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Big Tits

You sense someone behind you, but only after the blindfold has already been skillfully and securely placed over your eyes. A strong arm wraps firmly around your waist, pinning your arms before you can lift them to remove the blindfold. You feel the stranger’s hot breath at your neck, causing panic to begin to set in. Then you hear him, his soft and soothing voice whispers close to your ear, “Don’t panic baby, I won’t hurt you, relax and enjoy the ride.”

His gentle voice is calming, enabling you to relax a little, so you open your mouth to speak, “Ssssshhhh, say nothing,” he says.

Suddenly you gasp as his strong arm easily lifts you and carries you toward a low rumbling noise. You feel yourself being lifted higher, then being lowered. Instinctively you straighten your legs out front to try and keep your balance. Then you feel something slide between your legs as you are lowered, like a saddle, no, a motorcycle seat.

The rumbling noise thuds beneath you, as you feel yourself placed on the seat. The vibrations of the powerful motor reverberate through the seat, sending incredible sensations between your legs and coursing through your body. You feel the strong arm move from around your waist. Now you can escape, but you don’t want to. Your fear has been replaced by excitement, the wetness you feel between your legs bearing testimony to this.

Then you feel him straddling the seat in front of you and settling in. “Put your arms around me!” he orders you, “Pull yourself close, really close!” You want to speak, ask him who he is, where he is taking you, but you daren’t. So silently you do as you’re told, wrapping your arms around him and shuffling as far forward as you can.

The friction of your movements on the hot seat pulls your short skirt up, making it ride up so high over your thighs, that your panties are now completely exposed. You wriggle in your seat, the wet gusset of your panties sliding over it. You find your comfort zone, so close to this stranger, just where there’s a hard lump is in the seat and you settle there and find your clit hard pressed against the hard lump, sending vibrations through you as the motorcycle powerful motor rumbles.

“HOLD ON!!” he yells as he revs up the powerful motor. You gasp as you hold him tighter. The sudden rev of the motor intensifies the vibrations on your clit, causing you to have a sudden and intense orgasm. You hear a low chuckle from your stranger as the powerful machine lurches forward. He knows, you know he does, knows what his machine is doing to you.

Though still blindfolded, you can actually sense him smiling to himself as he goes through the gears, revving the motor at each change. You know that he’s happy now, happy in the knowledge that he’s got you. You couldn’t leave now, not even if you wanted to.

You travel for what seems like hours, when in fact it’s only several minutes. The continuous sensation of movement, the lurching forward as he changes through the gears, plus the incredible vibrations emanating from the hard lump in the seat, and the fact that you’re still blindfolded, all combine to put you into an incredible state of arousal. You’re so wet now that you feel as though you will slide right off the hot seat, all you can think of now, is getting hold of something hot and hard.

Your hands begin to slowly make their way down to what you crave. Then at that same moment, you feel the machine beneath you suddenly slow down, causing you to slide hard into the stranger and hang on again as you feel yourselves making a hard turn. The surface beneath you is rough now, bumps and divots seemingly everywhere. It takes you a moment to adjust to the new sensations, then as quickly as it began, it’s over as you stop, where, you don’t know.

As you feel the stranger get off the bike, you wonder why the motorcycle doesn’t move or topple. You feel around with your hands and realise that your seat spreads out behind you.

“It’s a Trike, a three wheeler.” You hear the stranger say, “That’s why it stays upright.”

Then you feel his strong arm wrapping around your waist again, gently pulling you back until you rest against his chest. You can feel his hot breath on your neck as he whispers in your ear, “Now the fun starts.”

You feel yourself being turned around in the seat, until you know you’re facing the other way. He takes your hands and lets you slowly lay back on the seat, with your legs hanging over the back of the Trike. Then one by one, you feel the buttons of your blouse being undone, until finally sincan escort you feel it fall open. Then slowly his hand starts at the waist of your skirt and slides it’s way up your stomach to your breasts.

“We’ll have to get rid of this,” he says as he touches your bra.

You reach behind yourself to undo the clasp, when you hear “SNAP! SNAP!” and you realise that you’re hands have been cuffed.

“You don’t do anything,” he says, “just lie back and enjoy.”

You lie back down again with your hands behind your back and get comfortable. Suddenly you feel something cold on your stomach, slowly tracing a line up and between your breasts.

“A KNIFE!” you exclaim loudly.

“Ssshh, I’m not going to hurt you,” he says as you feel the blade slide between your breasts, then pull suddenly as it cuts through your bra. Your breasts spill free, a cool breeze blow across them and instantly your nipples become hard.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, very nice indeed.” you hear him say as he slowly and gently traces lines over and around your breasts with the cold steel tip of the knife. The danger of the knife, the mystery of the man you can’t see, the handcuffs and the suspense as the stranger continues to tease you, still not really touching you, but still managing to arouse you. The cold blade is removed, only to return straight away, but this time tracing a line along your thigh.

