Reform School Sisters Ch. 09

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It was finally the end of the school year. Breanna and Paige were on their way home to their mother’s, and both girls were over the moon with excitement. The train ride from the academy was about an hour long, and the girls could barely contain themselves as they looked forward to the possibilities the coming months living with their mother could bring.

Each girl had one thing on their mind, and that was fulfilling their long held fantasy of a threesome with each other and their mom. Since Paige’s first encounter with Lilian, she had kept her promise and hadn’t revealed a thing to her sister. Likewise, Bree never told Paige about her own sexual trysts with the woman who’d raised them.

The older of the sisters had been struggling for a long time with her secret. She knew she wanted to share it with Paige, but sneaking around with their mom had been so exciting! Now that they were arriving home at last, though, she knew she had to come clean. Bree bit her lip nervously and turned to look at her sister.

“Paige,” she began. “I have a confession to make.”

Paige smiled. She knew exactly what Bree was going to say. ‘Finally!’ she thought to herself. “You mean about you and Mom?” she said aloud.

Bree balked. “Um… y-yes…”

Paige reached over to her sister and put her hand on the girl’s thigh. “It’s alright, Sis. I know you’ve been fucking her. I’m not mad.”

Once she was over the shock, relief appeared on Bree’s face. “Paige, I…”

“I have a confession, too.” Paige continued, interrupting her sister. “I’ve sort of been… having sex with Mom, too.”

Bree’s jaw fell open. She was speechless. She sat back in her seat, and a wide grin spread across her face. “You little slut!” she said with a laugh. “How long has it been?”

“Almost a month. She visits me once or twice a week.”

“Me too. We first started the night she told us she left Daddy…”

The girls sat quietly, smiling mischievously at one another. “So… what do we do now?” Bree finally asked.

Paige giggled, and took her sister’s hand in her own. “We fuck her together, obviously!” The girls both burst with laughter, each suddenly very eager to get home as quickly as possible.


The girls took a cab home from the train station, expecting their mother would still be at work when they arrived. It was late evening, but Lilian had a habit of working long hours. When they got out of the car, they looked up at the large home they’d grown up in for the first time in almost a year.

“Home sweet home.” Bree said with a grin. Paige giggled, and raced up the driveway, followed quickly by her older sister.

“Welcome home girls!” The two young women were surprised to be greeted by their mom as they walked into the kitchen.

“Oh! Mom! Um… We thought you’d still be working!” Paige replied. She found herself more than a little distracted by her mother’s attire. The older woman was dressed in a very short, very form fitting lace nightgown.

She walked up to her younger daughter and gave her a loving hug. “Don’t be silly, Paige. Of course I wanted to be home when you girls arrived. Have you eaten?” Lilian asked.

“Err, yes. We had something on the train.” Bree replied. Her eyes were glued to the older woman’s ample cleavage.

“Good. Well, you must be tired from your trip. I’ve laid out some fresh outfits in your room. Why don’t you go and get changed, and I’ll get a little snack together for you.”

“Um… alright.” the girls answered simultaneously. They went upstairs to their shared bedroom. On their beds, they found a pair of faded looking nightshirts.

“Oh my God! Paige, do you remember these?” Bree exclaimed. She held hers up. It was a faded pink colour, with an image of the powerpuff girls on the front, piled together in a group hug with each other.

“Holy shit! These are from when we were little kids!” Paige said with a laugh. Her’s was powder blue, with a picture of the little mermaid smiling up at her on the front. “Do you think they’ll even fit?”

Bree shrugged. “Let’s find out!”

When they were younger, they used the shirts as nighties. At the time they hung down past their knees. As adults, however, the shirts barely stretched over their supple bodies, and the hems ended midway over their asses.

“Damn, you look hot in that!” Paige exclaimed, eyeing her big sister with growing excitement.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Sis.” Bree replied, raking her eyes over the younger girl’s curves. She giggled, walking over to the nightstand. She dug around in one of the bursa escort drawers, finding a pair of hair elastics.

