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Subject: Rebuilding the Bond Chapter 5 Chapter 5 The last day of school had finally arrived. Finals were over, and everyone was celebrating, signing yearbooks, and discussing their summer plans. I, however, sat quietly in the corner, doodling on my notebook. I was enough of a loner that I didn’t care about yearbooks or saying goodbye for the summer. So much has happened in the last month. Mom and Chet had left me alone, I had moved into a youth home, Dad had quit his job and moved back to the state to file for custody. Just this week, the final order had come down, I was officially no longer in Mom’s care. In fact, she had lost all parental rights. Dad was now my sole guardian. Dad had gotten a job in a nearby City and rented a small house. The courts had given him time to “prepare his home”, whatever that means, before handing me over to him. So today, afterschool, I would be leaving with him to start a new life. However, I found myself racked with mixed emotions. I had wanted to spend the summer with Dad, but moving in with him, permanently, was a whole different story. I filled in the devil horns on my notebook as my mind wandered. Nothing against Dad, I loved him and all, and I knew he loved me, but at the end of the day, he was still kind of a stranger to me. I had seen him on and off growing up, but he was never there for big moments. I learned to ride a bike on my own, I learned about sex on my own, I did most of my growing up on my own. I didn’t resent him for this, at least I didn’t think I did, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was missing in my life. My mind then turned onto the one time I do remember spending any real amount of time with him. Just over a year or so ago in fact. Mom and Chet had wanted to get away, so, of course, Mom said I could go stay with Dad for an extended weekend. Dad decided this would be a perfect time to take me camping. Camping, I thought, there is one thing he did teach me to do. I had never been camping before, so this was one true unique experience he gave me. I remember driving for several hours, deep into the woods with two large backpacks of camping equipment Dad had borrowed from a friend. After parking we hiked for what seemed like forever in the hot summer sun, before coming across a quiet spot right along a lake. “Here we are, what do you think?” He said, putting his backpack down and standing at the edge of the lake. “It’s great Dad,” I said to appease him. It was very lovely, a small opening among the tall trees, the sun glistening off the still water that looked almost like glass. But, there was no electricity, no air conditioning, and definitely no cell service. I would have rather spent the night at a Motel 6 then out here. But Dad was clearly enjoying it, so I figured I’d play along. “Not another soul for miles. God, I love to get away like this. I need to do it more often.” Dad pulled off his ball cap, crossed his arms, grabbed the bottom of his sweat soaked t-shirt and peeled it off. Slapping the cap back on his head he turned to me, “come on, let’s get this tent up.” I placed my backpack next to Dad’s as he started pulling things out of his bag. This was the first time I had really seen him without a shirt. Or, more likely, the first real time I have seen him since I understood that I was gay and loved the male body. Dad was tall, like me, but much more muscular. Years of hard labor at construction sites and other manual jobs had made him strong istanbul travesti but also made his skin a little weather worn. Years of drinking had also given him a bit of a belly. His chest was covered in a lair of fur. That fur trailed down his belly, and under his shorts. All that hair was now all matted down with sweat. I tried to take my mind off him as we set up the tent. It took us two tries, but we were able to get it up. It was a small, gray tent, just large enough for two sleeping bags. “Not too shabby don’t you think.” He said, patting me on the back. I wasn’t the most comfortable being shirtless, but I was hot and my wet shirt was getting annoying, so I pulled it off too. The fresh air felt good on my chest and back. “Well, we need to collect some rocks to build a fire pit, and gather some wood, but that can wait.” He turned around and headed back to the water’s edge. “How about a swim first, I think we have earned it.” I loved to swim, but had only ever done it in a chlorinated pool, never a lake. But, being as hot as I was, a swim in any kind of water sounded great. Then I had a realization, “oh crud, um Dad?” “Yeah” “I think I forgot to bring my