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ROB AND LARAA few years ago I hit it big in the lottery. I took the lump payment and walked away 140 million richer. My sister Lara was pissed at me when I refused to give her the time of day, let alone one dollar of my winnings. I had never liked her husband Mike. The guy was a sleaze bag. He and I got into a huge fight one year on Christmas when I saw a hand print bruise on my sister’s arm. I left him u*********s in the middle of their kitchen. I was persona non grata after that. So Lara was S O L when I won my jackpot.I decided a nice change of scenery was in order. I did an internet search and found a nice cabin in the mountains of New Mexico on a secluded lake. The only other cabin on the lake was abandoned. I tried to buy the whole lake but the state refused my offer. One of the selling points for me was the road to the lake was so bad that unless you had a good four wheel drive it was pretty hard to get up the mountain. Of course you could always come in by float plane. I had one of those too.Since I was relatively isolated out here I decided that modesty was no longer necessary. The only time I ever wear clothes now is when I am going to town or out hunting or chopping wood. No splinters in my wood thank you.I had been living at the cabin for three years when Lara contacted me via email. She caught asshole Mike fucking one of the members of his carpool. Mike tried to stop my sister as she pulled out of the driveway in his Mustang GT but he was too slow. Lara was emailing from an internet cafe a few hours away from her house.I emailed back that I was sorry for the breakup of her marriage. Sarcasm doesn’t come across very well in print. Then I asked her what I could do for her, and told her to I M me. I have a nice satellite dish that doubles as my internet access. So I can still keep informed out in the middle of nowhere.We started chatting on Yahoo and before long she hinted that she would like to stay with me for a little while. I told her that it might not be a good idea. When she asked why I told her about my nudist lifestyle at the cabin. She thought I was joking so I enabled video chat and pointed the camera at my torso. She thought I had only taken my shirt off and was trying to put one over on her. I stood up and gave her a look at what God gave me and sat down a few seconds later.She was unable to speak or type for a little over a minute. Lara was five years younger than I was and she had walked in on me and one of my high school girlfriends screwing in the middle of the living room one day after school. That incident caused me all sorts of grief. Not from my parents, but from Lara. She constantly pestered me to let her see it after that. I was so glad when I graduated high school and joined the Navy. Six years in the Navy was enough for me and I returned home to find Lara out of school and shacked up with dick head Mike. That first meeting with Mike was enough to piss me off. I suspected that he was hitting Lara but she wouldn’t talk to me about that. My mom told me to leave her alone. My dad was off with trophy wife number two. So he had nothing to say. He had divorced mom when I was six to marry a girl barely out of high school. Then divorced her after ten years and now was married to a twenty two year old nymphette named Brandi. Lara and Mike lived together for three more years before she forced him to marry her. I believe the ultimatum was no ring no pussy. Mike gave in because as we now know he really likes pussy. Now after seven years of marriage Lara is walking away from eleven years with an abusive pussy hound. Can you tell I hate the prick?Mom passed away two years after Lara married Mike. Cervical cancer is a mother fucker. Mom’s funeral was the last time I saw Lara. Mike never bothered to come. So it was just the two of us. Dad couldn’t be bothered either.Once Lara began to type again, she informed me that nudity would not be a problem. I told her to hang out for few while I made some arrangements for her to fly out to Albuquerque. I informed her she would be flying in the next day at four in the afternoon. That meant if we stopped for dinner it would be close to midnight by the time we got to the cabin. Her ticket would be waiting for her at the counter all she had to do was show ID and they would hand her her boarding pass.I was waiting at the gate when I saw Lara exit the plane. She walked up and gave me hug. “First class ticket Rob? We haven’t talked since mom’s funeral so I was expecting to get loaded into the baggage compartment.””Consider it a divorce present. After all the crap he put you through over the years you deserved to be spoiled a little bit.””So where are we going for dinner?””There’s a steak joint I think you might like on the outskirts of the city on the way home. Do you have any checked bags?””No, All I own right now is what I have on.”I looked