Slowly it continues up until you catch your breath when you feel it slide along the gusset of your wet panties. You’re so wet now, you know he can see the outline of your lips through the material, as he gently runs the blade along them. “These will have to go too.” you hear him say, as you feel the blade slide under and across the strap on one side. You feel a sharp tug as he cuts through the material. Then you feel the blade slowly move across the top of your mound and under the strap on the other side, cutting through it also. The gusset of your panties stays where it his, stuck there by your own juices.

“Hehehe.” he chuckles, “We’ll have to do something about this I think.”

The cold blade slides under the waistband of your panties, flipping the gusset away from you. You gasp as you feel the cool rush of air against your soaked pussy. Then you feel his hot breath, his mouth mere centimetres from your pussy. “Mmmm, we definitely have to do something about this.”

His hot breath turns to cool wind as he purses his lips and blows gently between your legs. Instinctively you draw up your knees to provide him better access. You feel the cool breeze as he gently blows from your ass, then up to and over your soaked pussy. The cool air blowing against your hot pussy sends tingles through you and up to your breasts, making your nipples harder than ever. You wish your hands were free so you could play with them, or use them to hold yourself open to him. You realise that this can’t be, so you simply have to give in to his exquisite torture.

You push down on the back of the trike with your feet, raising your hips as you start to slowly rotate them. His hand presses firmly down on your stomach, prohibiting your movement as you feel his wet tongue against the inside of your thigh. Slowly it slides up and between your legs, stopping just before it gets to your wet pussy. You feel his tongue gently slide up one side of your pussy, then down the other. Never does it actually touch it, just moving alongside your wet lips, then over the top and down again.

Again you move your hips, pushing them towards his face, hoping his tongue will explore your pussy. Then his hand moves away, returning under your ass to help lift your hips. You push down harder on your feet to help lift your hips also, making yourself totally open to him. His hot breath is on your pussy again, then the tip of his nose, as it gently works it’s way between your wet lips.

You feel his tongue, just the tip of it, as it slowly traces a wet circle around your asshole. The circles becoming smaller until you feel the tip of his wet tongue pushing against your tight ring. All the while his nose is sliding up and down between your lips, brushing against your clit on every upward stroke. You push your hips forward, and you feel his nose push hard against your clit, while his wet tongue forces itself inside your tight ass. His head moves around, massaging your clit with his nose and sliding his wet tongue in and out of your ass. Then you feel his tongue slide across your ass, along your perineum, then finally ever so slowly; you feel his tongue push ankara escort its way inside your aching pussy.

His face is pushed so far between your legs, that you wonder how he can breathe, but only for a second. You feel the bristles of his beard tickling your ass as his head bobs up and down, his tongue pushing inside you, lapping up your juices as they flow freely from your pussy, and his nose, ever present, ever busy, pushing up and down, rubbing around and around your sensitive clit.

Then it starts; beginning in your pussy, then working it’s way into your stomach, along your thighs, down your legs and to your toes. It ripples out from your pussy, flowing to the outer regions of your body. Building like a swell in the ocean, moving faster, getting bigger, until it finally peaks and breaks, crashing into itself. The intensity of your orgasm causes you to shake and shudder, a low groan emanates from deep within you, as you realise that the cuffs were never locked and you pull your arms out.

You think you feel his face begins to move away, but now with your hands free, you reach down and grab the back of his head. Your legs splay out straight and as wide as you can get them. You pull his face further into you, as hard as you can as you thrust your hips forward to meet him. Without missing a beat, you feel his mouth open wide, enveloping your pussy and sucking on your lips, drawing them into his mouth. You feel his tongue push between them, pushing in and up, searching for its prize and finding your swollen bud. Ever so gently you feel your clit being sucked and drawn between his teeth, his tongue dancing around and across it.

You feel two fingers sliding up and down your lips, pushing further between them with each pass. You thrust your hips forward and sigh as you feel his fingers slide all the way inside you. His fingers move around inside you, feeling every crease, every curve, probing into you. Then his fingers push up and against the wall of your pussy behind your clit. You feel the exquisite pleasure as his fingers rub against you there. The pressure going through to your clit as he teases it with his tongue. Then you feel the muscles in your pussy contracting again, clamping around his fingers. You pull his face into you once more, knowing you’re almost there. But then he breaks your grip, pulling his head away and sliding his fingers out of you. You whimper at his retreat, your body already shaking, spasms in your pussy. Silence, just for a moment, but it feels like an eternity.

Then you feel it, hot and hard, as he pushes the head of his cock against your pussy. Parting your lips ever so slightly as he slides his knob up and down them. Then he starts to push, very slowly, so just the head is inside you, then he stops and waits.

“Oh no you don’t!!” you protest as your hands reach behind his butt. “You don’t stop now, now you’re going to fuck me hard!!” You grab his ass; nails dug in, then pull him into you as hard as you can. At the same moment he thrusts and your bodies come together with an almighty “SLAP!” He starts to pump his hard meat into you, pounding against your pubis and clit with every thrust. Your orgasm is almost immediate, already being built up from the work of his skilful mouth. Your muscles contract around the fat cock inside you, gripping it like a vice. He pushes himself in as hard and as far as he can, grinding into you, stimulating your clit with his movements. It starts again, before you’ve even recovered from the first one. One orgasm flows into another.

