Remember the time i seduced my teacher?

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Remember the time i seduced my teacher?There is very little sex references here, if you want the fucking part then look out for part 2.So this was a slight few years back in high school. I was the new k** in school and i quickly made friends no problem :).There were so many sexy boys and girls in my school and if i were a wilder girl i would have slept with them all.But there was one man who caught my attention most. The substitute PE teacher, Mr Shanaghan.He was 14 years my senior but DAYUM he was a babe! Tall 6’6″, ripped body, long jaw line and high cheek bones half-cast man who is always shy when he’s not teaching, Cute :).So i recently heard that he broke up with his girlfriend, which gave me a good chance of scoring points and maybe more with him. But unfortunately he still saw me as a k**.Every day i try to get his attention.-I ask for help with my stretching.-I ask lara escort him for help with my clothing malfunctions(but he gets the girls to help instead -_-)-I make myself as sweaty as possible and i flip my hair around abit hoping to get his attention(and erection) but it only worked on the little boys and 2 girls 0_0.I was starting to think he would never notice me as a girlfriend. But one day, he came to me and said, “If you ever need help with your school work, dont be afraid to ask me”Score! But it turns out he was subbing for the Math teacher aswell xD. But i wasn’t going to give up.Since then, i started wearing shorter skirts, tighter shirts and my hair in a ponytail.Everyday i stare at him and when he looks back, i wink, i tease him by opening my legs and closing them. I unbutton my top button on my shirt and walk over to him to hand in my work and i bend down so he escort lara can look down my shirt.Im starting to get to him. I can see his cock hardening in his pants and his head sweating.After class, i wait with him to ask for help on my maths work. We both sit down next to each other and do some study.I gaze at him more often, im breathing faster and faster. I lick my lips which catches his attention. He smiles and puts his head down again to explain the math problems.I start rubbing his hand gently, he hesitates but relaxes quickly and holds my hand.As we lean in for the kiss, the bell rings. He immediately backs off but his Cock is clearly hard.The next class is waiting outside. I stand in front of him and touch his face.”We could of had fun”, i said while licking my lips and pushing myself against him.”Im glad we didn’t” he replies. But his body language suggest different.The lara escort bayan next day,Its Maths again and Mr Shanaghan is still trying to ignore me but obviously cant. I sat next to the window with my legs out on the side where he could see. I start rubbing myself up and down from my thigh to my toes.I bend over more so he could see my whole leg.In PE, its pool day and i wear shorts and a very very tight sports bra. I jump in the pool and flip my hair for him, touch myself for him. His cock is hard again and i can see him rubbing it.End of the day,Mr Shanaghan calls me into the class.”What you’re doing is wrong Sophie”, he says trying to sound grumpy.”But it feels right doesnt it Mr Shanaghan? I know you like me too” I replied as i pressed myself against him.He looks down at me and presses his lips against mine.”It does. And call me John” he replies as he presses his lips against mine before putting me on the table ready to mount me.Before we get into it, i silently whisper to him, “Please go easy on me John. Im still a virgin”…End Part one :).Part two will have more details 😉