her outfit over. Hiking boots, jeans, button down blouse. I didn’t see signs that she was wearing a bra but I took it for granted that she would have panties on under the jeans. She had her purse which looked like it could hold a weeks worth of laundry. But even that looked pretty deflated.”OK then. This way.”Lara followed me out of the airport and the heat of the desert hit her. Almost forty minutes later we were seated at the restaurant and we enjoyed a couple of good steaks with all the fixings. We didn’t speak much during dinner. I figured it would come pouring out soon enough. I would let her tell me at her pace. I wasn’t going to push.As we started our climb up the mountain Lara was almost asleep on the seat next to me. When The road began to get bumpy she woke up quick. It got pretty nasty in a few spots and Lara joked about a few potholes I might have missed. When I finally pulled up to the cabin she was glad the trip was over.”It’s a good thing that seat was padded or my ass would be sore right now.” she said.I opened the door and kicked off my shoes. Lara saw me get rid of my shoes and bent to take off her boots. Once she finished I began to show her around. The living room, kitchen, and dining room were all visible from canlı bahis where we stood at the door. One of the things I love about this place is the open floor plan. As we walked I pointed out little things she might miss. Like the outlets spaced in the floor boards so that I could change the furniture layout however I liked and not have to worry about lamp cords.Lara loved the kitchen. She had seen pictures in a magazine a few years back and that kitchen was almost the same as mine. The dining area was just off the kitchen and included a breakfast nook along with a short bar counter and regular dining table. I think I’ve only used the dining table twice to eat off in the last four years. I eat most of my meals in the breakfast nook. I just love the informality of it.”I might have forgotten to mention this place only has the one bathroom and one bedroom s*s.”I showed her the bathroom and she was surprised. It has the usual toilet and counter top vanity. But the tub could double as a hot tub and the shower was big enough for four people to get in and not touch. There was also a stack washer and dryer near the doorway.”No door on the bathroom?” she asked.”It’s never really been an issue. You are the first person I’ve had up here since I bought the place.””Relax Rob. I figure if we are going to be nude in front of each other all the time out here a door on the bathroom is pretty pointless.””Last but not least the bedroom.”I had a king size bed sitting right in the middle of the room. I also had an armoire two dressers and a small walk in closet.”For someone who doesn’t wear clothes you sure have a lot of storage space for them.”I hit a switch on the wall outside the bedroom and the house went into darkness before I turned on the lamp for the bedroom.”Toss your purse wherever. It’s time for me to hit the sack. Feel free to use the shower or tub if you need it. You can just jump in bed when you’re ready.””We’re sleeping in the same bed?””What part of one bed did you fail to comprehend during the tour?””OK I get it.” I started shucking clothes while she was standing next to the bed. She tossed her purse on the low dresser and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on as I drifted off to sleep.I woke up briefly when she climbed into bed. Some time during the night we both must have moved around. When I woke up we were lying in spoons with Lara up against my back. Somehow her left hand and mine had clasped in the night and our fingers were laced together. I decided to wait for her to wake up on her own. I didn’t want to wake her up when I crawled out of bed. I knew she would be coming to grips with what Mike had done and would need all her rest when that happened.I felt Lara kiss the back of my neck. Then she did it again. I gently squeezed her fingers and Lara spoke. “How long have you been awake Rob?””About two minutes. How was the shower last night?””Absolutely the thing I needed. I was in those clothes for three days without a bath you know.””You up for breakfast?””Just coffee thanks.”I jumped out of bed and Lara watched as I walked out toward the kitchen. As the coffee started to brew she came walking out. For the first time since she was five I was looking at my sister nude. I must admit Lara has a fantastic body. Her legs are toned and tanned. Her hips have just the right amount of curve for me. I’ll try to sneak a look at her ass later but I’m sure that it’s magnificent if her legs are any indication. Her stomach is still flat with a bit of definition. Her pussy is shaved completely. Finally her tits. They are round and firm. the nipples sitting high and proud. I can see that her nipples are erect. I wonder if that’s because of the newness of being nude for her