“If Mom wants us to dress like we did when we were younger, we might as well go all out!” she said. She looked in the mirror and tied her hair up in pigtails. The effect made her look several years younger than she was.

“Hahaha! Nice idea, Bree!” Paige cried. She joined her sister by the mirror and put her own hair up the same way.

“Girls! Are you almost changed? Your snack is ready in the living room!” Lilian called from downstairs.

The sisters grinned at one another. “Coming!” Bree called out, before she and Paige raced together out of the room.

When they got downstairs, they found their mother sitting on the couch. A large platter with strawberries and whipped cream sat on the coffee table in front of her.

Lilian looked incredibly pleased as she saw the way her daughters were dressed. Her eyes roamed over their sexy bodies, drinking in the sight of her lovely girls.

The shirts left nothing to the imagination. The material stretched over their breasts, hugging their shapes perfectly. Lilian could see neither girl wore panties, as the shirts didn’t reach quite low enough to completely cover their naked pussies.

The sisters knelt on the floor opposite their mother, in front of the coffee table. “Mmm… Thanks, Mom! This looks so yummy, doesn’t it Sis?” Paige said in her best little girl voice.

“It sure does!” Bree took a strawberry and dipped it in the whipped cream before offering it to her sister. “Here, have a bite!”

Paige leaned forward and sucked the cream slowly off the piece of fruit before taking a bite. “Mmmm… so good…” she moaned. She picked up a berry of her own, holding it out for Breanna.

Bree took a gentle bite, her lips brushing over the tips of Paige’s fingers. “Delicious.” she breathed. “Oh! Sis, you’ve got some whipped cream at the corner of your mouth. Let me get it for you.”

Bree leaned forward, and swiped her tongue sexily over her sister’s lips. Their mouths quickly melted together, and the girls shared a deep, passionate kiss.

Lilian sucked in her breath as she watched her daughters kiss. She had a hunch her girls were experimenting with each other as well, but nothing could have prepared her for how sensual a sight the two of them together would be.

After a long, hungry, open mouth kiss, the girls pulled apart slowly. A thin strand of saliva stretched between their parting lips, and they stared wantonly into each other’s eyes.

“Oh, girls… That was… breathtaking!” Lilian groaned.

The sisters grinned devilishly at their mother. They stood and moved around the coffee table, sitting on either side of the older woman.

Bree put the remainder of her strawberry between her lips and leaned forward, pressing her mouth tenderly to Lilian’s. The older woman sighed, accepting the piece of fruit and her daughter’s tongue. They were quickly kissing passionately, their hands roaming over each other’s scantily clad bodies.

Paige wasn’t idle as the others embraced. She leaned in as well, gripping her mother’s breasts and running her tongue over the woman’s throat. “You like fucking your daughters, don’t you Mommy?” she breathed, still pretending she was her mom’s sweet little girl.

Lilian whimpered, wrenching her lips from Bree’s and turning to Paige. She kissed the younger girl hungrily, their tongues duelling inside their mouths.

Both girls groped their excited mother as she switched back and forth, making out with each of them. As the three women kissed excitedly, the girls struggled to pull Lilian’s night gown up over her sexy body.

They finally tugged it over her head, and their hands flew to her naked breasts. “Mmm… Mommy’s soooo sexy…” Bree groaned. She reached for the whipped cream and smeared some over each of her mother’s nipples.

The sisters shared a look and licked their lips sensually. They lowered their faces slowly to Lilian’s chest. Each girl took a breast in her mouth, sucking the sweet cream from their mom’s sensitive flesh.

Lilian gasped, holding both of her daughters to her tits. She looked down into their angelic faces as they nursed eagerly at her nipples. Their pigtails made them look so young and innocent, and the image had their mother’s pussy seeping juices onto the couch.

Eventually, Bree began to ease her mother down onto the sofa, laying her head back into Paige’s lap. She lay over her mother, licking up the remainder of the whipped cream from her throbbing nipples.

Paige caressed her bursa escort bayan mom’s face and eased it down to the couch cushion. She straddled the older woman’s head, revealing her naked pussy to Lilian’s ravenous gaze.

