Red Rock Canyon Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The Fun and Games Continue: Inside the Tent

That was no problem for Rex, he’d known that Paige and he were perfect for each other from the moment he’d seen her chestnut locks bounce over her shoulders and her green eyes sparkle in the glowing embers of the campfire. And that smart-ass sarcasm of hers was PRICELESS he thought… she was perfect.

Back inside the tent the sleeping bags had been unrolled and the kissing had deepened into frenzy. Chad slowly removed Shelby’s tank top and let her beautifully erect nipples come out to play.

He rubbed his hands across them cupping her breasts in his hands kneading and squeezing them-Pulling and rolling each nipple in his hands. Sucking each nipple into his mouth Chad flipped it and ran his tongue around it in rings-nibbled it just a little and licked and kissed the hollow between Shelby’s bountiful breasts. He continued down her long slim torso arriving at her cut off jean shorts and undoing the button and zipper with his teeth, he pulled them down to her ankles in on magnificent sweep of fabric against bare skin.

Then Chad kissed his way back towards the middle from the bottom. He licked and kissed and nibbled at her swelling clit from beneath the striped cotton thong she was wearing.

Finally giving in when Shelby reached down between her own legs and pulled the thong to the side-pushing gently against the back of his head she whispered only one word: “Please…” and as she did he sank his tongue deep inside her dripping pussy tonguing kaçak iddaa her in and out, fucking her with his tongue and his nose. Then adding one finger while he sucked her fat clit and then another.

As she pushed her hips against his face and fingers, her body began to shake uncontrollably and he knew he’d hit his mark. He was rewarded with the hot sticky sweetness of her love juices.

Shelby couldn’t wait to see it-to touch-feel-lick-and suck Chad’s cock. She unbuckled his belt and started on the button and the zipper as Chad removed his shirt. When she was through she lay back on the sleeping bag and motioned for Chad to settle himself above her and the two fell into a sweet sixty-nine.

Chad feasted on the succulent nectar of all his hard work. As Shelby finally delighted in the feeling of Chad’s rock hard cock sliding in and out of her throat as he pumped his hips against her face thrusting himself further into her throat each and every time. Shelby moaned out with pleasure from around the raging cock.

Then sucked him in deeper this time grabbing his ass cheeks and holding the entire length of Chad’s cock in her throat. Then she made swallowing motions so that Chad could feel the pressure of her throat contracting around the shaft of his cock as he simultaneously felt his head ram into the tightness of her soft throat over and over again. It was all Chad could do not to blow a load of sticky-sweet cream down the beautiful, buxom blonde’s throat right at that very moment. But just as she sensed he kaçak bahis might lose it Shelby anticipated the quivering vibe from his cock and brought him back to the surface for a breath of fresh air.

She slid out from beneath him, turning over and settling between his open legs. She let her head sink to his sweet soft spot and began to lick and suck and nibble on his balls as she ran her hand up and down his cock-already slippery with pre-cum her hand roamed up and down with ease.

She took his length back into her mouth again slowly sliding his dripping cock into her throat until she’d completely consumed it and half his balls. When she had him down in deep where she wanted him she wiggled and waggled her tongue against the bottom half of his balls to let him know just how much of him she had devoured.

Shelby giggled with pleasure in her talents as she listened to the hiss of air Chad now held as she pushed him down and over the edge with no chance of return. This time when she landed with her nose nestled in his down he grabbed the back of her head and gave his cock one final thrust to get that one last inch deeper inside her before he let his salty seed spurt down her throat over and over again.

Shelby moaned out in pleasure over his sticky gift and quickly swallowed down each and every spurt, looking up at him with the biggest set of beautiful blue fuck-me-eyes he’d ever seen. What a sight he thought. With the traces of cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth as she grinned a greedy naughty-girl illegal bahis smile. Chad couldn’t wait any longer to take her. He had to feel himself tight and snug inside her warmth. Couldn’t wait to feel the first push inside-the excitement of being with someone for the first time. Of feeling her wet, hot soul for the first time.

He motioned for her to climb on top of him. Shelby was more than glad to comply. He felt so big inside her, she could feel him stretching and pushing out at her walls from within.

She rocked her body back and forth, his cock in as deep as it could go she snaked her hips back and forth so fast that she made herself cum again from the friction and heat of the rubbing and grinding against her clit. Chad was amazed at the way she could move.

He flipped her over onto her knees and entered her from behind. Grabbing the hollows of the curves of her hips and thrusting himself inside her hard and fast. He fucked himself in and out of her over and over again and when they were both about to cum again he pulled out completely.

He moved around to her face and watched as the beautiful blonde and blue-eyed Shelby opened up as wide as she could. Chad feed his cock back into her mouth so he could see her suck her own juices off of him. And she did…gladly.

They were both at the edge again and this time Chad knelt in front of Shelby and lifted on of her legs over his shoulder as he shoved his raging cock deep inside her he lifted her hips and ass up off the sleeping bag digging in deeper and hitting Shelby’s sweetest spot as they moaned in unison together and finally let everything go. Falling to the sleeping bags like two rung out mops they slept from sheer exhaustion and contentment.