Repaying My Debt

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At the culmination of a threesome this past spring with my wife Ann and her sister Brittany, Brittany was right on the verge of an orgasm just as my own climax reached the point of no return. One of the few boundaries in the relationship among the three of us was I wasn’t going to cum in Brittany’s pussy, so I reluctantly pulled out, finishing on my sister-in-law’s boobs and, unfortunately, denying her the orgasm she deserved. It was shortly thereafter that she and my wife agreed that I owed Brittany that climax. I didn’t mind being in Brittany’s debt this way as long as it didn’t continue on too long.

One of my readers suggested that the debt be paid in installments and with interest. Joke or not, I told it to Ann and suggested it to Brittany a couple days later. They did take it as just a joke, but the good news is my wife quickly arranged an opportunity for Brittany and me to hook up. The only condition was that Brittany’s husband would get a night with Ann, which was standard. More than a year had gone by since all four of us got over the silly hangups of including others in sex, so long as everyone was having fun and no one’s trust was being violated.

Ann was talking to Brittany on the phone and suggested that she come over Thursday night. It made sense because I was leaving on a business trip the next morning, and Brittany was my ride to the airport. Ann couldn’t take me because the flight was early and she needed to be home with our very young child. Ann used it as an opportunity to do a late night at work, allowing Brittany to have some time alone with me after my very young daughter went to sleep. That way, after Brittany and I had squared away my debt, Brit could just spend the night and take me to the airport in the morning while Ann and our baby continued to sleep.

Thursday night, Brittany arrived around 8 pm. By then, my kid was fast asleep. After all the experiences I had shared with my sister-in-law over the past year or so, we had gotten very comfortable with each other, so we were having fun chatting with each other as soon as she got there. We were about to have a lot more fun very soon.

Not at all to my surprise, Brittany was looking very good this night. While she wasn’t quite as hot as Ann, she was the only other girl in the world who had my attention close to how Ann did. Tonight her brown hair, dark but a lighter shade than Ann’s, was loose down to her shoulders. She wore a tank top and jogging pants, which may not sound super sexy to you the reader, but she knew how good I thought she looked in workout clothes. The pants showcased her tight round ass, rivaled only by my wife’s behind, and the form-fitting, low-cut top showed off her best feature: her magnificent breasts. Brittany was very short at about 5′, but her slight and slender frame was blessed with boobs that sometimes, depending on what she was wearing, had me in awe. My wife would know I was lying if I ever said Brittany’s breasts were less arousing than my wife’s – which is saying something, because I know a bunch of guys who have seen my wife’s tits, and none of them were less than impressed.

Brittany and I sat bursa escort down next to each other on the couch as we chatted. There was only one other time that just the two of us had had sex, and we had gotten right to it. In this moment, I think both of us weren’t sure what was the first move to make. With my wife, it is always romance that leads into our lovemaking. This case was different since tonight was not about intimacy or romance. It was strictly for fun, and neither one of us were very well-versed in one-on-one sex for the sake of simple enjoyment. So I did the only thing I could think of in that moment, which was to lean in and kiss my sister-in-law on the lips. I continued to lean in, still kissing her, pushing her gently onto her back on the couch.

My conscience plagued me a bit as I made out a little with Brittany. As odd as it may sound, having put my dick inside her before didn’t seem like a violation of the intimacy reserved only for Ann. Even if after the fact Ann said it was ridiculous for me to be concerned about making out, it still affected me enough in the moment that I pulled back, now captivated by her deep brown eyes and, yes, her magnificent breasts that were bursting out of that tight shirt.

Ill-advised or not, the kiss got the response I needed as Brittany heated up and began to pull at my shirt, a look of excitement evident in her eyes and smile. I helped her with the shirt, pulling it off and then asking her to return the favor. She complied, sitting up and taking her top off, giving her boobs more air but leaving them constricted still behind her bra. If I wasn’t completely hard already, I certainly was now as I anticipated seeing my sexy sister-in-law’s bare breasts in another moment.

I pointed out to her that I was completely topless already and so she needed to follow suit. She laughed and then slowly and seductively removed one strap of her bra after the other before reaching around to unlatch the clasp. She held the garment to her chest for a moment, delighting in how she was driving me crazy with lust and anticipation until, at last, she dropped the underwear and revealed those large, round tits.

By unleashing her breasts, Brittany also unleashed whatever restrained lust was still inside me. Lunging forward, I had her on her back again as I now worked my pants off, along with my underwear so Brittany could see just how turned on and ready for her I was. Her eyes and smile widened as she got a look at my engorged cock for a moment before I straddled over her flat stomach and placed my manhood between the best set of tits I’d ever seen in person.

My sister-in-law held her boobs together and allowed me to thrust my dick back and forth between her tits. I leaned forward and held onto her shoulders as my cock remained firmly between Brittany’s boobs, which enveloped them perfectly throughout the titty-fuck. Watching the tip of my penis poke out near her chin over and over again between those exquisite breasts was an arousing sight, but not as arousing as the sensations her flesh gave mine as I continued to fuck her tits for the next few minutes.