or if it’s something else.Lara blushes a little when she realizes I’m checking her out.”Like what you see Rob?””What’s not to like? I’m guessing heavy C on the tits. I absolutely love the shaving. And your legs look amazing.” As I was speaking my dick decided to stand up and put in his two cents worth.”You’re not joking. I can tell you like what you see. Speaking of shaving… I need to do a touch up. It has been almost four days.””Razors and cream are in the cabinet over the sink in the bathroom.”Lara headed to the bathroom to take care of her grooming. As she was walking away I realized I needed to piss. So I followed her. I was right totally amazing ass.”Relax, I’m not here to spy on you while you shave. I just need to relieve my bladder.””I don’t mind. We are naked right now and it’s not like I can close the door. Bring me a coffee when it’s done?””Sure.”Lara was sitting with her legs inside the tub when I came back with her coffee. She was just applying the shaving cream to her right calf. As I turned to leave she said “You don’t have to leave.””Even though you’re not hungry right now I am. So I’m going to make me an omelet. Sure I can’t make you something?””Not right now. Thanks any way.”I was just washing the dishes up when she came out.”All better now?” I asked.”Want to feel?” I dropped the towel I was using to dry my hands and my dick began to grow.”It was just a joke. Down boy.”I poured Lara and I another cup of coffee and started another one brewing. She followed as I walked to the living room and sat on the couch. She snuggled right up against me with her legs tucked under her. I put an arm around her shoulder and gave a light squeeze. She leaned in and kissed my cheek.”I never thanked you for Christmas. After you knocked Mike out six years ago he never hit me again. If he even showed the slightest hint he was going to hit me I would threaten to call you. He is still scared shitless of you.””What did you ever see in him?””When I first met him he reminded me a lot of you. But that was only the superficial stuff. Blue eyes, lopsided grin, tall and charming.””Of course he was charming. He was trying to get into your pants. When did he show his true colors?”As Lara related the story of her life with Mike I listened for any signs that she was going to cry. The tears started flowing when she started talking about mom’s funeral. One of Lara’s neighbors bahis siteleri told her that Mike had brought a woman home with him and she stayed the whole time I was gone. So he had been cheating on her for at least five years. She told me everything including some things I was a little embarrassed to hear from my sister.”I don’t think he ever really loved me Rob.” I held her as she sobbed against my chest. As the sobbing stopped I realized her breathing was shallow and even. She was asleep. Carefully I picked her up and carried her to the bed. She woke for a few seconds as I laid her down. “Stay with me?” I crawled up next to her and held her while she slept. I watched her face as she dreamed. I saw every little wrinkle and a few scars. She blushed bright red when she woke and saw that I was smiling at her from a foot away.”Have a good nap?”She kissed me on the lips. it lasted just a second but there was something besides sisterly love in that kiss. There was real want. She needed to feel desirable. I leaned in this time and kissed her back. I held the kiss for three heartbeats and when I opened my eyes hers were still closed and a smile of contentment was on her lips. We kissed several more times during the day. Some were innocent and others blatant in their sexuality. That night as we got into bed she slid next to me and we drifted off to sleep with me holding her from behind, and obvious erection tight against her ass. Neither of us cared.We had done laundry so that Lara would have her clothes ready, should we decide to go into town. It was three days before she broached the subject by announcing ‘Aunt Flow’ was due in a few days. So two hours later we were in the the town of Prewitt. I suggested we buy her some extra clothes so she wasn’t stuck wearing that same outfit every time we went out. I told her no limits, anything she wanted.”It’s not like I don’t have the money. And I feel kind of shitty for cutting you off when I won. But I’m glad I didn’t because that would mean he who shall not be named would have half of whatever I gave you.”She bought a dozen dresses from a boutique after modeling them for me. Then she got six pairs of jeans, a dozen t shirts, six button down shirts, a couple of light jackets and finally a winter coat. It does get chilly in the mountains after all. The total for her clothes was a little over three grand. And most of that was the dresses from the boutique.We ate lunch in my favorite restaurant. I knew the owners and when I introduced Lara I left out the part that she is my sister. Todd and Jan told us how good we looked