RMC: Janet’s Dilemma

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This is the fourth in the Rocky Mountain Christmas series. Part 1, the Namesake “Rocky Mountain Christmas” https://www..com/s/rocky-mountain-christmas, is where we meet the already well known Jim, and his niece Bug, and later his sister, Bug’s mother.

Part 2 is https://www..com/s/summers-past, where Jim’s sister and Bug’s mother apologizes for being a hypocrite.

Part 3 continues with the introduction of Bug to Janet, Jim’s neighbor and sometimes lover, in “Birthday Presents.” https://www..com/s/rmc-birthday-presents

And now this, Part 4 where … well, I won’t spoil it for you so read on! Enjoy!

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It was late the evening following my birthday surprise from Bug and Janet when the house phone rang. Not late enough to be an “oh shit” call, but late enough that it wasn’t going to be a sales pitch either, so I answered without trepidation. I’d been getting caught up on things that I hadn’t done over the weekend; for some reason I’d been distracted all weekend long. Several times in the last couple of hours I’d said “Thank You” to myself for finally having gotten wise and hired a housekeeper. Even though I’d had some self-imposed “honey-do’s” that I’d ignored during the week, essentially when I had come home on Friday I’d found the house cleaned, dishes washed and put away, my clothes washed and folded. The majority of my to-do list had been taken care of by a professional. It’s hard to understand now how I’d ever even tried to keep up with all that day to day stuff by myself, and regretted that Debs and I had never done it when we were married.

“Hi Jim,” Janet’s voice answered my greeting.

“Hey Janet, what’s up?”

“Are you still up?”

“Oh yeah. I’m just getting caught up from being distracted all weekend long,” I teased, but she didn’t take the bait.

“Is it OK if I come over?”

“Is everything ok?” I responded. Hearing from Janet this late was highly unusual knowing that she seldom left Rob alone and her caretaker helper was undoubtedly gone for the day. She hadn’t teased back, and now her direct inquiry made me wonder if something was wrong.

“Yeah, everything’s fine. No worries.”

Samson knew she was arriving before I did. I saw his ears perk up and he headed for the front door. I followed suit when I heard the gate moments later. She stepped in as Samson stepped out and I closed the door behind him.

“What’s up, Babe?” I asked, as she stepped forward. I couldn’t help but survey her body as she moved toward me. She had on some type of a form fitting silky one piece. I wouldn’t have normally called it a dress; it more resembled a tank top than a dress – although a mid-calf length tank top. Two spaghetti straps were over her shoulders, the low cut top displaying substantial amounts of the tops of her breasts, two firm nipples accenting the full curves of her breasts just below the neckline, before forming against her body like a second skin to show the curves of her hips and belly and bottom. She was decent – but just barely. If she had worn this to the mall (I was pretty sure she wouldn’t) every male eye that crossed her would have done a double take wondering, just like I did, what she had on underneath.

“Wow, you look hot!” I said as she stepped forward into my personal space. I put my hands up and her arms went around me as mine went around hers into a hug.

My hands ran down her back, confirming as I’d surmised that she was braless, as her face turned up to mine. My hands roamed down her back to her bottom finding no evidence of anything underneath. Her hands slid to my butt, just as mine had to hers, as my mind clicked to confirm what I’d suspected as soon as she walked in, this wasn’t just a social call – it was a booty call. That’s interesting, I thought. Although we had on occasion visited each other on consecutive days during the week when she had her nursing help, it was unusual for her to visit in the evenings and particularly unusual for her to leave Rob alone. And now her visit was occurring multiple days in a row, although the previous ones had admittedly been when Bug was there and she’d arranged for nursing help. It was just a fleeting thought; her dress was definitely a hot little number and despite that I hadn’t been thinking about sex until that moment, my cock began to respond to the slinky, sexy, lady in my arms.

She pulled back from a kiss and giggled, pressing her belly against my belly and my rapidly growing cock. “I’m glad to know it still works,” she said. “I haven’t worn this in a couple of years; it was one of Rob’s favorites. It never failed to get him hard,” she said as her hand slipped between us onto my still engorging cock. Her other hand moved behind my head as she once again turned her lips to mine.