trunks.” He laughed. “Oh well, it’s just us, there isn’t anyone else around for miles.” I turned around to look at him, just as he slipped his shorts off. He picked up his shorts and shoes, tossing them on top of his backpack, and turned to look at me, completely naked. “Come on, the water looks great.” He took his cap off and tossed it on top of his clothes. I just stood there for a moment. Seeing Dad shirtless was one thing, but seeing him naked is another! A thousand thoughts rolled through my head at once. First, of course, he can’t be serious. Second was, wow he is uncut too. Third was, he has some long hanging balls as well, that must run in the family. Before I could say or do anything, Dad had turned around, showing me his slightly hairy, but firm ass, and strolled into the water. “Ah yeah, this is nice.” He turned back to me, his dick just barely touching the water. “Come on, don’t be shy, the water is great.” I knew I loved being naked, but I had never had the chance to be naked outdoors. What a strange way for this opportunity to present itself, to be naked outdoors, for the first time, with Dad. It was now or never, I thought, taking a quick look around to make sure we were alone, of course we were. I slipped my shoes off, then my shorts. The feeling was incredible. The warm air on my dick and balls felt so refreshing, so freeing, so natural. I strolled into the water. Dad, no doubt trying to make me less uncomfortable, didn’t look at me again until I was waist deep. The water was cool, but not cold. The muddy sand at the bottom felt weird on my feet. “Come on,” Dad said, “let’s get wet” and dove in. The next hour or so was probably the best time I remember ever having with Dad. We just swam and splashed around. I even worked up the courage to float on my back for a while, my dick fully exposed to the open air, and to Dad. Finally, it was time to get out. Dad climbed out first, laying down in the sun on a group of nearby rocks. I followed suit laying next to him, getting a good look at his uncut dick hanging between his legs. My own dick twitched, but I managed to keep it down. “This is nice isn’t it. Quiet. Far away from everyone and everything,” he said, stretching his hands behind his head. “Yeah,” I agreed, kadıköy travesti actually meaning it this time. “Yeah it is.” The feeling of laying out in the warm sun, completely naked was almost overwhelming. If only there was a way we could do this all the time. Dusk was fast approaching. After drying off in the sun, we got up, and walked over to our clothes. However, to my surprise, Dad didn’t get dressed. He simply put his shoes and cap back on and looked at me. “Why don’t you go grab some wood, while I build a fire pit. We are going to want to eat soon.” “Um. Okay.” I said, a little puzzled. I was expecting to get dressed, but if he wasn’t going to, neither was I. I slipped my shoes back on and started collecting wood. A few minutes later, Dad and I were sitting next to a small campfire, still both naked. We had cooked some of the food he had brought with us. I was still a bit hungry, but didn’t want to say anything. We chatted for a bit, but as the night wore on, we sort of ran out of things to talk about. Neither of us seemed to mind sitting together in silence. It was getting late, and dark. I reclined back, resting my weight on my arms, looking up at the stars when Dad started talking again. “Hey Ian, there is something I need to tell you.” “Yeah Dad?” “Well,” he cleared his throat. “I just wanted to let you know that, well, I lost my job last week. But don’t worry!” he quickly added, no doubt seeing the look of concern that crossed over my face. “I have already gotten another one. But, well, it’s a job in the oil fields a few states away. I will have to move up there.” “Oh,” I said, sitting up and looking down at my feet. He scooted closer to me. “I don’t want to leave, but I have to. They are paying good money, more than I can make here.” I just nodded. “Ian,” he said, with a concerned air, placing his hand on the back of my neck, “look at me.” I did. “I love you, and I hate the fact that I am going to have to live so far away. Believe me, I have tried to find a way to stay, but the economy right now, it’s just…” He trailed off. “I understand Dad, it’s okay. We should probably get some sleep.” Dad put out the fire and we both crawled into the tent. It was too warm to get into our sleeping bags, so we just laid, naked, ontop. We laid in silence for a while. “Dad?” I said. “Yeah?” “I am not going to say I am not disappointed. But I do really understand. I’m just going to miss you is all.” Dad placed his hand on