together. We hit the grocery next and wandered the aisles walking side by side pushing the cart with my right hand holding her left. I needed to pick up a few staples that I was running low on and get Lara her feminine hygiene products. The cashier smiled at us as we were checking out. On the drive back up the mountain Lara turned to me. “Why didn’t you tell Todd and Jan we are related?””Jan has been on my ass for a couple years to date. I figured that if she thought we were a couple that she would knock it off. Besides you didn’t tell them either.””You got me there. So do you want to be a couple then?””Tell you what Lara. When you are finally divorced from Mike I will let you make the decision. Your choice will be to continue to live with me or to take five million and live the life you want to live. I will accept whatever you decide.””What if I decide I want to have sex with you tonight?”I hit the brakes and stopped the truck. I almost wrecked us when she asked that. I stared at her and she started laughing.That night at the cabin Lara cooked dinner. It was nice meal of fried chicken, baked potato wedges, a tossed salad and fresh green beans. We washed the dishes together and Lara was being slightly naughty most of the time. Pushing her ass against my crotch and brushing her breasts against my arm as she handed me something to dry. After the dishes were done she invited me to take a bath with her. Up until now we had been bathing separately. Not out of modesty, we were nude all the time, but more out of a sense of privacy. We had no qualms about using the toilet in front of each other in the mornings but bath time was considered a sort of unofficial alone time. After this the only thing left would be the sex. We could both feel the sexual tension boiling over us the last few days. I didn’t want her to rush into something with me on the rebound from Mike then have her begin to regret it later. But her invitation was too tempting to ignore.I filled the bath and as the water reached a certain level I turned on the pumps and heater. I had a feeling the bath was going to be very long and very interesting. Lara came in,just as the tub was topping off, with a bunch of candles and began to spread them around the tub and lit them one by one. I turned and saw the lights in the rest of the house were out. I turned out the light in the bathroom and joined Lara as she slipped under the water. The candle light was the right touch for the mood we were both in.For the first few minutes we just sat facing each other letting the water soak into us. Lara made the first move and sat between my legs and pressed her back to my chest. My cock was already hard and she let it snuggle against the small of her back. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my hands under her breasts cupping them from below. She leaned her head back to rest on my shoulder and sighed. Aside from a few kisses this was the most overtly sexual we had been with each other.I waited for her to make the next move. I was going to treat this as a chess match. When it got to the mate part we would both win. But for now let the game begin. It didn’t take long either. Lara grabbed my hands and began to squeeze against them signaling she wanted me to do that to her. As I began to knead her tits my next move was to nibble on her earlobe. Lara turned her head and kissed me, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. It was an awkward position for her to kiss from so it didn’t last long. My hands moved up and I took her nipples güvenilir bahis into my fingers. Lara began to moan lightly as I pinched and pulled gently on them. She reached her left hand between us and gripped my hard on loosely. Now it was my turn to moan. I picked Lara up and spun her around, positioning her in my lap with her legs straddling mine. Lara leaned and kissed me once again this time she held the kiss as our tongues twined tenderly. My hands had returned to her nipples and she slid her body tight to mine. My cock was now pressed between our stomachs. She began to grind softly against my rock hard member. She threw her head back breaking the kiss when her clit came into contact with my meat pole. I had no doubt that either here in the tub or in the bed we were going to be fucking. Possibly even both locations.I moved my hands from her breasts and grabbed her ass as my mouth latched on to her right nipple and I began to suck like her breasts were going to be my only sustenance. As her right nipple fully distended I switched to her left. Lara responded by raising herself and placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her sacred temple. She wasted no time and plunged me fully into her depths. My hands moved up her back and I pulled her shoulders toward me crushing our sheets together. Lara’s face showed complete bliss as she began to rock her hips.My mouth moved to the hollow of her neck and I