“I want to do you bursa escort bayan with my feet!” Brittany said to break the relative silence during the titty-fuck. The only other time she and I had had sex without Ann had included a very enjoyable footjob, so it stood to reason that this one would too. I actually hadn’t thought about it tonight. Some days I was into Ann’s or Brittany’s feet, and other times I didn’t really notice. Today was actually the latter, but I wasn’t going to turn her down. After all, she had pretty sexy pair that often had my attention, so it didn’t take me long to move ahead with her next step.

Brittany released her breasts, and my cock sprung free. I then moved back while Brittany pushed herself up just a bit, propping herself against the armrest of the couch and then lifting her feet up by my crotch. Still on my knees, I grabbed Brittany’s ankles and slipped my cock between her feet as the pink polish of her toenails shined in the dim light. With my hands holding her feet in place, Brittany began to steadily slide them up and down my shaft. There was something undeniably sexy about watching my cock poke between those dainty, pedicured feet over and over again, especially as my sister-in-law grinned up at me, eyes beaming. The footjob continued for a few minutes until far too much time had gone by in our foreplay where Brittany, to whom the debt was owed, had still not been on the receiving end of pleasure.

Pulling my dick away from Brit’s feet, I immediately grabbed my sister-in-law’s pants and pulled them down her slender, tanned legs and off her ankles. Now only a cute thong remained as her only article of clothing, and I was sure to remove it quickly. With Brittany completely naked, I made my move, deciding to begin with her chest and move my way down.

Grabbing Brittany’s breasts, I took turns on each of her nipples, licking and sucking on them while she moaned and squirmed. My tongue and lips went from her tits to her stomach and then to her pussy, where I gave a great deal of my attention. Brittany squealed as I lapped up her juices, prodding her folds with my lips and tongue, driving up her pleasure until her twat was glistening wet. Now that we were both completely turned on, it was time to move forward with my paying up.

My sister-in-law lifted her short but sexy legs up and spread them wide, using one hand to help me insert my penis into her. Then I began to push into her, slowly thrusting back and forth, each time sliding deeper and deeper into her tight pussy until I was at last balls-deep inside her. As soon as my balls touched her taint, Brittany moaned and clung to my shoulders with both her hands. I was moaning too as I grinded on her for a moment before I really got going.

For the next several minutes, I pumped in and out of Brittany, first holding her legs up and watching my cock drive into her cunt while her boobs bounced up and down. After a couple minutes of that, I lay down on top of her so I could feel those lovely breasts against my chest and hear those moans in my ear. At this point, sweat was mingling between our bodies that were pressed together escort bursa as the large couch squeaked beneath our pleasured bodies.

Next, we rolled over, my hard cock staying inside my sister-in-law as she now was on top. She stayed pressed against me at first while I held her in place and pumped up into her. Eventually, she took over, sitting upright on me, hands on my chest, and working my dick with her tight pussy as she angled her hips so as to rub my shaft with her insides. Then she started going straight up and down me, riding my cock as her hair and boobs rocked wildly with her very small but very sexy body.

Brittany proceeded to ride my cock hard and fast, sliding straight up and down me as she cursed and talked dirty. I took this chance to play with those perfect tits, to which she responded by leaning forward so I could suck on them while she grinded on my cock. Then she straightened her back again and resumed riding me hard and fast for a few minutes before she asked me to finish her off on her back.

This time, Brittany lay perpendicular to the couch. She was short enough and the couch was deep enough that she was positioned just right for me to get off the couch and squat down low enough to plunge my dick back into her. With my arms cradling her legs, her back on the seat cushion and her head resting on the backrest, I went back to pounding her tight twat with force, slowly leaning forward until I was hovering right over her and bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm I owed her.

At last, Brittany gushed with a hard climax, crying out as pleasure shot through her body. Her legs tensed around my arms, and her hands reached for my torso and sank in. I kept pounding her through her cumming until I was ready to go myself. Shortly after Brittany came down from her orgasm, I ordered her off the couch (Ann would have killed me if I got cum on the cushions), so Brittany obediently squatted down on the floor as I jacked off, pointing my cock at her pretty face.

At last, I blew my load, shooting the first few spurts on her face and then pointing the rest at her boobs. She had worked a good sized load out of me, so in addition to the prime shots she had running down her face, she had plenty glistening on her breasts as well. She took a moment to briefly suck on my spent dick, which made me shudder and was something Ann would never do. However, some of the cum dripped into her eye, which caused her to suddenly pull back. As she cleared her eyes with one finger, I took her other hand to help her up and lead her to the bathroom, asking her if I was still in her debt.

“That was good,” she said as she started the shower. “I think you may still owe me some interest though.”

To date, now that about four months have passed, Brittany has not called in that interest yet. She’s brought it up a couple times. Either way is fine with me, since fucking Brittany is awesome but my wife is all the sexual satisfaction I need by a wide margin when you consider all the depraved shit she is willing to do for me. In the meantime, Brittany’s husband did get his run with Ann while I was out of town that weekend. It seemed they had a good session, and I was happy that Ann could have some fun while I was away and also allow for this unique setup we have with her sister. I’m sure we will do it again before much more time passes.