“Mmmmm, is that good baby?” You hear him say as he starts to slowly pump in and out of you. “YES IT IS” you scream at him, “YOU’VE HAD YOUR FUN, NOW FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!”

He needs no further encouragement and he starts thrusting hard, pounding into you again, just raw brutal sex now.

“So you wanna be fucked hard then eh?” he says, “Well this biker’s gonna fuck your brains out now girl!”

Harder and faster he pounds into you, almost pounding you off the trike. You wrap your legs around him, pulling him deeper until he can hardly move. Then you pull yourself up and off the trike, impaling yourself on his cock. You twist yourself on him, forcing him to turn around and sit on the trike himself. Your legs still wrapped around him, and your arms around his neck, you slow the pace down and slide up and down on his hard cock. Your pussy muscles contracting around his cock, trying to milk him of his cum, then you feel it again.

“I’m gonna cum again baby, please cum with me, fill etimegut escort my pussy with your hot cum.”

It starts and you bear down on his cock, squeezing him for all you’re worth. “Oh, aah, I’m c c cum…”

At the same instant you feel his cock expand inside you, filling you more, you’re already cumming, you know he is about to, but you’re ready for it. You feel the first jet of his hot cum as it squirts into the back of your pussy. The feeling is sensational, but you can’t give in to it yet, you have plans.

With incredible speed and agility, you are off of him and on your knees in front of him. You still can’t see because of the blindfold, but you can feel his cock spasm in your hand and you feel another jet of hot cum squirt over your face. Then you have his pulsing cock in your mouth, forcing the head to the back of your throat. You literally suck the last few jets of cum out of his cock, feeling it slide down your throat.

“Oh my god, please save me!” you hear him say as he grabs a handful of your hair and shudders uncontrollably. You can feel his body start to slide down, his legs giving way.

“Oh no you don’t.” you think to yourself as you grab his ass. You can feel him start to soften, but you have other ideas.

You continue to suck on his cock as your hand slips between his legs to gently squeeze on his balls. You feel him getting hard again, but not enough. Your other hand moves behind him and you gently push one finger against his tight asshole. Slowly pushing it inside him while still massaging his balls and sucking on his cock. Gently moving your finger inside him until you find his prostate to massage it. Now there’s the response you were after you think as his cock swells and gets harder in your mouth. You move your head back, gently biting on his cock as you go.

Then you flick your tongue all over, around and under the head, sliding down the big vein under his cock to his balls, sucking them into your mouth. Licking back up the underside and taking the head in your mouth again. All the while your hands staying busy on his balls and ass. Then you move your hand from his balls and firmly grab the base of his cock, starting a slow steady pumping action as you suck hard on the head. Suddenly he grabs you by the hair and says, “NO, STAND UP!”

Reluctantly you let go of his cock and stand up as you feel him lead you to the back of the trike.

“Lean over here and brace yourself, you won’t fall.” he says as he guides you over. You feel a sharp sting on your ass as he gives you one good slap there and says, “This is what I want now!”

So you lean further forward, pushing your ass up in the air and thinking, “Well we’re really going all the fucking way now!”

Your hips gyrate as you feel his fingers slide around in your wet snatch. His slippery fingers sliding back along your perineum to your ass, and you feel one finger gently push against your tight ring. Slowly he eases the finger in your ass and begins to pump it in and out. Then another finger joins the first, as you feel your ass begin to relax and open to welcome them both. He continues to ream your ass with his fingers, rubbing your clit at the same time with his thumb, then he says,

“There, I think you’re ready now.”

You feel his fingers leave you, only to be replaced by the feeling of his hard cock head pushing against your tight hot asshole. He gently pushes the head in, stopping there to allow you to get comfortable first.

“FUCK THIS” you think, “I’M READY NOW!”

You push back hard against him, “good girl” he says as his cock slides in to the hilt and fills your ass. He starts thrusting into you at a steady pace and you move in time with him.

“AND NOW…” he says. You don’t even have time to wonder what’s coming next when you already feel the hum of the vibrator against your pussy. “Oh my God!!” you think as he rubs it across your clit and then inside you. Your legs go stiff, your feet go taught and you’re standing on your toes. Your pussy starts to spasm, gripping the vibrator as it rubs against the cock that’s swelling in your ass. Your orgasm rips through you at the same moment that you feel his cock twitch and shoot jets of hot cum in your ass. You both scream at the intensity of your orgasms and collapse on the ground together.

Exhausted, you fall asleep. You wake up to the sound of the phone ringing. Rubbing your eyes, you look around and find yourself at home in bed. Was it a dream? Surely not you think as you unsteadily stand up and feel hot fluid running down your thighs. You walk slowly toward the phone, sore and trying to stem the flow from your ass and pussy. You pick up the phone thinking that this was no dream, as you hear his voice say,

“Wanna go for a ride?…”