I needed no further instructions; this was a woman that needed to be fucked. My hands roamed her body, easily slipping the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and the stretchy escort sincan cloth from her breasts, her hard nipples and soft, warm breasts filling my hands and mouth. Her hands were pulling my t-shirt, lifting it until I took it and pulled it over my head. Her hands fumbled with the belt on my shorts, mine pushed the material down past her waist. The dress refused to release from her body; her hand reached down to hold it in place as she stepped out of first her shoes and then her dress as my hands finished loosening my pants. With both of us now naked she turned her face again to a kiss as her hand gripped and stroked my cock. With her pushing me I stepped backwards toward the couch; there was no doubt about who was in charge of this liaison.

Dropping to the floor between my legs as I sat back heavily onto the couch she said nothing more as she leaned in and took my cock into her mouth. Her arms and head blocked my access to most of her body as she sucked me, but I recognized the blow job for what it was – foreplay, getting me hard so she could climb on. Moments later she rose up and straddling me where I sat, lowering herself onto me. I held my cock upright for her as she slipped me into her hot and wanting sex, but otherwise allowed her to control our coupling.

Twenty minutes later we were lying together with her on top of me on the floor next to the couch, our mutual lust slaked at least for the moment. “So what was that all about?” I asked, my hand running back and forth over her naked shoulder. She turned and snuggled into the crook of my arm.

“Oh, nothing,” she answered. I knew it wasn’t ‘nothing’ but before I called her on the lie she continued. “I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ properly for a wonderful time this weekend.”

“Thank me? I should be thanking you and Bug. I can’t say I’ve ever had a birthday present which entailed being greeted in bed by two willing and gorgeous naked ladies.” I laughed, she laughed in return.

“You always have the ability to put the right spin on it, don’t you?”

“Not always. Believe me when I say ‘not always’. It was a fun weekend though, perhaps a few surprises. What about you, did it turn out as you expected?”

“Better.” I could tell the way she said it that there was more on her mind but she didn’t immediately start. “Actually I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for introducing me to Bug. She’s a real sweetheart.”

“Definitely. All my kids and nieces and nephew are good kids, but Bug really is my favorite.”

“I can see why. I just spent the last hour on the phone with her.”

“Oh really? Why is that not a surprise?” I laughed quietly, “You and Bug sure seemed to hit it off. I’ve got the feeling that if I hadn’t been there you two would have been entertained all weekend long anyway.” Her lack of immediate response told me I’d hit the nail on the head. “Threesomes are almost always fun, but it caught me a bit by surprise the way you two clicked. I didn’t know you had any experience with women.”

“Some, but it’s been a long time. It wasn’t my first threesome either.”

“Oh really? I didn’t get the feeling from Rob that you two were anything but monogamous.”

“Rob and I never played with others. This was a long time before us.”

“Oh.” What else was there for me to say? I usually don’t try and pry something out of someone, but if you give them a chance, most people want to tell you about their life. And the way this came out I was sure she wanted to tell me. “Want to tell me about it? Is that why you’re here?”

“Yeah… I mean, I guess. More that I wanted to talk to you about Bug.”

“Got her on your mind, huh?”

“That was the most fabulous time I’ve had… well, since the last time I was with a woman in a threesome.” The first thing that went through my mind in the fraction of a second before I responded to her was that she was saying Rob’s and her sex life hadn’t been that great. The second thing that went through my mind was that we’d had some pretty torrid evenings ourselves so I was pretty sure that couldn’t be correct. Then I remembered and latched onto my wife Debs telling me that sex with a woman was different. Not that Deb’s didn’t love me; not that we weren’t good at sex together – actually we were fabulous together; even though she didn’t consider herself bi, just open minded and willing, she admitted that when she got together with her girlfriend (and our lover) Jenny who was bi, that sex with her was just as awesome as it was with me – just different. Finally it dawned on me that what she was really saying was that this was about her and Bug. I could play dense, or I could throw her a bone.

“Kind of worms her way into your heart, doesn’t she?”

Her sigh as a response said it all.

“I haven’t been able to think of anything else all day. I keep thinking of her and kissing her and playing with her… making love with her.”

