Road Trip Ch. 03

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Tomorrow’s going to be a long day…

They both sleep peacefully throughout the night. When morning comes, she wakes up, stretching she sits up, getting quietly off the bed she makes her way to the bathroom with towel, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste/toothbrush in tow, does what she does, flushes, washes hands, turns shower on, steps in letting the water wash over her warm body. She washes her hair, then her body. Every inch is soapy, turning around she stands still as the water rinses off the body wash and shampoo.

Turning the water off, she steps out of the bathtub, wraps the towel around her, stopping at the sink, she brushes her teeth, leaves the bathroom, and makes her way back to see him still asleep. She looks at the clock it’s 8:00 A.M. she hates to wake him up, but lets him sleep even though they really should get back on the road. She gets her clothes out, gets dressed, and finally decides to wake him up.

She climbs on the bed, gently but firmly shakes him awake.

“Baby, you need to get up.”

No luck.

“BABY! You need to get up so we can head out!”

Shakes him harder, he wakes up. He stretches, yawns, and finally after a few minutes of that, he sits up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, we just need to get back on the road. It’s going to be a long day.”

He gets up, goes to the bathroom, comes back out, gets dressed ever so slowly.

“I’m hungry.”

“I know. Gotta fill up the gas tank, so we’ll get something sincan escort there.”


Grabbing their stuff, they make their way out of the room and hotel. They get in the car, she starts it, and off they go to find the nearest gas station before heading back on the road. Turning left, they pull into the gas station, shutting car off, gets out and she fills up the gas tank while he goes in and finds some food.

“I’ll be right in.”, she hollers


Tank filled, she makes her way into the store to grab something to eat and drink and to pay for gas making their way to the cash register, the clerk says.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning to you, too.”

“Where ya headed?”

“Nowhere and everywhere.”

“Is that all?”, talking about their purchases

“No, have $30 in gas, too.”

“Okay, $45 please.”

“Okay.” She hands him the money and they’re off

Back to the car, he gets in back. Probably going to sleep some more after he’s eaten. Maybe she should let him drive for awhile, but she’ll wait. Off they go again.

Eight hours into the drive they reach I-76 E EXIT 209A-B toward LODI/AKRON merging onto it. They head toward their final destination, but both are tired and wanting sleep, so she finds another hotel but before going they stop to get something to eat as both are famished as well. Grabbing a quick meal from a fast food joint they make their way towards the hotel, getting a room, paying ankara escort for it, going up the elevator, walking towards their room for the night, they open the door, walk towards the bed, drop their bags, undress, and crash on the bed falling asleep easily.

He moves up behind me, grinding his cock into my meaty ass I moan and grind into him in return He digs his nails into my shoulders, moving down to my back, sliding his fingers down to my ass I moan again and shift towards him He continues sliding his hand up and down my shoulders to my ass and back up again making me SO wet! Lifting my leg up slightly, he impales me from behind. Letting my leg fall down and shoving my leg in between his, making me incredibly tight causing HIM to moan. I push back and he pushes forward, grinding into me. I love it when he does that. I grab his hand and I place it around my neck causing him to moan, groan, and fuck me harder. Tightening even more, he wrecks me without care I moan, growl, stifle a scream, and have multiple mini orgasms. He continues plowing into me until he thrusts once, twice, three times before cumming deep inside me.

She wakes up after that delicious dream, but soon realizing that it indeed happened for real. He fucked her in their sleep, not that she’d ever complain as it feels incredible! She moves away slightly and he falls out of her snatch. She turns her head to look at him and notices he’s awake.

“Morning baby.”

“Morning to you too.”

“Enjoy etimegut escort your wake up call?”

“Yes, but I also dreamed that!”




She sits up, stretches, gets off the bed, goes to the bathroom, does what she does, washes hands, comes out, gets dressed, and notices he’s all ready to go. Grabbing their bags, they make their way out of the room, down to the first level, and out of the hotel before anyone notices them. Which is fine by them. Off they go once more, their destination soon approaching!

Making their way to a gas station, they stop to get something to eat, fill the gas tank up again, and off they go. Taking I-80 E toward NEW YORK CITY/YOUNGSTOWN. Passing through PENNSYLVANIA, then crossing into NEW JERSEY. She turns LEFT to take I-80 EXPRESS LN E toward I-95/NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE/G. WASHINGTON BR. Awhile later she turns left onto I-95 N toward G WASHINGTON BR/NEW YORK CITY. Merging onto NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE N.

“Now do you know where we’re going?”


“You do, where?”

“New York.”



“Because, I’ve never been there.”


Going onto NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE N becomes I-95 N which is a toll road, paying through, they make their way into New York. Taking EXIT 5A toward WHITE PLAINS RD/WEST CHESTER AVE they make their way to CROSS BRONX EXPY. Turning left onto WHITE PLAINS RD and turning slightly right they make their way onto CRUGER AVE.

“Welcome to the Bronx. Now, you get to drive from here.”

They pull into a place where they can switch places. It’s his turn to drive her, she’s been driving all this way.

The End. At least, for this series.