Real Redhead No Panties

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Real Redhead No PantiesReal Redhead No PantiesI use to work for a local convenience store chain based in west texas. I managed their facilities which included the stores, offices and rental properties. When i approved bills I usually gave the stack of bills to be paid to Trish. Now i tried to be professional when I was in the office. But it was extremely difficult with the hotties running around in their skirts and dresses doing their office thing. As summer time in Texas gets close I am always the happiest. As the mercury climbs higher the clothing becomes more scarce and well you know what i mean. Now Trish is a red headed little gal who was always friendly but professional. We had spent some time at our old office going through old files and making preparation to move to our new office. The old building had many vacant offices and storage rooms. I was helping Trish move old filing cabinets and file boxes into a halllway to be destroyed. We spent a few hours basically alone by ourselves and as time went by we started loosening up and k**ding around. I found out she had a naughty streak in her comparable to my pervert streak. She told me that she always wondered how i would be if we were alone and i said now is as good as time as ever and slowly and carefully we came together and kissed and hugged then rubbed bodies and then pulled apart. Eye to eye she said she couldn’t go further. I agreed. We both were married and well…you know.It seemed that over the next month she found more and more questions that she had to ask about my paperwork and i looked forward to our discussions and occasional flirting. I also seemed to forget to expense code things alot more than normal. My office was on the first floor away from all the supertoto yeni giriş others.Ii had two windows facing the street and my own locked door. I could see out and no one could see in. One day Trish called down to my office and said she had a few questions and would i be in for awhile.( Hell yeah) Yes I would. She walked in layed her papers on my desk and leaned over and stuck her tongue down my throat. Damn she looked good, smelled good, and tasted devine. After a few minutes I pulled back and said I hoped I could answer her questions. She gave me the shut up and fuck me look. Trish has that milky white never been sunburned skin that still turns me on. She has that full breasted round firm ass body that screams for attention and today was my day. While she stood in front of me I buried my face in her neck and down to her ample cleavage. Her gauzy summer dress moved with my up and down motions over her breasts. She moaned and then sat down straddling my leg and rubbed her crotch up and down my jeans. Her summer dress slipped back over her hips and exposed her closely cropped red haired beaver. Oh my god – no panties, no stockings no nothing. My jeans were getting soaked. I asked her if she had forgotten to put something on this morning and she said no. She took them off before coming down to see me. i set her up on my desk in front of me and pulled the top of her dress aside and slipped my hand inside her white lace support bra. Her nipple was screaming out my name and i devoured it rolling it around my tongue and lips gently then firmly sucking it in. She almost came but pulled my head back by my hair. She looked back down at me and said to stop because she was afraid to be seen through the supertoto giriş big plate glass windows in my office. I laughed and told her about my pulling my dick out and standing by the window and shaking at her when they walked by on their way to lunch. With the lights out you can’t see in. She told me she had tried to look in before and couldn’t make out anything. I said i know and i had seen her peeping in. She said OHH and put my head back on her tit. Shortly i moved down to the wet spot growing on my desk and she said No. She didn’t do that and my reply was to ignore and lick from the desk up to and through her red bush till i found my little joystick buddy winking out at me. I licked around it and sucked softly twice on it and she came loudly. My desk got wetter.(Seems she was made to think cunniligus was dirty by her old man and I convinced her otherwise.) I then stood up undid my belt and she pulled my zipper down and dropped down to meet junior. If she had not had oral done to her she definitely knew her way around giving it to a man. It was just a few minutes before i stopped her and layed her up on my blueprints, invoices, and work orders. That was a real sweet site seeing junior thrust in and out of her wet red haired little cameltoe lips. If you don’t know first hand that extra vulva flesh on a cameltoe seems to create more suction and I almost came right away. Fortunately I stopped and she whispered do not cum in me I am not protected. So when ready I pulled out and came up on her stomach as we wildly rubbed up and down and sideways on each other. She cleaned me up real nice and licked her lips. She got up and left to go clean up. I looked down on the wetness all over my paperwork and supertoto güvenilirmi smiled big. She came back by and got her papers and left.She intercom-med me later and asked if I liked getting her papers wet. I said of course. We did it again several times. Once while all her office mates were walking by outside going to lunch and her laying face down tits out on my desk with me pounding that lovely ass from behind. At our new offices I found my self back near the record storage room in a 6′ high cubicle. I had some privacy but not like my old office. Trish and I continued our affair. I had asked her several times about her panties and she would laugh. One day she came in a verrrry nice whimsical little short sundress.( We were there before most anyone else was) and she proceeded to walk by my desksaid good morning then dropped her papers as she tried to open the locked storage room door. She bent over to pick up the papers and easily flashed me a wonderful view of her naked, shaved, and moist beaver. She new I would be looking over my shoulder at her and i almost broke my frigging neck spinning around. She stayed in that position for a few seconds and then straightened up and went through the door. I turned around as others came into the room. OMG. I went back to work and probably an hour later I am on the phone taking notes when I feel this wet slick slit rubbing on my elbow. I almost drop the phone as I reach around to stare right into her pussy hidden under her pulled up dress. She moves around and I reach up her legs and under her butt and as she leans over my side desk to write on some papers I discreetly finger her now dripping twat. In just a minute she moans out and I feel her wet my hand. She stands up reaches under her dress and rubs her crotch. Hands me a wet note with” Here is your lunch big boy” written in now smeared ink. I licked and sniffed this paper till lunchtime where we met at a secluded wooded park and fucked on the hood of her Pontiac.More stories from Trish and I to cummm….