“Somebody’s got it bad, Janet.”

“Two somebodies. She says she hasn’t stopped thinking of me either.”

“So? Is there ankara escort something wrong with that?”

“Only that I’m married. Only that she’s away at school. Only that she’s the niece and lover of my lover…”

“Janet,” I interrupted.


“It’s ok. We can’t prevent our feelings for someone from happening; we just have to deal with them. It was obvious as hell to me all weekend long that you and Bug have the hot’s for each other and I’m OK with that. I’ve said all along that I found the one true love of my life. Although I care for both of you deeply, and sex with either of you is fantastic, and with both of you was phenomenal, I’ve had the love of my life… but she’s gone. That part of my life will never be again, but that doesn’t apply to either of you. If you two feel that there is more to your relationship than just good, clean, bedroom fun with no strings attached – so be it. We have to live life and deal with the consequences as they arrive. In this case, if the consequence is that my niece starts coming to see you instead of me and you quit coming to see me because of her, I’m going to have to turn you both over my knee and paddle your bottoms. That will obviously have to be at separate times or you’ll both get into it and I’ll get left out anyway.”

It was silent for a moment – and then she began chuckling. “God I love you, Jim.”

“So we’ve found another lover, what’s the problem? Are you thinking you want to be exclusive with her?”

“No… More that I told myself this would never happen again.”

“Happen again?” I questioned, really just giving myself time to digest the meaning of her words.

“Yeah.” I didn’t say anything, not certain exactly what she meant, but just waited and moments later she began.

“My mom’s friend, Lori, was a lawyer. She and her husband, Tom, both worked. He was an engineer for one of those airplane companies in Los Angeles. Just a few months after their son was born, he got assigned to an out of town job. Lori was left with their two young kids at home while trying to keep her job as a lawyer, so they had to have someone to help with the kids. I needed a job so I became the kid’s nanny. It really worked out perfect for me. I needed money for college and working for them I didn’t have any real expenses and they paid better than minimum wage so I got to save almost everything.

I went over first thing every morning during the week and stayed until whenever she got home. I would cook dinner and we’d eat together if she got home early enough, or I’d feed the kids and eat with her when she got home. Except for the weekends I’d basically just go home and go to bed and then do it again the next day.

It didn’t take long and Lori and I became really good friends. Lori would turn off work when she got home and just spend as much time with the kids as she could. We’d get the kids ready for bed together and then get them down. Afterward, if she didn’t have work to finish up, she’d start talking just to wind down from her day. She’d tell me all about what went on, vent on the idiots she had to work with, even telling me about things she shouldn’t have to which she’d then tell me she shouldn’t have said that and I can’t say anything to anyone, but of course I wouldn’t anyway. It got to where I was staying later and later until one night she just suggested that I should just stay over.

They didn’t have a guest bedroom, although there was a couch in the small office where I could have slept, but she said I could sleep on her husband’s side of their bed if I didn’t mind. I called my parents and told them I was staying over just so they didn’t worry, and spent the night. I hadn’t planned on it and didn’t have any pajamas so she loaned me one of her husband’s t-shirts. Tom wasn’t a very big guy, so his shirt didn’t even quite cover my panties. After I changed Lori looked at me and laughed that it was a good thing her husband wasn’t there, as he loved it when she dressed like that, and the t-shirt never seemed to stay on for long. When I asked why not she said “Sex of course. But it really doesn’t matter what I wear to bed, it always seems to come off quite rapidly.

“I’d only had a couple of boyfriends at the time and, although I wasn’t a virgin, I wasn’t very experienced either. But it did embarrass me to hear her say that; talking about sex wasn’t anything I was used to doing as my mom and I never talked about sex. My sister and I didn’t either at that time; it wasn’t until after that summer that my sister and I really compared notes. When Lori came out of the bath, after getting ready for bed, I could see that she had on a semi-sheer little nightie but she just crawled into bed and turned her light out before we started talking again.

