Record Night

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This is the story of the night I set my personal record number of times fucking a girl in one night.

She took the bus over around 8pm; as planned, I was in already in process of preparing dinner. She was to join me in the actual cooking of it, and then we were going to watch a movie. At least that’s what we told each other when we set the date. From past encounters with this girl (she worked for me for a few months and in that short time she had sucked my dick twice in the ladies’ washroom—once in each stall—and I had fucked her once in the office kitchen, right on the floor by the water cooler; also, she blew me behind a church near her house) I knew this was going to be a wild night. I was planning on fucking her at least two or three times before going to sleep, then maybe once or twice the following morning before she left. Boy, did I underestimate how badly she wanted my cock. This is the story of the night I fucked that girl ten times in 14 hours.

She was ringing the bell for the second time when I opened the door.

“Impatient, are we?” I said as she walked in, eying me hungrily.

“You have no fucking idea, George,” she breathed, stepping up to me. She placed one dainty hand on my chest, and then the long red nails dug into my flesh as though there was no shirt in the way.

“You’ve made me wait long enough, and I’m hungry… and not for that dinner. I’m hungry for that big slab of meat I know you have in your jeans…” her lips met mine, and then slid to my throat where I felt her sharp teeth as she shoved me against the wall. She hurriedly unbuttoned my shirt as her mouth worked at my neck, nipping and licking and sucking. The wet trail moved down my chest as she slowly sank to her knees, her fingers digging angry red lines down my hard abs.

“Good thing I never even put the stove on, it’d be burning otherwise.”

“Fuck dinner,” she replied as she struggled with opening my jeans. “We’ll just order pizza later; oh! I’m going to answer the door when the guy brings it, and I’ll wear just your dress shirt, unbuttoned, and nothing else!”

“Hey, before you start etimesgut escort thinking about giving the delivery boy a show, I think you’ve got… bigger problems at hand now.”

She finally dug my half-hard prick out and promptly stuffed two thirds of it in her mouth. As I breathed in sharply at the sensation, I still marvelled at how she could stretch that tiny mouth so wide. Most girls have always struggled with stretching their lips over my cockhead to begin with and few girls had ever managed to get more than half of me when I’m fully hard, not to mention how far down her throat she managed to stuff it.

“Ahh—oooh, Oh! Christ, Jessica! You stepped in the door thirty seconds ago, don’t you want to, I don’t know, maybe take your shoes off? Have a drink, or something?!”

“All I want,” she began after popping out my cockhead, “is right here. And the bigger it is,” at this she gave my shaft a hard squeeze, “and the farther down my throat,” and at this she suddenly dove down and engulfed me almost to the hilt, bobbed her head there a couple of times, then shot back up. “…the better it is!” She finished, gasping for breath.

“Well, in that case,” I replied, grabbing hold of the base of her pony tail with both hands, “I guess I can’t deny you!” Lining up with her open mouth, I slid in my head and, once past the teeth, I pushed it in. Again I marvelled at her lack of a gag reflex. She seemed perfectly fine as I pushed her head into my crotch, cramming my rock hard erection as far down her throat as I could. She tilted back her head and sank further down below me to line up my meat directly with her throat, her mouth as open as wide as she could without actually unhinging her lower jaw. I felt her tongue squeeze out between her lower lip and the base of my shaft and gasped as she actually started licking my balls while I was halfway down her throat to her stomach. When I finally stopped pushing further in, it wasn’t because she couldn’t take it anymore; rather, it was that her teeth began digging into me rather painfully, so I pulled out, my cock slick with spit, strings of it stretching sincan escort back to her gaping mouth and raw red lips.

“Fuck! I forgot how good your cock feels in me… do it again!” And I obliged.

After I pulled out of her mouth for the fifth time, her breath was coming in ragged and shallow and spit was dripping down her chin. I pointed out that her top was a complete mess; “oh, this is nothing,” she replied. “I’m way too horny to bother with taking clothes off; by the time I peel off this outfit, it better be a fucking cum-rag. ” She was slowly massaging my cock with both hands as she was talking, on occasion spitting on it to make sure it stayed well lubricated. I bit my lip as I felt my orgasm around the corner, and told her that this might be a big one. In truth, I knew this was probably going to be the biggest cumload I’ve ever dropped. I spent the day preparing for her, just for this first blowjob. Knowing that she was quite willing to entertain my passion for cumming on girls’ faces and in their mouths, and actually seemed to enjoy it, I spent that entire afternoon watching porn and jerking off. The goal was to never actually bring myself to orgasm, so as to build up as much of a load as possible. I knew that even after just an hour or two of good self-play I would cum more than most girls could swallow. But I had longer than two hours: I had more than six. So as you could imagine, I needed some relief and—after jamming my cockhead down her hot mouth and feeling her tight throat working and swallowing around my throbbing dick—I was very close to unleashing.

“Baby… fuck, Jess, you can sure suck a mean dick. But I don’t want you to try and swallow my load, too. It’ll be too much, and you just might choke on it. I want you—”

“George, I know what you want. Trust me. And you know what I want; your hot sticky load all over my face.” Her hands picked up speed, sliding up and down my shaft, then one hand dropped down to my balls, quickly followed by her mouth. She sucked in first one, then the other, then tried both together but couldn’t fit them in.

“Fuck you’ve got a huge escort etimesgut set of balls! I want you to blow everywhere: I want it on my face, in my mouth, on my tits and on my fingers so that I can keep jerking off your thick cock while you’re cumming more and more…”

That was pretty much what did it. Well, that, and the fact that she swallowed me whole again, in one swift motion and just as fast she pulled back up till only the top of my head was between her lips. I felt one hand massaging my balls from underneath and the other hand clasped like a vice just below the rim of my cockhead and then I exploded. Jess was taking the tip out of her mouth when the first shot hit her tongue and flooded her mouth completely and immediately began spilling out. She aimed me at her face and expertly began pumping my shaft. The second shot took her full in the eye (good thing she had both closed, knowing my power shots) and trailed down her cheek like a long sticky tear. The third shot curved and arched over her cheekbone, draping across her parted lips. Those got some more action as the next three shots pegged her in quick succession right below the nose, in the corner of her mouth, and right up one nostril. She maintained both her composure and the steady pumping of my cock, her fingers now also sticky from the cum leaking out of my dick between shots, and directed my hose back up her face. There the last three weaker shots came to rest just below the other eye in three near-parallel lines, like war paint. Of course, after those was the remaining quarter of my bucketload that poured out in a heavy drizzle to spatter her chin and tits; her chin was already mostly covered from the first load in her mouth. Her hands slowed a bit as I struggled to breath after dropping certainly the biggest load I’ve ever had. Her lips parted, stretching multiple strings of cum across her mouth. I then broke those strings by pushing myself past her lips, watching as she began slowly sucking my softening cock.

“you should count your orgasms,” she said with a wicked grin as she stood up. “I plan on counting mine, and I want to win.”

I struggled to process that; “but wait…” I said slowly. “Is you winning mean that you give me more orgasms, or you get more from me?”

“Wait, and see” she said with a giggle as she bounced away towards the shower.