Remedy Rescue

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Remedy RescueWe know each other since few months and we meet rarely. She is from Naples but comes to Munich regularly for her job, for her band…yeah she is a kind of performer…don’t know exactly,something folk, italian ethno or something like that. However every time she is in munich she calls me, and last time she wanted to talk to me as soon as she landed.“Soooo….what’s going on?” I asked sipping my weissbier at the usual place.“Nothing special…”“What’s the rush? normally there is a waiting list before seeing you”“Bullshit! Anyways….perhaps you can help me.””I doubt it. Tell me before, i never dared to ask…is your hair natural?””no way!””Good choice anyway,i love readheads””i had to choose a colour…at my age you don’t dye your hair hust for fun.””interesting coincidence. so tell me, what can i do for you?””reveal an aspect of my character””That’s my speciality. can you be more specific?””well…it’s about my boyfriend…””What about him?””I left him””that’s sad, but why should i care?” – We were rude to each other since the beginning, it’s our communication channel.”it’s because…because we did a game..””A game?””yes…a dirty one…and went bad, that’s why i wanted to talk to you as soon as possible, this story is driving me crazy.””i don’t understand””nobody does””you are wasting my time, i will leave in the next five minutes if you don’t tell me the whole story””ok, fine. sorry. I…I have some fantasies…””we all do””Sure, but…i wanted…with my boyfriend….””and he reacted badly…””On the contrary! he loves me!””i still don’t understand””ok, fine. betsobet yeni giriş i…i asked him to slap me, on the face, hard, while we were having sex.””that sounds legit to me. what did he do?””he refused””Typical, and then?””i insisted and eventually he did it””good!””no! i slapped him back?!””you did what?!””I slapped him…back…shouting….crying…threatening to call the police…””ahhaha!””It’s not funny!””no it’s not….ahahahhah!””stop it!””what happened then?””he apologized, he was embarrassed, he dressed up and left my apartment””ahahahahhah! cool!””stop it!””why? what did you expect?””i don’t know! that’s why i’m here! You are the expert! what would you have done in his place?””i would have slapped you back again and again…ahahhah!””you…you…are a…””yeees?””a monster!””yes, so called ‘normal’ people think that, but we are talking about a game, and in this game, i am perfectly normal and you are…””…””…you are an idiot!””how do you dare!””I’m sorry, an idiot is not the right word””…””a stupid bitch is the right expression””…””…”she is about to cry, about to leave, she has a hesitation and then: “what now?””let’s keep talking”? “What should i do?” she looks desperate while I’m getting bored…how many time did i hear the same story? Ok, less and less, thanks to bad sadomaso movies and horrible books about the matter, but still. I reply in the usual way:”nothing, let it go””i…i…am a woman, I am an artist, i’m politically engaged, i fight for the women rights…””and?””what you mean and? I can’t do those things!””but betsobet güvenilirmi you have them inside, you want them, you think constantly of being submissed, an treated like a whore. aint’you?””…””…””no””no? why did you contact me then? Look I’m not here to judge you, i’m here to help you to dig inside your and reveal your inner being””Why do you do that?””that’s my business. your business is to take a decision: do you want to discover your inner being or not?””it’s…confusing…it’s a clash between…””Bullshit! there is no clash, you can play a game, go deep inside and the day after you can fight for the women pygmies’ right, for the poor south american bugs or for whatever””don’t you see a contradiction in it?””yes, but we are all wearing masks. you can drop your mask of the suffragette, be yourself and wear your mask again at the end of the game and keep saving the world…or maybe discover that the kinky role IS your mask and the pure and candid fighter for the women’s rights is your true being, you are pure and beautiful inside and being submitted is not your nature but just bad karma.””what if it is not?!””at least you know””…””…””i don’t know who i am anymore…””who should? Look, i go to pee, when i come back if i find another weissbier i go ahead, otherwise.., forget this conversation, go ahead with your life, maybe with another more vanilla boyfriend and we will be all happy””but…”I left, when i came back there was indeed a schneider weissbier. my favourite”Hey, you took a decision””i will regret it””possible”“Help me.”“Sure, betsobet giriş what can i do for you?”“have sex with me, the way you like”“wha…what? no, wait, wait, there is a misunderstanding here…i’m not that kind, i don’t need to empty my sack in every hole i find….and”“I’m not every hole!! I’m asking for your help! I can ‘play’ with you because i’m not involved, I don’t feel judged by you because….actually…i think that you…”“…that I am a monster, a disgusting and brutal and rude person””Exactly.”“Fine, now that we clarified our relationship let’s go ahead” “what would you do with me? what if i completely surrender to your will, i completely surrender to the…events?””in the game? in the frame of a sexual game?””yes”Now I AM embarrassed. In front of me there is a not particularly beautiful woman in her middle forties. Attractive for sure but…my typical ‘game mate’ is well…different. I leave my mouth talk and switch off the brain:”mmm let me think…i would slap you in the face, several times””…””are you ok?””and then?””and then force you to kneel down and i would hit you on the face with my cock.”“what?”“should we stop it here?”“go ahead!”“then i would put my cock in your mouth and fuck you hard, i woul fuck your fucking and problematic head until i come inside it.””…””then i would bind you, i would torture your nipples, whip your body and cover it of red marks.””…uh…””then i would turn you and whip you again, including the feet. you will experience the worse pain of your life. then i would bend you over and fuck you very hard in the ass until i come again. then i would drag you to the bath, put you on the bath tub, pee on you and at the end spit on you. i would then leave without saying a word.””…””…””you_are_a_monster””sure. and you are a fucking bitch””…””…””when do we do it?””this saturday””where?””at your place””ok””ok”