“It was probably a week later that it happened again; it just got so late she suggested I should stay over, and then the next day it happened again. The following day she asked if maybe I would like to just move in during the week, at least until Tom got reassigned back to etimesgut escort bayan the home office. She said she really enjoyed having me around to talk with and it really didn’t make sense to be running back and forth the few miles to my house just to sleep for a few hours – unless I wanted to. Staying sounded ok with me, so I packed up a few things, brought them over and moved in during the week. I started coming over on Monday mornings and wouldn’t leave until Friday afternoons after Tom or Lori got home. But by that time I had become so attached to the kids I’d often go by and see them during the weekends so I got to know Tom pretty well too.”

“He was only home on the weekends?”

“Mostly he was home just weekends and holidays, although every few weeks he’d be home for a week at a time. He said he didn’t even “officially” know where his office was physically located but he said he had his suspicions. He said even if he knew he couldn’t tell us where it was as it was Top Secret.”

“He traveled out of town, but didn’t have any idea where? How could he not know where he was going?”

“Every Monday morning they met at the airport, got onto a charter plane that had all the windows blacked out and they flew them somewhere. They never flew for the same amount of time, always two to four hours, and when they landed they pulled the plane into a hangar and closed the hanger doors before letting everybody off. He said they were indoors all week long and never got to see outside, never got to see the sun or the stars, and then Friday afternoon they loaded everyone up and flew them home again.”

“Wow! And he didn’t know where they were?”

“Somewhere in the desert is all he said. He said that when they got there on Monday mornings it was hot, but on Friday’s when they went to leave it was hotter, and the air was always super dry, but other than that there was no clue.”

“Somewhere in the desert, two hours from Los Angeles. I guess that wouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint.”

“I guess, but wouldn’t it be two to four hours?”

“No, just two. Never any further than the shortest ride, unless they were going to different offices.”

“Oh yeah. You’re right. I never thought of it that way.” She was quiet for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I interrupted. You were about to tell me how you and Lori became lovers.”

The pause was pregnant before she spoke again. “I said that?”

“No, but you were about to, weren’t you? You were telling me how you began to stay at their house during the week and sleep in the same bed with Lori. What I haven’t figured out is the ‘never again’ part.”

“Oh.” I could tell she was thinking about what to say from the pause. “It was just like being with my older sister who was away at college. We just seemed to click. She wasn’t all that much older than me, I think she was 29 or 30 when I first started babysitting for them and I was 18. At first when we went to bed it was still talking all about her day, and then I’d tell her all about mine with the kids. Gradually our talks went everywhere until one night they turned to sex. It started when she asked about my boyfriends, how long I’d gone with them, why we broke up, and whether we’d had sex. I told her about the few boyfriends I’d had, confessed about what we’d done and in turn she told me about her early experiences, before Tom.” Janet paused for a moment and then giggled in remembrance. “I was so naïve, and she knew it.”


“My first time?” Lori paused for a moment before she answered. “You never forget your first, do you?” She didn’t finish immediately, I wondered how much she was going to censor. “It was at my last summer church camp, just before I went to college. I’d met this guy from another city, Richie, and we really hit it off. I really didn’t know much about him except that he had dreamy eyes and man, could he kiss. A real toe curler.” Lori stopped, obviously thinking about him for a moment.

“We were doing everything we could to get away from everyone else, but somehow there was always a counselor or other campers around. We found a few places where we could get away from everyone, but it was never for very long. They had us separated by sexes into cabins; boy’s cabins and girl’s cabins and we had a curfew; everyone into their cabins and lights out at 10 pm. It was on our next to the last night at camp. He told me he was going to sneak out at 2 am and that I should meet him by the changing cabins at the pool. I told him I didn’t know if I could stay awake and he told me to just set my alarm. He said to set it for 10 minutes to 2, and that if anyone else woke up and complained that I should just say it was a mistake, that I misread 2 for a 7. I should then wait about 10 minutes to make sure everyone went back to sleep before I came out. I protested that we weren’t supposed to leave the cabin after lights out, but he told me that if anyone woke up and questioned that I should just tell them I was going to the bathroom.

I was so petrified about getting caught that I didn’t even go to sleep. Some of the girls were awake for at least an hour talking, but everyone eventually went to sleep, except for me. I turned my alarm off and actually went out about half an hour earlier than he said to.