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It had been quite some time since I had been able to relax and get my mind off the everyday decisions that plaque us all. What was even more frustrating was the fact that Laura and I were finding it more and more difficult to find time to be with each other. When we did my mind would drift and I knew, even though she never complained, that I was satisfying her the way I knew I was able too.

After several weeks we finally got a break when I would be able to break away and meet her while her husband worked. I asked her if she had any ‘requests’ like I usually do.

Her reply was, “Relax, I have everything under control, I just need you to be here.”

That evening I drove the thirty minutes to her house and parked up the street. In nervous anticipation I made my way to her front porch. As I climbed the steps, I saw the soft flicker of candle light from beneath the curtains. My cock stirred but I could still feel the tension in my body.

The door opened and I stepped in. I turned towards Laura but her hand on my shoulder told me to stop. She leaned against my body pressing me against the wall and whispered, “I know how busy you are, and I know you love to make me feel good. But trying to figure out how to please me can add to the pressure. Tonight, I will take that responsibility from you and guide you thru the evening. Relax and enjoy yourself, in turn you will be able to enjoy me as well.”

I wanted to answer but she gently hushed me with a finger to my lips. I could tell that she had already been ‘thinking’ of our evening as I my nose took in the muskiness of her scent from that very finger.

As I closed my eyes it was only then that I realized as Laura talked to me that she had been able to unbutton my shirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. Her hands were now rubbing over my neck and shoulders, and I leaned into the wall for balance. Slowly her hands worked their way down and I could feel my muscles relaxing.

Finally, she allowed her hands to come around front and she opened the button on my jeans. As she güvenilir bahis tugged the zipper opened and I felt my cock growing. Laura managed to push my jeans free and they fell around my ankles, my underwear followed in a few seconds.

Laura told me to step out of them and then took my hand and led me into the living room. Several blankets were arranged on the floor and the room was illuminated by several candles. The sweetness of their aroma filled my senses as Laura had me lie down.

She knelt down next to me and I closed my eyes. I could feel her tender hands place a silk scarf over my eyes and I lifted my head allowing her to tie it in place. My hands were then bound with another scarf and I lay their motionless.

My remaining senses took over and I could hear Laura’s negligee’ fall to the floor. My body was even able to feel the slight breeze caused by it and now my cock was fully erect and starting to drip.

She straddled me and her hot pussy was rubbing over my hardness. She said, “looks like my plan is working, but I really, really want to make sure.”

With that I felt warm oil being dribbled over my chest and Laura’s hands went back to work. I wanted to fuck her right then and there but I also knew that tonight it wasn’t my choice to say when. She worked her way down and intentionally avoided my cock and balls. She now slid down, no pun intended, down and applied the oil to my legs, working it in liked a skilled craftsman.

The hardness of my dick continued to increase and I could tell by her breathing that she was also getting more and more turned on. More oil was poured onto me and a larger puddle formed on my chest. Laura again placed her pussy over my hard member and now leaned forward. She kissed me full on the lips and our tongues found each other. Her hard erect nipples poked into my chest but slid back and forth as they became coated with the massage oil. She pressed backwards and my cock slowly was enveloped into that hot wet and juicy cunt of hers. Our tongues trembled in each others mouths as güvenilir bahis siteleri we moaned simultaneously,

I arched my back to meet her. We found the rhythm that had her thrashing on top of me, crying out loud about how good it felt and how it had been too long since we were last able to fuck like this!!! My cock was coated with her juices and she continued to ride me too her first orgasm. I was waiting for her to ‘cum down’ but she never missed a stroke and continued to move her hips as there was no way she was going to allow my cock time to go soft.

The oil now mixed with our sweat and she held on by digging her nails into my chest. I moaned out loud and she giggled knowing that she had my full attention. Her second orgasm was even more intense and my cock was coated with a second wave of her hot cum and her pussy was making that wet sticky suctioning sound as I pistoned in and out of her.

This time Laura took a few seconds to recover and get her breathing under control. She came forward and allowed my dick to fall from her. She placed a hand under herself and now guided it towards her tight little ass. My mind quickly locked onto seeing that little brown star hovering above me each time we were in the sixty-nine position. Laura’ hips pressed down and her hand must have had enough oil left on it as my cock slid right in to the hilt!! She started to grind on me slowly getting use to the intrusion. Her hand now went to her clit and the ass fucking intensified.

I listened and could only imagine her face as she started to blurt things out as she zeroed in on a third orgasm. “Fuck, my asshole.” “How does your cock like being in my shithole.” Laura’s barrage increased as did the intensity of her next release!!! I began to moan out loud as my balls starting to feel the need for release as well.

My cock now slid in and out of her stretched asshole as freely as it did her cunt. I could only imagine what it looked like underneath her. Her cries grew louder and her words filthier until finally she let out a scream iddaa siteleri that left her falling forward onto my chest in a heap. My cock twitched and she shuddered with chills as her orgasm didn’t want to leave go of her trembling body!!! She lay there, trying to lift her head as our chests rose and fell with each other, our hearts pounding in unison.

Somewhere she found the strength to look up at me and pull my blindfold off. Some or her light brown hair was stuck in the corner of her mouth. She pulled it free and weakly smiled. I asked if she was ok, and she only shuddered again as a small wave of pleasure rode thru her body.

Slowly and if planning each move to balance herself, Laura climbed off of me and swung around 180 degrees. Her other legs now were on either side of my head and I looked up at her harshly used pussy and asshole. The hair was matted from my cum as well as her juices. Her ass, well lets just say I was wishing the blindfold was still on!!! But, without hesitation, she lowered herself onto my face. At the very same time her hands started to stroke my cock and milk my balls. I knew it wouldn’t take very long before my hot cum erupted over those gorgeous tits of hers.

Laura began to talk nasty once again. It was more than I can stand and I worked my hands free from the last scarf. They immediately went to those cheeks above my face and I spread them as wide as they could go. I knew what she wanted….to feel my hot tongue sliding in and out of those holes, cleaning up the mess that we had created. I obliged her and began to suck, lick and clean all of her. She shuddered a few times from being so sensitive ‘down there’.

For the last time she pressed down trapping my entire face with her weight, and that was it. My cum shot up thru my hard swollen cock and exploded from my piss hole. She stroked and milked me to the point that I was now the one shuddering and crying out loud, only to have it muffled by her sweaty flesh!! My cum hit her neck, tits and a few drops managed to find her left cheek.

Laura fell off to the side and I lay there feeling so washed out, but relaxed. My eyes opened in time to see her scoop some of my cum up with her fingers and suck them clean. I trembled one last time as Laura looked at me and said, “Welcum back lover.”