Reuniting with My College Roommate

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“Please,” I begged. “She won’t even know.” Manda knew she had teased me to the edge in that bikini all day. She knew my girlfriend so she felt bad, but she also knew that her tits were hard for me (or any guy) to resist.

We were college roommates and she caught me looking from time to time. Neither of us ever said anything and eventually became close enough friends that if felt wrong to date or even hook up. We moved to different cities after college and hadn’t seen each other in over a year. I had since started dating my current girlfriend and was happy. But that day at the beach I remembered just how hot Manda was. I honestly don’t know how I forgot. I guess I just wanted to forget. My girlfriend was pretty, but Manda had the kind of body that makes men weak. She knew it, too. She dated like 2 guys in college but neither relationship lasted longer than a few weeks. Guys constantly asked me to introduce them, but she turned them all down. I wondered if she was just outperforming all these guys in bed. I mean, now that I was looking at her on the beach, I’m not sure who could last. Behind that ass? With those tits in your face? I’m not sure I could last either. But I was dying to know. And I think she was always curious about me too. Like her, I didn’t sleep with many women in college either. Our other roommate saw my XL condoms and always joked publicly that I had a huge cock. I was always too embarrassed to say anything, but she clearly wondered if it was true.

At the beach, I couldn’t hope to hide my erection. Watching her body jiggle drove me wild. I had that pit in my stomach, where you can feel your balls tighten up and the blood rush to your cock. She caught on after catching me starting a few times. My girlfriend, lying on the other side of Manda, had fallen asleep. We both laid there, silently. My girlfriend’s body couldn’t have been further from my mind. She was a catch, in all honestly, but didn’t have the curves and assets that Manda had. I was transfixed. The tent in my trunks wouldn’t go down and Manda started to stare. We laid there, awkwardly, secretly fighting our urges.

I finally said something. “I’m curious, you’re curious. Let’s just…do this.” She looked up at me, a little shocked by what I had said, and glanced back down at my cock as it throbbed. Lying there on her side, her cleavage was making my mouth water. her curves were on full display. I couldn’t take it. I begged. escort sincan “Please.” She ran her fingers through her hair and pulled at her lip. She got up, leaning directly over my face. I thought I was going to lose my nuts right then and there. She stood up, grabbed her towel, and walked back towards the house. With our other friends out at the outlets for the day, the house was empty. I wondered if she had spooked and walked away. When I rolled onto my stomach to watch her go, pressing against my now aching dick in the process, she turned around and signaled for me to follow her. Her ass switched side to side. I jumped up, totally unfazed by the looks of the people around us. I left my girlfriend there and didn’t think twice.

When I got inside, Manda turned around, grabbed by dick and squeezed. I fell to my knees, overwhelmed by what was happening. She stepped back and slowly dropped her top. I tried to catch my breath. I was terrified by how hot this woman was. She walked over, tits swaying, and told me to get up. I did, as best I could. She pulled down my trunks and my cock flipped up and stuck out, as hard as it had ever been in my life. She gasped “Wow, they weren’t kidding.” My dick was big, 8″ and about 6″ around. I always felt like I was too much of a pussy to put it to good use. I should’ve been fucking tons of girls, I always thought. Those thoughts were gone now.

Manda looked at my cock, up at me, and back down. She slowly got down on her knees and wrapped her hand around the shaft, right at the base. She pulled back gently, exposing the full length of my cock. I was diamonds. My mind was mush. I looked up, my eyes getting blurry. She was locked on. I felt her lean forward and her warm breath on the tip of my cock. Precum leaked out the tip already and she leaned in a little more to catch it with the tip of her tongue. One of my knees buckled and, embarrassed, I quickly locked it back up. She giggled and decided to test me by putting the whole tip in her mouth. I was holding on for dear life, my load only held back by the terror of cumming early and ruining my chances with Manda.

I silently cursed myself for not going after her in college. We lived together with 2 other people in a house off campus. There were so many chances. So many times she worked out in the living room while I was on the couch, or came downstairs in just the clothes she slept in – usually a pair of tight ankara escort fitting shorts and a size-too-small t-shirt. She rarely put out, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want you to see what she had going on. Not that she could have hidden that body. I wondered how I never came under that spell. I must have been severely fucked in the head, I decided as I came out of my daydream.