my forearm and gave it a squeeze. “I am going to miss you too son. I love you.” “I love you too Dad”. We gradually fell asleep. *** A sudden grunt from outside the tent startled me awake. I slowly sat up, not wanting to draw the attention of whatever was outside. “Dad”, I whispered, turning toward him, but he wasn’t there. Then I heard the splattering of water, and I realized Dad was outside, taking a piss in the lake. I took a deep breath as my racing heart slowed down, maybe camping wasn’t for me afterall. It was only then I realized I had a raging hardon. I was young, and usually jacked off before bed, but being in this tent with Dad, I didn’t have the opportunity. I could hear Dad finish and start heading back toward the tent. I quickly adjusted myself, hiding my boner. “Oh, sorry buddy,” he said, crawling back inside, “didn’t mean to wake you, I just needed to, uh, well, relieve myself” he said with a chuckle. “Yeah, I, um, I gotta go too.” I said, bakırköy travesti quickly moving toward the door, trying to keep my throbbing cock hidden. Getting out of the tent I stretched, and let the warm night air wash over me. I followed Dad’s tracks to the edge of the lake, my boner flopping straight out from me the entire way. I looked out over the crystal clear lake, as my hand began stroking my cock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I took care of this. I started thinking about my evening with Dad. Seeing him shirtless, more importantly, seeing him naked for the first time, was so incredible. Knowing we both enjoyed being naked and both had heavy low hanging balls made me feel closer to him somehow. I quickened my strokes thinking about his balls and his uncut cock, just like mine. I looked down at my cock, I wanted to finish fast so Dad didn’t get suspicious. Then I noticed something. The big rock right below where I was standing. There was something on it, I focused my vision in the dark, and bent down a bit. Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it. It was covered in a splattering of cum. Fresh jizz was slowly dripping down the side of it. That grunt that had woken me up, that was Dad. He wasn’t just out here pissing, he had come out to jack off. That is what he meant by “relieve myself. He had busted his nut on this rock. This was more than I could handle, letting out my own grunt of pleasure, I shot my warm stream of jizz right on to the same rock. Our cum mixed as it dripped down the side. I took a few deep breaths, before pressing down on my bladder, forcing the piss out and into the lake water. I crawled back into the tent, and lay on top of my sleeping bag again. Dad was laying with his back toward me. While he didn’t move, his breathing suggested he wasn’t asleep either. We both laid there for a while, no doubt both knowing what the other had been doing out by the lake. I was jolted out of my memory by the last bell of the day and the loud cheer of everyone celebrating the end of school for the summer. I stuffed my doodle filled notebook into my bag and headed toward my locker. Upon opening it, I remembered it was already empty. I had all my belongings in my bag, I never realized how little stuff I actually had. So I closed it for one last time. I looked around at all the other students saying goodbye. I should have more emotion about leaving this place, shouldn’t I? I’ll be going to a new school next year, but I didn’t. Donny and I hadn’t seen much of each other in the past few weeks. The jock who had fucked me in the shed, I found out his name was Trevor, but I never got a chance to talk to him either. So with that, I was ready to go. I passed through the large double doors in the front of the school, and allowed my eyes to adjust to the bright afternoon sunlight. There was Dad, leaning up against his old square body truck, arms crossed, waiting for me, in an unbuttoned plaid shirt, over a white wife beater, jeans and boots. He lifted his cap and his face lit up when he saw me. I wonder how long he had been waiting out here? I walked up to him and he gave me a big bear hug. “Hey there buddy, ready to go?” he asked as I pulled away. “Ready as I’ll ever be,” I said with a smile. “Great,” he said, tousling my hair, “throw your bag in the back and get in.” As he walked around to the driver’s seat, I tossed my bag into the bed of the truck. There were my boxes, and a duffle bag with my clothes, secure and ready to go. I climbed into the truck, and slammed the door as Dad started it up. Was I excited? Was I nervous? Was I scared? Probably a little of each. But there was no turning back now. I was off to start a new life with my Dad. K.Porter