ass and climb on Paula’s thick dick. Reserve cow style,” Laura ordered.Rebecca grabbed the lube and covered her hole with it. She climbed onto the bed. She had her back facing Paula as she grabbed the latter’s dick and slowly impaled herself with it and began to bounce up and down.Laura grabbed the lube and poured it over her dick. She knew this was going to be magical. “Slut, stop bouncing and look into my eyes as I fill your ass with a second cock. My cock!”Rebecca stopped bouncing and stared into her Mistress’s eyes as the latter got closer. Laura grabbed her cock and lined up with Rebecca’s hole and pushed her cock in. She felt Rebecca’s hole opening up even further trying to accommodate for her cock.Rebbeca’s eyes widened as she felt her ass accepting the second cock. “Fuck!” She growled in pain.”Bitch be quiet! The pain will vanish soon after this. You will be craving to have double anal all the time.”Samantha walked over and placed her mouth to Rebecca’s ear. “It’s true, having you cocks fucking you at the same time is amazing. Just give in and accept your ass is a hole that was built for taking two cocks.” She stuck her tongue out and licked Rebecca’s ear, then travelled her tongue down to the redhead’s nipples.Laura pushed in, and it felt amazing. Sure, she and Paula have doubled team before. But doing it to her slave. It felt that much better. Laura was now balls deep as she stared into her slave’s eyes.”Slave how does it feel to have two cocks in your ass?””Full,” Rebecca moaned as Samantha was licking her nipples.Laura grinned as she slowly moved her hips, sliding her cock between the rim of Rebecca’s ass and Paula’s cock.Paula began to move as well as Rebecca groan in pain as she felt the two cocks fuck her.”Samantha stand up and shove your cock into my slave’s mouth,” Laura ordered.Samantha stood up and watched Rebecca open her mouth. Even though Samantha had cum, she was still rock solid. She shoved her cock into Rebecca’s mouth, and the latter began to bobble her head.Laura began to laugh. “Yes, you slut, taking three cocks in your two holes. I’m so fucking proud of you! Now, get ready for the pounding of your life! Paula let’s fuck this slave hard!”The two older women began to fuck the redhead hard. Rebecca groaned onto Samantha’s cock as the pain faded and was over flooded with pleasure. Laura grabbed her slave’s cock and begun stroking it.”Yes, slut, feel that pleasure coursing all over your body! Let it take over you, bitch!”Rebecca’s eyes rolled back as the pleasure was too much she couldn’t even focus on sucking on Samantha’s cock.Laura raised her free hand and begun to spank Samantha’s ass. “This is so fucking hot, wait till we get Kelly and Tracy here. Samantha, you will be getting your ass full of cock as well. Heck, we could even let you and Rebecca kiss each other.”Samantha began to think of her and Rebecca kissing each other while they were both getting double-teamed. It was making her wet cock painfully harder.”Are you close, slut?” Laura asked her slave.