My distraction had worked a little. Well, I hadn’t cum yet. She was slowly bobbing up and down my cock now, stroking as she blew me. She paused at the tip and slurped the saliva. I looked away. I knew if I watched I’d cum. I wondered if she knew.

“I want to fuck. Right now,” I said. I prayed she’d let me. She stopped and looked up at me, almost disappointed. She continued to stroke the shaft, slowly. Somehow the slow strokes were even worse than if she were pounding away at me.

“Right now?” she asked. Up and down. Up and down.

“Yes. Please. I have to fucking feel that pussy. Please.” She looked up at me, smiling and laughing a little.

“You HAVE to? I don’t know about that…” I realized she wasn’t going to give it up so easy. “Maybe next time,” she said. As she rose up on her knees a little higher, drawing her breasts level with my throbbing cock, dripping with the thick saliva she had left along the shaft, all the way down to my balls. I realized what she was doing as she pressed her tits together. If I could just last through this, maybe I would get to fuck her…

But she squeezed her tits around my cock tight. They were so fucking soft and looked amazing wrapped around me. She looked up like “I know you’ve dreamed about this.” I won’t lie to you, there were a few mornings in the shower when I thought about it, blowing my load across the shower floor to exactly the mental image that was now in front of me. She moved, up and down. I was fucked and I knew it. The blowjob took me to the edge several times, but she was done teasing me. She was doing this to finish me. She looked down and licked the tip, once, twice… My balls tightened right away. She knew it was over and clearly knew how close I had been the whole time by the look on her face when she looked back up. Her wrists in the air, arms squeezing her tits around my cock, she said, almost in a whisper “Go ahead.” That was all I needed. I thrusted once, twice and got half way back up when my abs constricted. I leaned back against my tightening etimesgut escort bayan muscles. She let out a little moan as my balls started to erupt over her chest.

The cum shot up and sprayed against her chin, falling back all over her breasts. She never stopped making eye contact with me, as I tried to keep my eyes from rolling back into my head. Shot after shot, I grunted and tried to catch my breath. She just keep stroking my dick in between those massive breasts. Seconds had gone by and my cock was still blowing my nuts all over her. She smiled, knowing that she was forcing out every drop I had. The last few drops rolled out of the tip of my cock and into her cleavage. I inhaled deeply, reaching up to catch the drool that was about to fall out of my mouth before she could see it. Manda sucked on the tip of my cock, making me pull away and fall back onto the couch. I laid there, cock throbbing, watching her in a daze as she looked down at the massive load she had drawn out of me. She rubbed in the evidence and grabbed her bikini top off the floor. She squeezed her tits back into it and looked over my way as if to say “not bad.” My cock jumped up a little bit but I laid back, totally spent. She came over, leaned over me, and whispered into my ear, “Like I said, next time. You can either break up with her today or wait another year.” My stomach jumped up into my throat at the thought of dumping my girlfriend like that, but I had never came like that in my life.

She turned around and I watched her ass leave the room, aching once more. I was addicted. I had to have more. I couldn’t imagine having that woman all to myself – a feat many had tried and failed at. I felt unworthy and unprepared. But it was all I wanted. I wanted to fuck that girl everywhere, every day. I wanted everything. My imagination ran wild, flickering mental images rolling through my mind at light speed. My hands grabbing her hips from behind, her ass pressed against my pants in some club, her mouth wrapped around me in the car late at night on the highway, her breasts spilled out of that bikini top as my friends suffered like I had earlier today…so many thoughts ran through my head, causing whatever seminal fluid remained to rain down my thigh as my eyelids grew heavy…

I looked up at the ceiling. “Shit,” I thought. I didn’t mean to fall asleep. And I definitely didn’t mean for my girlfriend to find me like that. As she stormed out of the house, Manda sat at the kitchen table, legs crossed, sipping a mug of coffee, and looking at me – only me. It was wrong, but I had rarely felt happier as my girlfriend slammed the door shut behind her.