Bree straightened herself between Lilian’s open thighs and threw one leg over her mother’s. With their limbs scissored together, she began to lower her steaming snatch to the older woman’s.

Lilian encircled her arms around Paige’s thighs, pulling the younger girl down to her eager lips. “Come here, Baby. Let Momma take care of you.” she breathed. Her tongue swiped slowly through her daughter’s cunt, collecting a sample of her growing moisture.

“Oh… Mommy… yesssssss…” Paige hissed, sliding her pussy carefully along her mother’s face.

Bree’s cunt melded with Lilian’s, their juices mixing as their open pussies began to grind. She gripped the back of the couch, rocking her hips with growing excitement against the older woman’s. “Oooooo… fuuuuuck…” she groaned, closing her eyes as pleasure took over her senses.

The two sisters rode their mother’s naked body, their pussies coating the older woman with their flowing cream. They locked eyes, and smiled joyously. They were finally fulfilling their long shared fantasy. The girls leaned into each other, kissing passionately as they fucked.

As they made out and ground themselves into their mom, the sisters groped at one another. Their hands twisted the thin material of their night shirts as they squeezed and kneaded each other’s barely contained breasts.

Lilian whimpered into Paige’s cunt, devouring the delicious folds with increasing hunger. Her own pussy gushed as Bree’s gyrating hips pummelled into it, and she pumped herself up, returning every thrust with equal need.

The girls’ shirts clung to their bodies, covered in a growing sheen of sweat as they exerted themselves feverishly. They kissed wantonly, their tongues probing deeply in each other’s mouths.

Bree’s pussy slapped frantically against her mother’s. Juices splashed from their open cunts with each wet smack of their grinding bodies.

Paige’s hips sawed desperately over Lilian’s face. The older woman’s tongue probed her gushing pussy, making the girl tremble uncontrollably.

The couch shook as the three women fucked on top of it. It’s legs scraped across the floor with the power of their frenzied movements.

Lilian finally moved her lips down, wrapping them tightly around her daughter’s clit. She focused her tongue on the excited bud, lashing it relentlessly as she gripped it in place.

Paige tore her lips from her sister’s, crying out and throwing her head back in ecstasy. “Fuckfuckfuck FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” she wailed, cum gushing over her mother’s face. She convulsed with pleasure, clinging to her sister’s breasts as her orgasm cascaded through her body.

“Fuck, yeah, Sis! Cum all over Mommy’s face! Oh God! That’s so fucking hot!” Bree whined.

Paige responded with a series of incoherent grunts. She twisted her sister’s breasts harder in her desperate grip.

Bree winced as she felt Paige’s fingers dig into her sensitive tits. She hunched forward, scraping her cunt harder into her mother’s. Her clit mashed into Lilian’s over and over, until her own climax finally built up and exploded.

“Jesus FUCK!” she spat, drool flying from her gaping mouth. She bent forward, burying her face in Paige’s chest to muffle her screams. The two sisters bucked uncontrollably as they came, their excited bodies slamming relentlessly into their mother’s.

Lilian held Paige tightly, sucking hard on her clit to prolong her orgasm. Her own pussy squelched as Bree’s dug into it. She let out a strangled cry into Paige’s gash as her older daughter fucked her to her own powerful climax.

Their bodies bathed in sweat, the three women gyrated together, their cunts pounding into each other as they came. The couch sagged beneath the force of their grinding bodies.

As the pleasure of their climaxes began to fade, Bree lifted her face from Paige’s chest. She left a damp spot on Paige’s shirt where she’d drooled. The sisters locked eyes, and shared wide grins with each other. With their shirts drenched in sweat and their pigtails falling loose, the girls kissed again.

As they kissed, their passion renewed, and Bree pushed her sister off Lilian’s face and back against the arm of the couch. She climbed on top of her, and the two girls wrapped their arms around each other, making out eagerly.

They began to grind together slowly. Paige’s shirt was pushed up to her stomach, and she reached escort bursa down to pull Bree’s up, revealing her naked pussy. Their bare cunts pressed together, and the girls groaned into each other’s mouths.

