Robin’s Revenge

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Robin’s RevengeTo a casual observer that afternoon in May, Robin looked liked just another yuppie wife, collecting her husband’s dry cleaning at their well-heeled suburban shopping mall. And this was partly true. Her husband Julius was a successful lawyer and indeed, it was her custom to do his dry cleaning every week.However, one day, getting one of his suits ready for cleaning, as she went through the pockets – he had an annoying habit of leaving handkerchiefs inside – she had found a blue thong bunched in a trouser pocket.Robin recognised the brand immediately , it was as a Bordelle Magdalena Brazilian-cut brief. She remembered him pointing one out to her before Christmas on a dummy at a lingerie store, but at $250 she had thought it extravagant. She had liked the look though and hoped to find one under the Christmas tree, but instead, the gift was a beautiful, but very erotic necklace.she recalled that the last time she had called to the office, Julius had a new personal assitant, Melanie. She was young and very attractive. That evening they had argued because he had not told her about Melanie.”She’s been with me for two months since Mrs Swift retired” he said.”I didn’t say anything because I was afraid I would get exactly this jealous reaction You’re so possessive!”And with those words he had deftly turned the tables and now she was on the defensive. She had let it lie. You can’t argue with Julius. She knew that after 5 years of marriage.But then in April, she had found that beautiful blue thong and realised that Julius myst have bought it for Melanie, and that for a used thong to be in his pocket tuzla escort (she had sniffed it and it was worn), he must be fucking Melanie.Robin was angry but she had always been one to keep control. She refrained from calling him and screming down the phone like a hysterical bitch (that was what he would say later). Instead, she decided that if Julius could play that game, so could she.The dry cleaning outlet at the mall also did repairs and had a changing room. It was run by Lerone, a handsome young black man whose father ran a chain of such outlets in the city. He was single and in his mid 20s, tall, athletic and handsome. She had flirted with him and knew that he was interested in her. She felt flattered by the attentions of a boy ten years younger, but that was all it had been, a delicious sense of fun, a slight dampening of her pussy…. and home .But now that Julius had crossed the line, Robin decided that things must change.That morning, she chose a short denim skirt that would show off her tanned legs – she and Julius had been in Barbados for easter. She wore her flat shoes because heels would have been overdressed and in any case, she looked hot enough in flats. Under the denim skirt, she wore the Bordelle thong. She had not even washed it, and she noticed that it fit her perfectly. She and Melanie had similar body type.She had dropped in her husband’s suit to Lerone earlier in the morning. At the time he had told her she was looking well after her holiday. She smiled, deliberatley touching his arm, letting her fingers linger longer than usual, and said”Lerone, you’re such a charmer, making tuzla escort bayan an older lady feel good about herself..”Lerone fell for it hook line and sinker, “Oh no, Mrs C., you’re beautiful at any age, some ladies just have it.”She looked him straight in the eye, frankly, and said, “Why thank you Lerone, I do believe you mean that.”Now it was afternoon and she had returned to collect the suit It was time for her ploy She made a show of noticing her ravelling button and said”Oh Lerone, look at this, do you think you could have it repaired?”Lerone was disconcerted, as she was pointing to a button that had opened, revealeing a good del of her cleavage. She was not wearing a bra – her only lingerie was that Bordelle thong.”If you go to the changing room, you could give it to me and I will get it repaired. It should only take a few minutes.”When he returned with the repaired top, Lerone knocked on the door and she said”Come in Lerone”He closed the door behind him, There she was, topless, her beautful breasts proudly showing with erect nipples; He saw that she had removed the denim skirt and wa wearing an incrediby sexy blue thong. He felt his cock stir. He could smell her perfume, it was maddeningly sexy, with patchouli and white musk.” Mrs C, you smell so good” but his eyes were popping looking at her breasts/”Coco Noir” she said, “I like to dab some on my cleavage and on my pussy.”…Robin could see se had him. She pressed against him, kissing him, letting him smell her musks.”Fuck me Lerone, you know you have alwats wanted me.”These words were like a bolt of lightning to Lerone, his thick cock rose escort tuzla to full erection as she pulled at his pants. She unbuttoned him and took his thick, dark cock in her hand.”I want you to slide my thong to one side, fuck me until you cum in my pussy, then push that thong into my dripping cunt. WHen yo are done, leave tight away, I will fuck you every week from now on but today it must be like this.”After he had spurted six thick ropes of hot cum deep into Robin’s cunt. Lerone pushed the blue thong into her as she had asked. He left at once. Robin, panting, pussy soaking, orgasmic, had not realised that a quick dressing room fuck could be so good. She put on her denim miniskirt, picked up the suit and headed to the car park. This had gone better than she had hoped. Lerone. her first black lover, had lived up to his race’s reputation.No casual onserver that afternoon in May, seeing her in that car park could know how much Robin was enjoying that stroll, pussy wet, full of seed, cheating husband well and truly trumped. Her Coco Noire was mixed with the odour of Lerone’s musky seed. It was a heady concoction and now she knew what it meant to be dr unk on love.As she walked to the car, Robin knew that she would replace the blue thong in Julius’s suit pocket, now soaked in Lerone’s dried in cum and her cunt juice, and simply say nothing.Would Julius discreetly throw it away when he found it? Would he realise she knew?Or would Julius give the cum-soaked, cunt juice impregnated lingerie to his mistress, not realizing that Robin’s was the pussy odour and Lerone’s was th cum odour, not his and Melanie’s?And would Melanie wash that beautiful garment, knowing that it was an expensive item that made her look so sexy, not only for Julius, but for her own regular lover, a charming black man by the name of…….Lerone.