started kissing licking and sucking her there. Lara grabbed both sides of my face and lifted it to kiss me deeply as she began to rock faster. I was thrusting against her as she rode me up and down. I broke the kiss to suckle her breasts once more. My tongue was tracing the letters of my name across her left nipple. When I finished my name I punctuated the end by nipping hen nipple with my teeth. I started her right nipple with a soft bite before playing nice. Lara’s right hand snaked between us and began to massage her clit as she increased her speed even further.Oh God Rob… I’m so close… going to cum… cum… cum.””Me too Lara… So close… “Lara clamped her lips tight to mine and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth just as her pussy began to pulse the length of my member just a microsecond before my own orgasm took over and I began to fill her pussy with my seed. Lara’s hips continued to move ever so slowly as her orgasm slowly faded. We held each other in the water until we felt my cock slide out of her silken recesses. Lara stood and climbed out of the tub. I pulled the plug and turned the pumps off. The candles had long since extinguished. We toweled off and I carried her to the bed. She lifted the covers and I laid her between the sheets before following her in. I took her face in mine and kissed her tenderly. Lara broke the kiss with a mischievous smile and dove under the covers to take my resurgent fuck stick into her lips. I tried to reach for her body to pull her on top of me so I could show her my own oral skills. I didn’t want to speak and risk breaking the spell we were under. She finally realized what I was trying to do and I soon had my treasure.I started licking the outer folds of her labia completely circling her slit without making direct contact with the gash. As my tongue slid to the top I let my tongue go past her perineum and across the star of her anus. Lara pulled her mouth off to scream in joy as she arched her back. I brought my tongue back across her anus and this time kept it in line as I licked straight through her lips. I stopped just short of her clitoris and Lara groaned loudly. The vibrations sent a tingle through my whole body.I used my tongue to lap, lick and poke her sweet honey pot. I could tell Lara was getting frustrated that I was pointedly ignoring her little pink nub. She arched her back once more when I finally let my tongue make solid contact. Lara’s breathing was becoming ragged as she tried sucking harder and harder on my cock. I knew it would be a while before I would cum again, but Lara was on the edge. All it took was a little nip of the teeth and my face and chest were flooded with her love juices. Lara screamed out her orgasm. Before she could suck me in one more time I pushed her off and moved myself into position to fuck her once more.I took my cue from what she had done in the bath and plunged into her completely in my first thrust. Lara locked her legs around me as another orgasm immediately overtook her. I leaned in and kissed her letting her tongue invade my mouth the way my cock had invaded her silken folds. When her legs began to loosen I started to piston in and out. I started slowly working faster and faster every few seconds. Lara was getting delirious from what I was doing to her. Her hands were digging in to my ribs and back as I pounded away. I began to suckle her nipples once more and she began to cum once again.When that orgasm finally subsided I pulled out and had Lara get to her hands and knees. She didn’t need to be told twice. As I once again filled her slick cunt she began to get very vocal in her pleasure at what I was doing to her.”Fuck me harder… God I love this so much… Oh I am getting so close… Cum in me… cum in me… cum in me…”As the first jet of semen blasted inside her Lara began her own orgasm. I came hard but not as hard as I had in the tub. Lara however, was so overwhelmed by her orgasm that she collapsed on the bed and the grip her pussy had on my hard on pulled me down on top of her. We laid there panting for several minutes while I kissed every inch of her body I could get my lips to, while still impaling her on my slowly deflating member.When I was able I moved myself to hold her tight. She pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep for the first time as lovers.One year later Lara was officially divorced from Mike. Our son Adam, conceived that first night, was three months old when the final papers came back signed. Because of his infidelity Mike was forced to sell their home and Lara received all of the proceeds from that sale. She didn’t need it because she has complete access to all of my money. But she took it as a final fuck you to Mike. Because she had taken Mike’s last name when they married nobody raised an eyebrow when we married a few weeks ago. We are both happy she decided to stay rather than take the offered five million