Bree suddenly felt something pressing against her from behind. She looked back, and saw her dishevelled, naked mother kneeling behind her.

“Oh God, Baby… I need both of you again!” the older woman groaned.

Lilian had pulled out some toys to play with. She was wearing a strap on, and holding the double dildo she’d fucked Paige with during their first time together.

Bree bit her lip and pushed her ass up in the air, presenting it to her mother. Lilian grinned, and moved forward, lining the strap on up with her daughter’s cunt. She pushed, and the toy slowly disappeared inside the younger girl.

“Oooo… Yes, Mommy! Gawwwd, I’ve missed your cock!”

Paige pulled Bree’s face around again, and the two girls resumed their passionate kiss. They pulled at each other’s shirts, struggling to lift them over their supple breasts.

Lilian started to work the strap on back and forth, gradually fucking her eldest daughter. As she pumped her hips, she reached beneath Bree with the double dildo, rubbing it against Paige’s hungry cunt.

Paige gasped as she felt the toy push slowly inside her. She spread her thighs in an effort to give her mom better access. With expert skill, Lilian slid the dildo halfway inside Paige, and lined the other end up with her own needy cunt. She lowered her hips, impaling herself slowly.

Her daughters waited for Lilian to get into position. With each woman stuffed with an artificial cock, Lilian grabbed Bree’s pelvis, and resumed pumping her hips. The strap on pumped in her older daughter’s pussy, while the double dildo slid in and out of her’s and Paige’s.

The sisters got back to peeling their shirts the rest of the way off. Bree’s came off first, and Paige threw it to the floor. She helped pull her own shirt off, and once they were both naked, the girls melted together, resuming their passionate embrace. Their nipples dug into each other’s breasts as they made out and pumped their cunts back against their mother.

Lilian leaned over and worked her hips faster, pummelling her twin dicks into her daughters. Her body dripped with sweat, but she continued to fuck her girls tirelessly. Her fingers dug into Bree’s writhing ass, holding her in place as she stuffed her with cock.

“You’re both… so… beautiful…” the older woman panted, her hips churning desperately.

Bree whimpered into Paige’s lips, and lifted her head. “Fuck, Mommy! Fuck your little girls! Fuck our tight little pussies!” she whined. As she spoke, Paige licked and kissed desperately at her big sister’s throat.

Lilian grunted, slamming herself as hard as she could into every thrust of her hips. Pussy juice poured from all three women’s cunts, coating the mangled dildos as they impaled them repeatedly.

Lilian was the first to explode this time, gyrating wildly as her orgasm erupted. The combined sensations of being stuffed with cock and having her clit savagely rubbed by the inner ridge of the strap on proved to be too much for the older woman. She pistoned her hips, fucking her daughters with uncontrolled ferocity.

The girls wailed as their mother ravaged them. They dug their faces into each other’s necks, screaming maniacally as they came together. Their bodies slid together in their combined sweat, their tits mashed flat against each other.

Lilian fell forward, dropping her full weight on Bree’s back. Her hips continued to buck frantically, and cum spewed from all three of their pussies. The couch cushion was drenched in their cascading juices.

Unable to continue, Lilian finally lay still, overcome with exhaustion. Gasping for breath, she eased herself off of her daughters, sliding her dildos from their destroyed cunts. She lay on the opposite end of the couch, letting the pussy covered toys fall to the floor beside her.

With her head hanging over the arm of the sofa, she struggled to regain her breath. As her body calmed and her breathing returned to normal, Lilian felt her legs being pushed gently apart. She looked down, seeing both of her daughters grinning up at her from between her thighs. Their faces were sticky with saliva and their pigtails had almost completely fallen loose.

“Oh, girls… I… I don’t know if I h-have another one in me…” she stammered.

“Well, then let’s find out.” Bree replied, before running her tongue slowly through her mother’s snatch.

Lilian groaned, and let her head drop back again. She was exhausted, but automatically pushed her legs open further. ‘It’s going to be a long summer…’ she thought to herself with a smile, as her daughters began to lovingly devour her pussy…